The Officer’s Probing Was Thorough


There was a loud banging on the front door and a shout, “Miss, are you there? Miss, answer me. I got a call you needed help!”The banging was coming from a police officer on the front door of his neighbor’s condo. He finally tried the handle, and it twisted easily. Pushing the door open, he looked around the living room slowly before stepping in.Once inside, he stood still and listened. He heard muffled noises coming from down the hallway. Moving quietly, he walked the hall until he came to a door that was partially closed. The noises were coming from inside that room.Slipping his hand around the edge of the door, he pushed it open gently, and there she was. She was on a large bed, spread eagle with ropes and bindings holding her arms and legs open. He could see she had a blindfold over her eyes and a gag in her mouth. She was whimpering into the gag.He had seen her plenty of times by the pool and seen plenty of her, even. She never failed to draw the attention of the men, including his own, but now he got to see her in a whole new way. Her long beautiful red hair was cascaded around the pillow her head was on. Her full lips were parted by the ball gag but still as luscious as ever. Her full breasts, always contained by the swimsuit she wore, were now resting unrestrained on her chest with clamps on her swollen nipples. There was a small chain that ran between the clamps.His eyes roamed lower, but already his cock was straining against his uniform trousers. As he looked across her stomach, he could see the marks of a woman who had given birth in her life. He found that sexy. Moving his eyes lower, they came to rest on her pussy that was gaping open. He could see the end of a large vibrator protruding from between her swollen lips.As he stared, he also noticed istanbul travesti a small black remote and a slip of paper under it. He picked both up off the bed. Flipping the paper open it had a note written on it –Hi Officer,If you wish to enjoy her, she is all yours. Just make sure you do a thorough probe of her holes. The remote controls the vibrator, and in the top drawer by the bed is any other toy you wish to use. I know you have admired her as she has admired you in your uniform. Now you can enjoy her, and hopefully, you’ll let her enjoy you. Your Friendly NeighborHe held the note in his fingers and reread it while toying with the remote in his other hand. He stood still for the longest time before turning and leaving the bedroom. He still had the remote in hand and carried it with him.He walked through her condo until he reached the front door that was still partially open. He gently pushed it closed. Then he reached down and turned the lock to secure it before turning back towards the hallway. He slowly retraced his steps until he was standing in the doorway. He stared at her as he reached down and adjusted his cock. The uniform pants were designed with a moderate amount of comfort in mind but never designed to hold his cock as hard as it was now.While watching her face, he pushed the on button of the remote. Her head raised up, and a muffled moan escaped around the gag. Her legs pulled against her restraints; her ass lifted off the bed. He watched her pussy quiver around the vibrator. It wasn’t long until he could see her juices collecting and then running down her skin.The little remote had a slider switch on it to control the speed. It was set at its lowest setting, but he slid it up a notch. She screeched into her gag istanbul travesti as her ass bounced off the bed. It was then he noticed the top of the ruby-red jewel firmly wedged between the cheeks of her ass. He thought to himself, how naughty, she has all of her holes filled with something.While continuing to watch her writhe on the bed, he started undressing. First, he took off his utility belt and laid it on a nearby chair. Then he slipped his boots off before working his way to the rest of his clothes. When he was done, he was armed only with the remote and a hard cock.He walked along the side of the bed until he got close enough to grab ahold of the little chain attached to the nipple clamps. He gave it a tug pulling up on her nipples. She cried out into the gag. He pulled on the chain several times, and she cried out into the gag and twisted away as much as she could, but all this did was cause the chain to pull even more.Pulling up on the chain again enough to pull her nipples taught, he pushed the slider to its highest setting. She screeched, and her body would have been jumping off the bed if it weren’t for the restraints. Leaving it on high, he saw her thrust her pussy off the bed as her orgasm hit. He picked just that moment to tug just a little harder on the chain. Even as her orgasm raged, she cried out. He finally relented and let go of the chain, then slid the remote to the off position.Moving up on to the bed, he laid the remote to the side. He moved until he was straddling her chest and his knees pressing into her armpits. Leaning down, he flipped the catch on the gag and pulled it from her mouth. Before she could say anything, he slipped his cock into her mouth. At first, she gagged, but as he slowly fucked istanbul travesti her mouth, she relaxed. She took more and more of his cock with each thrust he made.Leaning with one hand braced against the headboard and the other holding her by the hair, he really started getting into it. He pushed as deep as he could until she gagged, then he pulled back before doing it again. She finally started relaxing enough that his cock was sliding into her throat. He started holding it there for a few seconds each time.After a solid fifteen minutes or so of just fucking her mouth, he felt his orgasm start to build. He held his cock deep, longer each time, feeling her throat constrict as she tried to breathe. He’d finally relent and let her catch a breath before doing it all over again.Finally, unable to hold back any longer, he pushed his cock as deep as he could into her throat and started unloading his spunk. She was gagging and trying to swallow. Not wanting to hurt her, he pulled out, and as he did, his spunk spilled from her mouth. It ran down her cheeks from the corners of her mouth, collecting in her hair. His cock left its own trail as he straightened up. It looked like a snail trail running from her mouth to the last of it dripping into a pool on her neck.He watched her swallow a few times before she took a couple of deep breaths. When she settled down and was breathing fast but more normally, he reached to the side table for a bottle of water that had been left there. He opened the cap and, while lifting her head, poured some into her mouth. She swished it around but lacking anything else to do with it, let it dribble out of her mouth, down her cheeks mixing with the spunk already there.He held her head and poured more water into her mouth that she swallowed this time. He continued giving her water until she had taken half the bottle. Then before she regained enough of her composure to speak, he slipped the ball gag back between her lips and refastened it. Then getting off the bed, he went to the kitchen and got a beer out of the refrigerator.