A Si ster’s Lust chapter 5


A Si ster’s Lust chapter 5Herb felt like someone had just handed him a million dollars as he heard thepassionate pleading in her voice. Of course he’d wanted to fuck her all night but hehadn’t really expected to succeed. He was sure that Gail would back out at the lastminute or get mad at him and demand he take her home. Now she was the oneasking him! Could it be possible that he’d been wrong about Gail? That perhaps shewasn’t the straight virgin he’d surmised?Currents of delicious excitement ran through Gail’s body as she folded her fingersaround the rigid pole of Herb’s cock. All of her better sense seemed to havedisappeared in the heat of the moment but Gail didn’t care. All she knew was thatshe wanted this lovely huge spear of cockflesh in her tiny virginal opening. Shewanted to fuck and she wanted to be screwed now!Gail’s next words startled Herb so much he almost laughed right out loud. His initialfeeling about Gail had been right!“I-I’ve never done this before,” Gail breathed, the words tumbling out before she hadtime to think. “Y-you’ll have to show me how.”Gail felt the blush rise to her hot cheeks. She really shouldn’t have said that! NowHerb might not want to do it. She could have killed herself for blurting out the truththat way. Herb might not want to fuck someone as inexperienced as she was. Hemight prefer a girl who knew what she was doing.“Don’t worry about a thing,” Herb said quickly, holding back his laughter. “Just relaxand let me do all the work. You’re going to have some real fun tonight, Gail. I canguarantee that.”A flash of excitement shot through Herb’s body as he stared down at the tremblingvirgin beneath him. He’d fucked a lot of women but he’d never had a virgin before. Itwas going to be a real trip to turn Gail on to fucking. She certainly looked as if shewere ready for it. Her nipples were swollen and throbbing with heat and her face wasflushed with excitement. Gail acted as if she were dying to be fucked and he was justthe guy to do it!For a second, Gail almost wished that she were back home in her tiny littleapartment, packing. What on earth had made her say a thing like that? If she couldthink of a good way to take back her words she would, but Gail wasn’t the sort of girlto back out once she’d committed herself. How had she gotten into a situation likethis anyway?Before Gail had time to think of some excuse for going home immediately, Herbreached down between them and his fingers gripped his hugely erect meaty cock.Now it was too late! Gail shivered in fright but then her passion returned in full forceas the delicious sensations started flowing through her again. The inexperiencedbrunette schoolteacher moaned and whimpered throatily as Herb pressed his turgidcock down smoothly, butting the heated slick head of it right up against her pulsingvirginal opening.“Ooooooh!” she breathed, shaking all over as the heated thrills began to fog hermind again. “Ooooooh, yesssss!”Herb took a deep breath and slid his cock around, trying to find exactly the right spot.This was a lot different than fucking with anyone else. He’d never had to gropearound like this before. With every other girl Herb had ever fucked, his cock had slidright in. With Gail he could feel a solid resistance to his probing. His cock waspushing right up between the slick, flange-like ridges of her cunt and he could feelthe moist tight opening. Herb knew that Gall had been telling the truth about being avirgin. There was plenty of resistance when he tried to inch his prick forward.“Oooooh, Herb!” she said, blushing with shameful lust. She could feel her cuntal lipspulsing heatedly around his cock in a gesture of wicked invitation and she blushedeven harder as she heard the sucking noises which were coming from her quiveringpussymouth. Her lovely trembling body wanted to be fucked so badly that shesobbed with carnal desires. She wanted his cock inside her pussy whether it was thecorrect thing to do or not!“Just a second, honey,” he said, steadying himself on his elbows. “Just relax nowand you’re really going to enjoy it.”Jerry could feel himself panting as he pushed forward a little more forcefully. Still herbody resisted him. Another thrust forward and he was gaining some ground. Thiswas more like it! Another few inches and Gail would be a virgin no longer.“Just relax now,” Herb told her as his cock slithered heatedly into the tight silkensheath of her pussy. The moist rush of her slippery juices encased his cock in aliquid fire. The blazing lubrication inflamed Herb’s senses to the point where hecompletely forgot about taking it easy and entering her gently. He had to get his cockinside! Once he was past the barrier of her virginity he could be tender andconsiderate. Now was the time for action!Jerry’s face was strained and red as he hurtled forward. All of his strength was inone mighty thrust as he broke through Gail’s resistance with one swift mercilesslunge. He had done it! Gail would never be a virgin again!“00000HHHHH!” she panted, tensing beneath Herb’s body as his throbbing prickhurtled into the warm, soft sanctity of her virgin cunt. A gurgling moan tore from herthroat as he thrust the blue-veined throbbing thickness of his prick far up into hervaginal opening with a sharp, skewering lunge. He was inside and Gail felt the saltytears swelling up in her eyes at the painful thrusting of his huge prick.The shuddering teacher whimpered again as she tried to resist this lewd impalement.A moment before she had wanted Herb to drive his huge prick into her quakingtissues but now that his thick cock was actually inside, the shaking girl wasbeginning to change her mind. She wanted him to stop! This wasn’t what a good girlshould be doing at all!Even though her mind was rebelling, her well-lubricated tissues were no match forHerb’s brutal strength. A moan of startled pain pushed out between her shivering lipsas he drove into her deeply. It was too late! His thick heated cockhead was firmlyburied between her soft white thighs. Her virginity had disappeared . . . destroyedwith one swift well-placed lunge. She could never claim to be a good girl again!Herb couldn’t help his grin of triumph as he felt the moist giving of Gail’s cuntaltissues. She was his for the taking and now Herb was prepared to enjoy the rest ofthe evening. Poor Gail seemed a little shaken by his first probing plunge but she’dlike it once she got used to it. He’d show her just how much fun fucking could be andthen she’d love it.Herb gave a sigh of lusty satisfaction as he drove the huge stiffness of his cock intothe softly moist cavern of Gail’s innocent pussy. This was fantastic! In all his wilddays in teacher’s college, he’d never had a virgin. This was really fantastic and Herbintended on showing Gail a good time tonight. By the time the night was over she’dbe grateful that she’d agreed to fuck. It was great already and it was going to geteven more fantastic after he taught the shy English teacher a little more aboutfucking. He’d get her all aroused again now and then she’d find out just what sexyfun really was.Even though she felt like crying, she fixed her lips in a smile and gritted her teeth. Allof her earlier passion had disappeared with the pain of his impaling anadolu yakası escort lunge. If this wasfucking, she didn’t want any more of it, but it was impossible to ask Herb to stop now.She didn’t have enough breath in her lungs to cry out. Every time she gasped to fillher lungs with air, he plunged downward again and she almost lost her breath.Would this shameful plunging never end?Alter a long moment Gall opened her tightly-shut eyes. She could see Herb’s face inthe moonlight and the trembling girl stared at him for a tense moment. There was anexpression of a****lish hunger on his handsome features that made him look like adetermined caveman, dragging his woman off to his hole in the rocks to destroy herinnocence. He didn’t look like himself at all! What had happened to the nice, properhistory teacher who taught in the classroom next to hers? This sweat-drenched, lustysavage bore no resemblance to the nice history teacher she knew! Her virginity hadbeen destroyed along with her self-respect and she was sure it hadn’t been worth itat all! Herb was entirely different than she’d thought, and fear quivered through thelovely brunette’s senses as she stared at his totally unfamiliar face.Herb was carried forward on a sudden rushing tide of passion. He had no idea whatanguished thoughts were running through Gail’s mind as he thrust deeply into herquivering pussytunnel. With every backward stroke of his turgid stiffness, he pulledhis lust stiffened erection almost all the way out of her throbbing cuntal channel,leaving just the bloated tip inside. After another gulp of air, he thrust forward again,skewering wetly into the gripping depths of her young womanhood, pushing themoist pinkness aside in a wildly rippling motion until his hips mashed against herbody with a sharp thud. Even his lust bloated testicles gave smacking testimony tohis exertion as they slapped into the smooth hairless crevice of her quiveringbuttocks with a sticky noise that made his enjoyment even more intense. She wasgoing to have a ball tonight and he was going to make sure she experienced the joyof wild abandoned fucking before he let his steaming sperm spurt into her innermostdepths. A couple more moments and the soreness should be gone. Then Gail wouldreally appreciate the thrusting probes of his huge cock.“Pleeeeeease . . .” Gail moaned, twisting her head from side to side on the roughblanket. She heard the exciting lurid plop his testicles made as they mashed againsther upturned buttocks and her face turned pink with shame. The tears of remorsewhich had been welling in her eyes began to drip down her cheeks and his faceswam before her gaze. If only she hadn’t been so eager to see the new school site,this dreadful incident would never have happened!Time was meaningless for the remorseful young teacher. She had no idea whether ithad been hours, or only a few seconds since Herb’s huge cock had driven sopainfully into her virgin cunt. She could feel the twisted smile fixed on her face sofirmly that it felt as if her mouth would crack with the effort. This was just tooembarrassing! She couldn’t let Herb know that fucking was awful! Not at all whatshe’d expected it to be!It seemed as if Gail had endured this jolting and bouncing forever when the startledgirl became aware of a new, even more frightening sensation. With a jolt ofawareness she found that Herb’s deeply thrusting cock didn’t hurt at all anymore!The pain was gone and now that she analyzed the situation, fucking wasn’t all thatbad. Of course it was embarrassing . . . one couldn’t possibly deny that. Gail wasashamed at the way her lubricating juices were flowing so freely. At the same time,the quaking young teacher was filled with a warm, shuddering urge. Her emotionswere in complete conflict. Part of her felt guilty about not preserving her virginity butthat guilt soon disappeared in the face of the new, exciting sensations which wereflooding through her rippling cuntal channel. With every plunging stroke of Herb’sthick cock, Gail was responding more and more freely. With every heated plunge,she was freeing herself of her crippling inhibitions. An a****lish frenzy was invadingher prim body and she was finding herself turning into a willing wanton under thedeeply plunging spear of Herb’s plummeting cockpole!Gail gave a low whimper of alarm as the feeling grew in intensity. She wasn’t all thatsure if she approved of the way her body was responding. Was it right to give way tothe lust that made her wiggle and squirm beneath Herb’s hard, muscular body? Orshould she fight to remain motionless, as stiff and unyielding as a stone and attemptto maintain some of her self-respect? There were no guidelines to follow in asituation like this. Gail had never discussed fucking with anyone and she didn’t havethe foggiest notion of what would be proper to do.Gail trembled even harder as she realized that she really didn’t have a choice. Herbody was responding even though she willed it to be still. Herb had freed the wantonin her soul . . . created her new womanhood and broken the restraints of her parents’teachings. Even though Gail firmly believed that she was behaving in a depravedand lewd manner, she couldn’t stop squirming forward just a little to meet Herb’sheated thrusts. No use trying to k** herself. The aroused feelings in her body wereoverpowering her. There was no way she could maintain any kind of immunityagainst the lustful feelings that were charging her body with lewd energy. She lovedit. There was no use denying it! She was caught up firmly in a tight web of lust andshe didn’t want to break free!“Oooooh, Herb!” she moaned at each driving thrust of her co-worker’s huge cock.Herb’s arms were holding her tightly and her legs were raised high, her knees nearlydoubled back to flatten her quivering breasts. The taut throbbing buds of her crinklednipples were thrusting out wantonly against the surface of her legs, coaxed intoshuddering arousal by the rubbing of Herb’s heavy body against hers. With everydeeply delicious thrust, her nipples bounced and quivered with fiery passion. Fuckingwas indeed wonderful!Gall gave a squeal of pleasure as her flaming cuntal tunnel sucked greedily at Herb’splunging cock. The inexperienced teacher was consumed by the erotic waves ofpassion breaking in her shivery body. She was losing her head completely and amoan of delighted surrender parted her full, heated lips as she tossed her head fromside to side and her young, lustily trembling body surged upward, trying to capturethe turgid stiffness of Herb’s masculinity. Her arms wrapped up around his back andclamped fiercely, urging him deeper and deeper into her rippling vaginal pinkness.She had finally discovered that fucking was fun, Gail hungered for more of Herb’ssearing lunges.“More!” Gail cried out, writhing and moaning in lusty greediness. “Pleeeease, Herb!Give me more!”The formerly prudish teacher had undergone a really remarkable transformation withthe acceptance of Herb’s thick, rigid cock in her pussy. She was thoroughly wanton,rising higher and higher with each deeply-lunging thrust. Her young, lithe bodyenveloped and wrapped around her co-worker’s ataşehir escort meaty skewering prick and shestrained upward, the taut muscles of her body screaming to meet each deepeningcock stab.“Oooooooh!” Gail gasped, so thoroughly caught up in the exquisite sensations thatshe hadn’t even heard Herb’s snorting gasps of pleasure. He was thrusting deeper,ever deeper, driving into her molten tight cunt like a trip hammer, making her gaspfor air, choking out the shamefully exciting words of untamed lust.“More, Herb! Pleeeeeease . . . give me more of your cock! Fuck me, Herb! FUCKMEEEEE!”Herb’s grin of delight grew wider as he felt Gail’s heated, slippery cuntal walls suckat his rigid cock. She was almost there . . . almost at the peak of passion, and nowwas the time to slow down and enjoy the moment. Herb could hardly wait to fuck herin a slow, sliding rhythm, really bringing out the wanton in her. This shy, prudishEnglish teacher was going to be the wildest fuck of his life . . . Herb could tell that.He just hoped that he could hold off his own lust long enough to enjoy her to thefullest.She held her breath as Herb’s pace slowed. She rocked up and down crazily, tryingto suck his blue-veined stiffness into the very back of her rippling cuntal tunnel. Shedidn’t feel anything like a prudish virgin any longer. She felt like the lustiest womanalive, begging for deeper and deeper lunges of his thickened spear of cockflesh. Shewanted him to spear into the very depths of her feminine channel . . . to possess hercompletely with his heated masculinity.Herb couldn’t hide his smile of victory as he felt the way Gail was moving. He couldfeel her beautiful body shudder and writhe beneath him as his deeply probing lungesslowed. He could feel the way her tight vaginal sheath gripped his huge, hot shaftand his frenzied, lustful thrusts became a slow sensuous tempo of thick spearing thatprobed deeply into her pink, shuddering depths. Never, in his wildest imaginings, hadhe thought that Gail would be this hot! She was turning into a lusty little wanton, rightbefore his very eyes!Even though the night was cool, Herb reached up to wipe the sweat from hisforehead with one hand while he leaned on the other. He could feel the salty beadsof sweat roll down from his belly and drop onto Gail’s moistly shivering body. It feltlike this was the hottest day of the year, even though Herb knew it was actually quitechilly out here on the blanket. It wasn’t the night that was so hot. It was Gail and he’dmade her that way!Herb drove forward again, slipping a bit on the moist slippery surface of Gail’s body.He wished for a breeze to cool them off. Of course he had planned the eveningexactly this way, taking Gail by surprise here in the woods. Herb was wise enough toknow that if he’d set up the whole night in his apartment, Gail would never haveagreed to fuck. At least the next time they could be comfortable. They could go to hisapartment and fuck right on the bed. That would be a hell of a lot better than thisscratchy blanket. Already the wool blanket was chafing his elbows and knees and hedidn’t even want to think of how she must be feeling. Her ass was going to be sore inthe morning, he was sure!Although Herb was concerned for Gail’s comfort, he never had a thought of stoppingand suggesting that they find a better spot for their lovemaking. There was no waythe horny young history teacher was going to stop now. He was going to finish thisfuck and do it perfectly. If he stopped now, Gail would never reach that exciting peakof lusty pleasure and there was no way he’d take the chance of driving to hisapartment where they could be more comfortable and then having Gail change hermind about fucking. They’d do it right here, even if this wasn’t the best of places, andshe’d love every minute of it!“Hot, baby!” Herb grunted, reaching up to wipe his forehead again. The sweat thatrolled from his body made the slipping and sliding motions even more pronouncedand it was all Herb could do to keep his excited stiffness from exploding. Somethingabout the deserted woods and the scratchy blanket was really turning him on and hecould tell that it was having the same lusty effect on Gail. Her cuntal walls weregripping his throbbing penis tightly, rubbing and fluttering around his stiff, meatyspear like a heated silken fist.“Ooooooh!” she moaned aloud, as Herb’s heated thrusts slowed even more. Thisslow, plunging rhythm was truly maddening and the aroused and frustrated youngteacher felt her breath catch in her throat. She wanted more . . . much more, andGail knew that she’d surely die of frustration if Herb stopped now!“Pleeeeease,” she wailed. “Pleeeeease, Herb! More! Fuck me more, Herb! I need it!”As Gail heard her own wanton words, her face turned pink with shame. There wasno denying the passion in her own voice. Even though the young teacher wasembarrassed, her shame could do nothing to stop the rising tide of sensation thatfilled her trembling body. She wanted even more fucking and she was going to get it,even if she had to beg him!“Aaaaaagh! Yessssss!” Gail wailed, throwing her legs up high and wrapping themaround Herb’s heated back. Locking her ankles together, she held him prisoner inher heated pussy. He couldn’t stop now . . . not when everything felt so wonderful!“Fuck meeeeeee!” Gail sobbed, caught up in the urgency of her own lewd desires.His slow rhythmic thrusts were driving her crazy with lust. Tension was building inher own body now and she squealed out loudly. She felt his cock growing thickerand still hotter within the grasping walls of her tightly rippling cunt. It was going tohappen! She was going to cum in a glorious release of sexual lust!“Aaaaaaagh!” Gail squealed, her voice rising like the siren on a fire truck. “Fuckmeeeee! Pleeeeease! FUCK MEEEEEE!”Herb gave a grunt of satisfaction and pulled his cock almost all the way out of herrippling tortured pussy. He stared down at her pleading face and grinned as heteased her with the bloated tip of his prick, driving in just a fraction of an inch andthen pulling out again despite the frenzied writhings of her body. Gail was almostchoking with the passion that was filling her body and that was just the way hewanted it. He’d make her beg for it just a little longer and then he’d really give it toher!“Please, what?” Herb grinned, teasing the lusting girl until she was mad with desire.“What do you want, Gail? I won’t give it to you until you tell me.”“Ooooooh,” Gail choked, her face turning an embarrassed red color. How could hedo this to her? He wanted her to say those words . . . those awful lusting words in thebook she’d found. Herb wanted her to beg for his cock in her pussy and give up thelast shred of her virtue!“Fuck meeeeee!” Gail gasped, her face stained with shame. “Fuck me, Herb . . .pleeeeeeease!”“More,” Herb grinned, still remaining motionless. “Tell me exactly what you want orI’ll stop.”For one swift second, Gail thought she would refuse to say those degrading words,but the power of lust was too strong. She’d do anything to feel Herb’s huge cockhurtle into her quivering femininity again, even if it meant throwing away the last ofher self-esteem. She had ümraniye escort to have his cock again! There was no escaping the fires ofher awakening lust. There was no alternative. She had to have cock, his cock!“G-give me your cock!” Gail demanded anxiously, staring up at Herb in supremeembarrassment. “I want your cock in my . . . my . . . my pussy! Give it to meeeeee!”“That’s better!” Herb grinned, gazing down at his quivering co-worker triumphantly.Now he could really give it to her and not worry about her ever denying him again.She’d never be shy around him now . . . not after what he’d made her say. Gail wascaught up in the wonderful web of sexual lust now and Herb had done it. Now it wastime to reward his lovely co-worker for her words.“YESSSSSS!” Gail squealed, as Herb thrust into her with a long rapid lunge thatimpaled her breathlessly. Her flaming cuntal walls were completely wrapped aroundhis deeply-spearing cock now and he fucked her quickly, driving in and out with adeep probing force that left her shivering and helpless. This was what she wantedand Gail trembled and writhed under the searing plunges, squealing loudly for morein her lusty desperation.The aroused young teacher sobbed hysterically as her whole body quaked andthrobbed with the frenzy of lewd desire. Sharp wails of lusty pleasure parted her lipsas her rippling pussy gripped and swelled around Herb’s skewering thickness. Aflood tide of her steaming cuntal juices bathed his slick cock in liquid fire and pouredfrom her flaming pussy walls. She was burning up with passion and that only Herbcould put out the fire!“YESSSSSS!” the lust-crazed teacher screamed, her sobs suddenly rising in anagony of expectation. Air burst from her lungs in a half-whimper, half-scream and herback arched upward, lifting her body to the pounding depth of his invasion. This waswhat she needed so desperately. This was exactly what she had been needing all ofher life!A squeal of frenzy rippled from Gail’s trembling lips. Her body writhed, and twisted,squirming, grinding in an obscene dance of lewd passion that was as old as timeitself. Her legs lifted higher and higher until Herb’s blazing lust-bloated cockheadtouched the burning surface of her womb and her arms slid frantically on his sweatdrenchedback. She was almost there . . . almost at the blinding peak of passion andone deeply thrusting plunge would drive her to the brink of lusty rapture!“YESSSSS!” she shrieked. “000000H, HERB! I’M COMMMMMING! HERB! I’MCOMMMMING!”Even in his rapturous dreaming, Herb had not imagined the full intensity of Gail’spassion. He barely managed to hold on and keep his cock firmly buried in hershaking, twisting pussy as she began to climax. The lovely, lust inflamed girl waswiggling and squirming under him like an earthquake, her lustrous hair swingingback and forth in a curtain of frenzy as she convulsed with the blinding waves oforgasm. Herb barely managed to hold on to the desperate young English teacher asshe screeched and sobbed, digging her nails into his back and climbing his body inher orgiastic frenzy.“Wow!” Herb gasped, finally managing to hold Gail down even though she wasquivering like a woman possessed. Valiantly, the young man kept thrusting, drivingdeeply into her writhing, sucking pussy as she came and came. He had brought onher first orgasm and the delights of her heated, writhing body were even greater thanhe had imagined.“Fantastic, honey!” Herb yelped, thrusting into the volcano of her steaming, twistingcuntal chute and feeling the sizzling lava of her orgiastic juices. Sweat poured off hisbody, dripping down to cover her like salty warm rain as he lunged forward andbackward, in and out in the rhythm of lust. It was a perfect sexual rhythm, meshingwith her writhing madness and Herb’s blood boiled as he held onto her fiercely,impaling her like some sort of sexy demon. Each deep thrust brought gasps ofpassionate delight to her lips and Herb felt his lust-bloated testicles tremble at theheat of her. It was barely possible to keep his own lust under control but Herb knewhe had to do it. Just a little longer and he’d be able to join in the lusty explosion. He’djust wait for her to calm down a little and then it would be his turn.Herb gritted his teeth, holding onto his considerable self-control. He wanted Gail tobe fully aware of what was happening when he let his sperm-laden testicles burstand splatter her with sizzling, viscous heat. He was going to wash her away with hislust . . . fill up every inch of her deep feminine tunnel with sloshing, raging wet cum.She’d love it! Now Herb was positive of that!“AHHHHHH!” Gail gasped, trembling violently as the heated flashes of orgasmturned into ripples of pleasurable delight. It seemed like the wonderful moment hadbeen forever, but now her tired body was slowing at last. No wonder her studentswere so preoccupied with sex! It was everything it was cracked up to be and thensome!Herb grinned as Gail’s frantic motions slowed and a sigh of satiated surrender partedher trembling lips. Her cuntal walls were still quivering delightfully and her raginginner heat brought his turgid stiffness to an agony of readiness. It was his turn . . . histurn to introduce her to the gushing release of sperm she’d never beforeexperienced. He was going to drown her in hot sperm and then the shy Englishteacher would really know what fucking was about.“Now, baby!” Herb gasped, his stiff erection stretching out to massive proportions.His sperm-laden testicles shook, blasting heat shot through his swelling prick. It wastime to really give her a treat now and Herb was willing to bet that the moment shefelt his sizzling infusion of sperm that sweet responsive pussy of hers would comeagain with the force of his orgasm.“Hang on, honey!” Herb hissed, the throbbing in his stiff erection growing more andmore urgent. “Here it comes!”Herb’s trembling balls, filled up to the passionate limit with his hot sperm, throbbed inrelease. A gushing spurt of heated slippery power raced along the thickened shaft ofhis cock and hesitated for one timeless, agonizing moment. Then he was exploding .. . spurting in a blast of liquid fire that splattered deeply into Gail’s writhing cuntalchannel. The heat reached the innermost depths of her flaming femininity and filledher with an infusion of lusty pleasure.“YEEEEAAAAH!” Herb yelped, driving in deeply as his sloshing sperm pounded intoher, flooding her tightly snapping vaginal cavity until the heated proof of his arousalslipped out around the rigid thick stiffness of his cock. He was filling her up with fire .. . pounding her full of his lust. Ecstasy was almost unbearable for the young historyteacher as her pussy sucked at the thickness of his prick and squeezed demandingly. . . begging for every drop of his viscous blazing sperm.“AAAAAAAGH!” Gail gasped, not realizing at first what was happening. Blast afterblast of burning male sperm filled her feminine channel with searing heat. It seemedas if the inexperienced English teacher was going to drown in cum, there was somuch of it.Gail gave another squeal of delight as her body started to respond to this blazinginvasion. Her slippery vaginal walls began to quake with the heat of Herb’s blazingrelease and she swirled higher and higher, riding the thrilling wave to orgasm again.Was it possible to feel so much pleasure? She was totally devastated by the glorioussensations sweeping through her supple innocent body. This was the mostfantastically glorious moment of her life. She would never forget this climactic night!