My nephew and I

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My nephew and IMy sister called and asked if I could keep my nephew for a week while she went out of town. I told her sure we got along well and it would be nice to have someone to talk to for a change. It had been a while since I had company around to talk with. She came by an hour later and told me she had to go out of town on bussiness and was glad I had said yes. I told her it was my pleasure it would be fun. She told me he had been very quite the last few days but didnt know why. I told her I would try to talk to him. She left and I showed Chris his room. After he settled in we ate dinner and talked some. I asked him about school and his friends and such just normal things. He seemed to be keeping something to himself and I asked if there was somethiing wrong? He looked at me and said “No just thinking.” I asked about what and he said nothing important. I knew not to push it so I let it go and we cleaned up and watched some tv then went to bed. The next few days went by pretty normal until I came home early one day from work. I walked into the house not knowing anyone was there. I thought Chris wasnt home yet from school so I was suprised to hear noises comming from one of the bedrooms. I walked down the hall listening to the noise and noticed it was talking. I got to my room door and heard Chris’s voice. He was saying, “GOD I want to touch you so bad. I bet you have a big cock and it tastes good too.” My eyes got wide and I wondered who he was talking to and I had no idea he liked guys. I was bi myself but had not been with a guy in a while. I had to see who he had in there so I opened the door a little slowly and peeked in. There was Chris naked with a hard on holding a pair of my underwear to his nose. I noticed that they were the ones I had worn yesterday so he was smelling my used underwear. This shocked me a little but turned me on too. He sniffed them and said,” MMMMM, I can smell your juices uncle Bill.” My cock is so hard right now.” He was turned on my me. Then for the first time I noticed his cock standing out from his body so hard. It was about 6 or 61/2 long but not too wide. It looked so beautiful and hard it made my dick start to grow seeing and hearing him in my room. I watched as he took my underwear and walked over to my bed and laid down. He took them and wrapped them around his hard dick and started to stroke himself. I watched as he stroked his cock and moaned. I took my cock out and started to stroke it too same as him. He started to moan loud and stroke faster and soon he shoot a large load up into the air. I watched it fly up and then land on his belly and legs and my sheets. He came a lot and his whole body was shaking as he came. It was so hot to see I was close but I saw he started to move to get up even though he was still hard. So I put my cock away and left the house so he didnt know I was there. I went around the block then went back home and called out when I went in the door. He called to me from his room saying he had gotten out early and was studying. I told him ok I would start dinner as soon as I changed. I went to my room and closed the door and went to my bed. He had pulled the covers back up but I pulled them back again. I saw his cum on my sheets and could not resist I bent over and smelled it. It was sweet smelling and I stuck my tounge out and licked it into my mouth. It tasteed really good and I wanted more. I worked out a plan to get Chris in my bed. I knew it was wrong but I knew now he wanted it too he just didnt know how to do it so it was up to me. I made dinner and we sat and ate and talked like always but tonight he opened up to me more. He told me he was being picked on at school and didnt know what to do about it. I asked him what they were doing to him. He bakırköy escort said,” Well I was caught in the shower in the gym with another boy and they are saying I am gueer.” I looked at him and asked what he was doing at the time he was caught? He said, “I was washing his back for him and my hands were down near his ass when another boy walked in and saw me.” I told him if thats all not to worry about it maybe the boy was jealous because he wanted to touch the boy too. He laughed and said Yeah maybe. I also told him that its ok if he was attracted to guys or girls or both lots of guys like boy and girls. He looked at me and asked me,” Do you like boys and girls?” I looked at him and said,” Yes I do like both.” He smiled and said he was not sure yet if he did too but he thought so. I told him lets go watch some movies and we can talk more if you want. We went into the living room and turned on the tv. I asked him if he wanted to watch a dvd. He said sure what did you have? I said just about anything you want to see. He looked at me and said how about some porn? I smiled and said do you watch a lot of porn? He said No but I want to with you. So I got a dvd and put it in. I turned it on and we started to watch it. I was pretty good and I saw him watching intensey. A sceen came on where two guys were fucking a woman and at one point one of the guys took the others cock into his mouth and sucked him a min. Chris’s eyes got wide and I saw his cock was hard in his shorts. It went on for a couple mins and the Chris got up and said he had to go to the bathrrom. He walked by me on the couch and I saw his cock hard in his pants pushing his hsorts out in front of him. He was gone a couple mins then walked back by me. I turned and his crotch was eye level and I saw he was still hard. He sat back down and I asked him if he masterbated in the bathroom? He looked at me and said,” NO ” I told him it was fine if he did I was just going to tell him if he wanted to masterbate he didnt have to go to the bathroom he could do it here.” He said,” You dodnt mind?” I said,” No I was thinking of doing that myself.” He looked at me and said ” If your going to do it then I will too.” I stood up and startd to undress. He watched me and when I was down to my shorts I stopped and told him that no one can ever know about this. He looked at me and said,” I swear I will never tell anyone.” I pulled my underwear off and sat down. He looked at me sitting there naked and he got up and took his t shirt off and shorts. He didnt have any underwear on so he was naked now too. He started to sit down but I told him “No sit over her on the couch with me.” He came over and sat on the other end. We watched the dvd more and I started to stroke my dick and I saw he started too. I noticed he was watching me more then the movie. It turned me on knowing this. I asked him to move closer and he did almost in a hurry. He was right next to me and I could feel the heat comming from his leg. I asked him if I could touch his cock? He looked at me and said ” Sure I want you to touch me uncle Bill.” I reached over and took his hard cock in my hand and started to stroke him slow. He moaned and I saw some precum comming out the tip. I took my other hand and reached over and took his balls in it and massaged them as I stroked him. He said,” OH my god that feels so good uncle Bill.” I asked him if he had ever been blown? He said no but I want to try it one day. I smiled and said ” today is your lucky day son” I bent down and took his cock in my mouth and sucked the precum off it then I licked it from top to bottom. He moaned and I went to the head and took his cock deep in my mouth and started to suck it. He jumped and moaned more. I took his beşiktaş escort balls in my hand and played with them a little as I sucked him off. Then I kissed my way down his cock and took one of his balls in my mouth to suck on. He moaned more and said,” OH MY GOD that feels soo good Bill.” I sucked on each ball then kissed back up his cock and took him deep in my mouth again. I could tell he was close so I sucked him hard and fast making him moan and squirm around on the couch. I didnt have to wait long before he was shooting his load into my mouth. He tasted even better then it had earlier when I licked it off the sheet. I drank every drop and kept sucking his cock. Like any young man he stayed hard and I licked him clean. I sat up and he leaned over and kissed me hard. When he broke off the kiss he told me,” That was great uncle Bill I never knew another guy could make me feel like that.” I looked at him and said “Chris you dont have to pretend I know you have wanted me. He looked at me and said,” How did you know.” I told him about comming home this afternoon and seeing him in my room with my underwear. He was shocked and turned red. I pulled him to me and said,” its fine Chris it turned me on when I watched you and heard you talking about me like that. I wanted to cum with you this afternoon but I couldnt you got up too soon so I left so I didnt emberass you.” He looked at me and said,” Oh uncle Bill if you had said something I would have loved to help you out. I have been thinking about you for a while now and have wanted to see you naked too. I masterbated a lot thinking about you and I hope thats ok.” I looked at him and said,” Chris its not only ok it turns me on knowing I turn you on.” We kissed again and he pulled back and said,” Now its my turn to make you feel good and make my fantsys come true. He kissed me again and I felt his hands on my body carressing my chest. He pulled away and looked at my body as his hands went down it. He reached my cock which was semi hard and he said,” WOW, your cock is a lot bigger then mine.” I said size doesnt matter Chris its just the love you feel that matters. He smiled and said,” Well I feel a lot of love for you now uncle Bill” and kissed me again. He asked me,” How big is your cock uncel Bill?” I told him it was 8″ long and 2″ wide when it was hard. He looked at it and said I guess I better do something to get it hard then because I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel. He bent down and kissed my cock head and licked it. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes to enjoy the feeling of his mouth on my cock. He licked my cock from top to bottom then put it in his mouth. He wasnt able to get much in his mouth but he got about 2 inches and was sucking me hard. It felt great and I told him that. He then took my cock out and sucked one of my balls in his mouth twiriling his tounge around it. I looked down at him and he was looking up at me as he sucked my balls. I smiled and he kissed his way back up my cock and took it into his mouth again. I moaned and so did he as he sucked me hard. It felt like he was trying to suck my insides out through my dick. It felt great and I told him,”Chris your doing so good baby your going to make me cum soon.” That only made him moan and suck harder. It didnt take much longer and I was cumming hard. I felt my cum shooting into his mouth and he drank it as fast as he could. Once I stopped cumming he sucked a little more then kissed my cock. I pulled him up and kissed him hard and told him. “You did so good baby. Was that your first time sucking cock?” He looked at me and said “Yes it was did I do good?” I just smiled and kissed him forcing my tounge imto his mouth. I held him a little while just beylikdüzü escort enjoying our bodys being together. Then I told him we should clean up and get to bed. We got up and went to my room. I told him he was going to sleep with me tonight and we could have more fun. I took a quick shower then he did and when he came into the bedroom he climbed onto the bed next to me and kissed me. He reached for my cock and asked what else can we do uncle Bill? I said,” Have you heard of anal sex?” He looked at me and said “Yeah but never did it.” I said,” Just relax and enjoy what I do baby” I kissed him and then kissed my way down his body sucking on his nipples when I reached them. I kissed my way down to his beautiful cock and he thought I was going to suck him again. But when I spread his legs wide and started to lick his ass hole he jumpped. I tounged his ass a few mins getting it wet then i placed a finger at it. I looked up at his face as I started to push my finger into his ass. He moaned as it past his ring and said it hurt. I stopped and reached for the lube on the dresser and applyed some to his ass and my finger. Then I started to push my finger back in slow. It went in easier this time and soon he was moaning and asking me for more. I kept pushing my finger deeper in is tight ass then I started to move it in and out. He moaned again and I kept at it getting him loser. Once he was lose enough I put another finger in his ass. Ikept at it until he was really lose and ready for my cock. I took his cock into my mouth as I fucked his ass with my fingers sucking him until he was rock hard. Then I asked him,” Are you ready for my big cock in your tight virgin ass baby?” He looked at me and said,” YES I want you dick in me please.”I moved up and kissed him hard as I placed my cock at his ass hole. I looked in his eyes as I pushed my cock into his ass slow. I didnt want to hurt him and he was so tight I had to go slow. He took a deep breath and said,” It hurts but feels really good too.” I said”The pain will be gone soon and it will only feel good.” I kept pushing my cock in until I had it all in his ass. I held still for him to get use to the size and to keep me from cumming too soon. I started to fuck his ass slowly enjoying the tightness. He moaned and told me how good it felt. I was fucking my nephew and he and I both were loving it a lot. He looked at me and said,” It feels great now I love how your cock feels in my ass. Please fuck me harder.” I started to move faster and fuck him harder. I was pulling my dick almost out of his tight ass then shoving it back in hard and he moaned. I reach for his cock and started to stroke it as I fucked his ass hard. He was moaning loud and forcing his ass toward my cock trying to get me deeper. Then all of a sudden he came hard shooting his cum all over my hand. I stroked him more until he stopped cumming then I sucked his cum off my hand and fingers. He looked at me and said,” Please cum in my ass uncle Bill.” I started to fuck him hard and fast feeling his tight ass gripping my cock. It felt so good I could not hold back any longer. I shoved my dick as far in his ass as I could get it and came hard. I must have shot a quart of cum in his ass. He said,” I can feel your hot cum shooting in my ass.” I kept fucking him as I shot all my cum in him. Then I pulled my cock out with a pop and laid down beside him. We kissed and told each other we love the other. I held him in my arms and asked,” What did you think of your first fuck?” He looked at me and said,” When can we do it again?” I kissed him and said later we need to rest or at least I do. We fell asleep holding each other that night and had lots of sex the rest of his time with me. Once his mom came home I told him we couldnt see each other as often but once in a while was ok. He comes over to spend the night at least once a week and some weekends. His mom thinks its good he spends time with me because she said he was a differant guy when she got home and I must have done something right. If she only knew right.