Going Down Under Ch. 02


As always an immense thank you to my editor, without whom my stories would never be accpted. Thank you my Love, you truly are awe inspiring!

Enjoy part 2!

Samantha led John into the shower room, her hand still wrapped around his hard cock. He could feel the exquisite softness of her palm on his shaft and his cock twitched every time she sashayed further into the bathroom. Her perfect ass moving in time with his twitching cock, his eyes locked onto her supple behind. With every second step she took he caught glimpses of her butt plug. His mind reeled with all they had done, and all that was going to happen. They had 2 weeks to explore each other’s bodies sexually while they were on vacation together.

Sam released John’s cock from her grip and reached to turn the shower on, teasing the taps so the water was hot but not scalding. Her ass on full display for John, her back bowed, and she turned her head to look over her shoulder at him. Sam was inviting him to explore her hungry ass, John didn’t hesitate. John dropped to his knees and Sam could feel him pushing his tongue deeply into her soaking cunt, her juices were running freely over his chin. He gripped the end of the butt plug and gently teased it in and out of her ass, making Sam gasp and moan with each tug.

“Oh sweets, pull it out baby, I want to feel your cock in my ass, not this toy,” she whimpered. Her tone or whimper made her sound like she was begging. Begging to be ass fucked.

John grunted into her sopping quim and slowly pulled the plug from her ass dripping in her juice. The combination of having the plug pulled from her tight little asshole and John’s tongue buried deep in her pussy was too much and Sam came hard on his face. John had a hard time keeping all of the juices that squirted unexpectedly from her in his mouth. He gulped and lapped at her cunt like a thirsty dog.

The plug was out by the time Sam calmed down, but John didn’t give her much of a break. Within seconds he was rimming her ass, flicking his pussy coated tongue against her tight hole. He then pushed his tongue into her tight ass, deeper each time, knowing this would make her squeal. He was right!

Sam loved the attention he paid to her ass, gasping when she felt two of his fingers push into her pussy, then being withdrawn and pushed up against her tightest hole. Slick with her cunt juice his fingers slid inside her ass easily, deeper and deeper each time he pushed them home. Sam was close to another orgasm, and started fingering her clit furiously. John watched with a grin on his face as her fingers rubbed the length of her wet slit before finally she sank two slim fingers inside her own dripping cunt.

She gaziemir escort gasped loudly as she penetrated her own body; the feeling of having both her holes filled with something was amazing. Her entire being shook hard as another orgasm ripped from her ass and pussy up her body and exploded in her skull. The rush was unbelievable, she felt her head spinning and heard screaming. It took her a few moments that in fact she was the one screaming!

John was amazed at the intensity of Sam’s orgasm, her screams reverberating inside his head bringing a smile to his lips. He slid his fingers from her ass and picking up the butt plug washed it under the hot running water. Cleaning it thoroughly a wicked idea forming in his mind, a smile making his mouth twitch as he turned and faced Sam, butt plug in hand!

John turned the shower taps off again and whispered into her ear, “Go to the bedroom and lay on the bed, on your back baby.”

Sam did as she was told and walked hurriedly back to the bedroom and positioned her self on her back, one leg raised at the knee demurely. John spread her legs with his foot and dropped to his knees, his hand stroking his cock. He lifted Sam’s legs, pushing them back, exposing her glistening asshole rubbing the slick tip of his cock against her. Sam moaned and gasped as she felt him apply pressure, slowly easing himself into her hole. She pushed her ass up to meet him, so get him inside her faster and deeper. Her ass was ready to be fucked, and she wanted his whole length in her as soon as possible.

In no time John had his balls resting on the soft cheeks of Sam’s ass. His cock was buried to the hilt deep in her ass. He could feel her muscles clamping onto him, and she could feel his cock twitch deep inside her.

“Fuck me John, please fuck me now!” Sam gasped as she felt his fingers slide into her dripping honey pot.

“Oh baby that feels so good” Sam moaned, gripping the sheets with her fingertips in pure bliss.

John just smiled and slid his fingers from her. He looked her in the eye and slowly brought his wet fingers to his mouth. Watching Sam’s eyes glaze with filthy lust as he sucked her juices from his own digits.

“While I fuck my cock in and out of your ass, I’ll fuck your pussy with this,” John grinned wickedly as he picked up the butt plug.

Sam’s breathing caught as she felt the tip of the butt plug sink into her gaping cunt. That feeling of being utterly stuffed returned and she thought she was going to cum then and there. With Sam’s ankles over his shoulders he started thrusting his cock in and out of her ass. He was delighting in the tightness and the look of pure bliss gümüldür escort on his lover’s face. He could feel Sam’s pussy gripping the butt plug tightly, not wanting him to take it out. They stared into each others eyes as John pounded her tight ass, his fingers having trouble keeping a grip on the base of the plug. Sam’s juices had coated everything and John’s rhythm built until the noises in the bedroom were those of pure sex, filth and hot as fuck!

Sam had had a couple of orgasms since John had entered her ass, but nothing prepared her for the orgasm building inside of her. Suddenly it fired through her body, making her body tingle in ways it never had before. Her silent scream John’s only indication of what was happening. He sped up, pounding harder, faster, and deeper. Sam loved it every single moment, her body screaming for this and more until her head cleared and she started moaning, deep and low. Her breath catching every time John plunged inside.

John had let the butt plug go it was so slick, but Sam was happy to just have something stuffing her cunt while she was ass fucked. John had started paying attention to her clit and every time he rubbed or flicked it she would have another orgasm. She could feel her juices leaking from her pussy and she wanted to be able to watch as she squirted her juice at John.

“Take the plug out baby,” she moaned to him.

“I want to watch myself squirting on you while you fuck my ass!”

John didn’t need a second invitation as his pulled the plug from Sam’s pussy with a wet sucking noise. As soon as the plug was out a stream of Sam’s hot clear pussy juice was splashing against John’s stomach. He could feel it running down over his balls, coating his cock as it slid in and out of her. He knew after seeing and feeling that he wasn’t going to last much longer. He grabbed Sam’s ankles and pushed her legs back, exposing her cunt and ass even more, driving his cock a little bit deeper.

Sam knew he was very close to filling her ass with his hot seed, and she could hardly wait. She so wanted to feel his cum splashing her insides once more. The tightness on his shaft was too much for John to take and he let out a loud groan before his cock erupted, filling Sam’s tight hole with his cum. She could feel it, filling her, coating her ass. She pinched her nipples hard while closing her eyes in lust.

John leant down and their lips met, tongues flicking in each other’s mouths. Sam could feel his cock softening inside her ass, and then he slid out. A gush of his spunk followed his cock and he watched, smiling as it dribbled along her ass crack. He helped Sam to her feet and they kissed güzelbahçe escort for a while longer before Sam turned and walked to the bathroom again, turning on the taps. John followed his angel and closed the shower screen behind him.

John picked up the bar of soap and asked Sam to turn around. She felt the soap glide across her shoulders and John’s fingers gently kneaded the flesh; she couldn’t help the small groan that escaped her lips. John continued to wash Sam’s body from head to toe, Washing and rinsing her hair. Smiling enormously as he soaped her big breasts, running his thumbs over her hard nipples causing her body to quiver. Sam took the soap from John and proceeded to wash him. By the time she reached his cock he was hard once again.

“Your insatiable Sweets,” she smiled up into his eyes.

“Are you complaining?” John asked with mock shock. Sam just smiled and run her soapy hand up and down the length of his shaft.

“Fuck my clean cunt!” Sam whispered.

John picked her up in his strong arms, and pushed her back against the tiled wall. He could feel Sam’s legs wrap around his waist as he gripped her ass and aimed his cock at her dripping hole. With neither thought nor hesitation he thrust his cock upwards, deeply embedding himself inside her juicy cunt.

Their voices cried on high as they both felt the warm sensations of love and lust envelope them once more. The water from the shower head spraying down on them both as John pounded into Sam’s body. Their mouths crushed together as they fucked and cried out in bliss. Tongues licking, flicking, mouths sucking and nibbling. John kissed down to Sam’s stiff nipples and teased them both in turn with his tongue. The sounds coming from Sam’s body, indicated to him to continue.

Sam knew she was about to cum, she could feel the build up. She could feel John’s cock sliding in and out of her well fucked cunt; she could hear the liquid squelch as his balls bounced on her ass. She didn’t know if the moisture on her pussy was from the shower or her own pussy leaking like a tap. Without a second thought she shuddered and tightened her grip on John, bracing herself for her orgasm. Just as she started to cum she felt John’s huge frame tense and spasm. He groaned into her mouth that he was going to cum and they fucked each other through their respective orgasms.

Sam’s juices were running freely from her hot slit, dripping off John’s balls. Her pussy was clamping onto his length, milking his cock of all his cum. She could feel him twitching deep inside her; feel his cum splashing her depths. The knowledge sent tiny shock waves of pleasure through her.

John slid his cock from her and gently lowered Sam down from the wall. Sam stood on shaky legs and grinned up at her big man. They kissed, lost in each others love, whispering all those special names they had for one another.

“I think we might need another shower after that” smiled John, kissing his Sami on her flushed cheek.