The Good Girl and The Bad Guy


Annie knew that Will was not a very nice guy but he always treated her good. He would disappear for weeks at a time without a call and show up with lots of money in hand. He never tried explaining how he got it. She had her sneaking suspicion that whatever he was doing wasn’t legal by any stretch.Then one day while cleaning her apartment she picked up a jacket Will had left lying around. It felt heavy and she ran her hands through the pockets finding a small pistol in one of them. She had no idea what kind of gun it was but carefully placed it back in the pocket and hung the jacket in the closest. The whole time she cleaned, she kept glancing at the closest door. She couldn’t help but wonder what he was doing with a gun.Will came back later that afternoon and was looking for his jacket. He finally asked Annie where it was.“Annie, where is my jacket?”“It’s in the closet where you should’ve hung it lazy bones,” she said with a smirk.Will walked over to the closet and opened it. He reached in and Annie saw him run his hand into the pocket the had the gun in it. He pulled it back out and seemed satisfied it was still there. He closed the closet door and turned back towards her without saying anything.Annie had continued work on cleaning up the small kitchen like she had been doing when he came in.“If you are about done cleaning, let’s go out for dinner.”Annie knew he must have still have been holding a lot of cash. He was always taking her places when he first came home but in a few weeks’ time things would slow down. Then one day he would disappear again.It was those few weeks he had the cash that kept her from asking too many questions about what he did to get it. She loved him and he treated her like a queen. He always left her money while he was gone.The HotelWill had been gone two weeks again and Annie had never heard a word from him the whole time. When he showed up one morning, he told her they were going to go away for a few days to New York. He had made all the plans before ever coming home. So, she packed and they left for New York.Will never seemed to drive the same car each time he was home and this time he had a newer Ford Explorer. She never asked about that either. They were always newer and nicer cars.They sped up the highway from Baltimore to New York City. Having left as soon as she packed, they got into the city early in the afternoon. He went straight to the Mandarin Oriental hotel. She kocaeli escort was shocked when he pulled up in front of it.Looking over at him with that shocked look and asked, “This is where we are staying?”“Yes babe, the boss is paying the bill as a treat for a job well done. We have three days with everything paid.”What Will didn’t tell her was he was still working too.As soon as they opened their doors a valet was there to take the keys to the Explorer and bellhop was there to get their luggage. They followed the bellhop into the building. He stood off to the side with his cart as Will walked up to the desk to check-in. This for milady was handled quickly and they were on their way up to their room following the bellhop again.Getting to their room door the bellhop opened it for them and said, “Welcome to one of the Hudson River rooms. So, named because they overlook the Hudson River,” he explained.Annie walked over to the floor to ceiling windows and just gaped at the view outside. Will walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her saying, “What do you think?”“I’m speechless that anybody can afford this place. Your boss must be paying a fortune for it.”“He can afford it, trust me.”That’s all she could do was trust him.The StayAfter settling into their room, they went out for a fabulous dinner in one of the restaurants that occupied the ground floor of the Mandarin. Then took an after-dinner walk enjoying the nice weather before heading back to their room.What Will didn’t tell Annie was he had a destination in mind. There was a jewelry store just a few blocks his boss wanted him to check out, hence the paid vacation to New York. Annie had no clue.When they got back to their room Annie said, “I’m going to go dive into the tub. It’s bigger than my whole bathroom at home.”Will laughed and said, “Enjoy your swim babe.”While Annie was in the tub, Will sat down and made quick notes of what he saw of the jewelry store during their walk. When done, he slipped the pad into one of the lower desk drawers, thinking Annie would never open it.Finally, Annie reappeared from her swim in the tub wearing a large white cotton robe.“If you didn’t drain the hotel’s hot water heater I’m going to run through the shower,” Will said, laughing on his way to the bathroom. As he shut the door, he thought he heard a fuck you come from Annie.Annie decided Will deserved a treat and dropped her robe on the ground before climbing kocaeli escort bayan onto the bed. The maid service had turned the bed down while they were gone so it was ready for her. She was able to just climb right onto the silken white sheets. The brightness of the sheets made her soft coffee-colored skin standout, perfectly framing her for Will. She propped a couple of the pillows up behind her and fanned her long brown hair out over them. Now she just had to wait for her man.It wasn’t long before Will walked into the room carrying a towel in one hand and nothing on. She looked over at him, taking in his maleness from head to toe. He was a well-built guy, standing about six-foot-tall, short blond hair, a chiseled face that went well with his chiseled torso. Then she let her eyes roam further taking in his cock. Even soft he was about six inches long and thick. She knew from experience; fully hard he was just over seven inches long and a good three inches thick. She paused looking him over until she worked her way the rest of the way down his body.She had noticed many times before he carried several scares that looked like knife wounds and bullet holes that had healed. Tonight, was no different other than he had what looked like a freshly healed place on his thigh. She knew better than ask about it because he always played it off to her.Annie wasn’t the only one to be taking in the sights. Will’s eyes were roaming her body as well. She laid there resting against the pillows and he thought as he always did, she was the sexiest woman alive. Her hair fanned out around her, framing that soft angel of a face. His eyes wandered lower looking at her strong shoulder before ending up on her breasts. He knew she wasn’t the most endowed woman but her 36C breasts were perfect for her body. Continuing down her body, he could see her taught tummy and with her legs only partly spread, he could see the top of the tuff of hair she kept trimmed above her pussy. The way she was laying he couldn’t see her pussy but that didn’t matter to him, he already knew it quite well. Those thin lips that became very puffy when she was aroused. Her slender clit that would poke out begging to be sucked from them. The soft tunnel of her sex, yes, he knew it well. He finished the tour of her body, running his eyes along her muscled legs from running before returning to see her gazing at him.She patted the bed next to her and izmit escort that was all the invitation he needed. Dropping the towel to the floor and slid onto the bed next to her. As if drawn by a magnetic force their lips came together. Her lips parted allowing him to slip his tongue in to dance with hers. Before long they were cuddle close, exchanging long loving kisses.Eventually, their hands started to roam upon each other’s bodies. He worked his hand to her mound, rubbing and teasing her before slipping a finger into her. She slid her hand around his cock, letting her thumb run over the soft head. They each continued their stimulation of each other until finally, she pulled him to her, spreading her legs for him to have easy access.He obliged her and moved over top of her, settling between her legs. She raised her hips to him and he lowered himself to her. He slowly entered her and pushed deep. There was no frantic fucking, just slow love between them. He would pull most of the way from her before slipping deep again. She would raise herself against him each time he moved forward, pulling him as deep as she could.Neither in a hurry to have this end. They carried on sharing their slow lovemaking until they were both on the verge of orgasm. Knowing it was coming to end, Will raised up grabbing Annie’s hips as he did. Now there was nothing slow or loving involved. He worked his cock hard and fast in and out of her pussy causing her to erupt in her first orgasm of the night.He continued pounding her as she moaned and panted through her orgasm. Her pussy was like a hot glove on his cock. Knowing he wasn’t going to last much longer but wanting her to have another orgasm, he reached down and started running a finger across her clit. Annie was starting to thrash under him as he quickly applied even more pressure to her clit with each thrust, he made.That was it, she started her second orgasm and this brought him over the edge as well. He pushed deep into her soft tunnel and unleashed a torrent of his cum as she bucked against him releasing her second orgasm. Their fluids mixed and ran from her to soak the sheets below them but they could’ve cared less. Intertwined they both fell fast asleep on the wonderful bed.Time to leaveThe morning of the third day Will had left to scout the jewelry store some more. He had left every morning under the guise of working out in the hotel’s gym but had really been out taking notes and watching the jewelry store. He’d tried to go every afternoon as well but actually spent most of the time with Annie instead. He knew the boss would be less then thrilled if he didn’t have all the info needed.