Fast Food Fantasy Ch. 1


“Matt could you shut the door for me please?” I asked. We were in the basement of the fast food restaurant we both worked at. I was the charge person. At 35 I was older than most of the “kids” that worked there. Matt too, was old, at only 23. He had volunteered to stay late with me so I wouldn’t be along in the store after hours. We had been working together for some time and had always been friendly. Sometimes, and tonight was no exception, we flirted back and forth. It was not at all unusual for any of the guys to be hitting on me. I enjoyed the teasing, considering it one of the perks of the job. It got me all hot and bothered and then I could go home and fuck my husband. I knew none of the guys from work were serious. I was old enough to be mom to most of them. I had no objections to some young play toy you understand but I wasn’t about to risk my whole life on a teenage hormone rush. So when Matt said he would stay and help long after closing I didn’t think twice about his intentions.

“Sure, but it’ll cost you,” he answered with his voice dripping sex. I laughed as always, enjoying the innuendo. I heard the door close and then felt his hot breath on my neck as he came up behind me. The air in the freezer was cold but his heavy breathing was sending shivers down my spine. I was about to tell him what he was doing to me when his arms closed around my chest and he kissed my neck.

“What are you doing, Manisa Escort Matt?” I moaned, enjoying the feel of his lips on my neck but worrying about the territory we were fast approaching.

“What does it feel like I’m doing?” he answered. His hands began roaming over my body. My nipples were already hard from the cold and with no bra to interfere he found them with no problem. I leaned back into his arms, relishing the warmth of his nibbling on my neck and his hands fondling my aching breasts. I knew I should stop him but how could I.

“You know we can’t do this. I’m married and your girlfriend would kill you AND me if she found out!”

“We’re here all alone. No one will ever know. Besides you can’t tell me you don’t want it as much as I do.” He was right and he knew it. Even if I wanted to I couldn’t stop him now. I was in hook, line and sinker. My body was responding faster than I had experienced before. My pussy had been aching for attention all day and now it was soaking wet and screaming for release.

He let go of me long enough to spin me around, our lips meeting in a passionate kiss as soon as I faced him. My arms instinctively wrapped around his neck and drew him in closer. His hands were roaming down my back and pulling my ass in tight. I could feel his bulge against my leg and I had to see what he was offering. I broke away from his embrace and dropped Manisa Escort Bayan to my knees. My fingers were already freezing so he helped me with his pants. He wasn’t wearing underwear so as soon as his fly was undone I was treated to a beautiful sight. His throbbing cock stood out at about 8 inches and nice and thick. It was rock solid and so hot I could swear it was steaming. He moaned as the cold air of the freezer hit his shaft but I warmed him in a hurry by swallowing his swollen member deep into my throat. He let his hands rest on the back of my hair feeling its softness as my hot mouth slid up and down his raging meat. I let my tongue swirl all along the shaft as it slid easily in and out. I sucked him deep into my throat with each stroke. He stood perfectly still letting me enjoy my work. I wrapped my fingers around his balls massaging them gently with cold hands. He hissed as he inhaled from the shock. I could feel that he was getting close and wanted more from him than just a spurt of cum in my mouth so I let him slide from my hungry lips and knelt looking up at him.

He looked down at me with pure lust in his eyes. Without a word he helped me to my feet and undid my slacks as he backed me into the corner. He sat me on a box of fries while he slid my pants down to my ankles. With his cock still swaying in front of him he dropped between my knees opening my legs so he could Escort Manisa feast his eyes on my smooth shaven pussy lips. I had always teased the boys about being shaved but I knew none of them believed me. Matt wasted no time, diving in to taste his first smooth cunt. His tongue found my clit and as he traced circles around it he eased two fingers into my waiting honey pot. He fingered me, sucking on my clit until I screamed out and flooded his face. As good as the tongue lashing felt I still needed more.

“Oh Matt!! You have to fuck me. I need to feel your dick in my pussy!” He got to his feet and helped me to stand. I looked at him questioningly until he turned me around and bent me over. I held my breath as he approached from behind. I moaned with pleasure when I felt the tip of his hard cock come in contact with my aching cunt. I was so wet from the cold and his tongue bath that he slid into the hilt on the first stoke. He placed his hands on my hips and started humping at lightening speed. His balls slapped my engorged clit with each in bound stroke causing sparks of electricity to run through my lust-crazed body. I came to a screaming orgasm in no time and he followed right behind splashing his hot cum deep within my convulsing pussy walls.

Matt collapsed on top of me, kissing my neck and fondling my hard nipples through the rough material of my uniform top. I turn to him and kissed him once before saying, “we need to get this work done. If you don’t quit you’ll start something again and we’ll never get it done.”

“True,” he said. “Maybe next time we can do it right.” He pulled out and straightened my slacks before helping me up. I can hardly wait until “next time”.