T Is To Be Spanked By Another


This event happened after Christmas in 2004.T came home early evening looking nervous. It was clear something was on her mind. It was Saturday and T had gone out into the City in the morning to do some shopping, or so she said!I thought about asking what was wrong but left it up to T to tell me when she was ready. It could be nothing but I knew something was not right.As teatime passed and the evening began, it became obvious T wanted to say something, but what? Eventually, I asked, and T nervously responded, “I need to tell you something,” T then began to talk. She began with, “I need to tell you I have been to the Arcade.” I knew what that meant! The reality was every so often T would go into the Arcade and play the fruit machines. It usually meant she had lost money and now she was feeling guilty.I was correct, T had been in the Arcade and had lost about seventy pounds. The money she now felt guilty for losing.What came next was a bit unexpected, her saying, “Please punish me, I want to be forgiven but I need to be punished.”We now talked as we had never really discussed punishment. All of our spanking sessions had been about pain but also pleasure. Now, this would be different…. Very different if I was to punish T!We discussed the difference in great detail and T was şişli escort adamant she wanted to be punished, it would help her forgive herself and she would not feel so guilty. I explained and clearly stated, “If I give you a punishment spanking then it would not Include me playing with you, no sexual touching, it will hurt and I will decide what the punishment is and how long it lasts.” The rules were clearly defined! T did not speak, just nodded her head in agreement.I now sent T upstairs and told her to, “undress and bend over the end of the bed and wait for me.” T was clearly nervous but got up and went upstairs.I only waited a couple of minutes before going up and there she was naked and bent over as I had instructed.I now announced the punishment. A fifteen-minute spanking, thirty strokes of the slipper and then twenty-four strokes of the belt. I gave T the final choice: did she want the punishment I had chosen? And if she did, I said it would be given in full, no backing out.T just said, “Yes.”I now took off my belt and placed it on the pillows at the top of the bed, and also placed one of T’s leather-soled slippers with it. I now sat on the bed and then when in the position, I instructed T to get over my lap.T now came around and I steered her şişli escort bayan across my lap, her bottom was positioned at the perfect angle to be spanked. I now took off my watch and placed it on the bedside cabinet. I can’t remember the time but I did set the timer for fifteen minutes. I clicked start and the spanking began…I began with smacks on alternate cheeks, building up a rhythm, making sure to cover every inch of T’s bottom. Spank after spank was landed!After five minutes T’s bottom was a rosy pink colour. It would be a very deep red and purple with clear stripes at the end, but for now, it was turning an ever-deepening shade of pink.The spanking continued, only now it was a case of two strokes on each cheek and sometimes sets of three. I was making sure I covered every inch, from the top of her thighs and all the way up across her sit spots as well as the mounds and peaks of her cheeks.Now it was clearly beginning to sting. T had stayed still and silent at the start but was now fidgeting and the Ooohs and the Ahhs had started.After ten minutes, T’s bottom was now turning from a very deep pink into a pale red, a shade that was only going to get deeper. My hand was actually getting sore, but the spanking had to continue, and it did!T mecidiyeköy escort was now fidgeting wildly, and I had to raise a leg and trap her feet and hold her with my left hand to keep her in position so the spanking could continue.Finally, the clock ticked down and the final few spanks were applied, the final few being as hard as any already given and all still making sure every inch of her now deep rosy red bottom was being covered. T was now not just Ooohing and Ahhing, but now it was interspersed with little squeals.As the final spank was delivered, I released my grip and instructed T to, “Get up!”T did as she was told and got off my lap. She immediately started rubbing her bottom with both hands, trying to ease some of the heat and pain.This was just the beginning!I now got up and placed two pillows in the middle of the bed and then instructed T to, “Get on the bed, bottom raised over the pillows!” T did as she was told and climbed onto the bed, I moved her into position, ensuring her hips were over the pillows and leaving her cheeks as the high point. Perfect for me to bring the slipper directly down onto her cheeks and to target her sit spots.Now in position, I rubbed the slipper across T’s bottom, just rubbing it around and then without warning I just raised it and brought it directly down onto her bottom! The first stroke landed and cut across both cheeks. T immediately squealed out, and the second, third and fourth strokes all followed quickly and all resulted in similar squeals. Each stroke targeted to cover a new area of T’s bottom.