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ANON SexI had using Craigslist to find “friends” to play with. One of the things that kept on popping up from time to time was ANON. I eventually found out that it stood for anonymous sex. Basically you hook up with someone while you/they are blindfolded or in a very dark room. You don’t know who they are and visa versa. They/You fuck & Suck then leave without saying a word.The thought of this intrigued me to the point where I wanted to try it. Iam a full fledged submissive\bottom so after much thought I finally ran a post on Craigslist. I had a few people contact me and finally found a person that I felt safe with..The plan was this.. he would come to my house at a set time.. He would call when he got there and let the phone ring once… I would unlock the front door and be waiting for him on my knees, wearing a pair of bikini panties, Hose tied around my head to blindfold me and my ass lubed up.After a few missed connections the day finally came where we would meet. He told me that he would be at the house right at noon. I got up in the morning and did my usual workout. When I returned home my heart started racing edremit escort at the thought of some stranger coming into my house and fucking me. I immediately took a shower.. I toweled off and started preparing . In my hidden stash I found a lacy pair of black bikini panties and pulled out one thigh high nylon. I pulled on the panties , sat on the couch for what seemed like a eternity.Finally the phone rang and stopped. I knew he was here and would be coming thru the door in about 30 seconds.. I grabbed the KY applying to my index finger and then slowly inserted my finger in my ass. I then grabbed the nylon and securely tied it around my head so that I was in total darkness. I then kneeled down in front of the door. As soon as my knees hit the carpet, there was a knock on the door. My heart started racing like it never had before. I felt my cock starting to come to life inside my panties.I said finally said ”Come in”. I heard the door open and close and felt the footsteps as he moved towards me. He stopped right in front of me and I heard his zipper go down. I then heard his belt un buckle and a fumbling escort edremit with his pants.. the next sound I heard was his pants hitting the floor around his ankles. I started to open my mouth when I felt a hand on the back of my head pushing it forward and the head of his soft cock entering my mouth. I started sucking on the head while slowly moving down the shaft and taking all of his soft cock in my mouth.. after a few seconds, I felt it starting to grow in my mouth. I continued to suck as I took my hand up and played with his balls.. His cock continued to grow and he started moving his hips back and forth.. Without being able to see it, his cock felt like it had grown to 7-8 inches.. I started sucking harder and harder and his breathing was rapidly increasing.. I started tasting precum when he pulled his cock out of my mouth.He then positioned me so that my chest was laying flat on the couch and my panty covered ass was facing him. My cock was getting raging hard and was starting to push through the front of the panties. I felt him move the panties to the side exposing my ass to him. I then felt edremit escort bayan the head of his cock press against my asshole. I felt a couple of pushes as my anus opened up and allowing his huge cock to enter it. GOD it was big and felt great.. As his cock was moving in and out of my ass, I reached down and started jacking myself off.. It wasn’t going to take long for me to cum… As he was pounding my hole, I tighten my anus up as to grip his cock.. I took my cock and stood it against my stomach and it was held in place by the panties. I put both of my hands above my head on the couch and started hunching the couch as my ass was being fucked. Both of us were breathing harder and harder. I felt my climax growing closer as I heard him say “Iam CUMIMG” I felt him thrust in hard and deep as his warm cum shot deep into my ass. I hunched the couch a couple of more times and I felt a release like I had not felt in a long time.. My cock was coming spewing hot cum all over my stomach and the inside of the panties.I collapsed on the couch as I felt him withdraw from my ass.. I my darkness, I heard him pull up his pants, zip them up and the front door open and close. As I stuggled to get up, I heard a car start and drive off… I removed my blindfold and looked at the cum mess.. dripping from my ass and my own cum…And I had no idea who had just fucked me..