Her Lace Thong


Her Lace ThongMy brothers ex wife was tall,over 5 feet 10 inches and wore very sexy panties as I used to go thru her panty drawer,I would bring them home and wear them around my house and outdoors at night and then bring them back and put them back in her drawer. This was in the mid 70’s,yes a long time ago.I remember these brown swimsuit bottom I took home but never returned them and wore them all the time as they fit really low,just above my pubic hairs They were very hot to look at when my Ex Sister in law would wear them,they had these wood rings holding the front and back and were very comfortable to wear,(Why did i ever throw them away). The ones I’m wearing now sit way up on my hips and are white lace Thong and are so narrow even my small cock is too big for these as they want to stick out toward the bottom of the front. But knowing she bought these new and would wear them always get me hard when I put them on,Its a hot day today probably Hot everywhere in the states. I hope to wear these outside tonight as they hardly fit anymore,they have lost the elastic around the waste and they would be tough to wear in public as they wouldn’t stay on (and they are very see-thru). As I said,when I put them on I get instantly hard knowing she wore them and because these were from the 80’s but still worn out. I will post them on my photo’s later on,not sure if they are as Hot looking as my Hanes I bursa escort by online. Like I said these are from the 80’s and when I took them I would wear them outside around the neighborhood that I used to live in,walking around with nothing else on but these Lacey Thong panties. I remember I was 2 blocks from my house walking on the street and it was around 11 pm at night and I saw a light turn on and off real quick which shocked me and when I looked back the 2nd time I could see a person looking thru their blinds at me and I continued to walk,not even a bit in a hurry. I started my walk back and when I was a block away I heard what sounded like tires squealing around a corner and I was scared and ran into the front yard of a neighbors and hid behind their bushes,It seemed like seconds later a Cop drove by doing about 30 mph. I was really scared and slowly got up and watched the car drive down the street and make a left turn,I headed to the back yard to the alley and ran as fast as I could toward my house,I was scared but this was exciting to me as well while I was running my cock and balls were flopping around,it took me no time to run down the alley and into my back yard,when I got there I sat in one of the chairs in the yard for about 15 seconds where I put my hand down my panty and started to pull on my cock and rub my balls,Really I can’t tell you why this excited me,but it did. It was bursa escort bayan quiet until I heard a car speeding about a block away and I unlocked the back door and went into the house keeping all the lights off. It was only seconds after I got into the house that a cop car went right past my house,I didn’t move a bit,stood as quiet as I could. I was still in the kitchen and hadn’t moved at all and stayed away from the windows. Thirty seconds later the cop car drove by again as I was sitting on the floor of the kitchen,not making a sound. I waited for a while maybe 3-4 minutes and got up went to the basement and set-up my VCR to watch some straight porn. The next day as I went outside I was kind of gun shy,but I know you couldn’t pick me out of a line up as who ever saw me walking,It was dark and I looked like your average guy (Not anymore). This made me feel unenviable to go out again and go for a walk wearing only a panty which I’ve done many times,but the second time I wore nylons over my head so I couldn’t be recognized. I also walked in different area’s,one night I made it 2 blocks the other way,went around some apartments where they have a pool and polled off my panty, I jumped in for a swim,again I could see many people from their balcony’s looking down at me probably wondering why I was swimming after the pool hours were over. I got out and ran the other direction that I came to escort bursa the pool,stopping to put my panty on and ran into the woods at the back of the apartment property. As I walked thru neighbors yards I was up about 1 story of grass and woods and I could see the Police,several of them at the pool interviewing people. I sat there dripping wet wearing only a woman’s panty watching it all. After a few minutes I got up and started to walk the other direction away from the apartments and made it towards my street but went thru another neighbors yard to the alley as it was dark I got back into my house without anyone really seeing what I looked like. I could only imagine what the people said of me,seeing me in the nude,What did they really see,Would I be recognized by anyone in the daylight,Well I never was. It was a fun thing for me to do that summer,wearing a panty at night in the neighborhood,until I got the nerve to wear them at the lake as a swimsuit. Writing you this true story has made me sticky in my panty reliving those fun days,after all except for trespassing in the pool,Was I breaking any laws,Why can’t a Man wear women’s panties at night walking around the block? Back to my ex sister in-laws Lace Thong,so worn out I but can’t throw them away,I love wearing women’s panties,the smaller the better,my Love for Thongs only started a few years ago as I have been wearing women’s panties for over 45 years. I like the way they feel on me,that’s all but with this site with so many people with the same fetish makes me think its OK as I’m only wearing something that makes me feel good. Now for some photo’s.