Afternoon at the movies

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Afternoon at the moviesWell after i was at the movies today with some friends and i saw this hot girls in this lil sundress that only just covered her. I was remembering about some times i had been to the movies with a old bf from my swim team when we went to Sydney and the fun time i had.Well i was going out with brent (not his real name) and he was older then me and on the swim team he was the cool older boy that all us girls wanted to be with and he picked me. it was not long before we were having lots of fun together when ever we could. then after training one day I was in the boys charging sheds with brent in one of the toilet cubicles and i was well I think u all can guess what i was doing to Brent and well when i opened my eyes to look up at Brent i saw that 2 of the other boys from the team was standing on each side of Brent watching me do it. brent had been holding my head with his hands over my ears so i did not hear them come in. brent looked down at me still with his hands on my head and told me he wanted the boys to see me doing it and as i could not take my head away i just kept doing what i was doing and I kind of got off on them seeing me, plus it was not the first time i had other watching me but well that a diff story LOL.So anyway that day enhed with me helping out the other 2 boys in the cubicle with us and that is want Brent wanted to see too me doing it to his mates. So afew weeks later when brent said he wanted to take me to Sydney for the day and we could go and see this movie he wanted to show me that was only playing down in Sydney so i said yes. But i did not know it was going to me the type of day it was.So brent was driving us down but he said we would park the car at the train station and take a train from central as well it was hard to get parking close to the place we were going etc I did not mind at all it was just so cool that my bf was taking me to Sydney for the day just like older girls got to do. After we parked the car and was going to the train station i had on a nice blue dress on and I looked hot but just as he got out of the car Brent said he had got something for me and he hope i would wear. he handed me a bag and said he did not want me to open it til I got into the toilets. i I waited and went into the toilet cubicle and opened the bag and inside was a lil black mini mini skirt and a lil red strapless top (boob tube type) i looked at them and well i kind of know they would be very small on me but well i wanted to show brent i liked his gift. So i charged into the lil black mini mini skirt and the red top. I could not wear my bra and I was luck I had on my light blue lace panties and not the G string i was going to wear. But maybe Brent would of liked it more if I had wore it LOL.So after i finished i put my other clothes into the bag and walked out to show Brent and i could see from the look on his face and by the looks of the other guys around the station that he and they liked how it looked on me. It felt like i was wear just about nothing and that was abit scary but i kind of loved it that Brent and everyone else was looking at me in my lil mini mini skirt and lil red top.Brent said i looked hot and he loved how the outfit looked on me. brent said i should wait for him and he took the bag back to the car and left me to stand at the station in my lil outfit I could see all the guys as they walked past looking at me it was kind of hot to know all thses guys where looing at me but on the other hand it was abit scary too just standing with that lil outfit on showing off alot of my body. I did not want to sit down as well i was not sure how much the lil mini mini skirt would show off. So when Brent come back i could see he was looking at all the guys looking at me as he walked up and when he got to me he put his arm around me and kissed me and as he did he put his hand on bum and i could feel the skirt come up and I just know my lace panties were on show to someone LOL.So we took the train and when i sat down i mersin escort was right the skirt was so shart i had to put my hand in my lap not to show my laces panties to anyone that could see me. brent put his hand out for me to hold it and then i put it back in my lap so i had brents and my hand in my lap and brent pushed it down so his hand was resting on my panties and he would move his fingers abit ver so often and it rubbed me and well it was getting me hot.After about 30 minutes we got to the station we needed to get off at and again as i walked off the train and onto the station all the guys were looking at us, or more to the point looking at me. brent and i walked hand in hand from the station and we looked around at all the shops and sights as we walked brent said would should have lunch before the movie and we found a nice lil place and sat down to have lunch again it was hard for me as i sat down the skirt moved up and i kept trying to put it down so i was not showing off to much. i loved sitting having lunch with brent like a older couple would do all the time.So after lunch and again looks from others at the cafe and one of the waiters we walked to the movies just as we got their brent looked at me and said i should tell me that this movie was abit rude and if i did not want to see it he would understand as it was not for k**s I looked at him and said I’m not a k** u should know that by what we have done together etc. brent smiled and said i know sara i was just playing with u….i hit his arm and he hugged me and kissed me and it was good to be like that.So we walked in and i looked around and it was a old cinema and abit dark but brent took my hand and walked over to the desk a guy behind it looked at me and said to brent what age is she Brent said are u kirth? he said yes Brent said who he was and who i was and then the guy just said oh ok and gave brent the tickets and said it was the door on the left and brent asked if i wanted a drink or popcorn etc i said a drink would be nice but just water. Brent got me a drink and one for him plus said why don’t i have a ice cream with him so i said ok and we went inside. it was dark and the place looked old and if i had not been with brent i would ot walked out as it was abit scary.Brent found us a seat but not up the back like we do at home he sat us about in the middle and as i looked around i could see not that many where in the cinema with us and it was only a guy here or afew guys together etc plus over the other side it looked like 2 guys and a girl sitting between them. So brent and i was sitting and just soft talking when the lights when down and the movie trailers started and then i got to see what brent was meaning about the movies they were not normal one but more rude ones and just as they started Brent bent over to me and said very soft into my ear that i was better looking then any girl in the movies would be and kissed me on my check then down to my mouth and as we kissed his hand went to my top and before i know it brent had my top down and his hand on my nipple and boob and i have to say it was making me hot but then i remembered where i was and tried to pull away but brent just kept kissing me and working his hand o my boobs as he was going from one to the other as they were both frees of the top now and i started to think this is why he wanted me to wear this clothes as it would be very easy for him to get to my boobs and my panties and i kind of got hotter thinking about what he would be doing to me next.I was right the next thing Brent did was move his hand down to my panties and rubbed me and as my boobs where still out he moved his lips down to my nipples and well i love it when he licked and sucked my nipples and i had my eyes closed but then i opened them as i could hear a soft noise and looked over to the 2 guys and girl and i could just see the out like of the 2 guys doing the same thing to her boobs as brent was doing to mine but she was being held up abit out escort mersin of her seat kind of being shown to anyone that wanted to see. i looked around and could see guys looking at what was happening to her and not at the screen and then i could see one looking at brent sucking my nipples and i said to brent that this guy over here is watching us he just said it’s ok sara that is what this place is like…don’t u think it’s hot being watched…i did not say but i did kind of like the idea being watched as brent worked on my nipples and rubbed my panties and was getting me very brent was getting me hot i was watching the girl and the 2 guys and the more i watched the more i could see in the dark with the light from the screen and when i saw one of the guy lift her up and i could see he sat her down in his lap i know what was happening and it got he even wetter. just then i could hear a noise i know well it was a zipper and it was brents and he kissed my and said suck me sara and pushed my head down to his free cock and i started sucking brent off in the cinema knowing we would be watched my the guys and i did not care and as i sucked brent played with my boobs and nipples and then he pulled my panties down and played with my wet pussy and was getting me ready for what i know would be a very hot fuck right in the cinema.when brent pulled my head off his cock and pushed his shorts down and just picked my up and moved me over to his hard wet cock as. as he moved me down onto his cock i said cover brent and he said just this once please i said sorry no and he pulled out one from his pocket and i helped him put it on as i was sitting up to do so i looked around and could see guys looking at my lil boobs on show for them too all see and it was hot.brent sat me down on his cock and off i was riding him like i have done before but not in a cinema with peeps watching as he fucks my hot wet lil pussy. as we fucked 2 guys moved closer to get a better view and i could see they had their cocks out and wanking as they watched. then I looked closer at one guy and it was the guy Keith from the desk that brent talked too.As i rode on brent this kirth moved to the seats behind us and said how about u take this too and showed me his cock and Brent said yes sara suck him off as i fuck u babe… i did not know what to do but brent pulled my closer to the cock and i just bent forward and took his cock in my mouth and he started to face fuck me and brent looked on and fucked me harder as i was being face fucked it was a hot show and i bet the other guys were loving it.After abit brent said i want to fuck u over the seat and Kieth took his cock form my mouth as brent just picked me up and pulled the mini off me with my panties so i just had on the red boob top on my the was down and my lil boobs where on show. brent just bent me over the seat and went back to fucking me over the seat and Keith pushed his cock back into my mouth and he also started to play with my nipples as he face fucked me.this went on til brent moved me again this time just lifting my leg up so he could get in me deeper and i was taking all he and this Keith guy could give me. then the next thing i feel a hand take my hand and move it and put it on a hard cock and make me wank it so i was not being face and pussy fucked and wanking off another guy and was feeling like a real slut but loving it too.this went on til Keith blow his load in my mouth and kept blowing til he was empty and as he pulled out the guy i had been wanking move in and feed me his cock as Brent was still fucking me. the next did not take long before he blow in my mouth too and then brent started to fuck me so hard asi know he was ready to cum and he took my boobs in hand and fucked me hard and i could not help it when the guy took his cock out of my mouth i screamed as i cum. and as brent lay on top of me kissing me after he had cum i could hear more noise and looked over to see the girl with the 2 guys were now only a few mersin escort bayan seats away and i could see she was being fucked over the seat like Brent did to me but the guy fucking he was very rough on her and i could see the look on her face that she was loving being fucked like it.After brent and i had recovered brent said he loved me for being sure a great gf and he pulled me over so we could both watch the girl get fucked and i could feel brents cock getting hard again as he watched her getting fucked til the guy just about picked her off the seat and rammed her til he blow.Brent was rubbing his cock on me again and said i want u again now sara i said yes brent fuck me and he said i want ur ass this time ok i looked at hi this would be the first time he had ass fucked me and that was fine with me as i had been ass fucked my dave and Dan before but not by Brent. he again bent me over the seat and got behind me and just pushed it in all the way in one go it hurt and i sceamed and brent just kept fucking me til it did not hurt anymore. it was not long before i had a cock in front of me again but this time it was aold guy and i told brent i did not want it and he told the guy i would wank him but not suck him the guy wanted me to suck him but i would not so he said ok wank hi so i wanked his old cock til he cum and shot on the floor. but the guy standing next to him and was wanking well he did not shot on the floor he just shot onto my face and when it hit me it was a shock but it was hot.Just as that happened the girl that had been fuck just afew seat over moved to me and as brent was fucking my ass hard she said can i help u with that and licked the cum off my face and kissed me at the same time and i kissed her back. then the guy with her said why don’t u eat her girl and i looked at him and she just moved onto the seat in front of me and opened her legs and pushed her lil pussy into my face and i went to work on her cum filled pussy as brent went bad fucking my ass like a mad man….it was just so hot doing that in the cinema knowing other where watching it all happen.this went on til Brent blow and finished fucking me and i had cleaned out the girl in front of me and brent sat in a seat next to me and i was like could not more and he kissed me and said i was the best gf ever. the girl kissed me and said u want to clean up some come with me and took my hand she was naked and i was trying to get my mini and panties but she said it will be ok and walked me to the side of the cinema and opened the door and i could see that the front doors where closed and that keith was sitting behind the desk and the girl just said we r cleaning up ok he looked over and said did we need a hand and she said no and i kind of felt fun just walking around like that almost nude and with a nude girl.When we got into the toilets she told me her name was Tina, i said i’m sara and she asked him that boy i was with my bf i said yes he is she then shocked me by saying can i fuck him when we go back in if he wants too….i looked at her and this time had a good look and could see she was a cute girl with a nice tight lil body and cute face. i said well i guess if he wants too. She said hers wanted to fuck me and she knows Keith would love to fuck u too he wants them all that come here. i asked her how did she know she said well she comes here 3 or 4 times a week know and he always wants the new girls and it’s part of the deal to letting us in here to get a taste.I did not know what she ment by that but later when Brent told me all about it i did and well i could of been mad at him but i was not as I had a great day and made a new friend..after we went back in tina asked if brent could fuck her and the guy (later found out it was he uncle) said yes and i told brent he could if he wanted to and well he did as she was just such a cute lil thing anyone would want to fuck her and well Keith come in and Brent pulled me aside and said sara i know it is alot to ask but can this boy fuck u I said it’s ok Brent Tina told me it was part of the deal and yes he could as long as he used a cover….so for the next hour I and Tina got fucked in out pussy ass and or mouth my brent Keith and Tinas uncle and it was a very hot time….