How I met my slave (Part 1)


How I met my slave (Part 1)Greetings my name is Dan I am 31 years old and have had a long interest in BDSM, but little activity. Honestly I have fantasized about being both a dom and a sub, the fantasy of being a dom was the one that got fulfilled and this is that story. When I first met #1701 she was then called Lisa. She was approximately 5’7 slightly chubby Hispanic woman with very large breasts, 32 EE. She was a co-worker of mine at a local restaurant chain. Generally intelligent and often forward about her sexuality and if you told me then that she would be my sex slave, I would have laughed. There seemed to be more of a chance that I would be her save considering her outgoing sexual nature. She was constantly flirting and checking out men, sometimes crossing the line of sexual harassment. But with her beautiful dark black hair, mocha skin, and her beautiful large breasts that could not be hidden even in the ugliest of restaurant uniforms, there was not a straight man who would complain. When I say she was flirting and checking out men, at first I was mostly, but not entirely left out. I am not what you would think of if you were going to describe a manly man, in fact I am kind of a nerd. In addition when she first started flirting with me I had no clue how to respond. Typically I physically moved away from her, but tried to verbally flirt back. This gave her the impression that I was not really interested in actually having sex with her, but in fact she was often in my fantasies. And since the woman I was dating rarely wanted to have sex with me it was often my thoughts during masturbation. In all of this I felt disloyal, but I could not help my sex drive. It was mid-December and my girlfriend had informed me that she wanted to break up and for me to move out. I was telling my co-workers this and I ended up telling Lisa as well. Knowing that I was about to be single, while I was talking to some other co-workers she came on to me very strong and grabbed my hands in an attempt to put them on her breasts. For what reason I do not know I resisted. Perhaps I didn’t fully comprehend at first what she was doing, perhaps I was nervous in the group setting, regardless I missed what I thought was a golden opportunity. I thought about how poorly I handled that situation, I had a beautiful woman who wanted me to feel her up and I missed the opportunity. Not to mention my co-workers were likely to think that I was gay at this point as they did not have much contact with my soon to be ex. So I thought about this situation and decided that I had been way too timid in this situation and in life in general so for the rest of the day I kept one eye on my job and the other on where Lisa was. At one point I was relatively free and spotted her going into a stock area. I look around and see no one around. For a second I thought she saw me come in, but that clearly wasn’t the case based on what happened next. Seeing her alone in the stock area I walked up behind her and proceeded to grab her gargantuan breasts with both of my hands. The response was not what I expected. First she swung at me, I ducked, but she still nicked my nose, bruised but not bleeding. Clearly I didn’t think this through well enough, I thought I was such an bakırköy escort idiot for trying this. Her next reaction was definitely not expected. She blushed!!!! First of all her skin was dark so any appearance of red on the cheeks would be hard to see. Second, this is Lisa, the one that makes every guy blush with her forward sexual advances, how could I have made her blush. By the time I realized the significance of all that just happened she quickly left the stock room. At first I was worried that she would go to my boss for sexual harassment. But then realized that she would likely realize how absurd this would sound coming from her and who she was accusing. I typically kept to myself and had never really reciprocated her flirtations and the bosses knew this. Even if she did it was unlikely that the boss would believe her. So I thought I was in the clear, nevertheless I decided I should keep my eye on her and see if she would go tell the boss. She didn’t, but she did make sure she kept very far away from me the rest of the shift. At the time I thought that this was because she perceived me as sexually assaulting her. Later, I found out that this wasn’t actually the case. That night while I was starting to pack up my stuff to move out, I was still trying to parse what happened out, some of her actions indicated she perceived me as an assailant, but the blushing seemed to tell another story. The next day I would have an answer. She found me in the stock area alone, but did not start flirting with me. Instead she apologized for attempting to knock me out, I told her it was alright and that I was wrong for coming up behind her like I did. She said “yeah that was not something that I expected, I even told some of my best friends here and they didn’t believe me. Some of them told me that they were sure you were gay.” After a silence I started walking toward the exit, but then she continued: “You know why I blushed right?” No I answered. “I liked it,I don’t know why, I just did. I guess since you didn’t flirt back I thought you were unobtainable.” I was stunned. Speechless, but then she gently took my hands and brought them closer to her chest. I was feeling her magnificent breasts, shocked my hands remained lifeless and she chuckled. She said “I guess we just keep taking each other by surprise you had much more of a grip when you came behind me yesterday.” She gave a flirty smile and walked out. Again I was confused. Did I blow my chance? This woman was driving me crazy in a way that no woman had ever driven me crazy. Part of me was hoping beyond hope that all of this was intentionally to drive me into a complete lust for her and that we would end up banging each other’s brains out, but I still didn’t think this was likely. She always seemed to flirt more with more manly men with muscles instead of a scrawny pale white guy like me. And I did not seem to be giving her the right signals at the right time. I was closing that same night and had heard little about Lisa. I would ask for advice from other co-workers, but they would not believe me and at best I could exchange Lisa’s name for another, but re-telling the story in away that would make sense was nearly impossible. I see her come beşiktaş escort up and after the dining room closed her shirt was unbuttoned 4 maybe even 5 down, enough to show a very large amount of cleavage without showing the bra. She clearly planned this. I tried not to stare and with my experience of not looking at bullies I managed to do a half decent job of only catching the occasional glimpse. While we were clocking out she seemed disappointed. I asked what was wrong. She replied “Well, I was hoping to get your attention, but you always seemed busy working.” By this time I was finally getting a hint, but I still decided to play it dumb. “How were you trying to get my attention” I asked. “With these” as she jiggled her tits, and as she was doing this so close to me she ended up feeling my erected penis poke her upper thigh even though clothes. “Oh my, it appears I have your attention now”. “Why don’t you have a cup of coffee at my place.” I couldn’t refuse. She actually made me coffee. I really wasn’t expecting that, but I was not about to leave the apartment of a beautiful woman who was trying to get my attention with her cleavage for hours. We chatted, I told her that my packing was going well and that I was going to stay with a few of my former college buddies. Apparently she liked talking to me, but I was getting really horny and was unsure how much longer I could either go without sex or without leaving to masturbate. Luckily this was a ploy to get me as horny as possible, because I wasn’t quite prepared for what she said next.”There is a game I like to play with people I sleep with for the first time. It gives me a sense of their sexual personality” Pausing and looking at my reaction she said “Did you think I brought you up here only for coffee? O.k. here are the rules you have 15 minutes I will comply with ANY request so long as it does not involve permanent damage to myself or my property, this game is intended to be primarily sexual in nature, but these requests can be anything within reason” I will set a timer when you decide you are ready. I was completely dumbfounded. It took me what seemed like several minutes to come up with any response. Then it hit me… “O.k. go ahead and set the timer” I said. “Now stand up, completely disrobe, and spread your legs apart.” She replied “I like where this is going so far”. “O.k. stand still.” I knew I had 15 minutes and since previously she was walking around her apartment in revealing lingerie with the only intent to make me horny as hell I thought that I should at least attempt to return the favor. I have a timer so I had already planned this out. I start by very slowly and very visibly examining every part of her body. I examined her shiny dark hair going just below her shoulders, her almost surprisingly feminine shoulders, her breasts large with smaller erect nipples if her color would have been a bit paler you probably would have seen bright blue veins running through them this was the part I looked at the longest. They were almost the size of watermelons, a bit saggy, but that’s to be expected with larger breasts and a sure sign that they were natural. They were also a bit paler than the rest of her skin, but only a lighter beylikdüzü escort color of mocha, suggesting that she does tan a bit even though this natural color is still a beautiful brown color. Going down I discover that her legs are amazing as well, they are long and well proportioned to her body. Perhaps a bit slimmer than you would expect on a slightly chubby woman. Finally her ass, perhaps her most disappointing feature it was surprisingly flat for her build, but this did not bother me too much since I am more a breast man. Overall, she was gorgeous.”You really are a total package, Lisa” I say smiling. Her eyes following my movements, but yet she was still following my request of standing still. Finally she says “Your not just going to stare at me for 15 minutes are you.” I answer “No, but I did want to admire the beauty before I delved in” I then put my hand on her lower thigh and slowly work my way up, I stop only for a moment on her pussy lip and stop. “You are such a tease.” “Look who’s talking” I reply. I then start tracing the outline of her body with my fingers. I stop for a moment around her breasts and then stop again. “Don’t tell me you have cold feet now,” she said. “I guess I am going a bit too slow,” I think in my head. I look at the timer it looks like 10 minutes are left. I am not the type of guy who would enjoy simply saying that she has to fuck me in these 15 minutes, besides 15 minutes isn’t all that long for sex anyways. My goal is to make her want to fuck my brains out after these 15 minutes. I start back at the stomach with my whole hand firmly against it and slowly have it crawl up until my hand is firmly cupped around her breast. I squeeze hard, but not enough that I think I am causing pain. I then take my other hand and do the same thing with the other breast. I now have both her breasts firmly in my hands and am feeling her up. Next I take her nipples in my fingers and slowly, but firmly squeeze them. I hear soft approving moans coming from Lisa so I start pinching her nipples a bit firmer the moan becomes louder. “You seem to like that” “Yeah,” she replies. I look at the timer there is approximately 7 minutes left. I spend another minute alternately squeezing her breasts and her nipples. And then I move to the upper thigh. I slowly work my way up her thigh and stop for a brief moment on her clit and pull away. I hear a very load moan that seems to indicate that she is disappointed that I stopped. I still have 5 minutes left on the timer. I pause for a moment to consider how I want to use the remaining five minutes and decide that I was going to rub her clit, and if it appears that she is about to cum I would stop and go back to the breasts. So I beginning rubbing her clit, she starts moaning very heavily. I start very slowly and slowly start speeding up. At about 3 minutes left she starts moaning very heavily, I stop and return to her breasts but only for about 30 seconds. I go back to her clit, my goal at this point is to time it so that she is just about to cum at the 15 minute mark and then I stop saying that is the end of the game. So slowly I go back in between her legs rubbing her clit even slower than before. I speed up slowly I see I have about 30 seconds left and start rubbing her clit faster and faster hoping that I get the timing about right. I do the timer goes off just as she starts moaning very heavily. “Why did you stop?” she asks. I said the “Game was over,” with a devilish smile. “I could get used to this tease and denial game,” I thought to myself.