This whole thing started about three months ago. My boyfriend, Nick, and I decided we would make a sex tape. We’d been together for five years and it was always a huge fantasy of his so for our fifth anniversary, I agreed to it. I was not too crazy about the idea but I had laid down some ground rules for him to agree to. The rules were as followed: 1. The video would be recorded to my personal computer and he could not have his own copy. The meant we could watch it together or not at all. That was to assure it would never be seen by anyone else, especially if we broke up. 2. No porny stuff. That meant no dirty talk, no cumming on my face/tits, and no ridiculous positions. 3. No POV. The camera would be set up in one place but we would not be doing close ups of him penetrating me or anything like that. 4. I can destroy it at anytime for any reason. We put these rules in writing and he signed off on it. I tore up the contract and threw it away almost immediately out of fear that it would be found someday, but he didn’t know that. I had to admit, after I agreed to it, I was pretty turned on by the thought. We kept ourselves in good shape so it’s not like we would see ourselves on camera and think ‘Ew, that’s what we look like?!’ I was pretty sure we would get married so it seemed like a sexy little thing to do for my future husband. Then shit hit the fan. My computer was stolen out of my car and two weeks later we were famous, kind of. The thief found the video and posted it to the largest free porn site in the world. Nick’s obsession with proper lighting and camera placement meant we produced a perfect sex tape. There was no mistaking our identities and suddenly four million people had watched istanbul travesti us fucking. To make a long story short, we contacted the site and threatened legal action if the video was not taken down. They understood and took down the video immediately. The damage was done though – we were those people now. Eventually, people would forget, right? About a week after the video came down, there was a knock at our door. It was a man in a nice suit and a briefcase. “Hi, can I help you?” I said, opening the door. “Hello, ma’am. My name is Jefferson Marx. I’m here on behalf of my client – a website you have recently been in touch with,” he said, introducing himself and shaking my hand. “I come with an offer from my client and I was wondering if you would mind me coming in to tell you and your boyfriend about it.” I assumed this was a settlement of some sort to avoid future lawsuits. Thinking of the money, I invited him in. “Nick! We have a visitor!” I called up the stairs. The three of us sat down at our kitchen table. The man placed the closed briefcase in front of us and began his pitch. “Erin, Nick – first and foremost, I want to apologize for my client’s posting your video to their site. It was such high quality that they assumed it was professionally shot, meant for public consumption. They didn’t question the uploader and, well, you know how the rest went. We would like to provide you with five thousand dollars for your troubles,” Jefferson began. With that he opened the briefcase, which was FULL of crisp stacks of money – way more than five thousand dollars. “Now – I can tell by the looks on your faces that you realize this is much, much more than $5,000. You’re correct istanbul travestileri – this is two hundred and fifty-thousand dollars.” Nick and I exchanged suspicious looks. Jefferson continued. “I’ll cut to the point. Your video had over 12 million views by over 9 million people in a week. It was favorited by 3 million of those people. In summary, you were way more popular than new videos from established industry stars. There is money to be made here. My client is willing to pay you one million dollars for two scenes. Depending on their success, you would have the option for three more scenes at one million dollars each. You have the right to terminate the contract at any point after the first two if you no longer wish to be a part of this. Off the record – this is an unheard of amount of money for this kind of commitment. Most amateurs make no money. Stars make a few thousand per scene. You would be insane to pass this up for a few hours work.” Nick was staring at Jefferson with his mouth hanging open. I was just as shocked. “Now, this offer has a time limit. Your video came down a week ago, so we must strike while the iron is hot, if you will. No one will remember or care in another week. This would have to be agreed to today, shot within two days, and live on the site by the end of the week. What do you say?” Without getting into the details of my conversation with Nick, we decided to do it. It took some convincing but in the end, it was too much money to pass up and let’s face it, millions of people had already seen us screwing, we might as well get rich off it. We signed the contract and took the $250,000 in cash with a promise for the rest after the scene was done. travesti istanbul Two days later, we walked into a small sound stage downtown and reality set in like a ton of bricks. This was a professional atmosphere and suddenly I realized that I had’t really thought of the logistics. In my head, I almost pictured a similar set up to our bedroom – just us and a camera on a tripod. Here, we were surrounded by people – people that would be witnessing us having sex in person. The director introduced himself and got right down to business. “Alright – have a seat on the couch. We’re going to begin with an interview, then we’ll get to the fun stuff. Just follow my direction. It might seem strange but we will edit my voice and it will all look natural.” I guess it was good that we barely had time to think or worry. We sat down and saw the red recording light flicker on. The interview was basically to establish who we were and out story about our leaked video. Then it got naughtier and naughtier – questions about our favorite positions, how often we fuck, and how many guys I had been with before Nick. “None, actually,” I said to the question about other partners. “Wait, what,” the director asked. “Nick was my first – I swear.” “No way! Look at you – guys must have been all over you.” “Yeah, they were. I was just shy until I met Nick. Even that took a few months before I let him… you know…” I trailed off, shyly. “Alright – I think thats good. Let’s get to the good stuff. Erin, why don’t you stand up and start removing you clothing – first the shirt, then the jeans, then the bra, panties last.” I got up and took a deep breath. Here goes nothing. I pulled my t-shirt up over my head, then shimmied my tight jeans over my hips and down to the floor. There I was in just my matching neon green bra and panties. I chose them to accentuate my red hair. I looked back at Nick, still sitting on the couch. He looked nervous and somewhat uncomfortable for this being his idea.