My Hot Colleague

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My Hot ColleagueMerry Christmas guys and gals. Hope you enjoy my new story below.My Hot ColleagueOh yeah, ahhhhhhhhhhhh feeling gr8!I am loving it. I am fucking the cute girl…..she is really hot. I can’t believe this is true. “It all get started when she joined the company one month back. Linda is her name. She is 26, a true beauty, height of 5.5. She have a pleasant personality. Her body is in proper shape except her ass is bit big which makes her body appealing.Hi Linda, i said to her. She replied hi with a cute smile.I am your manager, i am Rocky. Linda – Hi Rocky. How are you doing.Me – I am fine Linda.Then i started giving her training for the process. In just one week, we were too close friends. I helped her searching the room she is looking for in the town as her parents are not there. She got a room in low price as that was my friends room. She kissed for getting iskenderun hatay the room for her. That was first time i got a kiss from a girl and it was really awesome. She got settled down and life was too easy and nice for both of us. One day in evening, she was not feeling well, so i reached her and asked if she needs my help. She said she wanna go back home and take rest. I informed my senior and leave for the day with her.I got some medicines for her. She took a dinner at 9pm and after taking medicine i asked her if i leave for my home. She took my hand and said if i can stay few more hours as she still feels not ok. I agreed. I started talking to her and she told me about her life in depth, about his parents and her struggle for the job. I said i will help her till i am alive and suddenly she hugged me tightly. I can’t believe this……it was a shock escort iskenderun and pleasure for me.She said she really loves me for whatever i done with her and want to sleep with me and she is ok now just want to stay with me.It was a nice chance for me. I always wanted to fuck her and masturbated in my bathroom thinking of her before going to office. I touched her lips with my fingers and then kissed her lips, cheeks, eyes, nose and whole face. She getting aroused. I started kissing her like mad. I moved my hands on her ass and back. She started kissing me and opened my shirt. Then after kissing the face and kissed and sucked my nipple [a male nipple 🙂 ]. She went down and kissed my penis, it got tight and erected. She started blowjohb and i feel like heaven. What a suck friends, it was all great a five minute of real nice suck. She is very erotic……….i iskenderun escort bayan opened her cloths and she all went nude.What a masterpiece God made which every man desires. Her ping nipples and boobs shape make me furious and i started sucking the nipples…Yummy……………she started moaning and moving her hands on my penis.I really loved that. What a nice moment in my life. After some fun she said she really need a hard fuck. I was ready for that. First i wanted to fuck her ass. She made a doggy position and i started fucking her like hell……Oh my God, what a Christmas gift i got. I started fucking her hard for 3 minutes and suddenly i cummed on her ass. Then she started sucking my cock again which makes it harder and more tight in next 5 minutes. Then i started fucking her tight pussy. I am loving it. I am fucking the cute girl…..she is really hot. I can’t believe this is true. “Yes now i am fucking her hard and she is happy like someone got a heaven.That night i fucked her 4 times. Then we continued this relation and we both happy with each other.That’s the story friends. Do comment if you like it.Thanks,Rocky.