Charming Sienna

Big Naturals

Author’s note: this is my first submission. I would love feedback on what you enjoyed and what could be even better!


Damon absently drummed his fingertips along the top of his steering wheel as he waited for the light to turn green. Usually he cursed the heavy summer traffic, but today he didn’t mind waiting. It gave him time to think about Sienna and how he was going to seduce her. Capturing the heart, or at least the sexual interest of a girl as physically blessed, smart, and funny as Sienna required a plan. She undoubtedly had men flinging themselves at her feet, so separating himself from the crowd would take originality, finesse, and a whole lot of charm. Damon was up for the challenge.

Sienna Brooks oozed feminine appeal. She was a petite 5’3″ with curves in all the right places. Her ass clearly showed her love for running, firm and rounded. Her breasts were full and soft. Her pretty face could range from friendly to red hot siren depending on how she pursed or parted her generous lips. Her green eyes glittered with promise. Sienna knew that plenty of men would be more than happy to share her bed. Unfortunately for them, the only one she wanted tangled up in her covers was Damon Greene.

They had a date tonight, and although her head was telling her to not make it too easy on him, her body was whistling a very different tune. She wanted him naked, hard, and panting for her. She wondered how long she could feign indifference before succumbing to the need to lick every inch of his body. Sienna’s lips quirked slightly as she imagined Damon’s response to that. He was probably plotting how he was going to woo her, and hadn’t a clue that no wooing was necessary. Maybe she’d make him work for it just a bit. It would be a pity not to at least see how his mind worked when it came to seduction.

Damon pulled up to Sienna’s condo right at 7:00 p.m. He had wine, blankets, food, and a racing heart that made him feel a bit like a teenager rather than his twenty-seven years. He blamed it on the fact that Sienna was so damn hot. He’d dated enough woman not to be nervous, but the anticipation of seeing her, kissing her, pushing his hands from her flat stomach up to the swell of her breasts… hell, his cock was already semi-hard. He adjusted his jeans just as she pulled open the door of his truck and slid into the air conditioned interior. Her lips turned up slightly as though she knew exactly what he had been thinking about, and then parted into a wider grin as she uttered a slightly breathy hello.

Sienna wore a pale yellow fitted sundress with buttons down the front and a short hem that rested against her tanned thighs. She slid her long silky dark hair over her shoulder as she buckled her seat belt, and Damon tried not to think about how it would feel sliding along his stomach as she knelt between his legs. “So where are we headed, handsome?” she queried. “I have to admit, I was a bit curious when you told me to dress casual but wouldn’t divulge the name of the restaurant. You ARE taking me somewhere with food and wine, right? I’m not one of those girls that survives on carrot sticks and diet coke.”

Damon grinned, “There is plenty of food and wine; just a bit more privacy than a typical dinner out.”

“Oh, do you think we will be needing privacy?” Sienna asked innocently. Her curiosity was definitely piqued, and her pulse sped up just a bit. Was he planning a drawn out romantic date, or was he just as hopeful as her that the alanya escort night would involve steamy naked flesh and sounds of a lascivious nature? She slowly licked her lips and admired his profile as he drove. He had a strong jaw with just a bit of scruff, wide shoulders with muscular arms, and legs that looked like he could easily keep up on her morning run. They looked great in his faded jeans, but she bet they would look even better out of them. She squirmed a bit in her seat and tried to focus on the conversation. It turned out that Damon was very easy to talk to, and before she knew it they were out of the city and parking on a hill overlooking the lake. It was secluded from the main road and the chances of anyone else driving directly past them were slim. She turned to him and raised a brow. “Beautiful view, but aren’t we going to eat?”

Damon smiled and gestured to the bags in the back seat. “Help me unpack these bags and you can dig in.”

They made quick work of setting up the blankets and food in the open bed of his truck and kept up an easy flow of conversation throughout the meal as they enjoyed the view of the lake and each other. The sun was starting to set as they finished and lay back to watch it and bask in the last few warm rays it provided.

“This was a good idea,” Sienna murmured and raised one hand to let it softly rest on Damon’s chest. He froze for a second and then relaxed under her fingers. She waited for a few moments, then began to trace slow, lazy circles across his chest and stomach. His breathing became deeper and she could see his cock start to rise under his fly. She could feel the heat radiating off his body. Sienna liked it when a man took control, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t help him get things started. She let her hand wander down to the waistband of his jeans and circled the button with one finger a few times before casually pulling back and stretching her arms over her head. Her breasts strained against the top of her dress. Damon’s body tensed again, wanting more contact, wanting her long delicate fingers to continue their decent.

“Wow, the wine must have made me sleepy, maybe we should head back so you can drop me off,” she said with a slight grin. His brows shot up and he opened his mouth to protest before he looked at her face and realized she was joking.

“Tease,” he growled at her, and pushed her back down on the blankets, wrapping one large hand around both her raised wrists and sliding a muscular thigh over hers. Sienna could feel the hard length of his erection against her hip and licked her lips as she pressed into him. Damon’s mouth descended onto hers, sucking on her lips before coaxing them open so his tongue could tangle with hers. His free hand glided up her stomach until he reached her breast, cupping it and rubbing his thumb over her nipple. She arched her back to press herself into his hand and groaned as his grip tightened and the strumming of his fingers increased. His mouth left hers and trailed hot wet kisses along her jaw and down her neck. He paused to undo the top few buttons of her dress and then moved his lips into the swell of her cleavage, breathing in her deliciously feminine scent.

Releasing her wrists, he shifted his body lower so he could fit her breasts into his rough palms and lift them to his mouth. His tongue lapped and swirled over her nipples, drawing them into almost painfully hard points. Sienna tipped her head back, eyes closed, and gasped artvin escort at the jolts of electricity he created. She needed his mouth lower. She ran her hands along the thick muscles of his shoulders and into his tousled hair, tugging enough to make him pause and lift his eyes to meet hers. Their gaze locked and she shoved the hem of her dress up while parting her legs and pushing his body down between them.

Damon groaned as he realized what she was asking for and slid farther down, planting kisses along her stomach, hip bones, and where her lean thighs met her body. He could smell her arousal and it made his mouth water. “I’ll buy you new one,” he muttered as he ripped the wisp of silk thong away. He cupped her ass as he sunk his tongue into her, then up to circle around her clit. Her hips bucked against his mouth and he tightened his grip, never losing contact with her body. He teased and tormented her with his lips and tongue, taking her to the edge and then backing off. He licked and caressed until she was writhing on the blanket. Sienna was gasping for air when he finally lifted his head and gave a low chuckle. “Soon, darlin’, but not yet. I want to feel you come when I’m buried inside you. It will be worth it.”

Sienna huffed with frustration and sexual tension, but she knew it would only make it that much better when she finally did get her release. “So are you going to get naked then,” she questioned, “or would you like me to help with that?”

Damon’s hands had already been pulling at the button on his jeans as he rose up onto his knees, but they stilled at her comment. “I would never turn down a pretty lady asking to undress me,” he smirked, “I’m all yours.”

Sienna pulled her dress back down over her thighs and rose to her knees as well. She pressed her open mouth to the hollow of his throat and licked at his pulse before catching the bottom of his shirt and pulling it over his head. Her fingers trailed down, nails scratching over his chest and then between them to open his jeans and shove them down over his ass. “Commando?” she smiled. “I would have been a little more careful with the zipper had I known.” Damon muttered something unintelligible under his breath but waited, unflinching, for her next move. Sienna moved to the side and gave him a nudge to lay in the space she had just vacated. His erection strained toward her as he eased back, his eyes never leaving hers. Lust burned hungrily in his gaze.

She sat back on her feet and licked her lips before lowering her face toward him. She blew softly over the head of his cock and he flinched; his hips flexing involuntarily. She curled the fingers of one hand around his thick shaft and flattened her tongue against the crown, swirling around a few times to pull the taste of him into her mouth. Some women thought blowjobs were degrading, or a chore to rush through. Not Sienna. She loved the taste, the smell, and the feeling of power she got from knowing the man sliding over her tongue would do almost anything to remain there. She owned him in those moments. She wrapped her lips tightly around him and began an unhurried rhythm of up and down, rising and falling, moving her one hand as an extension of her lips while the other moved down to stroke and cup his heavy sac.

Damon’s breathing was ragged as he attempted to maintain control. His hands clenched into fists as he watched Sienna’s gorgeous face through the veil of her silky hair. He wanted to wind his hands into that burdur escort hair and shove himself deep into her throat, thrusting until he erupted. Her tongue wrapped around him and the wet suction of her mouth threatened to demolish his last fragment of restraint. Cautiously he raised one hand and cupped the back of her neck, not pushing, just resting. She hummed her approval and the vibrations moved through his cock. He began to move his hips to match her rhythm, pressing against the back of her throat and groaning as she swallowed against him. He knew he need to slow down, to stop before he passed the point of no return, but he felt almost powerless to pull himself from the erotic torture she was delivering with such expertise.

Sienna seemed to sense how close he was and made one last slow swipe up his cock before raising her eyes to meet his. “Condom, pocket of my jeans,” Damon rumbled, and she twisted to retrieve it. In seconds she had it rolled down over his length and moved up to straddle his legs, pulling her dress over her head. She lowered herself to just graze him, making him jump. His hands moved to her hips and he slid along her lips a few times before angling himself and pushing just inside. “Fuck, you are so tight,” he gasped, his voice edgy and rough with need. “Move babe; show me how you like it.”

She placed her hands on his chest and eased herself down, agonizingly slowly. She could feel him stretching her, pressing against nerve endings that made her whole body buzz with craving. She wanted to savour every inch of him. Her hips began to move against his and she leaned forward to press her lips to his neck, nipping at his earlobe. Her fingernails dragged lightly over his nipples, making him shudder. His hands urged her hips to move faster but she resisted, drawing out her movements, daring him to take over and fuck her hard and fast. She didn’t have to wait long.

Watching himself slide in and out of her pussy dissolved the last bit of Damon’s restraint and he lifted up and flipped her over onto her back. Pulling at her legs he wrapped them high around his back and then slammed down into her. He buried his face into the side of her neck, biting and sucking at her until she was sure he would leave a mark. His tempo increased, a light sheen of sweat forming across his chest. Sienna raked her nails down his back and arched, the need to come becoming almost desperate. “More,” she pleaded, “don’t stop”.

Resting most of his weight on one arm, Damon snaked the other down between their bodies and rubbed his thumb against her clit. The combination of the delicious friction from his thick shaft and the motion of his thumb on her over-sensitized nerve endings pushed her over the edge. She came, clamping her legs around him and squeezing his cock with her inner muscles. She arched and cried out, digging her nails deep into his back. He gritted his teeth and managed to ride out her orgasm, shaking with the effort to hold back before finally succumbing to the sensations. Thrusting one last time, burying himself as deeply as he could, he burst. He groaned and gasped for air as he collapsed, still careful not to put all his weight onto her small frame.

For long moments there was nothing but the thudding of their pulse and the rapid intake of breath. Sienna gingerly flexed her fingers, wondering if she left nail marks in Damon’s back. She unwound her legs and he moved to her side, removing the condom and laying back but draping an arm over her stomach. Talking felt like it might break the spell so they both remained quiet, but comfortable in each other’s presence. Sienna pulled one of the lighter blankets over them and curled against his side, content to watch the stars and bask in the afterglow.