FloatingShe flexed her hands and wiggled her wrists against the ropes and smiled. She was suspended face down, her arms extended out ahead of her, her wrists tied together. Her ankles were bound and lifted off the floor. She hung like a naked, waiting hammock, her long black hair dangling down in front of her face and just brushing against the carpet.She had quietly watched him tie her up, sitting cross-legged, naked, for half an hour while he slowly wound the soft rope several times around each wrist, capping the windings with several half hitches and then knotting each wrist together with a long braid. She had watched his thick arms flexing while he patiently looped the braid together, extending it several feet. She loved watching him work, his unhurried labour a sure indication that he would spend a very long time on her. Her body tingled for his deft fingers, seeing them ply the braid so deftly. He pulled the rope up over the bathroom door and then tied it to the doorknob on the inside of the bathroom.“Lie down.” He commanded. Not harshly, but with every syllable filled with the expectation of obedience. Slowly, she rolled over her feet and onto her knees, stretching out her tied wrists in front of her as she sank her chest onto the floor, keeping her ass high in the air to try and tempt him to leave his work unfinished, to lose control and dive upon her, plunging into her pleasure center and wresting an shuddering orgasm from her body.“All the way.” He said, as a reprimand. She let her ass lower to the floor. He stood up and walked around her, his feet silent on the short carpet.Her ankles were wound with several loops of rope, just as her wrists had been. This time, after her ankles were halkalı escort tied together, she felt him wrap the rope tightly up her calves and thighs, securely fusing her legs together. She felt the heat rising between her legs, trapped between her thighs and fanned by the frustration of knowing she wouldn’t be touched there until he finally released the ropes.Quickly and easily, he had hoisted her legs with the rope around her ankles. Her shoulders tugged with the tension as the rope from her wrists pulled taught between her hands and the bathroom door. He fixed the rope from her ankles to something else up high behind her.Her back was forced to arch backwards, popping her ass out into two perfect round fillets of smooth flesh. The rope around her thighs pressed into her skin, dividing the long lengths of lean muscle into diamonds of beckoning skin.She felt his lips on her back and a sigh escaped her. The heat between her thighs was a throb now. She tried hard not to squirm. He hated it when she squirmed.His kisses trailed down her arched spine, creating spreading ripples of eager sensation over her entire back. His hands cupped her ass worshipfully and she heard a small grumble in his chest as he groaned softly. The sound made her smile, made the heat blossom in her pussy. It was tangible proof that he was fighting his urges, restraining himself as much as he had restrained her, testing his bonds to find a newer, more powerful height of lust that would break them, consuming him and submerging him in hot, wet wanting.His kisses trailed down over the backs of her thighs. She flexed her muscles, trying to open taksim escort her legs, aching to feel his tongue slide between her thighs. He laid down on the floor and moved himself underneath her, brushing away her dangling hair and looking up into her eyes. His hands ran down her shoulders and sides to her waist. She felt the heat of his body and wished she could sink down onto him. He moved his body lower.She craned her neck to watch him as he lifted himself and kissed her belly, stretched taut by her hanging position. She shivered as he dragged his fingernails along the front of her thighs and captured first one dangling nipple in his mouth and then the other. She moaned now and he didn’t punish her. Instead he sucked harder. She felt success thrill her. That was a sign that he was close to losing himself. She yearned to feel his rough explosion of uncontrol. She loved receiving his pent up lust.His hands converged behind her waist, tugging at the ropes and suddenly the wrappings around her thighs were loosened. She was free to spread her knees but she found that she first had to pull hard with her hands and feet, tightening her whole body in order to pull her knees closer to her chest and then spread them. She could only keep her legs open for a few seconds before she slumped back down to her original arched position, her belly heaving as she gasped with the effort.“Keep your legs open.” He commanded, his voice thick and rough. He was close to breaking. She could see his cock straining at his jeans, thick and hard and pulsing.She tried again, grunting as she rose up and pulled hard on the ropes. Her thighs peeled wetly apart, opening her slick legs to his şişli escort hot breath, her pussy dripping clear juice from her bare lips.She held herself up, pushing herself open, focused completely on her pussy and his tongue. His mouth came close. His breath played warmly over her trembling thighs as he opened his mouth and extended his tongue.The touch on her clit was devastating. She shuddered at the waves of pleasure burning over her pussy, rolling up her body to her scalp. At once her muscles gave out and she flopped down again, pushing his face back down.Finally, he broke. She sensed it as he punched the floor and growled loudly, scrambling out from under her.“Yes,” she whispered.She heard his belt buckle loosen and metal thudded on the floor, followed by the fabric crumple of his jeans. He hoisted her, raising her legs in the air and pulling her thighs up to his face. His arms locked around her waist and she was now upside-down, her face just inches away from his long and hard cock. Now she could open her knees for his face. She opened her mouth and dove onto his cock, sucking the shaft down into her wet mouth, swallowing his turgid member until it pressed on her throat. His mouth clamped onto her pussy, filling the room with the wet noises of his hungry slurping of her sopping wet pussy. He thrust into her mouth, his heavy balls swinging and slapping on her nose.Her orgasm broke over her entire body, an electric fever shaking through all her tense muscles. She screamed onto his cock, surrendering to the roiling wave of hot passion consuming her from head to toe. He tensed, his arms squeezing even more tightly around her waist and then he lifted his head from her soaked pussy, groaning loudly as he sprayed hot bursts of cum deep into her throat, his ass and thighs flexing with each spurt.Shaking, he fumbled at her ankles and loosened her ropes, lowering her to the floor. She lay on her side, curling her knees up to her chest as she watched him settle on the floor beside her, the thick trunk of his cock still twitching.