Lesbian Cybersex


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Edited by ElmerStudd

Authors Note:

This was an actual cybersex session between two friends of mine that I was privileged to witness. I found it extremely erotic and asked them if I could post it online. The only changes I made were to fix typos.


This story contains adult content including lesbian sex, erotic massage, and romance. If this is not your kind of smut, please find another story.


Maria34B: I walk in the door of your apartment and see you sitting in front of your computer. I sneak up behind you and whisper in your ear “Happy Valentine’s day lover. I hope you enjoy your gift.”

Robin Peters: Reaches up to stroke your hand softly

Maria34B: My hands slip into the neckband of your shirt and start to rub your skin, working all the tension out of your shoulders

Robin Peters: Moans almost inaudibly, her neck and shoulder muscles stiff from tension

Maria34B: I lean down and whisper in your ear “baby let me make you feel good”

Robin Peters: *is already moist* “please, I’d like that”

Maria34B: I pull your chair away from your computer and kneel in front of you. I untie and remove each shoe, I slip off your socks, I hold your right foot in my hands and kiss each toe

Robin Peters: *looks down at you smiling softly, spreading my legs slightly*

Maria34B: I start to gently rub each toe and move them around

Robin Peters: toes curl in delight

Maria34B: I move to the soles of your feet and rub the balls of your feet hard. I grab the massage oils nearby and hold them, up letting you pick which one you want

Robin Peters: *picks the coconut scented one*

Maria34B: I open it and let some drip into my hands. I rub my hands together and begin to rub the oil into your sexy feet. On the arch; the heel; in between each toe; and the tops of your feet.

Robin Peters: *leans back and lets my eyes drift closed, losing myself in the feel of your hands on my feet, moaning softly*

Maria34B: I stand up, lean in, and kiss you on your lips. “Now my love, it’s time for the rest of your sexy body.” I pick you up and carry you into the bedroom where scented candles are the only illumination

Robin Peters: *whispers* “I love you, Maria” *as I smile and wrap my arms around you as you carry me. I lean in and kiss you softly*

Maria34B: I kiss you again and start to unbutton your blouse.

Robin Peters: “you are incredibly sexy” I whisper as I gaze at your body.

Maria34B: Button by button exposing your breasts, encased in a sexy lace bra

Robin Peters: *lays back on the bed, arms over my head and smiles at you*

Maria34B: Once your shirt is open I ask you to roll over and I pull it off. I then unclasp your bra and ease it off you.

Robin Peters: *Turns her head so that my cheek is on the mattress, still smiling*

Maria34B: I start to kiss my way down your back starting at your neck, down past your shoulder blades, continuing down to your waist until I reach your pants. My hand grips your pants and panties and I slide them down your legs exposing your glorious ass, taut thighs, and smooth calves to my lust-filled gaze. I return to your waist and continue kissing my way down your body.

Robin Peters: *shivers with delight, my pussy now wet with anticipation* “You’re good at this, love!”

Maria34B: I stand up and walk where you can see me. I start to dance erotically for you. As I dance for you I open my blouse and flash my tits, showing that I’m not wearing a bra.

Robin Peters: *looks up at you, my head resting on my folded arms. I then roll onto my side, head propped on my hand, breasts bouncing as I move*

Maria34B: I lick my lips as your large breasts bounce. You know how I love that. I continue to dance and reach under my miniskirt and slide my g string off.

Robin Peters: * my free hand moves toward my pussy but I barely manage to keep from touching myself*

Maria34B: I turn away from you and bend over so my skirt rises showing you that I’m naked under my skirt. I finish my dance and put my panties by your nose bursa escort so you can smell my excitement. I slap your butt and tell you to lay on your stomach

Robin Peters: I breathe in deeply enjoying the scent of your arousal and lick my lips. I roll back onto my stomach, arms folded under my head

Maria34B: I climb on top of you and sit on your butt. You can feel my skirt on your legs and my wet pussy on your cheeks. I pour some oil onto your back and you jump at its coldness.

Robin Peters: It feels like someone’s enjoying this as much as I am.

Maria34B: my hands start to massage you at the top of your shoulders rubbing firmly almost but not quite painfully. My beautiful lover, nothing turns me on more than making others achieve orgasm. I apply pressure to each knot I find working them out of your back

Robin Peters: Oh, that feels good, love

Maria34B: I slowly work down your back, rubbing, pressing all over. I can see your muscles start to lose some tension. I get to the small of your back and massage it thoroughly

Robin Peters: *is starting to feel a lot more relaxed than I was five minutes ago and am trying desperately not to drift off from your message*

Maria34B: My hands now start on the sides of your body. Working the arms, moving slowly, and thoroughly down your sides lingering on the sides of your breasts.

Robin Peters: A slight moan escapes my lips as your soft feminine hands touch the soft skin of my breasts.

Maria34B: I continue down your body to your hips. I then take your right arm and begin to work some oil into it. Rubbing your biceps and triceps, making my way to the elbow moving it around loosening it up.

Robin Peters: *continues to smile, silently, letting your fingers work your magic, the only sound I make the occasional moan of delight*

Maria34B: I continue down your forearm to your wrist. Then onto your hand where I thoroughly massage the palm and each finger. I put down your right arm and pick up your left one and start all over again with it

Robin Peters: *squirms again as you massage the palms, the aroma of my nectar wafting over us*

Maria34B: Once the upper half of your body is done I spin around so I am facing your feet. I grasp your ankle and begin to massage it kissing your foot as I work on your calf. I reach your knee so I lower your leg and work on your outer thigh and the back of your leg working agonizingly slowly up your body to your ass.

Robin Peters: Maria my lover and friend, I can’t put into words how much I am enjoying the woman I love to caress every inch of my body.

Maria34B: When I get to the check I stop and grasp your other ankle. I begin to work my way up this leg even slower than I did on the first.

Robin Peters: I am so close to orgasm and to sleep, I’m not sure which will cum first.

Maria34B: I finish your second leg and slide my wet pussy up your back.

Robin Peters: *whispers* Oh god *as I feel your wetness trail up me, wanting to feel you against me so badly*

Maria34B: I drizzle some oil onto your ass cheeks and I firmly grab one in each hand and begin to work the oil into them. You can feel my wetness seeping out of me and onto your back.

Robin Peters: I fight my urge to throw you to the bed and dive into your pussy.

Maria34B: It’s running in rivulets down your spine and then off to your right side. I spread your cheeks and start to massage around your sexy butt hole. My fingers teasingly threaten to go in but never do. Once I am done with your back I turn around again and lay on your back. You can feel my long nipples are fully erect and are pushing into your back.

Robin Peters: *turns my head to see if you’re in kissing range*

Maria34B: my hands flutter all over you teasing you. I sit back up avoiding your kiss for now. I kneel and tell you to roll over.

Robin Peters: *smiles and whispers* I love you *softly before I roll onto my back*

Maria34B: I settle back down my wet pussy on your Venus mound. I pour some oil into my hand and brush your hair away from your face.

Robin Peters: *moans softly with delight as you settle onto me, bursa escort bayan my pussy now soaking wet*

Maria34B: I start to massage your forehead and temples, moving down to your cheekbones and even the muscles around your mouth.

Robin Peters: *smiles softly, wanting to feel you move against me*

Maria34B: I lean down and kiss you and quickly sit up.

Robin Peters: I reach out for your breast and am just able to graze your nipple before you are out of reach.

Maria34B: I shudder as your fingertips touch my nipples. My hands glide over your neck and start to firmly massage your sexy suckable tits

Robin Peters: *moans softly, my nipples are so hard*

Maria34B: I work them hard making sure to fully coat them in oil rolling each nipple in my fingers. I lift them and rub the underside of them and start to work my way down to your stomach.

Robin Peters: oh god, love that feels great

Maria34B: I massage you moving down to where I’m sitting. Again I spin around and work on the front of your legs. I massage my way up each leg to mid-thigh.

Robin Peters: I spread my legs and whispering “Maria, please” in a cross between whispering and begging.

Maria34B: I push them apart and lightly run my fingers over your inner thighs. I avoid your pussy but make sure that I touch every part of your thighs. I climb off you and say “Now To massage the last part of your body…”

Robin Peters: I start to squirm in anticipation of the release I am about to get, my pussy glistening with my juices.

Maria34B: I finally start to massage your…waist. Once I am done with your rub down I lean in and kiss you. This time I don’t pull away. My hands now freely explore your flesh that they have become intimately familiar with. One hand slides over your mons and brushes against your lips. My tongue slides into your mouth as I lightly brush your outer lips. My fingers play with your lips and tease you until finally, I slide 3 fingers into you while my thumb rubs your clit. I start to fuck you hard with my fingers and continue probing your mouth with my tongue.

Robin Peters: I gasp loudly, and slide my tongue along yours. My hips start to move against your fingers, lifting to meet them, my clit swollen and begging for your touch.

Maria34B: I murmur, “cum for me baby and I have a surprise for you” without pulling my tongue from your mouth. I finger you harder as my thumb starts flicking your clit. My other hand starts to pinch and flick your nipples.

Robin Peters: *starts to shudder, cumming hard against your fingers, already halfway to climax just from your massage* “oh god yes.”

Maria34B: I smile at you and increase the speed and pressure with both hands watching your body shake in the throes of your passion. I hold up my hand covered and dripping from your juices. I look into your eyes as I start to lick it savoring your taste. Once my hand is clean I say “do you want to make me happy now?” I kiss you again

Robin Peters: “I would love to” *kisses you deeply and places my hand on yours holding it on my breast*

Maria34B: I climb off you and ask you to pick up your head

Robin Peters: *lifts my head smiling at you*

Maria34B: I slip a soft blindfold over your eyes. Then I whisper in your ear “Do you trust me, my beloved?”

Robin Peters: of course I do

Maria34B: “Good!” I kiss you again

Robin Peters: *continues to smile in the direction of your voice*

Maria34B: You hear me rummaging around, and then silence.

Maria34B: I grasp your ankles and you feel something being slid up your legs. You lift your butt and feel the familiar strap of a G-string go between your cheeks. Something is lightly nudging your clit and you feel a slight weight on your waist. The bed moves under you, and I gasp as the pressure on your waist increases. Finally, you feel me settle down onto you. “My love, take off the blindfold.”

Robin Peters: *reaches up to remove the blindfold and looks around*

Maria34B: you see me sitting on you, and my skirt is around your hips. I unbutton the side of my skirt and throw it to the floor. I then rise and you see escort bursa a wavy dildo with nubs all over it connected to a g string. I look at you and say “it has a clit tickler for your pleasure.”

Robin Peters: *smiles up at you*

Maria34B: I drop down and you feel it rub your clit. I start to go up and down on it moaning and screaming in pleasure, and every move I make causes your clit to be rubbed. My hands grab my tits and start to tug on the nipples as I bounce harder and harder on our new toy.

Robin Peters: *starts to moan in time with you, every motion you make echoed against my clit, as I reach up to grab your hips to hold you steady, my hips starting to rise to meet yours, whispering “This is fantastic, love. Thank you”

Maria34B: “OH GOD ROBIN,” I scream and collapse on top of you, my hips still moving up and down on the dildo. I kiss you while still moving against you. Suddenly my body grows rigid and I start to make guttural sounds

Robin Peters: *returns the kiss hungrily, my clit throbbing on the cusp of release* “I love you so much, Maria”

Maria34B: my eyes dart around my head my body is as stiff as a board

Robin Peters: *looks at you worriedly* Hon, what’s wrong?

Maria34B: finally I let out a long howl and start to cum thrashing around screaming “ROB…ROB… ROBBBBBBBBBBBBBBIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.” I collapse on top of you, my head resting on your pillow like breasts barely able to move.

Robin Peters: *breathes a sigh of relief, then grabs your hips and pulls you tightly to me, thrusting my hips upward into you wanting to cum with you*

Maria34B: I just try to catch my breath listening to your heartbeat with every move you make. I let out a little moan as the dildo shifted in me.

Robin Peters: *slows down and wraps my arms around you tightly, the toy still moving inside her coaxing a small orgasm out of her, she starts to shudder for a long moment as she moans softly*

Maria34B: your small orgasm triggers another in me and I yelp in pleasure

Robin Peters: *holds you tight, pulling your hips into mine as I smile softly, then lean up to kiss you deeply and hungrily*

Maria34B: I let you move me around limp as a rag doll after the intensity of our shared pleasure

Robin Peters: *pulls your head against my breast and strokes your hair, kissing you softly on the forehead* “You had me worried there for a second, hon.”

Maria34B: I visibly gather strength and get out one syllable “Why?”

Robin Peters: “For some reason, I thought you were having a seizure.” *reaches up to stroke your hand softly* “and I was scared”

Maria34B: I smile at your concern and kiss your breast where my head lies. I finally have the strength to talk and say “my love a favor?”

Robin Peters: *continues to stroke your hair softly * “Yes?”

Maria34B: “Either stop moving, or get that thing out of me. Too much pleasure can’t take anymore.”

Robin Peters: *smiles* “okay…does this thing just slip off or does it have fasteners?”

Maria34B: “slide off”

Robin Peters: *lifts her hips and reaches down to slide the toy off down her legs, kicking it off onto the foot of the bed*

Maria34B: my body shudders again in a small orgasm

Robin Peters: *holds you and leans my head down to take your breast in my mouth, my tongue playing with your nipple*

Maria34B: I just lay there limp glowing in pleasure

Robin Peters: *continues to play with your nipple for a minute before tugging it hard with my teeth as far as it will go before it slides out of my mouth, then holds you tight my arms wrapped around you smiling*

Maria34B: I let you hold me lightly caressing any part of you I can reach. “That was good my love. I hope I eased some of the tension from today.”

Robin Peters: “yes it was, and you did…thank you”

Maria34B: I kiss your check and snuggle up to you drifting off to sleep safe and secure in your arms and in your love for me

Robin Peters: *lays there next to you, smiling peacefully, watching and listening to you sleep, my breathing gradually unconsciously matching yours.


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