From “Good Girl” to Hotwife


This is my first submission. It’s part fantasy, part reality.

My wife and I have been married for a little over 10 years. While things have been great overall, in the bedroom things have cooled off. I have a much more wild and adventurous side than her. To be blunt, she’s a good but somewhat naïve girl and I was the first person she ever had sex with. She doesn’t want to be adventurous or try new things in the bedroom and I almost always have to initiate sex being turned down often.

She recently secretly ordered a small girly pink vibrator online and uses it if I’m not around because I travel a lot for work. I found it by chance one day, and encouraged her to incorporate it into shared fun time, but she was too embarrassed. In the past few years, (after much encouragement) we have played with a cheap chastity cage a few days at a time. It was exciting, but way too big and she just never got into it since she’s pretty vanilla. Physically, she’s 5’8″, brunette, has an athletic body, with perky 34C breast, and a tight ass. Because of her background and (lack of) experience, her pussy is still super tight and receiving a blowjobs is rare because she’s uncomfortable doing them. She’s too embarrassed to allow me to taste her although I ask to regularly. She said giving or receiving oral makes her feel cheap and dirty. I’ve only barely played with her ass — I think she took half a finger inside one time. With all of this being said, she’s a knockout and doesn’t look anywhere near her age of 45. This story is told from my perspective and is based on true events that happened last weekend. I thought it was too good to keep to myself!

I’m at home with the children and my wife is out running errands because it’s easier to do errands without them. I get a text from the wife telling me she has arranged someone to watch the kids overnight at their house starting immediately because we have some special plans for us until late into the night. I’m to let her know when they are dropped off. I pack overnight bags and drop off the kids and send her a text confirming this. She replies there is an appointment for me in 30 minutes, gives me the address, tells me she expects me to follow through, and be there on time. I detect something different or odd about her tone, but dismiss it as I know she’s busy. I arrive and learn the appointment is for me to get waxed from the bottom of my neck to the top of my thighs — front and back. This is a surprise because although I have typical man hair, my wife has never said anything about not liking it, and this is pretty extreme. It’s painful, but I endure the process, the whole time wondering what in the world has gotten into her and what she has in store for the rest of the day. I call her on the way home telling her the appointment is complete, and asking her where that idea came from. She just giggles and tells me that I’ll see soon enough. I’m told to shave my face and neck and be shower fresh for her before she gets home later. Then lowering her voice a bit in the tone I heard earlier I’m also to wait for her nude, and to edge myself every 30 minutes until she gets home but no cumming is allowed. I have to save it for her. I have to text her after every edge. Then ends the conversation by hanging up on me. I do as she asks (or told) but I’m shocked at her request and tone. Something is definitely going on.

After several hours of ever increasing horniness from edging so many times, she walks in the door carrying an armful of bags. She simply says to stay put, drops the bags in the bedroom and then returns to where I am standing. Then she inspects me to make sure I followed through with the appointment and her directions. My skin from my eyebrows down to the top of my thighs is silky smooth and she smiles with her approval. She squats down and looks at my raging hard on. Several hours of edging every 30 minutes has me dripping with pre-cum and wanting to orgasm badly. She gives the tip a little lick and exclaims that this evening will be so much fun. Grabbing my arm, she leads me to the bedroom and as instructed, I begin to slowly remove all of her clothes while she kisses me passionately. As I reach into her panties, I’m surprised to find that her pussy is slick with excitement and her skin is silky smooth. I assume she has also received a Brazilian Wax, but find it odd that she is already moist — that normally only happens after a lot of foreplay. In my mind, we’re gearing up for a little fun before whatever she has planned next. I’m informed we will have LOTS of fun tonight, but I’m still not allowed to cum until she lets me, and I confirm I understand the conditions.

I quickly find her plans are slightly different than mine. Once she is naked, she reclines on the bed and shows me her hairless vagina. She wants us both on the bed similar to a 69 position, but lying next to each other. As she relaxes on the bed, I’m told I can’t touch myself — I’m just to watch her as she enjoys her smooth skin as urla escort she brings herself to her first orgasm of the evening. I can’t believe she let me watch her! That was so HOT! As her body shakes with waves of pleasure, she leans over and give the head of my raging hard on a little lick. I don’t think the teasing can be much worse — not knowing what she has in store for me for the next few hours….

Watching her drives me crazy and she knows it. She decides a massage is needed so I oil up and rub every inch of her body — spending a large amount of time on her breast, bottom and between her legs as instructed. During the massage she turns her head and gives my erect penis a quick lick and it sends shivers up my spine, and rubs the length of my shaft with her oily hands — edging me several more times. She has learned my bodily reactions well over the years and knows when to stop just before the point of no return. While rubbing her bottom and between her legs, she wants me to insert a finger into her bottom and vagina at the same time. Surprised that she wants a little anal action, I comply and she rocks herself on my fingers as she quickly brings herself to her second orgasm of the afternoon. I am shocked at her behavior so far as this is very uncharacteristic.

When she is satisfied with the massage, she tells me a quick shower is needed before we leave so I go and prepare the shower for her. While the hot water is heating up the bathroom, she enjoys teasing me some more, edging me again and again. I don’t think my cock has ever been played with this much in a month by her, let alone in a day. All the edging has me dripping and ready to explode. I lay on the bed with my cock throbbing and edging as instructed as she enjoys her shower for a few minutes. She calls me and I join her in the shower where I wash her hair, soap up, rinse her entire body, and shave her legs. I have to wash myself, of course, while being watched so I don’t take myself over the edge. During the shower she makes sure to rub herself on me as much as possible, teasing me even more and ensuring I stay rock hard.

Once she is satisfied with my job in the shower, we get out and I dry her off and then rub lotion in on every square inch of her body. This once again allows her to enjoy my touch while not being allowed the sensation of her touching mine. She makes sure I rub plenty of lotion on her swollen pussy. Her hands join mine and we both bring her to the third orgasm in just under an hour. She uses the lotion to once again make sure I edge a few more times. Although I am enjoying every minute, I can’t help but wonder if someone has possessed my wife. She normally only plays with me long enough to get me hard for sex and never has this many orgasms.

She gets off the bed and comes back with one of several bags she brought in with her, telling me tonight will be very special for both of us. Throughout the night she has several presents for me and hands me the first one. It’s a small wrapped box with a large bow on top. The tag says “for my husband.” Not knowing what could be inside, I eagerly open the box to find the smallest metal chastity cage I have ever seen. I think to myself I can’t believe she actually picked out a chastity cage and that my raging erection is never going to fit into a cage less than half an inch long! As soon as I open the box, she commands me to “lock it up.”

I look at her in bewilderment. I’ve never heard her talk this way and try to explain there is no way that my cock is going to fit in that tiny cage! She tells me that it will fit. In fact, she will make sure of it. She smiles, gives the tip of my raging cock the lightest kiss, then forces the ring around my swollen balls and begins to push the cage down onto my erection. She even uses ice and a cold washcloth to cram my cock into the small cage she picked out. She is finally able to make my erection shrivel enough to force it into the cage and inserts the lock into the opening. Looking into my eyes, she locks it and slips the key on a chain around her neck.

She inspects her work, smiling and telling me she can’t even see my cock. The cage has forced my penis backwards into my body. My swollen testicles stick out further from my body than my cock does wearing the cage. She stands up and pinches and twist my nipples so hard I cry out. She just laughs. She directs me to iron clothes, clean up, etc. wearing only the cage while she prepares for our outing. She tells me to stay out of the bedroom while she gets ready. I hear her comment that she likes the sound the lock makes clinking on the cage as I walk around the house.

While I’m completing the chores, she brings out the clothes she has selected for our outing and she tells me to iron/prepare them but for me not to get dressed. A new low-cut little black dress has been picked out for her and she has picked out one of my coordinating suits and a tie for me. She goes back to the menderes escort bedroom to finish getting ready doing hair and makeup.

My wife calls me into the bedroom and tells me to bring her dress. I hang it up on the bathroom door as usual. I’m instructed to get on the bed laying on my back with my arms straight overhead grabbing the headboard. I’m not moving one inch unless told to do so. She straddles me with her wonderful body just inches from my face. She gives me a deep and passionate kiss before moving down to pinch my nipples and lick around my caged cock. Moving back up my body, she grabs my caged cock and rubs it along her wet slit. It’s doesn’t even stick our far enough to insert it so she just rub her wetness on the metal cage. She teases me, telling me that this is just the right size for me. I’m so close, but yet so far away from the feeling I so desire. Finally, she moves up and straddles my face, allowing me to taste her already wet pussy and rubs herself all over my face covering it with her juices. As she plays with my caged manhood, she brings herself to her fourth orgasm by rubbing her smooth pussy on my face while using her vibrator. That’s a first time for that to happen!

I’m informed her second “present” to me is that I can’t wash my face for the rest of the night. This is because she wants me to continue to taste and smell the coating she left on my face when she rubbed her pussy all over it. In fact, I can and this drives me crazy. I hope no one can tell I have a coating of pussy all over my face and up in my nose. I go into the other room to get dressed while she closes the door and gets dressed. She announces she is ready to go and comes into the main room where I am waiting and closes the door behind her. At first glance, she is stunning in the dress she has picked out with shiny black heels.

I’m instructed to look but not touch as she shows me the third present she has for me — her outfit. She holds out the thin chain around her neck. It holds the key to my release and is resting gently between her breasts — visible to the casual observer. The tops to her black thigh high stockings are visible at the hem of her dress as she whirls around. I’ve begged her for years to get a pair! They will be visible to everyone if she slightly bends over or moves too much. Under her outfit she is wearing a thong that has a string of pearls down the front that will rub her already sensitive clit every time she moves. To top it all off, she’s wearing a matching shelf bra pushing her already perky tits up and out and it exposes her nipples. Pulling down the front of her dress, she shows me she has added magnetic balls to her nipples. The strong magnets are constantly pinching her sensitive nipples and the balls give the appearance of her nipples being pierced. Out loud she ponders if she should get rings or bars when she pierces her nipples. She states if she gets rings the key to my chastity cage could hang from one of them. This shocks me because I didn’t even know she has ever even considered pierced nipples, let alone chastity for more than a day or two. She knows what she is wearing under the dress will be on my mind and I will visualize it many times over the next few hours as I continue to smell her from the coating she left on my face. After a moment, she fixes her dress and tells me it’s time to go. On our way out the door, she giggles as she reaches down and grabs my caged manhood, and give it a little squeeze.

We get into her vehicle she gives me an address. I put it into the GPS and discover it’s an unfamiliar place about an hour and a half away I have never heard of. She is in the passenger seat, occasionally showing me the top of her hosiery or thong. During the drive she constantly plays with the key around her neck. She flashes every truck driver that passes us and they honk with their approval. My cock is throbbing in the tiny cage. We pull up at a club, park, and go inside where she is a hit with her hot body and revealing outfit. I catch most of the guys (and many girls) checking her out. This just encourages her and after a few drinks she loosens up a bit. Every few minutes, she finds an excuse to bend over showing the tops of her stockings and possibly up her dress to anyone that will look and touching my crotch whenever possible.

As we’re standing at the bar waiting for our drinks, a random guy comes up and ask her to dance. I’m a little offended since my arm is around her waist, I think it’s pretty obvious we’re together. She look at me and say yes much to my surprise. She twirls around as he grabs her hand and they walk off together toward the dance floor. Shocked by her actions again, I watch her from across the room with my cock straining in the cage. She dances several songs with him including a slow dance their bodies pressed firmly together. I watch as his hands freely wander over her body and eventually he reaches down and gives her butt a little narlıdere escort squeeze. She returns the favor by rubbing his crotch with her hand. I’m shocked again by her actions. She looks over at me while I’m trying to inconspicuously adjust myself in the tight and tiny cage she locked on me a few hours ago. This just encourages her and surprisingly, she leans into him and give him a kiss as I’m watching.

My suddenly exhibitionist and swinger hotwife stays on the dance floor dancing whoever wants a turn with her. This includes many men and she encourages them to let their hands roam her body wherever they desire as she does the same to them. I see several of the men put their hands under her dress, squeezing her boobs and ass and she is rubbing several obvious erections through their pants. She comes over to me sitting at the bar only to get another drink and rub my crotch. Then she gives me a coy little smile and returns to the dance floor with another stranger in line to dance with her. As she is dancing with each man, I watch as she whispers to each of them and giving them a kiss at the end of each song. She even dances with several women and I watch in amazement as they rub their bodies’ up against each other. I have no idea my wife is even slightly interesting in women, but she is putting on a great show much to my and everyone else in the club’s entertainment. As she is dancing with the women, through the crowd I swear I see hands under both short dresses as they feel each other’s intimate parts. After dancing with each female, I watch her make out with each of them on the dance floor either not caring or oblivious that others are watching her. She is definitely the most popular person in the club that evening. Regardless of whom she is dancing with, every time our eyes meet, I see her smile, play with the key hanging between her breasts, and blows me a kiss.

After dancing with everyone else in the club as I watch, she finally grants me the last dance. My cock has been straining against the cage the whole night as I’ve watched her tease, touch, dance, and kiss everyone else in the club both male and female. During our slow song she tells me how much she enjoyed being the center of attention. As we dance she goes into detail how the various hard cocks felt in her hands and pressed into her stomach. She explains the stranger’s hands freely roaming her body while I watched made her weak in the knees. Then she reminded me my cock is in a cage so small her couldn’t feel it at all regardless of how much she pressed her body against mine. I tell her about surprised I was to watch her this evening — especially with the women and she confesses she has never kissed or touched a girl that way before, but all the attention so far this evening has left her panties soaking wet. She smiles and say it may happen again soon if I’m lucky. I don’t know what has gotten into her, but it’s driving me crazy with desire.

After a couple hours of torture watching her with everyone else, and only dancing one song with me, we leave because she has late dinner reservations at a restaurant just down the street. Although it is late, the restaurant is packed and we are escorted to a high table on the edge of the bar area. Everyone in the restaurant checking her out as we walk by. We sit on the same side of the table with her closest to the aisle facing the door. She makes sure her dress is hiked up and the top of her stockings are visible as people walk by and check her out. Because there is no tablecloth on the table and the table sit up a bit higher than normal, as she spreads her legs it gives everyone walking toward us a view up her dress. Because the table is on the main isle near the rest room, many people walk by — both servers and customers and the ones that notice give her a smile.

Each time someone notices and smiles at her, it causes her to reach over and give my caged cock a squeeze. As each man passes by, she wonders out loud how big their dick is and if she can fit the entire thing in her tight cunt. I’m shocked once again as I have never heard her talk this way. She also leans over a lot giving anyone that wants it a view down the top of her dress displaying her breast that are being pushed up and out by the shelf bra. Also clearly visible are her erect nipples caused by her excitement and still being squeezed by the magnetic balls. They key is also clearly visible hanging from her neck. After the waitress takes our drink order, she tells me she is dripping with excitement and the night is still early as she still has more plans for us. I still can’t figure out why she is this way but I’m enjoying it and glad she’s having fun and finally out of her shell.

While we are at the restaurant she continues teasing me by grabbing my crotch and guiding my hand under the table so I can feel just how excited she is. She even pushes my fingers inside of her which is visible by anyone walking toward us, but she doesn’t seem to care. When the waitress comes by, my wife gives her a wink and ask for another napkin to put under her dress because she doesn’t want to leave a wet spot on the back of her dress or the seat of the chair. I can’t believe she is so vocal with a stranger about her situation. She is surprising me time and time again.