embarrsinging moment


embarrsinging momentHi my name is Allen for now. I know most of us have had a embarrsing m.oment in your life well I have one I would like to share with you.Last Tuesday afternoon I went to this surpplus store with my s*s istanbul escort to look around .Well once inside my s*s went one and I went another. for some avcılar escort reason I had a massive hard on. Anyway I walked down this one isle and this older woman about 55 looked discusted şirinevler escort and walked on by me . Yhen a another woman who looked to be about 39 loooked at me then toward my crotch and smiled as she passed me> I then turned down another isle and felt a breeze I looked down and my pants had come unzipped and my boner streached the fabric in my boxers wear it was poking out my zipper . I quickly fixed myself and zipped my pants.If any of you a a moment like that or worse fill free to share with me on my comments thank you and goodnight