Office fuck

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Office fuckJo came into the office as usual today, Gary was sat at the desk, Jo said hello and sat on the little sofa opposite waiting for Gary to finish what he was doing. Jo picked a magazine up and began to read it. Gary looked up and could see that Jo had on the skirt that he had fantasies about, it was a very sexy skirt which had buttons on the front. He admired Jo’s legs as she sat opposite, he could see a little way up her skirt, but not far. As Jo was reading the magazine she began to move around a bit and her skirt rode up to show off more of her lovely legs. Jo looked up from her magazine and immediately noticed that Gary was looking at her legs. Jo thought i will put on a bit of a show here, she began to read again but opened her legs a little more, knowing that Gary would be looking made Jo quite horny.I am watching quite closely now and can see that Jo has opened her legs a little, I can now see the top of her legs but they need to be opened a bit more so I can see properly. I kept looking and her legs began to open a little further all the time, I could just start to make out that she had white panties on with lace edges, my cock was beginning to get quite hard looking at this view, jo’s legs were quite far apart now, I could see that her panties had crept up and were nestled into the lips of her ısparta escort fanny, I could see the outline quite clearly and I couldnt take my eyes away.Jo looked up from her magazine and could see that Gary,s eyes were clearly looking up her skirt. “just going to the toilet Gary” Jo says. She walks out of the room and thinks i will give Gary a treat today, she walks out into the back room and unfastens two of the buttons of her skirt, you could just see the bottom of her panties now. she walks back into the room and stands next to the desk where Gary is sitting, ” What are you doing there Gary”. I turn around to look at Jo and straight away I cant take my eyes of the thin fabric of Jo’s panties covering her mound, I can clearly see the outline of her pussy through her panties where they had crept up, I moved my hand up Jo’s leg towards her panties, I heard Jo gasp as i got closer to her knickers, I pulled the edge of her panties and I could feel how wet she was, I slid a finger into her fanny so easily and i pulled her towards me as i rubbed the inside of her cunt, I pulled her towards me and began to lick at the edge of her panties, my tongue pushing the fabric to the side so I could slide my tongue between her lips which were dripping with juices. Jo’s legs began to give from under her and she escort ısparta had to put her hands on my shoulder to hold herself up as I licked and fingered her. “Gary, dont stop, i am gonna come” Her legs became very wobbly as she came into my face as i licked her to orgasm. ” Gary get this crap of the desk. I made some room on the desk and Jo climbed on and laid on it with her head over the side. I took my throbbing cock out and pushed it into Jo’s mouth and began to face fuck her, God she was good. Her legs were bent and i could clearly see the tops of her thighs and the edge of her lacy white knickers I slid my hand inside her knickers and began to rub the soft velvety flesh just inside her pussy, this made Jo really start to come and i could feel my cock going deeper into her mouth, I could tell that Jo was struggling to catch her breath as I rammed my cock into her, but this made us both more excited, Jo’s legs began to kick out as she was coming so hard but nearly asphyxiated as well, I could feel myself beginning to come and I pushed my cock in deeper, probably right into her throat, as I began to come I rubbed Jo’s g spot more vigorously as I thrust my cock into her, she sucked down every drop of come as she began to get her breath back. As she recuperated I bent over and began to lick the ısparta escort bayan lips of her pussy through her panties, I could feel her hard clit with my tongue and I began to concentrate there, licking and sucking at it untill she began to writhe under me, God she is so sexy and horny, I pulled her panties to the side so I could get my tongue deep inside her pussy, her juices were really flowing now and I was licking and sucking at her cunt for all I was worth, she was really begining to tremble under me now and i knew she was going to come again, she pulled my head into her fanny as she coming and I licked all her juices up.My cock was hard again now and I moved around so I could get inside her, Jo pulled her knickers to the side as I entered her, this was like a dream, I have always wanted to fuck Jo and here I am sliding my cock into her dripping tight pussy, we kiss as I begin to fuck her, what a great kisser she is, I enjoy it that much that we dont stop kissing all the time we are fucking, Jo starts to come again and I can feel everything inside her, I know instinctively how to shag her and make her come continuously. She hooks her legs around mine and I can feel myself begin to come and I begin to thrust in harder, Jo says ” I am gonna come” and I feel myself coming too. When I come into Jo it feels like an explosion and I feel her come as well. We are both exhausted and just lay together till we get our breath back. Then Jo says ” Can i have my desk back now Gary” Then I look up and Jo is still sat on the settee, been bloody fantasising again.