Confessions (Lupe)


Let me introduce myself.

I am Lupe and I have convened this circle so that you women can tell the stories of your sexual adventures. I am thrilled that you are being honest and forthright, and hope that we will inspire each other. We are never too young or too old to enjoy a lot of hot, steamy sex.

I was born in Mexico sixty years ago and emigrated (legally) with my parents at the age of ten. My parents worked hard and were able to afford sending my brother and me to college. I majored in hospitality and found a job in a very busy travel agency. My naturally friendly disposition makes it easy for people to connect with me and my commissions were impressive. A hot-blooded Latina like me needs sex and I’ve always enjoyed many simultaneous relationships with men. Eventually I married but we did not have children. Larry was not very fond of kids and his parents made it clear that any half-breed would not be considered a grandchild.

Larry and I stayed together for twenty years before I filed for divorce. I opened mecidiyeköy esc my own travel agency and did very well, expanding with three more sites. We catered to Spanish-speaking clients and made a bundle. Last year I retired.

After my divorce, I continued to have short term relationships with eager men. I am a hot, passionate cocklover. Sexually, everything was fine until I turned fifty and started going through menopause. Those hot flashes and mood swings drove me crazy. One of my friends suggested seeing a specialist. I made an appointment with Dr. J for a Thursday afternoon. He invited me into his office and did an extensive interview that involved a medical and psychological history as well as an overview of my sexual habits. I noticed that he took copious notes before leading me into an exam room.

I disrobed, in front of him, and he touched me everywhere, prodding and poking, rubbing and tweaking. By the time I lay down on the table and put my legs into the stirrups, I was quite excited. I could türbanlı esc feel moisture between my legs. My tits had swelled and the nipples were hard.

After doing an internal exam, Dr. J asked me for specifics about my symptoms. He advised me to change my diet and have more sex. I laughed. At my age, how could I do that? In response, Dr. J began to slowly rub my abdomen; his hand crept lower and lower until he was rubbing my mons. Leaning over, he licked my nipples and that made me squirm. Dr. J opened my labia and teased my clit until it was hard. Putting a vacuum on it, he made it swell up and that turned me on so much that I was close to orgasm. “Beautiful!”, he murmured.

Suddenly I heard a zipper. Dr. J’s cock was pointing straight at my aroused cunt. He told me to relax as he gave me his “special treatment.” Slobbering some lube on his stiff fuckpole, he began to slide it in and then stuff me, banging against my cervix. Within minutes I was screaming and cumming. I have never been fucked so well, şişli esc so hard, so deep. Finally Dr. J came and filled me with semen. He offered me his cock to lick clean. I sat up and watched cum flowing out of me.

Dr. J’s answer to menopause symptoms was to have the patient engage in more sex, lots and lots of sex. Once he had finished with me, he opened a door and a line of men walked in. All were naked and hard, jerking their cocks. He directed them to me and they took turns either fucking me or jerking off on my body. The treatment lasted two hours. I lost count of my orgasms, but was feeling really good about being coated in semen.

After cleaning up, I returned to Dr. J’s office where he gave me the address of a place in the country where I could go for sexual treatments. To date, I have had vaginal sex with nearly 500 men, and countless others have masturbated on me.

My symptoms have disappeared and I am more self-confident. As a result, I attract men, particularly younger men who are eager to fuck a buxom Latina. Lately, I have begun having sex parties with thirty and forty year old men. There is always good food and plenty of alcohol. I am grateful to Dr. J for opening up a whole new sex world for me. My cunt has never been so satisfied!