Brad and His Cousin Joseph….pt2


Brad and His Cousin Joseph….pt2I looked at Claude’s crotch and saw that he was stroking a monster of a penis, Joseph grabbed my feet and Brad held my hands. Claude crawled over my butt and bust my sloppy bung hole wide open with his enormous penis.I cried out all to no avail, Claude grunted and slammed his penis up in my butt without mercy for all of 20 minutes. With a growl deep from with in, Claude erupted a flood of semen that flushed out from around the massive shaft that filled my anus. With each throb of his penis Claude erupted a gusher of semen till it flowed freely from my ruptured anus.After Claude had exited my anus Joseph climb up on me and entered me again. Pulling my head back, by the chin, Joseph slammed into my butt with vengeance till he anadolu yakası escort too filled my rectum with his seed.Brad came back into the room just as Joseph was finishing his brutal assault, but there was no time for me to relax. Brad pulled me to the edge of the bed, turned me to my back and lifted my legs over his shoulders and violently rammed his penis into my butt hole.Begging and pleading I held on to Brad as he punished my ruptured bung hole. The rest of Saturday was much of the same, friends of Brad would come bay and have sex with me followed by sexual session with Brad and Joseph.By nightfall my bung hole was as ragged as could be, it was inflamed and raw form the steady use. I was totally exhausted ataşehir escort and as weak as could be, when I asked for food I was made to suck what ever penis was available till it filled my stomach with it’s substance.I did not think the day would stop, Joseph dressed and said something about going out on a date. Brad left briefly, when he returned he was alone. Brad knelt between my legs and said something like ‘you’ve been a good bitch today, tonight it’s just you and me. In the morning, early, some friends will come by. You are going to be very good to them, then we’ll spend some more time together and I’ll take you home.’Brad nestled between my legs and raised them slightly and entered my very tender and sore ümraniye escort bung hole. As i moaned in agony, Brad kissed my lips and whispered ‘I’m gonna make sweet love to this pussy, just like you like it.’I was already in pain and my rectum was so full of different types of cum that Brad nee not use any lube. He nestled me up in his arms and started to grind deep into my bowels, I groaned and moaned as Brad worked his huge penis around in my anal canal.I could feel his huge penile glans slide across the opening to my colon, floods of passion begin to stir deep in side of me and I could nit help myself. I slowly embraced Brad and begin to throw my aching bung back to him, Brad moaned and kissed/sucked my lips, I wrapped my legs around his body and surrendered myself to him.Brad would flood my butt with his fluid and rest with out pulling out and when he was hard again he would start over wrecking my world. I was nothing more than Brad’s fuck tool at this moment and didn’t care what he did to me as long as he made love to me like this.Brad and His Cousin Joseph….pt2