Gamma Lambda Kappa Ep. 06


A mere couple of weeks after spring break, I found myself traveling once more, this time with my roommate Wendy. You see, her mother Linda was a professional caterer, and she’d been hired by an old college classmate named Dina to cater her younger brother Kevin’s wedding. Apparently, with the event only days away, the wedding singer had canceled due to a family emergency, so Linda was helping her colleague’s family scramble for a replacement. She called Wendy and asked if she knew any good singers who were available for a short-notice weekend gig. She immediately offered it to me, knowing that I had been the lead vocalist in my high school garage band. I was a bit hesitant at first, but when I found out that the artist I’d mostly be covering was my favorite and that the bride’s family was prepared to provide first-class airfare for me and a friend, I couldn’t turn it down. Linda then mentioned that she was a bit short-staffed herself and asked Wendy if she wanted to accept her implicit invitation and tag along with me. At this, she and I exchanged knowing smirks. Wendy had plenty of experience helping out in the family business while growing up, but although Linda may have really been missing an employee or two, we both suspected that it wasn’t really unmanageable. This was clearly an excuse for Linda to soothe her empty-nest syndrome, but with a roll of her eyes, Wendy agreed to fly home for a weekend.

Neither of us had any classes on Friday, and the best available flight departed Thursday evening, so we booked it. We packed modestly in a pair of duffle bags on Wednseday night in order to be sure to make it to the airport after our last class. This was why that Thursday morning was little different from any other. I woke up to find a half-groggy Wendy checking her e-mail as always and climbed a bit lethargically out of the lower bunk bed. With a yawn, I pulled off my camisole and sat down across my roommate’s thighs, putting my swollen breasts at just the right height for her to bring her lips to my nipple and sigh as she began suckling with her usual appetite. By this time, I knew I didn’t even need to ask if this was what she wanted. I couldn’t even remember the last time her breakfast consisted of anything besides warm milk from either my or Josie’s engorged boobs. I smiled at Wendy’s sigh of satisfaction as she instantly settled into a voraciously efficient suckling rhythm, and I idly checked my own e-mail as I continued to contentedly breastfeed her, moaning softly as she drew out a steady flow of sweet nutrition. I giggled softly when I heard a particularly deep gulp from her. “You aiming for hiccups or something?” I teased.

She loosened her mouth’s latch on my areola just long enough to shoot me an indignant smirk and mumble, “Shut up. I’m hungry.” Her breath tickled the peak of my breast as she spoke, and she instantly resumed feasting on the creamy elixir that it was readily providing. I chuckled again and fell silent as I just let her drink to her heart’s content, deeply pleased that my body could produce enough milk to fill her empty stomach. When she was finally done feeding, both of my mammaries had been thoroughly drained, and she rose with a satisfied purr to take a shower while I sought out some breakfast of my own.

Six hours later, we arrived at the airport about two hours before take-off. Given that we had a bit of time to kill, I immediately began chowing down on the foot-long sandwich I’d bought at the on-campus Subway and stashed away for the trip, in case we didn’t have time to scope out a restaurant in the airport. Technically, we probably could’ve done so, but I was just hungry and lazy enough that I didn’t see the point. Our original plan had been to split it, but either Wendy heard my stomach growl, or another nursing session just seemed equally if not more appealing to her. “I’ll trade you my half for your milk,” she said.

“You sure?” I asked, genuinely surprised as I briefly cupped my boobs to confirm the fullness I could already feel on my chest. “I am pretty engorged, but it might be a while before we can eat again.”

“Your boobs have always been pretty productive, but they’ve been especially generous lately, so I’m sure it’ll be plenty for now,” she shrugged. “Plus, breastmilk really sounds no less tempting to me than that sandwich.”

I chuckled, amused at my friend’s ability to gauge my production rate and proud that it had become noticeably more copious. “Suit yourself,” I smiled as I pulled my T-shirt up to give her access to both of my 42D mammary reservoirs. I then leaned back and chowed down on my sandwich while Wendy shifted to lay partially on top of me and eagerly seized an areola between her lips. My let-down was immediate, and she welcomed the first swallow of milk with an audible moan. Within seconds, she was quite steadfastly sucking on my nipple and gnawing at the tanned flesh around it, smiling against the supple mound as she drank her fill. She suckled karabağlar escort with practiced efficiency, consuming every drop of sweet milk from both breasts before finally withdrawing just a minute or so after I’d finished wolfing down the sandwich. “Yep, that’ll do it. I’m totally full!”

Our seats were more luxurious than any I had ever seen. The first-class cabin consisted of a single wide column down the middle of the plane with aisles on either side. Each row consisted of two fully enclosed seats with a sliding door between them that could be locked from either side if more privacy was needed. Each individual seat was generously upholstered in beige leather or leather-like fabric. Across from that was what I could only assume to be a footrest, though it could have easily doubled as a small but cushioned bench. Just above the footrest was a large entertainment screen nestled neatly into the wall. I let out a gaping laugh at the sight of it. “Maybe I should look into becoming a full-time wedding singer catering to filthy rich families!” I half-joked as I happily claimed my seat next to Wendy.

Given how well we both knew each other, it did not occur to either one of us to slide the optional partition between us closed. This turned out to be quite fortuitous. It was a long flight, and while Wendy and I spent about the first third of it chatting, the approach of evening coupled with an on-board meal being served led to a natural lull in the conversation, and we were soon independently engaged in our own choice of leisure. The complementary food was surprisingly good, and I must confess to eating quite voraciously, especially compared to Wendy’s lighter indulgence. What can I say? In a way, I was already in the habit of eating for two or maybe even three, since the nutrients that went into my milk had to come from somewhere, and I was apparently producing enough of it now for the impact on my own appetite to be noticeable. I remembered reading that human milk is really quite fatty, and I idly wondered if GLK had stumbled upon a way to eat like a horse while having most of the fat diverted to the lactal glands instead of the waistline. Then again, that might raise the question as to how my roommate and especially my sister weren’t packing on the pounds. At worst, they’d gained no more than the typical “freshman fifteen” since they’d joined the sorority, and even that could very well have been an overstatement. Maybe they walked to class rather than taking a car or scooter just often enough to maintain their relatively healthy physiques.

If Wendy was ever concerned at all about my milk fattening her up, it certainly didn’t stop her from treating herself to it for a third time that day. About an hour before we were scheduled to land, I was so engrossed in a movie that I didn’t notice Wendy leaning over and pulling my shirt up again until she eagerly enclosed the supple peak of the nearest breast between her lips and sucked really insistently on the nipple. I squeaked in surprise, but it only took a split-second for me to realize what was happening and to simply smile warmly as she instantly began massaging my areola with her mouth. By my estimation, it wouldn’t have been long before my engorgement would’ve reached a palpably uncomfortable level anyway, so I just sighed and resumed watching the movie while I gladly breastfed my friend.

Nevertheless, I remained just aware of it enough to emit the occasional moan as Wendy suckled with obvious relish. When the well began to dry up just as my flick was conveniently ending, I turned just enough to thrust the remaining boob into her mouth, which earned me a purr of satisfaction as my redhead companion immediately began gulping down a fresh flow of milk.

My roommate’s mother picked us up at the airport. She was essentially a more portly version of her progeny, so I hardly needed Wendy to identify her when we spotted her in the crowd waiting at the terminal. Linda gave her daughter a long hug, and Wendy had barely finished introducing us before she also engulfed me in a shorter but still quite firm embrace. She was certainly a warm and friendly woman. Within a half an hour, we had claimed our luggage and loaded it as well as ourselves into Linda’s minty green Prius. Along the way, she seemed sincerely interested in getting to know me, so I gladly answered her questions about my hometown, my major, and my life aspirations. Linda then informed me that Dina, had been a member of her GLK chapter during her college years and that the latter’s twin daughters and youngest sister would be the first members of the groom’s family that we would meet. Apparently, not even their somewhat lavish home could house all of the extended kin that had gathered for the occasion. Eager to escape for a while from the intense hustle-and-bustle, the three eighteen-year-olds had volunteered to bunk at Linda’s house for the next couple of nights. karşıyaka escort At the mention of three teenagers, Linda chuckled in anticipation of my question and explained that Dina’s mother had managed to get unexpectedly pregnant at 41, around the same time that Dina herself conceived her own daughters at 23. As a result, the twins and their aunt were all essentially the same age. In fact, the trio would be graduating from high school together in a couple of months. With a wink, Linda also told us that Dina had incorporated GLK’s unorthodox breastfeeding habits into her whole branch of the family, so discretion would never be necessary while staying with them. In fact, having actually grown up with it, they would probably think even less of it than we did.

That’s how we met Michelle, Monica, and Veronica. Michelle welcomed us with a genuine but lopsided smile that we would soon learn belied a very wry sense of humor. She presented herself in faded blue jeans, a white tank top, and an open flannel overshirt. Such a relatively plain style of dress suited her no-nonsense attitude, I suppose, but I couldn’t help but muse at how little justice it did to her natural beauty. As if her intelligent green eyes and long waves of raven hair weren’t enough, clearly enviable curves seemed to perpetually peek out beneath her mildly frumpy clothes. Her two auburn-haired neices were an interesting pair. Although both Monica and Veronice were at least roughly just as pretty as their aunt, they each had a more distinctive wardrobe. Monica wore dark blue jeans, a red polo shirt, and a fringed vest, while Veronica’s style was exemplified by white denim capris and a peasant top. In mannerisms, though, they resembled their aunt much more.

As it was quite late by then, our albeit lively chatting lasted only fifteen minutes before we decided to retire to Wendy’s room for the night. It was a cozy abode with teal walls, white furniture, and sky blue bedclothes. We wasted little time in changing into our pajamas and practically collapsing onto Wendy’s comfortable bed, which was just wide enough to accommodate us both quite nicely. Wendy was out like a light within minutes, and I followed soon after.

It was abut 10:30 AM when I began to awake, the first twinges of consciousness emboldened by Wendy stirring beside me. I lay on my back and dozed for about another 15 minutes, gradually lowering the comforter to just below my bosom, before Wendy rolled over and grumbled. Then, she opened her eyes just enough for her focus to fall on my boobs, but before I could move to strip my camisole off in anticipation, she swiftly pulled the bust aside herself, and the fabric was barely out of the way before her mouth descended upon my areola. I smiled at her amusedly while she instantly began sucking on the nipple and gnawing firmly on the areola, her lips smacking against the bronzed flesh as she pressed out a nearly constant flow of milk with practiced ease. I resisted the urge to giggle at her frequent and audible gulps and let the sensation of her thirsty suckling guide me gently into full wakefulness. As usual, Wendy emptied both breasts and finally climbed out of bed looking quite satisfied and much more awake.

As for my own breakfast, Linda surprised me with a delicious helping of pancakes after we took our showers and finally trudged into the kitchen, wholly unsurprised that Wendy wasn’t hungry. What soon followed was a whirlwind of activity. We met more people than I could hope to count, including the bride and groom, helped Linda prepare the last of the food to be served, and attended one full rehearsal. Despite how hectic it was, the rehearsal at least was worth it, as the family had chosen a beautiful beachside setting that was sure to look even better during the twilight hours for which the ceremony was scheduled.

We knew that Dina had carried on the GLK breastfeeding tradition in some capacity with her own family, but we didn’t see exactly how until the brief interlude just before the rehearsal. We were all advised to have a quick snack as the time drew near, so I had just breastfed Wendy in the kitchen when Michelle, Monica, and Veronica returned from school. We both watched as the trio let their backpacks fall to the floor beside the front door and headed into the living room, apparently in the middle of a conversation that probably began on the way home. It faded out rather quickly, though, when they reached the couch, where Michelle lazily shed her overshirt as she claimed the middle seat. It was barely off her shoulders before she just as casually began lowering the right strap of her tank top. The twins were seated at either side of her before she had quite completed the gesture, and in the meantime of just a couple of seconds, the sister on her left pulled the other strap aside. This allowed Monica and Veronica to lean in at essentially the same moment and clamp their lips kemalpaşa escort onto their aunt’s areolas.

Wendy and I chuckled to each other before heading into the living room. Michelle sighed in contentment as her nieces instantly began sucking on her nipples and chewing toothlessly on tanned flesh around them. We caught her idle gaze and smiled at her. Having already been told that we were privy to this highly unusual habit, Michelle simply smiled back at us while lightly stroking the twins’ hair. “So which one of you feeds the other?” she asked.

“I usually drink her milk,” Wendy answered, “though my best-friend-since-childhood also got into lactating, so I feed from her sometimes too.”

While my redheaded friend perched herself on the corner of the coffee table, I sat down in the upholstered chair next to the couch. “Wendy here probably hasn’t had a single non-milky breakfast since her first time suckling,” I teased.

“Same with these two,” said Michelle, moaning softly as the twins continued massaging her boobs with their rhythmic suckling and gulping. “Of course, they started eating solid food at the normal age, but Dina never took breastmilk completely off the table for them. She also helped Mom feed me when I was a baby, and I still nurse from her sometimes myself.” She giggled softly as she felt her neices bob their heads gently against her ample mammary reservoirs. “I suppose it eventually piqued my nerdy curiosity, so I experimented with eliciting milk in myself. Monnie and Ronnie sure weren’t going to say no to another source of their favorite convenience food, and we’ve never looked back since. It’s been quite a long while since the last time they had anything but breastmilk for breakfast, either from me or from Dina.”

I laughed and proceeded to tell her about my milk-hound of a sister. As the milky conversation progressed, the twins happily gorged themselves on sweet nourishment from their aunt’s breasts, while we learned that this typically happened at least twice a day. Even on weekdays, Monica and Veronica filled their stomachs with warm milk every morning before school.

The next day, the ceremony went smoothly, and I received many compliments on my performance. The reception took place in the evening near a beachside dock near the spot where the happy couple exchanged vows. The wireless speakers through which I sang were actually tucked underneath this deck, since it sat atop a broad hill and extended a bit beyond it with the help of wooden support beams. By the time it was done, Wendy and I had made fast friends with Dina and especially her sister and daughters. I don’t think sharing such a uniquely unorthodox bonding tradition with them was the sole reason for that, but it certainly didn’t hurt. This was our first encounter with people who had actually been suckling at a loved one’s breasts throughout their whole lives rather than being re-introduced to it for the first time as college students. In the short time that we had left, we each observed Michelle breastfeeding the twins two more times.

For me, it was the morning before the wedding. I had just finished providing a milky breakfast for Wendy a short while before, and I had made my way to the kitchen to find some sustenance of my own. After all, Linda had insisted that I was welcome to anything I wanted, and I eventually took her at her word. There, I found Michelle sitting at the table about to chow down on a bowl of cereal in a spaghetti-strap top and boxers. She smiled and offered some to me, which I happily accepted. We conversed lightly as we ate, and it carried on while I absent-mindedly followed her back upstairs, where she strode into Monica and Veronica’s bedroom through their partially open door. Her nieces had obviously just taken showers one after the other. They were both dressed in pajama pants and T-shirts, and one was drying her hair while the other’s was already primped but still clearly moist. The twins and I greeted each other while Michelle nonchalantly shed her top and flopped down backwards onto one of their large beds. Monica took another few seconds to put the finishing touches on her hair before she and her sister were promptly laying on either side of their aunt with their lips easily descending upon her exposed areolas. They purred almost in unison as they settled into an efficient suckling rhythm, both gnawing gently around the nipples and even somewhat mashing their faces against their aunt’s supple breasts. Michelle moaned softly and giggled lightly when their suckling soon intensified. “You guys have quite the appetite this morning!”

On her part, Wendy told me that she’d also spotted the twins having a milky snack in Michelle’s car while parked at the beach during the brief interlude between the ceremony and the reception. The three girls were lounging in the backseat with the bust of Michelle’s backless dress having been untied and lowered so that she could provide them with some impromptu nourishment. By then, though, it was already clear how regular of an occurrence it was. They nursed probably even more frequently than Wendy and I did, which was saying something, considering that my redhead companion relied just as much on my breastmilk on the return trip as she did during our original journey!