The Perfect Marriage


It had been the summer of 1984 when I first met my future wife, Ann for the very first time. We met at a softball game and hit it off almost immediately. Ann was in her early twenties at the time, and just out of college, while I was a year older and working. She had never dated any other guys before me, and it felt so surreal to find the woman of my dreams.We spent a lot of time together that first year, and it had been one of the happiest times of my life. The freedom of having someone to be with was so important to me, and we hung out nearly every day. Life couldn’t have been any better.I loved everything about her, including her charming personality and her beautiful face. She had the most adorable body, and I loved her large breasts along with her beautifully curved ass. I felt extremely aroused when around her and it hadn’t even been six months before we made love for the very first time.It had been magical, and Ann screamed out into not one, but several powerful orgasms as she felt my cock deep inside her tight pussy. I still remember as if it was yesterday, and since that day our sex life had only gotten better. We weren’t using protection at the time, and I still remember cumming hard all over her lovely round ass.We dated for nearly five years before tying the knot. We wanted to get married sooner, but with careers and other things, we decided to wait. We were so much more mature at the time, and It had become a special time for both of us.We started a family like so many others had done before us, and we watched our children grow up and our careers blossom, but still, nothing was more important to us then being together. We had our ups and downs like most, but we were able to manage through it. We were still in love after so many years, and our lives couldn’t have been any better.The years passed quickly, and we began to age like everyone else. We did our best to stay in shape and even though we were over the age of fifty we kept up an active sex life. Ann still looked extremely hot for her age, and I found myself just as attracted to her as the first time we met. We continued to add fresh elements into the bedroom, and I thought our sex life couldn’t have been any better.It had been nearly a year ago when we celebrated twenty-nine years of being together. We went out for a special dinner, and then back home to where we made love bahçesehir escort like never before. I had never seen Ann so into it, and we even made love twice that night. That had been something we hadn’t done in more than twenty years, and we were both pretty exhausted afterwards.We laughed and talked about how we needed to do this more often, and we lay there in bed and held one another for most of the night. We talked about everything we had accomplished and even went into what our retirement years might look like. Life couldn’t have been any better, or at least I thought so until a few months later.My wife and I had attended a party for one of our dearest friends. Jim and Sharon were celebrating their twenty-five-year wedding anniversary and had invited nearly fifty or so guests. One of them had been a single younger man named Nick. Nick had just turned thirty-five and worked with Jim for the past five years. He was good looking and very intelligent and had drawn Ann into a lengthy conversation.They chatted for nearly twenty minutes while I talked with a few of the other guests. It had been great to see Ann enjoy the attention of another man, and I eventually made my way over and introduced myself. He and Ann were into a deep conversation, and I heard Nick mention something about being a casual swinger. He had Ann’s attention, and I sat in on the conversation.Ann seemed fascinated by everything he had to say, and she wanted to know more about his wild and erotic lifestyle. He didn’t hold anything back, and he mentioned how he especially loved being with older married wives. It had been a huge turn on for him to fuck them in front of their husbands, and I stood there somewhat embarrassed.Nick asked Ann if she had ever thought about doing something crazy and wild in her life, and she stood there and said nothing. Ann can be naïve at times, and she mentioned how she had known a woman from work a few years back that had done some causal swinging. Her coworker had urged her and a few others in her office to give it a try, but it didn’t resonate at all with Ann. She wanted Nick to share some of his adventures, and we both sat there and waited for Nick to share one of them.Nick told Ann that most women are afraid to explore their most inner desires and that being with another man is near the top of that list. He said there is nothing beylikdüzü bayan escort better than the feeling of a foreign cock buried deep inside her womb and that every woman he had been with had walked away extremely satisfied.Ann began to blush, and Nick shared one of his latest adventures. He told her about the last couple he had been with a few months back. The wife was in her late forties, and the husband wanted to see her with another man. They were a very normal couple in every way, and he fucked the wife for nearly an hour into several powerful orgasms. She had never experienced another man’s cock other than her husband’s, and she had been quite surprised by how much she loved a big cock. She left that night extremely satisfied, and he ended up fucking her again a few weeks later.My cock certainly is nothing to brag about, and I could see Ann getting more into it. We left a brief time later, and she and Nick exchanged numbers before going their separate ways. On the way home, I asked Ann what she thought of Nick, and to my surprise, she said, “I think he is extremely good looking and very interesting!”“Do you believe his stories?” I asked.“Yeah, I do!” Ann replied.It had been nearly a week later when Ann got a surprise text from Nick wanting to take us out to dinner. He felt he owed Ann since chatting with her at the party. Ann quickly responded how we’d love to have dinner with him, and we met him at a posh restaurant a few days later.We spent nearly two hours that night drinking wine and chatting about some of Nick’s other adventures. Nick flirted with Ann for most of the night and even complimented her on how great she looked. He loved her large breasts and curved ass, and he gave her a few tips on how he liked to see her dress. He even mentioned how he loved to bring the woman out in her if given the chance, and Ann sat there with an embarrassed look on her face.When the night ended, they talked about getting together again in a few weeks. That night I barely slept, and I began to envision Ann in bed with him. I knew Nick wanted her, but I began to wonder if Ann felt the same. I felt too afraid to ask, and I decided to let things play out over the next few weeks.It had been nearly three weeks later when Ann invited Nick over to our place for dinner. Ann is an excellent cook, and she made one of her signature escort beylikdüzü dishes for him. She looked so sexy in her tight apron, and Nick had a hard time taking his eyes off her. I got to admit it had been an extreme turn on knowing that he had wanted her, but I also felt waves of jealousy come over me.Nick had a dry sense of humor, and he had Ann laughing for most of the night. They talked about a number of things including a few more of Nick’s adventures. Ann even shared some personal things about herself and told him how I had been her only lover. Nick then wanted to know what kind of sex life we had, and Ann told him for the most part it had been generally good, but that she had developed a few fantasies.Nick picked up on that and wanted to know more about Ann’s fantasies. He agreed to share a few more of his if Ann would do the same. Ann sat there puzzled, but then reluctantly agreed to Nick’s offer a few minutes later.Nick told us about a wife he had been with nearly a year and a half ago. She had been in her early fifties and had been going through some issues in her marriage. He admitted to taking advantage of that and after a few drinks, she was more than eager to fuck him.Nick said she had been all over him, and he fucked her like a slut for nearly two hours with his big cock. She came more than a half a dozen times, and when she left later that night, she could barely move.Ann sat there almost speechless, and I could see Nick’s story had a profound effect on her. He asked Ann how she felt about being in that same situation, and she sat there quietly without saying a word. She had been mesmerized by Nick’s latest adventure, and he now asked her to share one of her inner fantasies.Ann sat there quietly at first, but after another glass of wine, she began to open up. She had never shared any of this with me previously, and she went into great detail how she loved for a stranger to take her into our bedroom and fuck her into submission. She loved the idea of being forced to strip in front of him and do whatever he asked of her. She wanted him to fuck her hard and then cum all over her body.I sat there stunned, and Ann felt somewhat embarrassed by her admission. Nick looked over at her with a huge smile and walked over towards her. He took her hand and led her down the narrow hallway towards our bedroom. I followed a few minutes behind, and when I got to our bedroom, I noticed Ann had already stripped down to just her bra and panties. I stood there in the doorway to our bedroom in a near panic, and I had no idea what to do. Nick wanted to fuck Ann badly, and he ordered her onto our bed.