Sam Joins In


Over the past year, my daughter and I have grown closer in many ways. Sam had finally forgiven me for destroying my marriage with her father by fucking her brother and my son, Ryan.Sam and I had been alone for a couple of months now as Ryan was doing a Europe trip with his mates from college. Sam was a beautiful, independent woman. We had become more than just mother and daughter, we had become best friends again.This made me so happy she had forgiven me for my sins with Ryan, because I couldn’t ever move on from fucking him, he had become my soul lover and my whole complete world. Many of my friends didn’t know it was my son fucking me and making me so happy and they would tease me about our relationship since we take such good care of each other and look out for what is best for each of us.So anyway, a few weeks ago I was out with friends and it began to snow. Sam called me and told me to come home so that I would get home safely. Just recently, she encouraged me to give up my addiction to Ryan and his cum, but I couldn’t get enough of it, I loved my son and wanted his baby.But while he’s been away from Sam and I had become close again, I found myself changing my work schedule which allowed me to be home before her most şişli escort bayan days and I loved to welcome her home with dinner ready so we could sit and chat. Every morning I would prepare her tea for her as she was getting ready for work.She’d kissed me sweetly on the cheek each time I brought it to her and say, “You serve me so wonderfully,’ and I grinned. She loves to tease me like that. Just a week ago, our relationship took a new turn. When it first happened, I wasn’t sure what to make of it all. But since then we have never been happier.I had been having a very difficult time at work with a colleague each day I came home in an increasingly frustrated mood. Eventually, the issues reached a boiling point and after a heated argument at work, I arrived home nearly in tears. I needed to vent this frustration and pent up energy and I recently discovered one way that would do it for me.There was an hour before Sam would be home from work and I was so frustrated with Ryan being gone, so I closed my bedroom door, clicked the lock, and pulled out the wooden hairbrush I kept in my nightstand drawer. I pulled my skirt up over my waist and knelt next to the bed so I could rest my cheek on it. Reaching back, I brought şişli escort bayan the back of the hairbrush down on one ass cheek.That now, familiar warmth began to spread through me and I took a long, slow breath as I reached back to bring the brush down again on a slightly different place with even more strength. I felt the sting of that strike from my toes through my shoulders and I turned my face into the blanket for a moment to breathe through the residual stinging. I don’t know how long I continued in this way, moving the brush from hand to hand every few slaps and was feeling a wonderful burn across my ass when I felt a cool hand on my back.I cried out in surprise and turned my head to see Sam kneeling next to me. I hadn’t heard the door unlock and don’t know how long she had been there watching. I felt the heat and red of my ass reflected in my face as embarrassment washed over me. Sam softly took the brush out of my hand and I cleared my throat and began to kneel up to straighten my skirt. Her hand on my back suddenly pressed harder and I looked up at her in confusion.She moved closer to me and rested her head next to mine, her deep blue eyes reflecting my own. After watching me for a moment, she moved mecidiyeköy escort from my view, but her hand remained firmly on my back. Suddenly, I felt the sharp sting of the wooden brush on my ass. It was in a place I couldn’t reach and felt harder than I was able to strike myself. I gasped and tried to push away from the bed. Sam’s soft voice close to my ear stilled me.”Stay still and I will take care of this. Close your eyes and try to keep your breathing steady. You know I love you.”Warring impulses flowed through me. I wanted more of the sting she had just given me. I was also embarrassed to be kneeling in front of my daughter in such a condition, my skirt bunched around my waist, my panties down around my knees. I had not even taken the time to remove my heels or thigh high stockings. I turned my face into the covers to hide from Sam and myself. Tears of shame sprang from my eyes.”Shhhhh…” Sam was whispering to me again, though now her voice came from behind me as her hands massaged my back. “Mom, you need this. And to be honest with you, so do I. Be good and stay still.”I nodded my head slightly and wasn’t sure she had even, seen it until I felt another smack of the brush. Two more quickly followed and then I felt her cool hands on my heated skin as she rubbed my burning ass cheeks. A rain of strikes began again and my tears began to flow, not only from the pain but also from the release of so many emotions that burst forth from where I had hidden them.