Curiosity of A Boy And His Cousin’s Wife – Part 2


Curiosity of A Boy And His Cousin’s Wife – Part 2My Deepthi Akka had found the porn magazine and the condoms in my school bag.“Ok then, have you used this with anybody?” saying this she showed me the condom packet that Mahesh gave me with the magazines. Deepthi Akka had taken that one too from my bag along with the magazines. I now knew I was totally screwed.I was embarrassed and said, “No, Akka. Never.” Deepthi Akka wasn’t convinced by my reply and asked, “Then why do you have this?” I replied, “Akka, my friend gave it to me. He had got it for himself and for me from his friend. It’s hard to get this one,” I said pointing at the pack of condoms.Akka smiled and said, “ I know, I have not seen one either so far till now.” Her answer surely surprised me. Didn’t my cousin use condoms at all or was their sex life minimum. It was confusing me. But maybe she was telling the truth because Deepthi Akka gave birth to the baby within a year of the marriage.Also, condoms were not available in our village area at that time. I smiled weakly and said, “This is the first time I am seeing it too Akka.” She then shot her next question to me. “If you have not used this with anyone so far then why you need one? Have you got anyone in mind to use it with?”Her questions were embarrassing me a lot. I didn’t know what to say. I said, “No Akka. It’s just for fun. Nothing else. I don’t even have a girlfriend. I have never kissed anyone yet. Whom will I use it with?” She smiled and said “Oh ok. So what are you planning to do with it then?”I was embarrassed and silent now. She smiled and said “Don’t be shy. Tell me.” I smiled meekly and said in a low voice, “I will just try it on and see how it feels.” Deepthi Akka smiled mischievously and said, “Even I would love to see it.” I was shocked by hearing that.I said, “Deepthi Akka, will you give this to Sudharshan Anna?” Deepthi Akka laughed and said “No silly. How can I give this to him? What will I say if he asks me from where I got this packet of condom(saying it she blushed). I can’t put the blame on you. I won’t put you into trouble.”I was now relieved. But I was confused and I asked, “ Akka if you won’t tell Anna about the condom, then how will you see how it looks like putting on this condom?” She smiled mischievously and said, “You have not worn a condom yet na. So when you do it, my wish will also be fulfilled.”I was totally in shock hearing this. Deepthi Akka wanted me to wear the condom and she wanted to witness it. I was now getting excited and my cock started getting hard. I replied to her like an idiot and asked, “It is wrong na, Akka. What will Sudharshan Anna say?”Deepthi Akka smiled and said, “How will your Sudharshan anna come to know? It’s canlı bahis between us two and he, as usual, is not going to come till late at night.” I was totally excited now. I smiled at her nervously and she also smiled at me. She was blushing and I could see a kind of excitement in her eyes.Deepthi Akka signaled me to come with her to the guest room and I followed her shivering in excitement. Deepthi Akka smiled mischievously and said, “ Let me help you try this on.” Saying this she held the waistband of my shorts and briefs together and pulled them down in one go.My cock immediately sprang up after getting released from its confinement. Deepthi Akka was surprised at the size of my hard cock. She looked into my eyes and said, “You are thicker than your Sudharshan Anna.” Saying this she bit her lips seductively.That was a big compliment from Deepthi Akka and my cock twitched in excitement. Then keeping her eyes fixed on my cock she pulled the shorts further down. I stepped out of my shorts and briefs. Now I was naked waist down with my hard cock in front of the eyes of Deepthi Akka.Deepthi Akka looked into my eyes and blushed. Then she moved her hands and held my cock in her a tight grip and felt the thickness of my cock. Wow, what a feeling it was. The feeling of the hands of a woman for the first time on my cock was mind-blowing.She started moving her fingers on the entire length of my cock and the sensation that I felt was incredible. She then took the condom packet in her hands and read the directions on it and smiled mischievously. She then tore the wrapper of the condom and held the condom in her hand and started examining it keenly.It was the first time we both were seeing the condom. I took the condom from her hand and examined the rubbery texture of the condom. We both looked at each other and smiled. Deepthi Akka took the condom from my hand, held the tip of it between her fingers and kept the condom on my cock.Then slowly started rolling it down the entire length of my cook. The feeling that I felt was amazing. Soon the condom was completely on. Deepthi Akka and I admired the strangeness of the condom. Deepthi Akka held the cock in her hands and felt it with the condom on.She started slowly jerking me and I was feeling an immense sense of pleasure. After a couple of minutes had passed by, Deepthi Akka let go of my cock. Then she stood up and looking at me mischievously. Deepthi Akka was totally turned on. She held the cloth of her nighty and pulled it upwards and threw it away in a flash.The sight before me was totally mind-blowing. Deepthi Akka was standing before me just in her pink colored panty. Her naked firm breasts were all in its glory and were giving a feast bahis siteleri to my eyes. My mouth was wide open admiring the beauty that was before me and I could hardly move.After a couple of minutes of admiring the sight, I removed my T-shirt in an instant. I was now completely naked. Deepthi Akka blushed looking me naked. She kept on staring at me from top to bottom and her gaze finally rested at my hard cock.Deepthi Akka was looking very sexy. I couldn’t control myself anymore and hugged her crushing her breasts to my chest. Deepthi Akka let out a moan. I could feel her erect nipples on my chest. The feeling was really amazing as I felt her body shiver in excitement under my tight hold.I looked into her eyes and smiled which made Deepthi Akka blush and she hid her face in my chest. I hugged her tight again and caressed her naked back. I moved my fingers seductively on her back which made her shiver in excitement.Looking into her eyes, I brought my lips to hers and planted a tender kiss on them. Her lips were so soft and I felt her lips quiver in excitement. I started chewing her lips slowly. Soon we were smooching passionately. Our tongues got into the action as our kissing became more intense.After a few minutes of intense kissing, I moved my face down, kissing her neck and giving small bites. Slowly I moved further down. My face was right in front of Deepthi Akka’s glorious round, firm and beautiful breasts. Her breasts were big and her nipples were dark black and erect with excitement.I put both my hands on her breasts. I felt the firmness of her breasts by squeezing them which made Deepthi Akka moan in pleasure. I took her erect nipples between my fingers and twitched them which made Deepthi Akka scream. As soon as I did that, I felt milk slowly drip from her erect nipples.The milk that belonged to her baby was now going to be mine. I looked into Deepthi Akka’s eyes. All I could see was her excitement and anticipation to what’s coming up next. I smiled at her and brought my lips to her breasts. I took her right breast in my mouth and started chewing it.My mouth was slowly filling up with her milk. I was drinking and enjoying every single drop of it. I continued chewing her nipples. I was simultaneously squeezing her left breast. Deepthi Akka was thoroughly enjoying and was moaning in pleasure. I could hardly contain my excitement.I kept on sucking the milk out of her right breast for some more time. Then shifted to her left breast and started chewing her nipples and drinking the sweet milk out of it. Deepthi Akka’s moans gradually increased as I kept on sucking her breasts. I let go of her breasts and kept my fingers at the waistband of her panty.Slowly I started pulling bahis şirketleri it down her ass. I got a clear view of her pussy which was covered in mild bush. Deepthi Akka got rid of her panty quickly. She got on top of the bed and laid on her back, completely naked. Looking at me she smiled seductively and she spread her legs wide, giving me a clear view of her pussy.She then moved a couple of her fingers in her pussy. She started slowly rubbing herself, which was an indication for me to get into the act and to explore the depths of my first pussy. Deepthi Akka’s eyes were fixed on my throbbing hard cock inside the confinement of the condom that was on it.Deepthi Akka, motioned me with her fingers to come on top of her. I happily obliged to her request. I got on top of the bed and went in between her legs. I positioned myself over Deepthi Akka. She, looking deep into my eyes, held my cock in her hand and guided it into her pussy.My cock slowly started making its way inside her pussy. Deepthi Akka winced in pain as my thick cock went deeper inside her. She dug her nails in my back and kept on moaning and gasping for air while adjusting my cock inside her. And after a couple of minutes of hard pushing, I was completely inside her.Deepthi Akka whispered in my ears, “Fuck me. I want you.” I smiled at Deepthi Akka and kissed her lips for a couple of seconds. Then I started pumping her pussy slowly at first. And then soon, I increased the tempo and I was now fucking her hard.She was responding to my jerks with the loud moaning of pleasure and thrashing on the bed. This made me go wilder and I kept on fucking her harder. After around 15 minutes of hard fucking, Deepthi Akka couldn’t control any further.Her body got rigid and she moaned. She had a loud orgasm and hearing her scream of pleasures I too couldn’t hold much further. I too climaxed and spurts of my cum got deposited in the condom that I had on. Exhausted after the first sex of my life, I laid next to Deepthi Akka gasping for air and satisfied.Deepthi Akka was completely exhausted. The happiness in her face made me sure that she enjoyed a lot too. After around 5 minutes of resting, Deepthi Akka sat up and started removing the condom from my cock. She then looked at the semen that was inside it. When our eyes met, she blushed and buried her face in my chest.I asked her, “So now you know how a condom feels. So what next?” She blushed and said, “ Now since we have tried the condom, I want you inside me without that condom. I want to decide whether I want you inside me with a condom or without one in all our future encounters.”Hearing her words my cock got hard and was ready to explore the depths of Deepthi Akka again.I was happy that this holiday and the days after that will be awesome as I now had my beautiful Deepthi Akka whenever I want. I hope you all liked this latest story of mine. I would love to get your feedback from all of you.