Cucked… But No Regrets


Lexi had been married to Carl, very happily for 5 years. They had a healthy relationship with friends they saw together and also separately. Their sex life was very good and they shared a lot of fantasies that kept things well spiced.

Lexi had never really thought much about sleeping with other men although her fantasies always involved other men and Carl would often ask her about her past experiences and feelings towards them. The truth was, Lexi hadn’t been with many other men and certainly no other men who pleasured her like Carl did. Carl knew this and deep down longed for Lexi to enjoy the pleasure of another man. It drove him mad thinking about Lexi getting intimate with another and they found that their role plays and fantasies often ventured into that area.

One evening, after a number of drinks, Lexi and Carl began to discuss the idea of Lexi meeting another man and potentially living out a fantasy. Lexi was certainly keen to at least look and play the field but didn’t know where to begin. She had never been good at dating and she certainly didn’t know any hot male friends who would be good to bed.

Carl suggested that they look online and begin to search for guys who might be willing to help Lexi explore. Lexi agreed and a number of sites (including swinging and dating) were signed up to and some saucy pictures were added. Within hours, Lexi was inundated with messages, pictures and the like. She didn’t realise how attractive she must have been to other men and it certainly made her feel good as she began to trawl through the messages and selectively respond to the many admirers.

Before long, Lexi had reduced her many admirers to a select few who soon became regular contacts. One particular man caught Lexi’s eye. Ross wasn’t a local guy but said he visited from time to time due his job. He was married but Lexi didn’t seem to mind that and would message him on a daily basis. The messages got nicely saucy and picture swapping led to naughty phone conversations which would always leave Lexi hot and horny and requiring Carl to satisfy her needs.

About 2 months after making initial contact with Ross, Lexi was out with some friends when she received a text message from him.

“I’m ist esc in town, tonight only, all yours if you fancy a meet up?” Lexi’s heart raced. She never actually had the intention of meeting Ross and now he was in town ready to meet up.

“Ross is in town, should I meet him?” Lexi messaged Carl, hoping that he could give her an answer to go back with… If he said no then her trouble would be over… but she really did have the hots for Ross… even though she had never met him!

“I think you should at least meet him…” Carl replied.

Before she knew it Lexi had ditched her friends and was now sat opposite a total stranger who she had fantasised about screwing senseless on numerous occasions as her husband sat at home awaiting news of her adventure. Lexi was really nervous. Really nervous but really fucking horny. She looked at Ross, into his eyes. He was really handsome and manly and she began to notice how well they were getting on.

“Fuck, he is really hot and I think I might have the hots for him…” She messaged Carl.

“Don’t let me stop you… where are you going to go with him?” Carl replied.

“He has a hotel room and I think he wants to take me there… Fuck, what should I do?”

“Follow your pussy… if he makes it wet then let him continue.” Carl answered almost immediately.

Lexi soon found herself sat next to Ross, his hands were beginning to run up her legs and he was clearly flirting with her. Their eyes barely left each others gaze and Lexi was resisting the urge not to lean in and kiss him. She was desperate not to come across as easy but knew deep down that she wanted to end the night in Ross’ bed.

“I don’t think I want another drink… do you?” Ross stated.

“Erm… I’m not sure.” Lexi replied.

“I am very much in the mood for taking you back to my hotel room but perhaps I am jumping the gun?”

Lexi was a little taken aback. He was so confident and she found herself in that instant imaging his naked body against hers.

“I think you need to try a little harder than that to get into my panties…” She pulled on Ross’ shirt, his face came close to hers but she lent back into the chair preventing him from kissing fatih esc her.

Ross instantly responded. His left hand ran up her leg and under her dress, he felt the top of her stockings and his fingers touched the bare skin at the top of her legs. As he did so, he lent in kissed Lexi passionately. Lexi found her self kissing back, their tongues crossing as she felt his hand wander up her leg to her panties.

“Steady. Not in public please… I think you have persuaded me.” Lexi stopped him in his tracks and pushed his hand back down.

Before long Lexi and Ross had walked back to his hotel room. Lexi walk in and sat on a sofa facing two double doors with a moonlit sea view.

“This is romantic” Lexi suggested.

“I don’t have any intention of making this romantic” Ross stood over Lexi before pulling her to her feet.

He took great pleasure in lifting Lexi’s dress up and over her torso and head leaving her stood in front of him wearing just her bra, panties, hold up stockings and heels. She felt very exposed but highly turned on and ready to accept Ross’ advances.

“Get on your knees” Ross demanded.

Lexi found herself instantly obeying. She knelt at Ross’ feet and began to unzip his jeans, pulling them down, revealing his large swollen package tucked inside his boxers. Lexi began to pull down his boxers, allowing his cock to fall out into her face. She took no time in placing her lips around his bulging end and started to coax the length down into her throat. She could tell Ross was enjoying her mouth as his cock was throbbing and growing in her mouth.

Lexi continued to suck Ross deep into her throat until he was satisfied. Lexi had a real talent for giving head and Ross let her continue for some time. Lexi ended up laying on the floor and Ross knelt over her, straddling her tummy with his cock between her tits. Lexi sucked as Ross began to reach back, into her panties and push 2 fingers into her wet pussy.

Lexi gasped for air as Ross began to massage her g spot with his thick fingers. By this point Ross’ cock was cock hard and was no longer deep in Lexi’s mouth, instead his balls were hovering over Lexi’s willing mouth as she held onto his cock as ataköy esc her hips jolted with every motion of his skillful hands which now had 3 fingers deep inside her.

Soon, Ross had move himself down into a position between Lexi’s legs. Their now naked bodies were together at last and Lexi was enjoying the passion of Ross’ kisses as their bodies intertwined. Lexi knew that she was moments from being taken by another man and as she cupped Ross’ bare ass with her hands she could feel his hard shaft being to poke at the entrance of her wet pussy. Lexi wanted him so badly.

Suddenly Ross’ weight lifted and he knelt between Lexi’s legs with his cock resting in her pubic region. His shaft ran up onto her tummy and to her belly button. Lexi rested her weight onto her elbows and looked down at Ross’ muscular body and hard long cock. Ross had now manoeuvred his cock so that it was pushing into Lexi’s pussy again. He lent in and their lips met. Lexi took in the moment and gently arched her back, allowing her man entrance into her.

Ross didn’t hold back. He knew Lexi wanted him and he began to push his hard cock into her willing pussy. Lexi was so horny and Ross’ cock felt so different to what she was used to. He was so big and wide and…

“Oh my fucking god… I’m laid on my back taking a stranger big fat bareback cock and I’m loving it” Lexi thought to herself. “Fuck! What if I come, or if he comes. Fuck I am going to come!”

Lexi held onto Ross’ body as he thrust into her deep and harder. She was coming uncontrollably on his cock and there was no way back…

“Don’t stop, please don’t stop!” Lexi pleaded.

Ross was at this point on his knees thrusting into Lexi and watching her tits bounce. She was so tight on his cock and the ridges of her wet pussy were coaxing him towards orgasm. He couldn’t stop, he had to make her orgasm. He didn’t stop.

Lexi hit climax and lost control of her moans and groans of pleasure. She held onto Ross as he began to reach his own orgasm. Lexi knew his cock was already oozing hot precum into her and soon her would be spraying his load even deeper into her. She looked up into Ross’ eyes and they began to kiss as he climaxed.

“Fuck I can feel you coming inside me!” Lexi was amazed at how powerful Ross cock was as it spurted.

Lexi and Ross lay on the floor. Lexi didn’t give Carl a thought as she kissed Ross and accepted his company for the rest of the night…