Cum Sluts Anonymous 3: Dave


I took a deep breath and looked out at the sea of faces, a surprising number of women among them, and knew that this was going to be one of the most difficult things I’d ever done, but I also knew that it was one of the most necessary. I had to do it for the sake of my marriage and for the sake of my own sanity. As I organized my thoughts I thought back on the circumstances that brought me to this point in my life.

I am a forty year old father of three who is married to a thirty-eight year old wife and mother who just happens to be the woman of most men’s dreams. Smart, witty, the face of an angel and the body of a porn queen, I worshipped Bonnie and the ground she walked on. Regardless of the fact that Bonnie was every man’s wet dream she was still a virgin when we married and one year later she was the mother of twins. I, on the other hand, had cut a pretty wide swath through the ladies before we were married. Not that I’m a Brad Pitt or anything like that, I was just an average guy who was bold and persistent and who went after what I wanted. As a result I got shot down a lot, but I scored once for every four times I got shot down and before agreeing to be my wife Bonnie had required that I tell her of all my many affairs. That this was a major mistake was not to become obvious for several more years.

It didn’t take Bonnie long to learn everything that I had learned while I was out sowing my wild oats and she became what every man says he wants – a whore in the bedroom and a lady out in public. Our sex life was not the norm; even after ten years of marriage we were still having sex five and six times a week. My problem began when Bonnie decided to get a job. We didn’t need the money, but with the kids in school she was going crazy being around the house all day without enough to keep her busy. She found a job as a receptionist the first day she went out looking and by the time she had been on the job one week our sex life underwent a major change – it got better!

Because she was every man’s wet dream she was constantly getting hit on, flirted with and propositioned and it turned her on and she came home and fucked me into exhaustion. One day, about three months after she started the job, she asked me if it would be all right if she started stopping with her co-workers after work for a drink or two. I t seemed that every Wednesday they would stop at Bessie’s, a local lounge, for a couple of hours and talk about stuff they didn’t like to talk about at work. I didn’t see any thing wrong with it (I had my one night out a week to go bowling) and I told her to go ahead and have a good time.

A couple of months went by during which I noticed some changes in Bonnie. She became extremely fond of oral sex, especially of sixty-nine. We were not strangers to oral sex, but it had never been one of Bonnie’s favorite things. She loved being eaten, but wasn’t all that keen on sucking my cock. She would of course, but I always knew she was just doing it as payback for my munching on her cum muffin. Now she was coming home from her night out and initiating it and she was always wet. I commented on it and she said it was because some of the guys she worked escort sultangazi with danced with her while they were at Bessie’s and they were always coping feels. She said she got horny when they did it and she knew I would be home waiting to fuck her and that made her even hornier.

Then one Wednesday night she came home and practically drug me into the bedroom. As soon as she pushed her pussy down into my face and I tasted her I knew something was different. She tasted salty and I knew what that meant. My bride had been fucked by some one else! The biggest surprise was that I liked the taste of her pussy with that salty flavor and that I didn’t feel anger at her betrayal. I got to thinking back on all the other Wednesdays when she’d come home and pushed her pussy in my face. Was there something in her taste then and I just hadn’t picked up on it? Whatever, the fact that someone else had used her pussy excited me more than upset me and because of that excitement our sex that night was some of the best ever.

The next Wednesday I could hardly wait for Bonnie to get home and that time when she pushed her muff in my face I smelled him before I tasted him. It occurred to me that she hadn’t been fucked by the same guy! This guy’s cum had a sweet/sour taste. Over the next three months I was able to identify nine distinct flavors when she came home on Wednesdays and I became obsessed with the need to assign names to those flavors. I had no interest in stopping her from what she was doing, if anything I wanted to know more about it so I could feel more a part of it.

By now I knew most of her co-workers after having gone to the company barbecue and a birthday party at her bosses house. So one Wednesday, armed with the names of the men she worked with, and wearing as much of a disguise as I could manage, I took a seat at the end of the bar at Bessie’s and waited. At five after five Bonnie and two of the girls she worked with came in and sat at a table next to the dance floor. Ten minutes later another girl and two guys came in and they pushed a table up next to the one Bonnie was sitting at. For the next ten minutes guys straggled in and joined the group at the two tables. There ended up being seven guys and four girls at the table and for the next half-hour they all sat there, talked and drank. Then one of the girls got up and went over to the jukebox and music began to play. Soon all of the girls were out on the floor dancing.

Half an hour later I saw one of the guys take one of the girls by the hand and lead her out into the parking lot. Twenty minutes later they were back and I noticed that the girls hair was mussed and one of the buttons on her blouse was one hole off. Is that what Bonnie was doing, quickies in the parking lot? During the next hour two of the other girls made trips out to the parking lot, but Bonnie just sipped her drink and danced with the guys. Finally the group started to break up and leave and soon only Bonnie and Mark were left at the table. If Bonnie was going to go to a backseat it looked as if Mark was going to be the guy.

I paid my tab and went outside and got in my car. I noticed that Bonnie’s escort bahçeşehir was up one row and three cars down and I lowered myself in my seat and watched to see what would happen. Five minutes later Mark and Bonnie came out and Mark walked Bonnie to her car. He took her in his arms and gave her a long kiss and then walked away to his own car. Bonnie got in hers and pulled out of the parking lot. Was I wrong? Was it just my mind working overtime and the different tastes of her pussy on Wednesday a figment of my imagination? Mark’s car was the next one out of the parking lot and on a hunch I followed him. We didn’t go far, just eight blocks to the Motel 6 where he pulled in and parked – right next to Bonnie’s car! One of them must have stopped on the way to the bar and registered because they got out their cars, kissed and headed straight for a room on the first floor. I was waiting in bed when Bonnie came in and when she lowered herself to my face I dove right in. Mark was the salty one.

Over the next six weeks I was able to put a name to every taste that I had identified except two. I knew that I had logged nine separate tastes, but I had never seen more than seven guys in the group that stopped. Bonnie never fucked the same man twice in a row, she appeared to rotate through the seven guys who were always there on Wednesdays and I couldn’t figure out where the other two tastes had come from and then one night Bonnie departed from form. She and Mark left the bar about ten minutes after they got there and I followed them out and drove over to the Motel 6 and saw both of their cars there. While I sat at the other end of the parking lot and wondered what the change might mean two more cars came into the lot and parked and two of the other guys in the group got out and walked over to a room and knocked on the door. I saw it open and I saw Bonnie standing there. The other tastes were combinations of several guys! Now I began to wonder what the various mixtures would be like mixed, say Mark’s salty taste combined with Ray’s almost sour cream like taste. The only way I was going to find out was to confront Bonnie and somehow talk her into doing only two guys on the same night and then after I had recorded all of the different combinations she could move to three a night, then four and so on.

The following Wednesday when I buried my tongue in her soaking pussy I said, “It tastes like tonight was Jim’s night.”

She stiffened and tried to pull away from me, but I grabbed her hips and pulled her down to me and at the same time I arched my back and pushed my cock in her mouth as far as I could get it. It took her a minute or two to realize that things were not quite as bad as they could have been and she settled down and sucked my cock with frenzy while grinding her pussy in my face. When we finished fucking like a couple of sex crazed teenagers we talked. One night at Bessie’s one of the guys made a very serious pass at her and since she had always wondered what another guy would be like she had fucked him. Then, remembering all the stories I’d told her about all my affairs before we got married, she wondered what the other guys would be escort beşiktaş like. She knew I loved oral sex and her way of proving to herself that she really loved me even though she was fucking other guys was to give me what I most wanted. She hadn’t even thought that I might taste her lovers and when I had gone after her cunt like a hungry man and not said anything she hadn’t worried about it any more; she just gave me what she thought I wanted.

I told her about what had put me on her trail, and how I had been cataloging the tastes and putting names to them and how I now wanted to do mixtures. She was aghast at my suggesting such a thing and I had to point out that she had seven lovers and I hadn’t done a damned thing to rob her of her pleasure; the least she could do was to see that I got mine. The next Wednesday she did Mark and Mike and the following week it was Joe and Ray. For the next four months I worked on cataloging the various combinations and then one night she came home and wouldn’t tell me who she had been with. She told me I would have to guess, but as hard as I tried I couldn’t put the flavors together and finally Bonnie had to tell me.

She giggled and said, “It was Mark, Ray, Jim and Joe and next week I’m going to do all seven of them at the same time. And I’m going to do them right here in this room and on this bed. The kids will be spending next week with my folks out at the farm and I leave it up to you where you will be. I’d kind of like it if you were here in the closet.”

The following Wednesday I watched from the closet as the seven guys fucked my wife silly. She took loads of cum down her throat, up her ass and in her pussy. She had two cocks in her most of the time, three in her four times and when her lovers finally dressed and left I came out of the closet and fell on her. There was so much cum that I didn’t have to suck it out of her, she sat on my face and it ran out of her in rivers.

“God” she said, “I want to do that again, but not too often. I’m not sure that my body can take the intense sensations.”

I, on the other hand, wanted her to do it again and soon. Seven guys, shooting several loads of cum in her – I was in a cum junkies paradise! Bonnie wanted to limit the group thing to once every six weeks or so, but I kept after her and she finally agreed to do it every other week. I’d watch from the closet and then be on her before the front door closed on the last of her lovers. I was in heaven and Bonnie sure didn’t seem to mind much.

The end came at a party that was being given by a couple that we knew. I had grown used to the flavors of Bonnie’s group and I wanted something new. I saw an attractive looking guy and I nudged Bonnie and pointed to him, “I wonder what he tastes like? Why don’t you find a way to get him outside and fuck him so I can find out?”

Bonnie turned to me and told me that I was sick and that I needed help. When we got home that night she told me that if I didn’t do something about my addiction she was going to leave me. I begged, I pleaded, I cried and I whined, but to no avail. She insisted that I seek help and I finally gave in.

I surveyed the sea of faces and as I moved from one to the other I saw compassion, pity, and understanding. I knew that most, if not all of them had once stood in my shoes and that if I was going to get help I was in the right place. I took a deep breath and said, “Hi. My name is Dave and I am a cum slut.”