Motel 69


Tony: My cock had been hard as a rock most of the afternoon. I wasn’t supposed to meet her today, it wasn’t in our plans, but I knew that if I called her she would come. She’d have to, because her obsession was as great as mine, perhaps worse. It was already late in the day so she’d make the weak, obligatory objections about her husband coming home and getting dinner ready for him and their two kids… But she’d be there. I knew that without a doubt. I adjusted my hard cock as I thought about her, about how she’d feel… All day, alone in my office, I’d been thinking of her; of the way she’d look as I was taking her, the way she’d do whatever I said, how she’d bow her head, her hair falling forward, not meeting my eyes but knowing what was coming – what she wanted. Her scent, her taste, the feel of her beautiful breasts against me, nipples jutting proudly. I knew the way her pussy would feel and taste, hot, sweet and slippery on my tongue, and exactly how it would feel when she took me in her mouth, and when I entered her tight, slick heat. My cock throbbed, aching with need. I took out my phone and punched up her home number in the directory; with no further hesitation, I made the connection. Roxy: I wondered if he’d call today. Even though it had been only a few days since he’d called, it seemed like forever. I needed to be with him again, but it was getting late in the afternoon. He knew I had family commitments and was not available too close to dinner time. After all, I had a husband and two children to think about. But still, I couldn’t help but hope. All day, as I did my housework and ran errands, I’d been thinking about him. Remembering the last time we met. The way he made me feel when he kissed me, the way he tasted in my mouth, the way he felt when he slid his big, hard cock into me. Every time I thought of him the little squiggles of arousal would start low in my belly, and I’d get wet. I needed to be with him again. Tony: She answered almost at once as I’d known she would, even though not expecting my call. I didn’t bother to make small talk; she didn’t expect it, and I didn’t enjoy it. “Be there, 4:00.” I listened for a moment. She called me Tony; not my real name, but what I had told her. It had been spur of the moment, what popped into my head when she introduced herself as “Roxy”, which I was almost sure was not her real name either. Fuck her, two can play that game. I gave her a few seconds but quickly cut her short on the anticipated weak objections. “No excuses, just be there. You know you want it too. Your pussy is already getting wet. I’ll call you again after I check in and give you the room number.” I listened again, but again only for a moment. “I’m leaving now. Be there by 4:00; don’t disappoint me today – oh, and wear a skirt and blouse, something that looks nice, but no bra or panties. You won’t need them.” I broke the connection before she could object again and rose from my desk, looking down at the prominent bulge in the front of my dress slacks. There was nothing to be done about it now, but the solution to that pressing problem had been arranged. Roxy: The phone rang. I was almost afraid to look at the caller ID. Afraid it would be him, maybe more afraid it might not be him. I picked up the phone and saw his number and answered right away. As usual, there was no small talk, just him telling me to be at the motel at 4:00. I tried to turn him down, but he wouldn’t listen; he hung up on me. I debated with myself about just not going. He didn’t need to think he could order me around like that. But I knew better, I knew that I would go, and that I would dress as he had told me to – in a skirt and blouse with no bra or panties. God… I shouldn’t. Tony: I had to walk out through the front office, past our receptionist and any clients that might be there, and the bulge in my pants was going to be obvious because this fucker was not going limp until I emptied my balls inside of her. I considered carrying something in front of me and decided that would be more obvious still. Fuck ‘em, hardons happen; we never had anyone around that wasn’t an adult. I left and went to my car, ignoring the few covert glances at my bulging crotch. Roxy: I quickly ran upstairs into the bedroom and went to my closet to look for the perfect outfit. One minute I’m thinking about turning him down, and the next I’m trying to figure out how to best please him; he has that effect on me. I stripped off the clothes I had on and stood there naked while I debated about what to wear. I put on a soft, silk blouse and a tight, short skirt. A pair of sky-high heels completed the look. I walked out into the bedroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked sexy, cheap and horny… just what he liked! My nipples were clearly visible through my shirt, and I was already wet just thinking about him. I grabbed my purse and ran down the stairs and out to my car. Tony: The motel was only a few miles from the office – further for her, from her family home – so I knew I’d arrive well ahead of her even if she’d left immediately. She probably had. I shook my head, laughing; she was one horny fucking broad, and hooking up with her had been a stroke of luck. She was always wet and ready, willing and eager to do almost anything I asked of her, and I’d never gotten my knob polished as well and as often as I had since our motel trysts began. A few minutes later I pulled up under the portico şişli escort at the hotel. The place was a dump, a former Motel 6 that had deteriorated to the point that it no longer met corporate standards and had been sold off. The new owner, Mr. Patel, had demonstrated a sense of humor by adding a nine, thus changing the name to ‘Motel 69’, and had turned it into an adult motel. The sign he’d had made was about the only new thing the place had seen in years. It was a seedy and run-down place in a seedy and run-down part of town, and was now a true ‘No-tell Motel’ with rooms that rented by the hour, adult movies on the closed-circuit TV, and an indoor spa and pool area that was known for its debauchery. The place was well known for its swingers parties, hookers, and cheating spouses. Lots of cheating spouses, especially in the daylight hours when hubby was at work – or, as in my case, was supposed to be at work while wifey was at home, none the wiser. It was perfect for our purposes, and the dirty, shabby, illicit nature of it was part of the thrill for her, I think. She loved getting away from her kids and her milquetoast husband and letting her dirty-girl show. One thing they did do at Patel’s little dump was change the linens after every customer; even she didn’t want anything any seedier and shabbier than that. I got the key from the desk clerk and returned to my car. I called her immediately on my cell and gave her the room number, 208, and hung up; it was all she needed to know at that moment. I’d asked for the second floor because I liked the idea of her climbing the open, outdoor staircase in her little skirt with no panties underneath. I knew she’d be thinking that anyone underneath would be able to look up and see her pretty little pussy, which she’d had waxed smooth at my demand; she’d be embarrassed by that thought, but also very aroused. I wanted her dripping. Roxy: In a way I hated myself for answering his call and running when he told me to, but he was like an addiction; I needed him. He made me feel so different, so sexy and sensual, even naughty. Dirty really, but I loved it. I love my husband too, but Tony gave me something that I wasn’t getting at home. “Tony” – that was a laugh! I’d known by the way he said it that it wasn’t his real name, but I’d told him my name was Roxy so I could scarcely object to him using a fake one too. He seemed to sense from the first moment we met that I needed something in my life. Some guys just have that ability, the bad boys, the predatory type. He somehow knew that there were times when I needed to give up control, to simply let someone – him – take over and make all the decisions, to control me, take me and even dominate me. To use me and make me feel cheap and wanton, and make the moment all about the sex, about pure lust and nothing more. It was a little rough sometimes, hard and fast and anything but loving, but that was okay. In fact, it was more than okay; it was what I needed from him. Love I could get at home, but my husband would never dream of treating me roughly and fucking me – using me – the way Tony did. I loved it when he simply took me, demanding everything, the sex sweaty and loud and almost brutal, and the orgasms he gave me were like no other. Thinking about him as I drove, about his dominant strength, his masculine scent and his thick cock was making me very wet. I reached down beneath my short skirt and touched myself, my pussy bare thanks to his demand that I not wear panties. God! I was hot and dripping, and if I touched myself much more I was going to have an orgasm – and probably a car wreck! Tony: After I’d parked in front of the room, where I could look up and see the door, I retrieved the pair of black kid-leather driving gloves from the console; they were very soft and smelled richly of new leather, the main reasons I’d dropped seventy bucks on them. I walked over to the stairs and took them two at a time. I’m not going to lie and pretend that I wasn’t just as excited and horny as she was; my rigid cock clearly outlined against the front of my dress slacks would prove my prevarication. I walked across the second-floor balcony toward our room, careful not to lean on the rusted railing; it didn’t look like anything I’d want to put a lot of faith in. As I passed the room next to ours, room 206, I happened to glance at the window and stopped dead in my tracks. There on the bed, right inside the window with the curtains wide open, were two black studs drilling a middle-aged, voluptuously built white woman. She was on her hands and knees on the bed with one guy on his knees behind her, gripping her wide hips with both hands as he slammed his thick cock into her pussy; the other was in front of her, one hand dangling limply by his side, his other hand on her head holding her in place as he thrust his cock into her mouth, his big ballsack flopping back and forth with each thrust. Her heavy breasts suspended from her chest, jiggling and bouncing each time the guy behind her drove his cock in to the hilt, his flat belly smacking into her wide, soft ass. Her nipples dragged against the bed sheets as her body rocked back and forth with his thrusts; I could only imagine how the sensations of that, combined with the two guys fucking her, must feel. As if I wasn’t already almost painfully aroused, the sight of them sent an extra rush of blood to my cock; I was throbbingly, rigidly, mecidiyeköy escort achingly erect. The guy drilling her pussy looked up and saw me watching them; he released his grip on her hips just long enough to flip me off two-handed before once again grabbing her hips and tugging her backwards onto his big shaft, barely missing a beat – or a thrust. I laughed and tossed a single-finger salute right back at him as I moved on. Fuck him; if he didn’t want to be watched they should have closed the fucking drapes. Then again, there was a good chance that the drapery rod was broken or even missing entirely; it was that kind of place. I used the big brass key to open 208. The room smelled heavily of Pinesol and some cloyingly sweet air freshener, and vaguely of sex. The rooms always smelled of sex, but since I knew we’d be adding to that scent it was okay; at least the air conditioning was adjusted to a comfortable temperature. I propped the door so that it was slightly ajar and sat on the end of the bed as I bit the tags off my new gloves and tugged them onto my hands. I could hear the trio in the next room clearly, bodies slapping together as she had the two big cocks pounded into her at each end, and her moans and grunts of arousal around the thick cock in her mouth. If the walls of this place were any thinner you could probably see through them. Roxy: I drove as fast as I dared; I felt like I was trembling with arousal, but I didn’t want to be late. I hated to make him angry. I was still a couple miles away when my cell phone rang. It was him and I answered. “Room 208,” was all he said, and then he hung up. I got to the hotel just minutes later and pulled toward the back, where I knew our room was. I parked my car and hurried across the parking lot. I figured he was watching through the window, and knew that he would enjoy the view of me hurrying; my breasts were jiggling and my nipples were jutting out even more than at home when I was getting ready. They were so sensitive, my arousal so heightened that the fabric of my blouse sliding across them was almost excruciatingly sensual. I rushed over to the stairs and looked up. They were open on the back, and I knew anyone in the room below them or who happened to walk by would be able to see up my skirt and tell I had no panties on. Still, I knew he was waiting and the stairs were the only way, so I crossed my fingers and hurried up them. Nervous, anxious – very aroused – I turned the corner and followed the upper balcony toward room 208. I glanced into the window of room 206 as I passed, and saw two men and a woman on the bed, really going at it! God! They’d left the drapes wide open, and although I tried not to stare as I hurried past I couldn’t help but look, and the sight of the two naked men and her pleasing them made me even hornier than I already was. Tony: Unlike the room next door, this one did have curtains, although they hung crooked and gapped quite a bit in the center. I crossed to the window and looked through that gap just in time to see her pull into a parking spot. I smiled as I watched her get out of her car, swinging those long, beautiful legs out first. It was apparent that she was very aware of her lack of underwear because she tried to keep her legs together as she got out, a fairly awkward and unnatural manner of egress. When she stood up she tugged self-consciously at her skirt. She crossed the parking lot as I watched, the weeds growing through the cracked pavement, sickly palm trees and faded parking lines adding to the overall tawdriness of the old motel; she was definitely a rose among the thorns in that setting. Then again, she would be in almost any setting. She looked gorgeous in her stylish sunglasses, her long reddish-brown hair gleaming in the sunlight. She also looked sexy and aroused, her erect nipples clearly visible as her breasts jiggled with each step, and I knew that if I could see them so easily from this distance so could anyone else that looked at her. She’d be aware of that of course, and while I knew she’d be self-conscious and maybe a little embarrassed it would also turn her on, knowing men were looking at her with just one thing on their minds and hard dicks in their pants. I loved that idea, and it made my balls ache to think about it. When she moved out of view beneath the edge of the deck I moved over to the doorway and stood against the wall so that I’d be behind the door when she pushed it open. Other than the narrow slivers of daylight coming through the gapped curtains and leaking in around the slightly-ajar door, the room was dark. I knew her eyes would still be dazzled by the bright sunlight outside and she’d be virtually blind when she walked in. Roxy: I paused outside the door of number 208 for a moment to collect myself. I didn’t want to look as desperately horny as I felt. Silly, I know, but even in this situation I wanted to preserve at least a shred of my dignity! Standing there while taking a couple of deep, calming breaths, I realized I could hear the unmistakable sounds of sex from the trio next door, which did nothing to allay my arousal. Clearly they had none of my concerns about preserving their dignity. I shook my head, smiling ruefully, and reached for the door knob. As he’d said he would he’d left the door slightly ajar, and I pushed it open. When I stepped into the room it was totally dark. After the bright sunshine outside, I couldn’t even make out where the furniture was or where he was. I was so intensely aroused and so ready for him that I couldn’t wait to be in his arms. Tony: She opened the door and stepped in, light flooding the room, but still not enough to be of much help to her sun-dazzled eyes. She paused momentarily to remove her sunglasses and then moved forward, clearing the door. The second she was clear I hit the door hard, slamming it closed behind her, and seized her from behind, one hand over her mouth to stop her from screaming in alarm, and the other arm around her, pulling her back against me. She dropped her sunglasses and I felt her tense up and resist, instinct taking over as she struggled for a moment before she realized it was me. I held her tightly, my hard cock pressing into her luscious ass. I knew she’d be aware of the soft, creamy texture and rich scent of my kid leather gloves, and I let those things flood her senses for a moment before I whispered harshly into her ear, “Ssshhh, no screaming! Do as I say and everything will be alright. Nod if you understand.” She nodded, and I felt her body relax somewhat as she ground her ass back against my cock. I removed my hand from her mouth and slid it down to her left breast, squeezing and kneading it firmly. Her braless breast felt incredible in my hand, full and firm, and I could feel her hard nipple between my fingertips even through the thin gloves. I moved my other hand from around her waist down to the hem of her skirt and pulled it up, then thrust my hand between her legs, which she eagerly parted for me. I could feel her wet heat immediately, her pussy almost steaming it seemed, and when I slid my fingers between those lips I felt the leather slicken and slide easily in her sexual juices. She was sopping wet, obviously intensely aroused, and the combined sensations and my awareness of her need and desire spiked my own; my cock ached to be inside of her, and my entire sex, my balls, seemed to be under intense pressure. I stroked and flicked her clit mercilessly until I heard her moan, and then pushed two gloved fingers inside of her. She let out a small, surprised grunt and seconds later her body tensed and thrust onto my fingers as she had a small, sudden orgasm, crying out as her arousal peaked under the suddenness of my assault. Roxy: For a moment I was terrified! Who was in the room and how could I get free? Then I felt an enormous, hard cock pressing against my rear and realized it was him, and relaxed a little. I loved the way his cock was between my cheeks, and I moved my hips up and down to enjoy the feel of it rubbing against me. The gloves he was wearing were so soft and smelled so wonderful – that distinctive scent of good leather. Although he covered my mouth and nose I could still breathe okay, and with every breath I inhaled that wonderful, intoxicating leather smell. The soft leather glove on my pussy felt different than just his bare hand. It was softer, yet somehow at the same time more abrasive. I felt myself getting wetter and wetter. All I could think of was having sex with him. It didn’t help that I could hear the threesome next door; their obvious enjoyment just made me want him even more. Just when I thought I couldn’t stand it anymore, he put his gloved fingers inside me. I bore down on his fingers and had a wonderful, fast, unexpected orgasm. I continued rocking against his hand and enjoyed every second of the orgasm. I had a feeling the people in the next room probably knew I’d just come – I’d made enough noise – but I really didn’t care. Tony: I don’t know if I was more surprised by her sudden orgasm or by the fact that she’d cried out loudly enough to announce her climax to anyone within earshot; she’s usually more inhibited than that, more reserved. Obviously she was horny enough to be beyond giving a fuck who knew about it. Perfect! Being with me was gradually breaking her of her prim and proper ways, and I loved it. After she’d come and her body began to relax I pushed her forward, still controlling her, and bent her over the arm of the sofa so that she was face down into the cum-stained seat cushion, her ass in the air. I flipped her skirt up and dropped to my knees behind her, breathing the musky, feminine scent of her aroused sex and admiring that perfect ass. I bent forward and nipped her soft cheek, biting hard enough to leave a mark that her husband might see, marking her as mine. She let out a little yelp, objecting, but before she could say much I buried my face into her hot, wet pussy and pushed my tongue as far into her as I could. Her objections turned into a moan of pure lust as I savored her sweet nectar on my tongue, flicking it inside of her slick tunnel. At that moment her husband was the last thing on her mind. I pulled back just a little bit, swallowing some of her love juices, and then licked up and down her pussy several times. My tongue traveled from her tiny little rosebud to her hard clit, which was jutting out from beneath its fleshy hood looking for all the world like a tiny cockhead, the size of the tip of my pinkie finger. She was intensely horny, needy, and my tongue on her hard clit quickly brought her to another orgasm. She was even louder this time! Roxy: My mind went totally blank – all I could think about were the wonderful sensations he was causing. God, he’s got a talented tongue, and in moments I exploded with another orgasm, this one even more intense than the last. I know everyone in the motel heard me that time, crying out his name and begging for more; I couldn’t even begin to control myself.