African Safari Two – the trainer looks on

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The camp was a hive of activity when the hunting party returned that afternoon. The women wanted hot water, the men wanted fresh drinks and the kill had to be processed. But none of those tasks were my problems. I have to look after the live animals – the four leg as well as the two leg variety. It is the latter category that makes me love my work – and also makes me rich.

They call me the Afrikaner. I have connections to kinds of people normal folk don’t even know exists. I trade in soft, firms, juicy flesh. Who wouldn’t love doing that?

I fucking hate women. All of them. This makes me love my work even more.
Women are dumb animals – some fucker domesticated the cunts and now we are sitting with the problem. Sluts.

Look at them! Is it easy to see what their purpose is. Fucking and breeding. That is all they are good for. A female should submit to anything male on the planet, that is how I see it. Kneel cunt, lick your Master’s ass! Who the fuck do you think you are, demanding more?

The cunt in question was still covered in the blood of the magnificent Kudu bull they have killed during the hunt, when my helper dragged her out of her cage. I have trained this helper well. He does not even see her as a person anymore. It is strange how they distinguish between the women in the camp, who they have to address with the utmost respect, and these imported cunts. He didn’t even wait for her to get to her feet. He just grabbed the heavy chain tied to her collar and started walking. If he treated one of the clients’ dogs like that, he would have lost his job. But this was no dog – this was something infinitely less. He dragged her through the dirt before she eventually managed to get to her knees and when at last she managed to crawl he was moving so fast that she couldn’t keep up anyway. It was entertaining to watch.

I was fucking proud of the quality of this product I have delivered to one of my most important clients. The cunts we usually provided were from the “wrong side of town”. It was easier to grab them because they hung out in all the shady places. But this one, this one was different. We got lucky. She was from the same class as the women in the camp – and they realized it. And they were going to make her pay for it. I almost felt sorry for her – almost.

I watched as my helper dumped her ass on the ground at my client’s feet. He was impressed with her, I knew it. He liked her refinement, he liked destroying something of quality. I didn’t think he was going to leave this one behind. He was not going to finish with her for a while yet.

So I was waiting for the fun to start. The scene was almost set. This cunt was still thinking of herself as a person. Hell, so was I if you listened to me talking about “her”. John was going to turn her into a piece of meat. I stood a little closer so I could watch the proceedings better.

Two sturdy poles were planted into the dry African soil, a few meters apart. Spanning the length between these poles another one has been fastened. It was higher than a man’s reach and had a pulley-system attached. There were hooks fastened to this crossbeam – large, illegal bahis shiny, sharp hooks and I wondered if she knew what they were for. This was the butchery. This was where the hunters’ prey were going to be slaughtered.

“Come, hang it up” John gestured in her direction.

My worker tied a rope around both her wrists, bound both wrists together and then kicked her closer to the beam. She struggled away from his feet to exactly where they wanted her. He should have kicked harder. Cunt.

“Wait, we can lower the beam and hoist both of them together.” One of his friends joined the party.

The stupid cunt did not know it yet but she has not seen the last of the bull she has had such intimate contact with. A group of laborers was dragging the Kudu to the makeshift abattoir.

“Ok, lower the beam,” someone said. Another slipped ropes around her ankles and tied them to the lowered beam. Off course they spread the cunt’s legs wide open before they secured it in place.

The Kudu was secured to the beam next to the dirty slut and then both were hoisted up.

The ropes must have cut into her slender ankles the moment the beam began to lift her up. I felt my dick harden and wondered how many men can really watch a scene like this without wanting to burst. She groaned when her back was pulled over the rough ground just before she was lifted clear. It was such a sexy fucking sight. Her long hair was hanging in the dust, exposing her back totally. Her full tits were sagging slightly down-wards. A filthy sex, but so usable.

Next to her the body of the buck was hanging, its head to one side.

The workers now stepped closer, knifes in their hands. They were ready to finish the job of turning life into pieces of meat. Little did the worthless cunt realize that was precisely what her owner intended to do to her as well. Dumb fucking animals, I tell you.

“I am ready to prepare the meat,” John said to one of his friends. “Are you going to call the rest?”

“They are on their way, I think you can start if you want to.”

I smiled as the little cunt started struggling again when she heard those words. She must have wondered what it meant.

I saw John circling her and then crouching next to her face. He looked into her eyes and spoke in a flat authoritative voice.

“The nice thing about cunt-flesh is that it can understand. It can be terrified. It can scream and cry and beg.” He looked over his shoulder at the men who was now cutting strips of meat from the skinless carcass next to them. “That magnificent animal did not know what hit it. He never felt fear. But you, stupid piece of flesh, you are quivering with dread. It makes me want to fuck you. It makes me want to hurt you. And I always get my way.” He had a knife in his hand and he was running it down her stretched side. I could see her flinching, tensing up under the touch of the sharp blade.

“I am going to skin you, and then I am going to tenderize you, and then I am going to cut you in strips and feet you to the dogs. I will give your cunt to Killer here because I love Killer and Killer loves pussy.”

The men laughed. They illegal bahis siteleri knew Killer will get some action eventually. They have seen it before and they can never get enough of it.

Next to the naked cunt, large pieces of meat were being chopped off and carried away. There was not much left of the Kudu. There was not much left of the woman we brought to the camp a mere 24 hours ago either. John was working with a plan, nothing was ever done without a specific outcome in mind, and when this plan eventually comes together it will be a thing of beauty.

He called Killer to his side. The large brown dog panted up to his Master and was rewarded with a pat on the head. The dog looked at the thing hanging in front of him and then collapsed to the ground in boredom. Even Killer knew she was worthless.

The cunt was whimpering now, we could hear her pathetic sobs. Her fear was fucking beautiful. She was powerless and small and totally fucked. And then she pissed herself.

Oh, the power we have to turn a woman into this. It is intoxicating. We could smell her terror, see her fear running down her upside-down body towards her tits and face and we wanted more.

John was laughing at her now. He looked at the yellow stream running into her hair and leaned closer to her face.

“Oh you fucking beautiful cunt,” he said in a loud whisper, “I may just decide to keep you. You are so deliciously weak and fragile and small.” He took her tit in his big hand, squeezing it viscously. “I want to see your innocent face look up at me in devotion like my dog does, I want to see you crawling back for more of whatever I want to give you because you can’t think of anything else that matters.” His mouth was next to her ear by now. “You will be my dogs’ dog and I will hurt you until the end of your days – starting now.”

And then he got up. “Stupid cunt. Let’s slaughter her.”

I have seen this before. But this time he did it neatly, as if he was taking into account how it will look after it healed.

She screamed when he first cut in her flesh. He broke through her skin just under her butt and drew a thin line of blood over her white cheek until it tapered out just beneath her back. The blood immediately started running down her back. We could see her legs tense and her butt tense and the blood was mingling with the blood of the animal that has dried on her skin.

“No!!” Her scream cut through the air when he started on the next incision.

We were watching a wet dream.

The knife was sharp and sliced effortlessly through her tender skin – six times. He carved three parallel lines down the centre of each cheek. It was his trademark. One of them. Each would heal into a thin red ridge. But before it healed it would hurt, and John had this down to a science.

There was a point to this. The cunt was becoming an it. A thing, a piece of meat. She was screaming and begging and no one was acknowledging it. Until eventually she got the message and fell quiet, settling for tears. It was a fucking shame, we love to hear cunts scream.

I wished John would just finish the fuck up. I did not touch the goods canlı bahis siteleri myself but loved to watch them suffer. But he had his ways.

Like opening the bitches up. He liked the first openings to be special and memorable – after that he couldn’t care less and shared with all. This cunt had a memorable opening of her fist two holes if you bloody ask me.
The gang throat-rape was a brilliant start. And then John raped her tight little cunt on top of that dying animal – how could he top that!?

I looked at her bloody ass and pictured the tiny, virgin hole waiting to be violated into shreds and I could barely contain myself anymore. My dick was throbbing violently by now.

It was time. John turned to the carcass behind him. It was stripped bare of flesh. The dogs would get the rest. But there was one thing he needed first.

The dick.

It was an enormous bull. And it had an enormous dick which was still hanging from the body. The butchers have done a good job, keeping it intact like that. John cut through the filthy sinewy phallus which must have started to reek by then and then he showed it to the cunt.

There is just no way to please a bitch. Fuck, I hate them. Always going on about size that matters and when you give her a big one, she starts whimpering like an idiot. Fucking slut. I knew she was going to shit blood for a week and I couldn’t wait to see it.

One of the friends was standing closer. We all wanted to be reminded of the size of that hole. He pulled the bloody butt-cheeks apart to show us where the bull’s dick was going to go. It was never going to fit. The thing in John’s hand was twice as thick as the intended target. This was going to be brutal.

Fuck! It was one of the sexiest things I ever saw, and I have seen sick shit in my time. She screamed the whole time he was forcing the piece of meat up her dry hole. And he took his time doing it. We could see the cute little cherry stretch and stretch and then some more. There was tearing and there was fresh blood. We saw her body tense and knew this was going to make it worse. We saw her hands grasping in the air, struggling to find something to hold on to. What is sexier than a woman bleeding? He pushed that thing so deep into her hole that I wondered if she would survive it. But she took it all.
And then the fucking started.

They took turns raping her ass with that cut-off dick. The ropes around her ankles were pulled to max keeping her body in the air while they were fucking her senseless. They fucked her hard, fast. Unending. Deep. Violently. They fucked her dry and then fucked her raw. They used that fucking whore the way cunts were meant to be used. Sometimes they stopped for a while, having a sip of bear, passing the dick to the next guy, taking as break. But her asshole never got a break. Not until they were all done. Not until her ass was a gaping hole (I knew it wouldn’t stay that way, not yet).
And then John declared the cunt open.


I cut it loose after everyone retired for the night. It was not safe to leave meat out in the open. I knew what was in store for her the following day since one of the women ask me to help organize it. Cunt was not going to like it. But this was her life now. Time to accept it.
Fucking bitch.

(may be conitiued)