I come from a long line of sexually deviant women

Dripping Wet

I come from a long line of sexually deviant womenI know from experience that there are men who get off on women being force fucked and that some women, themselves need to have that kind of dangerous sex.Sex on the edge, sex bordering the darker side of humanity, and I dont mean skin color, though for me it happened with black men.Used, abused, marked and branded, made to do things I once thought impossible, that\s what can happen when your naked, helpless, and have a body that cant stop having orgasms, making those bestial men think your having a great time, sexual pleasure from pain, is the curse of certain white girls, and black men in particular, know how to extract it fully.I was twenty two when I found out my husband had a darker side to him, he was secretly filming me and taking photos, and posting them online, telling men I was a nympho and masturbating to photos of them, they sent had him.Money offers were being sent by perverts for them to have time with me, and he would masturbate with them as they watched some of the footage of me, supposedly pleasuring myself.Of course he was now asking me to perform online and he would be in the background getting off as I undressed for a man on webcam.Seeing my husband and this stranger cum within minutes of each other filled kaçak iddaa me with a strange awe and a sense of sexual power, and soon I had subscribed to his perversion, and soon Friday nights, online cam fun, became a regular feature for me, with and without him, and he would sometimes arrive home to my moans emanating from the bedroom where our computer was.Then one night a black boy from London came online and he was acting like he had never seen a naked white chick before. He was going crazy and saying the strangest things while he jacked off. In one way he was funny to watch and listen too, but his cumming was genuine, and large, and it left me with an appreciation of what I as giving to these men, a sense of power to let men see beautiful white girls in a way only husbands normally can, a secret cam in the bedroom for perverts and lonely men to watch and get off on.I told my husband back then I had a secret passion to have sex with three black men, and then let him into a dark family historical fact, that tainted the female line on the maternal side over and down the ages.He listened fascinated as I related back to the times of forced immigration, to the times in Europe, the famines and the deep South, the plantations and the slaves, the coloreds who were the sexual objects illegal bahis for the whites, the plantation owners, and in my case, the women of my line and their lusting for the velvet touching of the hung buck.Wives of these plantation owners, knew of their extra-marital encounters with the teenage daughters and wives of the black men who were their property, and in my family line there was a general acceptance, as sex revolved around both partners taking blacks, to ease their lusting.Market days for buying slaves was a particular day where white women would dress up to the nines, their idea for buying a black was based on his genitalia, whereas the husband looked over the muscular frame of the man, the wife would slip her hand between his legs before giving the husband advice on the value.Girls were the predominance of the man to purchase, but then again some bisexual wives, would simply stroke the cheek of a f******n year old girl, and just know she was right as a housemaid, a girl in waiting, and her lover.My family history had it that a great great great aunt, was a sexual deviant, who would play games with the fresh intake of slave men.She ordered her husband to strip them naked while she watched then in the next room.These poor souls were strung-up, hod-tied and bahis siteleri left to ponder their fates, while the husband dutifully disappeared and left their fate to his wife, who would enter the room in mock surprise and meander amongst them, mocking them and at the same time abusing them, telling them she would report them to her husband, a man with a furious temper who would castrate them if he found out they had erections in front of his god fearing wife.That normally did the trick, and she would fuck each buck in turn, making sure each man and boy satisfied her, soon her daughter joined in and it was not unusual to see mother and daughter watching each other as they fuck the same cock and pass comment on it. It was from these two historical woman, I was genetically linked, my lusting for black cock was cursed by the abolition of slavery, but the modern day internet was establishing connections, and my cuckold husband put my pussy online, and attracted black men as potential suitors, to help me celebrate my upcoming birthday, only this was to be a reversal of fates, I was to be hog-tied and fucked, at my request, but as you will learn, on the day in question, my husband was sent packing, and as they fucked me, they phoned their friends, soon my house was full of angry naked black guys and I, was powerless to stop the bitch slapping and butt fucking, but that will be told in the next encounter, but for now I need to rub my pussy, as the memory of this makes me so fucking wet.