My Neighbors and Me (Part 5)


My Neighbors and Me (Part 5){This is part 5 of the My Neighbors and Me adventure. I want to thank those who contributed ideas to the story. I try to weave them in with my own depraved thoughts. So if you’re reading this I would certainly appreciate your input. And lastly, but most importantly please rate and/or comment on the story so I know if I’m giving you what you want! (gratuitous self-promotion, sorry.} Having just fucked Sarah’s brains out, I was sweating like a racehorse and breathing hard. But like a linebacker who just made a tackle, I got to my feet, ready for the next play. Deb wasted no time extricating the wine bottle from her small pussy. I was amazed at how far she had jammed the bottle up her cunt. The whole neck had disappeared and so did the top of the wider part of the bottle.Deb stood and sexily wiggled over to me smiling, pinching and toying with her aroused, puffy nips. I moved toward her and cupped her face in my hands. My mouth found hers and we kissed, hotly and passionately. My tongue explored every inch of her sweet mouth and she reciprocated by grabbing the back of my head mashing our lips together. Her tongue fluttered inside my mouth more erotically than any experienced woman I’ve ever kissed. Deb initiated the separation of our mouths, pulling away slowly. She began sliding down my body, teasing my nipples with her tongue, then dragging it fethiye escort still lower across my stomach and finally down to the purple head of my prick. But instead of taking my tool into her mouth as I had expected, she sat back on her haunches and smiled up at me. Using her long fingernails, she began scratching my balls, raking first one then the other. I let out a loud moan, reveling in the sensation. My cock twitched every time she sc****d my engorged nut sack.“You like that, Tom” she said, giggling a little.“Oh, god, Deb, you’re driving me crazy.”“Mmmm, then I’ll bet you’re gonna like this too.” She grasped my cock in her small hand and pinned it against my stomach. She leaned forward and began licking my balls. She took my left testicle in her mouth, her right hand slowly, agonizingly slowly, stroked my shaft. Her left hand traced a line under my scrotum up to my asshole. My legs went weak as I slowly collapsed to the floor, flat on my back.Deb crawled on top of me, straddling my chest. She inched forward until her pussy hovered over my face. I could smell the musky, humid aroma of her arousal as she lowered herself onto my face. I licked her tight cleft. I parted her lips with my fingers, since her inner charms were hidden by the tightness of her outer folds.My tongue found its target; Deb’s sweet young pussy was literally gushing with creamy juice. She moaned escort fethiye deeply, grinding her teenage mound against my face. Although working in close quarters, I managed to find her little pearl of a clit. I drew it gently into my mouth while reaching behind her caressing her apple shaped ass. I squeezed her cheeks and the began to explore her ass crease. My finger had just reached her little pink rosebud when she cried out, “Sarah, he’s touching my asshole!”Sarah, who had been watching us while lazily stroking her tits sat upright and in no uncertain terms said, “ Tom, leave it alone. Her ass is for another time. She hasn’t been properly stretched yet.”I took her admonishment to heart, not wanting to overstep my bounds. Hearing her step-mom’s directive, Deb rolled off of me and laid on her back.“Fuck me, Tom, fuck my little teenage pussy, I want your cock way up inside me.”I needed release, my balls were full and beginning to ache. Positioning myself between Deb’s thighs I raised her legs put them on my shoulders. She still wore her heels and skirt and the feeling of her sheer stockings against my skin sent a special thrill through my body. Almost out of my mind with lust, I positioned the swollen head of my dick against her small opening and eased forward. I penetrated the young girl an inch at a time, her hot, wet cunt squeezing my shaft until I was balls deep fethiye escort bayan in her. I drew out slowly, then plunged back in quickly.Deb’s eyes popped wide as my cock banged back into her. “Ahhh, yessssss,” she hissed. “Do it, please, FUCK ME!!” I did. I sawed my 7” of man meat in and out of her sopping pussy until she spasmed. Her body lifted off the floor. “AWWW, NNNYESSS!!,” she bellowed as she orgasmed. I still had my cock in her as her cum subsided. Breathlessly she said, “I want you to cum in my mouth.”By now I didn’t care where I came, but Deb managed to get to her knees while I leaned back against the couch. She took my pussy juice soaked cock in her mouth, greedily sucking and moaning. My resolve not to cum was gone. With my shaft half way down Deb’s throat, I exploded. I almost passed out as the first blast erupted into her mouth. Two, three more thick gooey loads of spunk shot deep into her oral cavity. The poor girl wasn’t able to keep it all inside her as she gagged a bit and let some run out of the corners of her mouth. Yet she kept the head of my cock between her lips until the last bit of jism was released.Deb looked up at me, her pretty eyes meeting mine. Slowly she released my spent dick from her mouth and stood up. She walked over to Sarah, bending down over her face. Sarah opened her mouth and Deb let my cum drool into Sarah. They kissed lovingly. The cum disappeared.Now totally spent, I flopped back down on the couch, trying to regain my senses. What an evening this had been. I drifted off , replaying every moment in my mind. Never to forget. (Not quite the end of the story)