my Dad part four


my Dad part fourChapter FourMy DadAt the age of sixteen, It felt really strange to be able to walk around the house naked, and believe me I love walking around all the time at home naked it feels natural to me I have never wore clothes only to go out and work, walking around in front of dad took some getting used to but he said “babe you must have part of me in you because I’ve always hated clothes myself” I remember one day it had been really nice and sunny and I was lying on my porch in the sun letting my whole body get a tan, when I heard a knock on my door, without thinking I went and opened the door, only to find John, an old man standing in front of me, he was that stunned he could not say a word, he just stood there looking at my now aroused body even my pussy felt like it was getting damp, I quickly looked down at the bulge he had coming in his trousers , he really had something very big in there, I said “yes can I help you and sorry I thought you were someone else” he just stood there having a good look and then said “you sure can in more ways than one, I was looking for a woman called Elena, someone told me she lived in this block, and yours was the first one I knocked on, do you know her” I said “Elena yes, she lives on the other end of this block, house 7 apartment 3,” just as I moved to close the door my arm brushed his bulge, I said “ sorry I did not mean to answer the door like this, Elena I just remembered went out a little time ago, I noticed her going by my window and by the look I think you need a bit of time for that bulge to go down, would you like a cup of tea while you’re waiting for her, I have got to put some clothes on” he said “ you are very beautiful and have a lovely body, even with your hands hiding your breasts they are also very nice, I have seen you around before with some other girls but never no young men, I would love a cup of tea please and you can stay like that if you want, I really don’t mind, In my sixty years I have never seen a woman on the door with nothing at all on, they say you’re never too old and I think you can see they’re right too” I don’t know why but for some reason I reached and grabbed his belt buckle and started to pull him in my flat, just in time too because I could hear people coming as I shut the door, he could now see all of my naked body, my breasts were heaving with my breathing and my nipples were looking hard too, my hand I had on his belt I started to push down inside his trouser , feeling bare skin of his tummy and hair (pubis) I suddenly felt this huge, very wet foreskin, I said “ my what have we here then, you are a big boy yes” I thought he may have stopped me but he was really enjoying it, his juices were even showing through his trouser, like he had wet himself he said “do you know, you are the only one who has touched me there for seven years, of course I have to have a pee but that’s all” I said “ you trying to say the last time you had sex was seven years ago, no wonder he is so wet, have you not played with him either, I love playing with my pussy, now wet he is now it feels like you have already came in your trousers, he said “Mmmmmmmmmm I have forgot how great it is to feel a woman’s hand rubbing him like that, and no I have not cum yet, this feels too good and I could let you play like that all day if you liked”, He reached out istanbul escort and felt my breast and said “ they are fantastic, you really have large ones too, I love large tits, yours are so nice and soft, even your pink nipples and halo make me horny, so soft” with that I remembered what dad liked so I reached around the back of his cock and with two fingers started to roll his skin between them, as soon as I did his breathing changed and I felt a lot of juice on my hand, before I could say anything, I felt him really squeezing my breast then his cock started to throb and pump out loads of sperm, my hand felt his thick warm sperm all over it, he seemed to pump enough cum to fill a glass, after he stopped I rub it all over his cock and huge balls, pulled my hand out and tasted him by licking everything off my hand, he tasted so good too, he said “ I’m sorry but it’s been that long since a woman has touched me like that, I was nearly coming before you put your hand there, just seeing your body nearly made me cum” I never said anything but kneed down and unbuckled his belt, zip and button, his trousers opened, and out feel a very wet cock which was still very large, even going soft, I got hold of it and started to lick his cum off it, he tasted really very nice, his thick juices where everywhere, and I put his soft manhood into my mouth and started to suck him, his foreskin covered most of his nob, I liked pushing my tongue in under it, while I was sucking him I pulled his very wet trousers down, and got a shock, his balls where huge and hanging down a good way past his nob, he also had a lot of scares on them too, I said “how are they so huge” he said “maybe one day you will let me show you, you can help if you want” I said” we have not done anything yet, so you can show me now if you like,” he said “ well if I have the thing and you have a tube I will show you now “ I pulled his trousers right down , and he steps out of them, still playing with his cock I was fingering his foreskin pushing my finger right down the inside until I could feel this nob which still felt wet, I pulled his foreskin right back to reveal a purple looking cob which was glistening because of the juice he still had on him I squeezed his nob and the eye opened to reveal some think cum still inside I leaned forward and licked it out and all around the base of it to, he was still soft though, then his hand was on my head and he reached down and started pulling and flicking his cock against my face, hitting each cheek, I reach up and took hold of his balls and they really felt very big and not soft like dads, He said “squeeze them as hard as you like, your hand makes me have feelings I have not had for years”, I also reached with my other hand down my tummy and onto what was now a really wet pussy and I started playing with my cunt, rubbing my hand up and down on my clit, I said “how are they so big” he said ”have this, and push the sharp end through my skin anywhere you like into my sack” he passed me what looked like a sharp needle with a big plastic thing on the other end, he said “get that tube first” I got up and went to the kitchen to find it, when I went back into the other room he was as naked as I was, he was sitting with his legs wide open on my chair, avcılar escort he said “are you sure you want to do this” I said “I don’t mind trying anything to do with sex, it is the best thing in the world and I only wish I could do it all the time, I wound never get tired of it” he said “ get that needle and push it into my balls anywhere you like and don’t worry it will not hurt me”, I did not really want to do it, but something inside me wanted to see what he was going to do, so I held his balls in one hand and pushed the needle in on the left hand side, near the top, he did not move or say anything, it felt really hard to push it in too, then all of a sudden I felt the needle go through something inside and it was easy to move then. I said “doesn’t that hurt” he said “only when the point first touches , now see if that tube fits over the end, Mmm that’s luck, put the end into your mouth and blow” after a few minutes thinking I put the tube in my mouth and blew gently, at first nothing seemed to happen, ,so I blew a little harder and saw his balls move, he said “blow hard and watch how big they grow too” so I did and his balls got bigger and bigger with every short blow, this was really turning me on, my pussy was wet and I wanted this cock inside and those balls beating up my ass, I gave one final blow and his balls looked like a balloon plus all his foreskin was really fat too, his cock though was still soft, he stood up and they were massive, I could not help but play with then, I was tapping them and they sounded hollow, what a lot of man to lick, his cock was so fat and seem smaller now too he kneed down and started rubbing my soaking wet pussy, I was that wet my thighs were gleaming with my juices too, he was rubbing in-between my thighs and just touching my lips which were just hanging down , he said “I would love to lick those and have my tongue inside your lips, feel your juices all over my face and in my mouth, with that I said “lay down there” and moved out of his way, he led down and I nearly sat on his face ,I could feel his tongue inside my really wet pussy and his hands on my cheeks, I leaned over and started to nibble the base of his very swollen and puffy cock, his fingers were pulling my cheeks apart and were right by my ass hole, every now and then I could feel a finger brush my ass hole, I just wondered how many pussys he had seen and licked, I felt his finger push right into my ass hole, he was inside me at last, still licking my cunt from clit to ass and then back again I felt him reach for the vodka bottle and push it right up my pussy, it went in as far as the neck to start then he pulled it back out and pushed it in again, this time I felt it really opening me up. He said Ekaterina you have some cunt on you, have you had anything this big in you before” I managed to say “nooooo, oh my god that feels so very good I wish you cock was in there though, He said “ do you really want my balls bouncing off this lovely ass hole “ he pulled out the vodka bottle and pulled my cunt open with both hands and was licking me out with his tongue I could feel his warm breath in my pussy and lips, after a few minutes he rolled me over and got me on my hands and knees and started licking my really wet pussy and ass, his tongue was going from my pussy şirinevler escort over my ass, doing a few circles then up between my cheeks right up the middle of my back to the base of my neck, then back down very slowly to my ass again then around my pussy opening, every time went and licked all the way up my back I could fell his hard and swollen cock and balls pressing against my ass and pussy, they felt so hard and big, I reached under my body and could just feel my wet pussy I could feel my clit and started playing with it, it felt really good, just as I started to play with myself ,he spit on my ass and pushed his nob inside, it felt huge and hurt for a minute or so, but also felt good too he then fucked my ass, his huge balls were banging against my pussy and I wished he had two cocks because my pussy was dripping wet and I really wanted something inside that too, I reached up and pushed three fingers in my open pussy and they slide in, I started working my fingers in and out and feeling through the walls of my pussy his cock pounding at my hole, he started to say something and I felt his warm cum going inside my ass, but the pounding of his cock was so intense it made my whole body tremble with pleasure, he slowly pulled it out and was rubbing it all over my ass and cheeks, and around my pussy, he pushed him inside my cunt and it felt so good, still really hard and very warm and it felt like his balls were tight up against my clit which he pressed harder and harder against, his balls were still very huge and felt really great rubbing my clit, we stayed like this for a few minutes joined together, he then pulled his cock out and holding it in his hand he rub it up between my lips and around my clit his nob felt really soft and wet, so I took into my mouth, it tasted of thick cum I sucked it hard and could taste him and squeezing his balls which were huge, I cupped my hands around them and they filled both hands , he said “Ekaterina I will have to go because Elena will be wondering where I have got to, do you want to do this again, I know I do your pussy is so tight I could feel the walls all the way in around my cock, and I would love to cum in you or over those great tits” I said “ I would love for you to stay longer so we could have more fun but if you have to go call in anytime you like , I have really enjoyed today, so yes please as soon as you like, I am here most days in the bad weather, don’t like going out in the snow, but will try not to answer the door naked again yes” he said “No one has ever opened the door naked to me before, what a shock I got when you did, you have a fantastic body, beautiful breasts and a cunt of an angel, plus you know how to please your mate” he went to pull on his trousers, but before he did I said “let me kiss him before you put him away” I kissed his cock and balls which were still very big, stood up and kissed him on the lips, long and hard, He said “I will see you Saturday if it’s alright about ten in the morning “ I said “yes, John I will be waiting for that and we can have a meal together plus spend the day here, look forward to it, how are you going to hid those balls at that size in there” he said “ I don’t, ware anything else under my trousers and when they are in you cannot see anything, look” and he pulled his trousers on, he was right too, just looked a little fatter there, you would not think he had a huge pair of balls in there, he kissed me again and this time on the lips, and said “see you Saturday sexy OK” he then went , I close the door and just sat on the floor thinking about what had just happened and realising sex was the main thing in my life and I wanted it every second if I could get it.