Daddy’s wife


Daddy’s wifedeletedI am going to tell you a real story about me. I am a 25 years from Delhi. We live in a house at Old Rajendranagar. I live with my dad, who is 39 years old now. He was married at his 18 and after a year I was born. My mom was 1 year younger than him. When I was 3 years old, mom left dad because of great misunderstanding between them. So my dad brought me up being both father and mother. He was just 24 years old by then and I can imagine how difficult it was for him to upkeep me. He is a junior officer at one of the private company here in Delhi. He earns good amount of money each month which is more than enough for us to survive on.As soon as I finished my 12th grade, I started taking full responsibility of household chore. I was doing all the things as we did not have any maid. I used to cook, was the clothes, clean the house and everything that come up. My dad used to spend whole day at office and come back at 8 o’clock every weekdays. On Saturdays, we used to go around for shopping and some other things. Sunday, he has half day at office and he comes home bit early.Some six months ago, when dad left for office at around 8 in the morning, I went to bathroom to collect the dirty clothes to wash. I found that there was a little mess. Clothes in the basket was bit s**ttered. Maybe dad was looking for something, I thought and started collecting the clothes. I was picking the clothes one by one and very surprised to find one of my bras wet from inside. I was very sure that I had taken it out before taking shower in the morning. There was wetness in both the cups. I took it to my nose and sniffed. There was a strange smell that I never knew. Then I took my panty and found that it was also wet and had the same smell. I was sure that I hadn’t had masturbated last night and I didn’t have any orgasm and I had taken it off before going under shower.I took that for a while and thought what that could be. There was no one at the house apart from we two and I was sure that it was dad who did it. When I thought of it, then I had little bit wet pussy. Thinking of dad wetting my panty made me horny and bit lusty too. I was shivering with the feeling. I suddenly started thinking of making relation with my dad, though I had never thought of him like that. But now I was seeing him differently. I searched underwear of him from the clothesbasket and found one that he worn the day before. I took it close to my nose and sniffed…………..ohhhhhhhhhhhh……………… was a great smell. I was completely down by that time. I undressed myself and wore his underwear. Ohhhhhhhhhh……………it felt sooooooooooooo goOn one hand I was thinking that I was doing wrong, but dad was also doing wrong. On other hand I was thinking that how poor my dad was. He was maltepe escort living alone since last 17 years and still he was young so it is natural that he had sexual urge. Poor dad he was satisfying his desire by masturbating in his daughter’s undergarments.I was thinking of my dad. He was still quite young and he needed one wife. Suddenly I thought why not me then? Ohhh I thought of marrying him and being his wife – complete impossible thing. But immediately I thought that what is bad in it. I can well be his wife so that he can also have company for him and I don’t need to go far from him. We both can live happily. Thinking for a long time, I decided to seduce my dad as soon as possible.In the night dad came. I served the dinner. That day I wore bit-exposing clothes. I was on skirt tops without bra. He could well see my boobs through my sleeveless t-shirt. Skirt was short enough for him to see my panty when I sat in front of him. He tried to show that he was not interested in it. But he was looking without being my notice. After a while, we went to sleep and I decided to catch him while masturbating on my panty again. That night I slept naked and masturbated for long time thinking of being dad’s wife. I had a heavy ejaculation that day. From next morning, I was looking for every possibility to find him masturbating. But it did not work. On the following Saturday we went to a park taking our lunch with us. I purposely wore a short skirt and sleeveless t-shirt so that my dad could see my bra clearly. In the park I sat in a way that he could see my panty very nicely. But …………..nothing happened.The next day was Sunday and it was my day after all. Dad came from office at around 2 o’clock. I asked him whether he wanted to have lunch, but he said that he would first take bath. Saying this he went to the bathroom. I was thrilled to see through the keyhole that he was searching something in the basket. I was sure that he was looking for my undergarments. He found one of my panties and then he sniffed the crotch area. Then he became nude. Still I hadn’t seen his tool as he was facing towards the wall and I could only see his back. Then slowly he started to pull his tool back and forth and he faced to the door now. He wore my panty………….ohhhhhhhh………….my hand automatically went to my pussy. I started rubbing my clit slowly seeing him masturbating. He was masturbating on my panty. After sometimes he ejaculated a lot of white juice in my panty and then sat on the floor with great relieve. My situation was intolerable. I lowered my panty down to knee and masturbated there standing. After a while my dad went to take the shower and I had small orgasm.When dad came out of the bathroom, I gave him some food to eat. He went to the sitting escort maltepe room and started eating watching the tv. He was sitting on the sofa. I went nearby him and sat on the hands of the sofa in a way that my boobs touched his shoulders.“Dad, I am very proud to be your daughter. I feel that how difficult it was for you to make me this big. You destroyed all your young age in upbringing me. I really feel sorry for you.” I said suddenly.“No baby, it was my duty that I did this. There is nothing to feel sorry about.” He said.“But dad, you could have married one lady so that it would have been easier for you. You could have devote more time to the office and she would have taken care of all your needs.” I said.“That is past now. I did what I thought appropriate at that time. I did not trust any woman who can take care of my lovely baby.” He said.“Really dad, I am lovely?” I was happy with his remark.“Of course, baby. I love you more than my self.” He changed the tv channel.“What would you do then when I get married?” I asked.“That thing always worries me, but I have no alternative.” He said bit seriously.“I don’t want to leave my loving dad alone.” I hugged him from behind and pressed my boobs against him. I could see little bit bulge on his shorts.“No, you have to get married. I should send you far from me anyway.” He said.“Is it necessary that I should get married?” I looked at his eyes and asked. Suddenly I had courage to say, “Then I would marry only that person whom I like very much.”“Have you seen anyone?” He asked with a big surprise in his eyes.“Yes.” I said shyly.“Who is that?” He left eating his lunch.I had a long breathe in. I was in dilemma what would be his reaction. But I was too much driven by my lust. So I didn’t hesitate to say; “It’s you dad. I want to marry you.”“What?” He jumped from the sofa. “What the hell are you talking about?”“Cool down dad, cool…I thought a lot before deciding this.” I said.“No baby, it’s sin. We can’t do it. I have never thought like that.” He said.“Don’t tell lie dad. It’s not sin. I am sure that you also want this.” I said.“No baby, no father can think like that.” He said.“Then how can a father masturbate on his daughter’s panty and bra?” I caught him. He was speechless.“Ohh….what…..that…..sorry baby, I ….I………..”.“I understand your problem dad. You did not marry any other women after mom left you. I understand your sexual urge. It’s my duty to fulfill my dad’s urge. It’s not good to waste your energy on my panty when my pussy is always available for you dad.” I said.He did not say anything for a while.“But again, we cannot do it baby, we should not do it. You know the society and religion” He said. I felt that he was already in my trap but not having courage to accept this.“Come maltepe escort bayan on dad. We will go to other city where no one will recognize us. There we can marry and live happily forever: I promise that I will be serving you my level best. I will make my husband always happy. About religion, there is not any good work than to fulfill dad’s need.” I tried to convince him.“But ……..” He did not say anything more than this. He sat on the sofa again. I went closer to him and kissed in his lips. I inserted my tongue deep inside his mouth. Slowly he was taking part in it and after a while he was passionately kissing me. I was too happy that I was going to be married with my own dad.Slowly I moved my hand to his shorts to find his tool standing. I massaged it from outside. He was still sucking my lips. Slowly I inserted my hand inside his shorts. I touched his dick. I felt 500 voltage current on me. It was rock hard penis and a hot rod. My pussy was running a lot of juice.“Come dad, let’s play the game. Treat me as your wife. Play with my body as you used to play with my mom’s body a long ago.” I said.Now he did not have any hesitation. He took my upper clothes and started sucking my nipples. I was in heaven then. It was too good. I was pressing his head on my boobs. After sometime, he took his shorts and my skirts off. Then I grabbed his underwear and he grabbed my panty. We pulled each other’s last remaining clothes together. We became nude at the same time.Then we laid on the bed and had some foreplay. After then he parted my legs and inserted his dick in my pussy. It was painful, but I did not make any sound as I did not want to disappoint my dad. After sometime, pain went away and I started enjoying. I also helped him by moving my ass up and down. He fucked me for more than 30 minutes, the reason maybe that he had the ejaculation just sometime ago. That night we fucked 2 more times. Next morning he fucked me again and went to the office.In the evening he came early. He asked me to dress up. I wore the short skirts and sleeveless t-shirt once again and did not wear any bra. We went to a restaurant to have dinner. We sat on the same side. While the dinner was ready, he started to play with my pussy. Slowly he pulled my panty down. As we were sitting in the corner, nobody saw us. He then inserted his finger into my pussy and licked it back. He inserted one French fry into my pussy and ate it afterwards. All the French fries, he ate with my pussy juice. It was so nice of him.In the night, we decided to move to Delhi (where we are now) soon. Next month we moved here and got married in the Laxmi Narayan temple just close to our house. We decided to not have c***dren for one year as we want to enjoy more and more. Then only I will think of my son/brother. These days, I always wait him being naked as nobody visits us because we are new to this place. We are enjoying the life very much. I don’t have any regrets for this marriage. After all I am my daddy’s lovely wife.