Some Adventures after Our Journey Ch. 01


After the events of Our Journey, Maddie and I enjoyed a very active sex life. Though due to the logistics of meeting with our playmates, it was just the two of us. Of course Maddie still gave Sean regular blow jobs, and I think if he hadn’t of found a new girl she might have gone further. I thought this might happen the night he fingered her but a text message from one of our kids snapped her out of it. She confirmed later that she was considering it because it had been a while since she had some new cock and we weren’t likely to catch up with our playmates for a while.

At work one of my colleagues was approaching retirement and was keen to go camping over on Fraser Island. Just a boys weekend, drinking beer and fishing. We made some rough plans for a few weeks’ time. That night when I told Maddie she was a little disappointed. She doesn’t love camping (unless we are in the caravan) and really doesn’t enjoy fishing, but didn’t want to be left at home on her own. I told her she could come but she would have to put out for both of us. This didn’t appeal to her as my mate Tom was in his sixties. “Ew!” She said. “He’s old enough to be my father!”

This was true but I pointed out that he was divorced and was probably in need of some loving.

I continued by saying that we would set some ground rules and his age wouldn’t matter because no one would ever know. I also said that I was turned on by the thought of her with an older man, meaning she would be rewarded with some hot sex from me even if Tom didn’t satisfy her. She next questioned whether he would even be interested. I just laughed and said, “you don’t understand men very well do you?”

With her approval I messaged Tom and asked him. His reply was instant, “are you fucking serious?”

I assured him I was but we expected that this all stayed between the three of us. He quickly agreed. I then set up a group chat between the three of us and posted the rules.

1. What happens on the Island, stays on the Island.

2. No anal.

3. Frequent short fucks, no extended sessions as we were going for three days and we didn’t want Maddie’s pussy sore in the first day.

4. Maddie wasn’t just a sex toy and her pleasure was most important. Even though she would be playing the part of a slut, she would be treated with respect.

He agreed to these rules and we went about planning the trip.

On the day we left we picked him up from his place. Maddie sat in the front with me while Tom sat in the back. I asked Maddie if she wanted to join him in the back but she said, “what happens on the Island stays on the Island and we are not on the Island yet!”

“Fair enough,” I thought.

The rest of the drive was uneventful. We drove onto the barge and got out to stretch our legs. When it came time to hop back in I looked at Maddie. She gave a sigh and got into the back seat with Tom. He was unsure what to do so sat quietly as we drove off the barge.

Once we were driving up the beach I looked into the mirror, caught Maddie’s eye and gave a little nod. She took it from there. She turned to Tom and said, “do you want to see what I’ve got to offer?”

As she did she slid her bum forward on the seat causing her beach dress to ride up. I hadn’t realized she had gone knicker-less! She spread her legs slightly, looked Tom in the eye and said. “we’re on the Island now.”

Tom was no longer unsure! His hands explored her body, rubbing her bare bald pussy and squeezing her tits through her clothes. He tried to take her dress off but she stopped him because she didn’t want to be exposed in the car. Maddie was getting istanbul travesti turned on and lent over to kiss Tom passionately. As she did her hand found its way to his crotch and started rubbing his obvious bulge.

She must have been impressed by what she found cause she broke the kiss and said she wanted to have a look at it. He helped her undo his pants and she pulled his hard dick out. It was pretty impressive without being huge, probably 7 inches and fairly thick. Bigger than me but smaller than Dave. Maddie wasted no time in leaning down to suck his cock. Poor Tom, it must have been a while cause he only lasted a couple of strokes and came in her mouth. She swallowed it and cleaned him up before sitting back up and straightening her clothes out.

We were all quiet for a while after this. I knew Maddie would be frustrated and I couldn’t wait to find a camp and set about giving her some relief. Eventually Tom spoke, apologizing for his quick finish but assuring Maddie that it was only due to the excitement of this whole trip. He promised he would be able to perform again quickly. He told her, “I might be an old fella but I have a big sex drive, you won’t be disappointed.”

After checking out several spots we found a nice secluded camp site that would be perfect for our naughty weekend. As Tom was getting out of the car I told him that he owed Maddie and now was a good time for payback. He didn’t need to be asked twice. He turned and guided Maddie on to her back across the back seat with her bum on the edge at the door. He then went to work on her pussy with his tongue. Maddie was soon moaning. I climbed in the other side to kiss her and play with her boobs. Tom started to finger her with one then two fingers. As I have said in previous stories Maddie doesn’t come easily but to Tom’s credit he worked some magic and she climaxed which surprised both Maddie and I!

After all of this I needed some relief and got out of the car to go around and fuck her. Tom however had other plans and by the time I got there he had climbed in on top of her and was fucking her sensitive pussy. I watched for several minutes before I reminded him about not fucking for too long each time and that I needed some time as well. He quickly withdrew and apologized saying he better let me have my turn as he would last quite a while now that he had come once. I took his place and slowly fucked Maddie until I came.

Once I recovered I said it was time to set up camp. The first job was to get Maddie a chair with a towel on it and a drink. I told her to relax while we took care of everything.

Tom and I had everything set up within an hour and we sat down to enjoy a few beers. That’s how we spent the next several hours, just drinking and talking. Maddie found Tom to be a very interesting character and they hit it off quite well. We had a late lunch and continued sitting around. Before we knew it the sun was starting to set and it was time to get dinner organized. Again Tom and I took care of everything while Maddie just relaxed. There was a bit of banter about how much dinner was going to cost Maddie and her saying she had no money so would have to work out some other way of paying.

After dinner Tom excused himself to go pee and Maddie and I had a quiet chat. I asked her how she was and she replied that she was enjoying herself. She said that she thought Tom was a good lover and was looking forward to experiencing his tongue and cock again. I suggested she take him to his tent and have some fun while I cleaned up. After I was done I would go to bed and wait for her to join me. She checked istanbul travestileri that I was sure this was okay and when I said absolutely she gave me a kiss and went for a pee herself. Tom came back and asked where Maddie went and I told him the plan. He was thrilled! When she came back they decided to take a quick shower together, which was pretty cramped in the small camping shower we had. After their shower Maddie kissed me again and the pair of them headed of to Tom’s tent.

I set about cleaning up while listening to the sounds of them fucking. They were at it for quite a while and didn’t sound like finishing soon. So much for the frequent short fucks! But I reasoned it wasn’t all fucking just plenty of foreplay. After an hour I went off to my tent. It was another hour before Maddie joined me. Once there she gave me a quick recap of what they had done and confirmed that there had been plenty of kissing and oral and not too much penetration. She also told me that when they did fuck Tom was very gentle so I didn’t need to worry about her pussy getting sore. After the recap we made love. We stayed in missionary the whole time, staring at each other and confirming our love.

The next morning we were all up early ready to go for a drive and see some sights. Maddie sat in the front all day but there was plenty of fooling around each time we got out to look at something. We were careful not to draw attention though there was one occasion that a family nearly busted Maddie on her knees sucking Tom’s cock at a lookout. After that we decided to head back to camp. Maddie asked us about fishing. Tom laughed and said, “I can fish anytime, fucking you is way more fun!”

It was mid afternoon by the time we got back to camp, well past beer time! We sat around having a few drinks until Maddie suggested we play a drinking game. Tom was not keen on this as he thought he was too old for it. I suggested that instead of drinks we play for challenges. Everyone agreed so I got out a deck of cards and we settled on a game where we each just split the deck, lowest card has to complete the challenge set by the highest card. This went on for a while with each of us completing fairly simple tasks like flashing, running around the camp naked, getting the next round of drinks or performing oral. Funnily whenever Tom and I were the winner and loser it was a mundane task but when Maddie was the loser it involved something sexual! She didn’t seem to mind though.

Eventually just after Maddie had lost and I had won she said she needed to pee before she could complete her task. I was drunk enough that my devious mind came up with a compromise. I told her that her challenge was to pee in front of us. Maddie and I had experimented with water sports in the past but I wasn’t sure how she would react with Tom there. Turns out she was drunk enough that Tom being there was not an issue. She moved away from where were playing and stood facing us as she pulled down her pants and took them completely off. Remember Fraser is a sand island so it didn’t really matter where you pee it is quickly absorbed in the sand. It took her a little while to get started but eventually she let go, some of it running down her leg but most of it spraying on to the sand in front of her. Tom was mesmerized! He told us he had never seen a girl pee and often wondered why it was even a thing in porn. Now that he had seen it he thought it was very exciting and had a thousand questions about. Had we done this before? Had Maddie ever done it on me? Had I done it on her? We answered truthfully that we had done all these things, even in travesti istanbul each others mouths. He couldn’t believe it but we clarified that we only did it when we were well hydrated or drinking because it isn’t concentrated and very watery.

From then on in the game whoever had to pee did it with the others watching. Eventually Tom asked Maddie if he could taste the next one? She was feeling no pain from drinking and told him no worries. When she was ready she instructed him to remove all his clothes and lay down, She stood over him and sprayed him, starting at his cock and moving up to his face. His hard cock told us he liked it!

The next time he needed to pee he asked Maddie if he could do it on her? She shrugged and said why not? She removed her clothes and knelt down. I actually needed to go as well so Tom and I stood side by side and sprayed her with piss. We both aimed at her mouth which she opened, each time it filled she spat it out or let it dribble down her body. It occurred to me that this probably broke the rule about treating her with respect but she didn’t seem to mind.

By this stage we were all too drunk to worry about dinner and thought it might be time to call it a night, even though it was still early. We took our turns in the shower and while Tom was in there I reminded Maddie that she hadn’t been fucked yet today. She gave me a smile and said that was about to change because she planned a repeat of last night’s routine. I guess I was waiting again!

Once Tom was showered she dragged him off to his tent. I thought they might be a while due to all the alcohol Tom had drank so I was surprised when Maddie came out before I had gone to bed. I said, “that was quick.”

She replied, “yeah I wanted to finish him off in hurry so I could get back to my husband!”

We barely made it into the tent before we were fucking like rabbits!

The next morning we were all feeling the effects of the big drinking session and no-one felt like doing much. We decided to hang around camp. That day was spent with one of us almost constantly in Maddie. We fucked her bent over the chair, on the back of the car, we spit-roasted her and even gave her a double vagina penetration. By evening Maddie was laying in our tent barely awake and we were still taking turns with her. So much for my rules!

We didn’t fuck her arse and I was sure Tom would abide by my discretion rule so we didn’t break them all!

When she woke on the last day Maddie was feeling sore and told us there would be no pussy for us for the day. We both pouted like school kids but told her we understood. Truth be known we were both fuck out anyway. She did give us both blow jobs before Tom and I did actually go fishing, not that we caught anything. Maddie stayed at camp and rested. When we returned we just sat around and chatted. It was just like any other camping trip. We had an early night without any sex and I’m sure we all slept very well!

On the final morning I woke to Maddie staring at me. I asked her what was up? She told me that she was still a bit sore but because it was her last chance she wondered if it would be okay if she went and got one last fuck from Tom. I assured her that that was fine but could she bring back her sloppy pussy for me to go second. She smiled and said, “of course.”

With that she left. She was probably gone 45 minutes and when she returned I wasted no time in sticking my dick into her used pussy. She was so lose and wet I could hardly feel it, but it didn’t take me long before I added to the mess.

Once I had recovered we got up, had breakfast and packed up. As I drove down the beach I reflected on how much my wife had changed. A few months ago she was against extramarital sex. A few days ago she was shy about doing anything with Tom. All that changed very quickly and we had a fucking awesome camping trip!