The Pleasure of Older Women.


The Pleasure of Older Women.I had always enjoyed sex with older Ladies when I was in my 20’s I could not get enough of Ladies in there 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and even 60’s some of them even payed me for sex and that was a real turn on even if most of them where very fat and not very pretty, they where nearly always married and they wanted bare cock inside there wet pussies. This ment I normaly filled them with my thick white cum when we fucked. I often wondered how many went home to there husbands with a pussy full of my young sperm and made there hubby lick it out of them. This is some thing that I watched one Lady do when her husband came home and found me with my cock inside his wife, she made him watch and then he had to lick all my cum out of her wet cunt. I suppose it was my first taste of cuckolding a husband while I had my pleasure with his wife. I have also had a couple of times when the hubby was not happy and gave my a bit of a kicking for fucking his wife, but it’s always worth it just to fuck another mans wife.The story that I would like to tell you about is how I ended up fucking a very sexy Mature Lady in her 70’s when her hubby was out playing Golf, I live on a quiet Island just off the UK mainland and it’s a tourist hot spot for OAP’s at the end of the Summer Season. I have had many job’s working in the tourist trade and had been working at this Holiday camp, It was quiet and winding up at the end of another busy year, there where a few couples and loads of OAP’s about and this one couple where always offering me a drink at the bar on the night they arrived, the hubby kept leaving his wife chatting to me, I was 22 year old and she was 72 and a grand mother, but she had a fantastic body for her age and I could not help myself from sneaking a peak at her tit’s when she bent forward, how I wish I could suck her nipples or even have a tit fuck, they where truly Awesome. She was a bit of a flirt and I thought she was just joking about her hubby letting her play with young men, when to my shock she asked me what I was doing the next day, well I had most of the week off as there was not many people around so when I told her I had the day off she then asked how I fancied showing and old Lady around while her hubby was off playing Golf for the day. I had nothing better to do so I agreed to meet her in the morning.I must describe Margaret to you, she was a Joan Collins look a like but with grey hair and a suntan, her body had all the bumps in the right places and her leg’s where gorgeous, she was made up with bright red lip stick and Dikmen travesti looked a million dollers in her designer dress, she didn’t look her age at all. When I pulled up in my car she was waiting for me in the car park and she jumped in to the passanger seat showing me her stocking top’s as she got in. She lent over and kissed me on the cheek and then I drove off to one of the places of interest that she had said she would like to visit. We spent a couple of hours at differant places then she told me she should go back to there appartment as her husband would be there for his lunch, when we got there she found this note pinned on the door and it was from her hubby telling her he had gone off with some other people to another golf course over the other side of the Island and would not be back till late that evening, she seamed very dissapointed and quite up set, when she asked me if I would like to come in and have lunch with her? I felt sorry for her and told her that I would love to as I enjoyed her company.Once in her appartment she rushed around the kitchen and got some food out of the fridge she had prepared earlier for her and her hubby and she made a couple of cup’s of coffee, then she showed me into there living room, we sat on the couch together and ate our food and drank the coffee, when we had finished she looked at me and I asked her what she would like to do next, her reply came quick and straight to the point as she said, “ I would like to fuck your young cock this afternoon!” she smiled at me and then said, “How about it? Would you like to give my old pussy some exercise?” I didn’t need asking twice as I was sat with a hard on that was just wishing to be let free, as I looked at her and said, “ Yes Please, I would really like to do that!” She lent over and kissed me on my mouth as her tounge probed at me and I opened my lips we kissed as I took her in my arms and she was pulling at my clothes trying to strip me down to my boxers, as she pulled down my jeans and tugged at the waist band of my shorts my hard cock sprange out and she gasped when she saw it. “Where do you hide that then?” she asked as her eyes lit up and then she was swollowing the whole lenght down the back of her throat, I was in heaven as this sexy mature lady sucked on my cock as I unzipped her dress and unclasped her bra letting her huge tit’s swing free, as she sat up and I saw her large nipplessticking out and just pleading to be sucked, as I placed one then the other in my mouth and sucked them gently while she was wanking my cock in her Eryaman travesti left hand, she had me very close to cumming and as I pushed her back and stood up removing all my clothes as she spred her legs wide, I dropped to my knees and pulling her panties aside I began to lick and suck her clit and pussy tasting her juices, I was surprised as I had always thought that when a woman got to a certan age that she dryed up, but this lady had not, she was so wet she had flooded all over the couch and as I lapped away at her she was moaning with her own pleasure.She was in a world of her own and as I pulled her panties from under her and slipped them down her legs and off as she spread her long sexy legs high and wide as I took my cock in my hand and placed it at her old entrance, resting my young knob in her opening before riseing up and slowly pushing forward and home with my bare hard cock, it sank into her wet pussy like many other cocks had done before, it was like a ship sinking below the waves as I drilled my helmet deeper inside her then I was as deep as I could go as my young balls squashed against her ass cheeks, then I pulled back until only my knob was in her before plunging deep inside again, as I thrust in and out of her she was making little wimppering sounds and she was pulling me back in with her hands digging into my arse as I fucked her hard with my young cock, she was shaking and saying things as I fucked harder and her head was rocking from side to side with her eyes shut tight as I ploughed deeper into her open pussy, her cunt lips where swollen and puffy as my balls slapped her ass with each thrust. My balls suddenly went tight and as I pushed my bare shaft deep inside and held it there as I felt my young thick seed pump my load inside her, as I held onto her shoulders I could feel her legs clamp around me and she held me in place as she recived my full load up her willing love hole. I wondered how many men had fucked her and filled her with there cum like I was do at that very moment. She was 50 years older than me, but she was fucking better than my girlfriend that was only a few months younger than me. I could cum inside this lady all night was all that my mind kept saying to me as my spasams subsided, her body and mine where quite still as I felt my juice leaking from her, as she loked at me as I raised up on my fore arms she said, “ Did you cum with me?” I replyed, “Yes! I did cum deep inside you! I hope you don’t mind?” She smiled and said, “Well that’s where your suppose to cum young man! You can cum in Esat travesti me any time!” with that she kissed me and then looked back at me as she said, “Oh My God, your still hard!” I smiled at her as she said, “ Well come on my dear boy, don’t waist it fuck me some more!” As I knelt up and held her leg up over my shoulder and started to thrust inside her again, she just smiled at me and said, “ Your going to have to fuck me every day of my Holiday, with that gorgeous young cock of yours!” Then she moaned with pleasure as she felt her orgasm rising again and I fucked her hard.After she had cum again on my cock she took me into her bedroom and as she knelt on the bed and I entered her in the doggy possition and started to fuck her some more as my balls swung beneth her and slapped against her leg, I was enjoying her mature pussy so much that I was not going to pull out of her even if her hubby walked in on us, I had been fucking her for 6 hours and had lost all track of time when I looked around and saw her Husband stood in the door way watching me fuck his wife. He didn’t say a word, he just placed his golf clubs againts the wall and then sat in the chair at the side of the bed and watched as my young cock fucked his wife’s open cunt, my cum and her juices where dripping from her as she rode my cock like she was riding a horse, her hubby just watched his wife as I sucked on her nipples and I just thought oh well I’m sacked I might as well enjoy it while I can, this lady knew how to fuck and I was not going to stop fucking her untill I had to. She then smiled at me and said to her Hubby, “Well I hope you have enjoyed your Golf as much as I have enjoyed this young mans cock in my pussy?” her hubby said, “Well at least I wont have to fuck you for the next two weeks! I think this young man is quite capable of keeping you cunt well fucked while we are hear, I’ll take the other bedroom then and leave you to it!” With that he got up and picked up his golf bag and left. She looked at me as I shot my load inside her again and she shook with her own saying, “Well looks like your staying hear with me then for the next 12 days! Can I fuck your cock every day?” How could I refuse this Lady was one of the best Fucks I had ever had and I was not going to leave hear with out my cock for the rest of her holiday! I said, “With pleasure you can have me for as long as you want!” I had filled her with more of my cum and she loved it.I did spend the rest of her holiday fucking her and I will tell you more later as there is 12 whole days of fucking to tell you about. I wish I could find a Lady like her again as she was just increadable in bed and I would like to find some one that could fuck like she did, for her age she was a better fuck than any girl this is why I love Mauter ladies so much.