Just Happened


Just HappenedMy wife’s mother passed away early last year (2013) and we’ve been helping her dad with things around the house and keeping him company since Thanksgiving 2013 – over at his house every weekend and just recently combined households. My in-laws hadn’t know about our Cuckold relationship and always thought that we were a perfect couple and made for each other.Well, last night – New Year’s Eve 2015 – we went out together for a meal (Prime Rib), some dancing (my father-in-law danced most of the night with SD – lots of slow dancing) and plenty of drinking – I was volunteered to be the designed driver. My father-in-law and SD partied through to about 11pm when my father-in-law said that the was getting really drunk and tired and wanted to go on home. SD and I agreed and we got into my truck and went back to his house. On the way back, my father-in-law, normally quite reserved, kept talking about how he missed his wife (SD’s mother), the sex and even cried a little. He kept carrying on the whole way home and by the time we got to his house he was just talking about sex – both SD and I didn’t mind at all and agreed with what he was saying and making suggestions about meeting other women, etc. He basically ignored our suggestions and when we got home he went up to the master bornova escort bedroom and took a shower and came back downstairs in his bathrobe, where SD and I were sitting in the living room drinking some wine. He poured himself a tall glass of wine and downed it and then poured himself another. Then the neighbors started shooting off fireworks – midnight – New Year’s 2015. We toasted and then SD took her dad by the hand and told him that he had too much to drink and that she’d get him to bed and proceeded to pull him up the stairs to his bedroom.I waited downstairs, listening to the fireworks. I finished my glass of wine and looked at the clock – 12:18 and SD still hadn’t come back downstairs. I finished that glass of wine, 12:32, and SD still hadn’t come down. I thought that SD and her dad were probably having another one of their “talks” and didn’t think much of it. 12:45 and she still hadn’t come down so I went upstairs, noticed that the master bedroom door was closed but the light was on in the bedroom. I went to knock on the door but stopped before I did because SD told me never to interrupt any “talks” between her and her dad. Then I heard my father-in-law talking – couldn’t make out what he was saying at first – then I heard him say bornova escort bayan “you’re a better cocksucker than your mother” – wholly shit – I was being cucked by my father-in-law. I got light headed and sat down on the floor at my father-in-law’s master bedroom door. For the next 3 minutes I listened as my father-in-law got a blow job from my wife – his daughter. I heard him call my wife, his daughter, cocksucker – cunt – whore – and more. Then I heard him say loudly – as if for me to hear – “stay right there – open your throat – that’s it – yeah – let me fuck your face – that’s it – your mouth is just like a pussy – fuck yeah – stick your finger up my ass – that’s it – press – that’s it – ready – ready – yeah – yeah – swallow – yeah – oh yeah” then silence. Then a short conversation (a lot more was said – this is the prime points):Father-in-Law (FIL): Sorry for getting rough with you. You are one hell of a cocksucker – he teach you?SD: I enjoy it rough dad and thanks – I’ve been told that before and no – I was taught to be a cocksucker before we met – and he (me) doesn’t’ get any of me.FIL: What – you got to be k**ding.SD: Hasn’t in years.SD: He’s a cuck and enjoys me enjoying others – male and female.FIL: Damn – and your my daughter!SD: escort bornova Yeah dad – and I’m your cocksucking daughter and you can use my mouth, or anything else, anytime.At that point SD opened the door and saw me there, smiled at me, and said to her dad “and you can use your cucked son-in-law’s mouth and ass anytime also – isn’t that right (to me)” – I looked at her, she was still dressed in her blue skirt, red stockings and white blouse – no bra, and then at her dad standing next to his bed with his bathrobe open – his cock was soft and thick – covered in his daughter’s lipstick – and he has a huge set of balls – and I said “anything you want dear” and licked my lips as I looked at her dad’s crotch.SD: Dad – you have some friends that are widows right? Think they’d like to join us?FIL: Probably – they are in bad shape also.SD: “Give them a call and let’s get the New Year started right” and she began taking off her clothes right in the doorway to her father’s bedroom and told me “to get ready” which I did by taking off my clothes and was embarrassed because I was completely shaven and had a hardon – a small cock hardon – not even close to the size of my FIL’s limp cock.SD came up to me and kissed me and grabbed my mini hardon. I could taste her dad’s cum on her tongue and sucked her tongue. She said to me – in front of her dad – ‘OK slut – go get dressed to be used” and pushed me back into the hallway. I looked at my FIL and saw that he was on his cell phone – obviously talking to one of his widowed friends.I have to stop right now – being called to service.