Nicole’s affair with a teenage lover part 2


Note: This is part 2 of the story. You may want to read part 1 first.The following week Josh returned again. He wanted the opportunity to worship Nicole’s sweet ass again. Nicole felt an immediate rush of electricity run through her body as the thought of Josh tonguing her ass again had her in very high state of arousal. She knew it wasn’t a good idea, but she stripped her clothes off anyway. They both quickly got undress as Nicole with just a thong on braced her lovely body up against the living room wall. Josh had knelt down behind her as a rush of excitement ran through his body. He slowly began to tongue at Nicole’s beautiful ass. He ran his tongue back and forth across it as Nicole felt her pussy getting wet. Josh did everything he could to get around the thong Nicole had on. He then started to push his tongue hard into Nicole’s thong. He wanted to lick her asshole badly as he tried in vein to move her thong out of the way with his long tongue. Nicole quickly felt an orgasm building up inside her as Josh’s tongue was pushing hard against her thong. She now had become very aroused as her body began to weaken. Nicole then did the unthinkable as she reached down and began lower her thong down over the cheeks of her beautiful ass so Josh had excess to it. Josh now had the green light as be began to rim her asshole with his tongue. Nicole was losing it quickly as her thong was now wrapped around her knees. Josh was ultra excited as he worked his tongue all around her asshole. A few seconds later Nicole cried out, ‘Oh’ god!” as Josh’s tongue now had pass by her asshole and brushed across her wet pussy. Josh knowing how close he was to pay dirt began to push his tongue even harder through Nicole’s legs. He now ran his tongue the best he could across the lips of Nicole’s wet pussy. This sent Nicole into a tizzy. She was losing control quickly as a powerful orgasm was building inside her. Her legs were weakening as she slowly opened them further apart. Josh pounced on the bayan escort beylikdüzü opportunity as he pushed his tongue against Nicole’s wet pussy. Nicole hands slowly started to move down the wall as she arched her ass outwards back towards Josh. Her swollen pussy was now in full view of Josh as he immediately began to lick on it. He licked and sucked on it for a good minute as Nicole’s body began to break down even more. Nicole cried out, “Please no Josh! You are going to make cum!” A few seconds later as Nicole banged her hands against the living room wall she started to cum on Josh’s tongue. She cried out, ”Omg!” several times in a row as Josh was able to make her finally cum. Her orgasm went on for a good minute as Josh didn’t let up until he had licked all of the juices from her pussy. Nicole was now in a very high state of arousal as she said to Josh. “I want suck on your cock!” Nicole quickly slid down onto her knees as Josh stood up. She grabbed Josh’s hard cock and inserted it into her warm mouth. She suck feverishly on it as Josh held the back of her head with his hands. A few seconds later Nicole cried out to Josh, “I want you to cum in my mouth!” It was a minute later when Josh’s body began to tense up. Nicole was moving her mouth very hard back and forth on Josh’s cock when it started to erupt. Nicole felt Josh’s warm cum splash into her mouth as she suck all of his cum down her throat. Nicole then said, “Oh’ god Josh! What did we just do!” “It was great!” Josh said as he began to put his clothes back on. Nicole knew their was no going back. There was only one thing left that they hadn’t done yet and Nicole knew that it was just a matter of time before Josh would ask about fucking her. Nicole thoughts were right, two days later Josh knocked on the door. She knew what he had wanted. She at first tried to act like no one was home, but her car was parked out on the driveway. She started to become very aroused as she looked out the window escort bayan beylikdüzü to see Josh wanting to come in. It had been a few minutes and Josh wasn’t going away. Nicole slowly grabbed the door handle as her pussy was on fire. She was about to let Josh in knowing that he was going to happen. Josh came in and said, “I really want to make love to you Nicole!” Nicole didn’t know what to say as Josh stood their as his body was sexually charged. “Please Nicole! I know you want me!” as Josh begged Nicole. Nicole knew she had pushed things way to far with Josh and it now led to Josh wanting to fuck her. A totally confused Nicole then grabbed Josh’s hand and led him into an darken spare bedroom. She told him as she closed the door behind them, “I will only fuck you in here! The master bedroom is off limits Josh!“ “That is fine with me! I just want to fuck you so badly!“ Josh said back to Nicole. Josh and Nicole began to stripped down as Nicole just left her thong panties on. She laid on the small bed as Josh climb in between her legs. She raise her legs up in the air as she slowly slid her thong panties off. She then spread her legs wide apart and pulled Josh on top of her. She felt Josh’s hard cock rub right against her swollen pussy. A few seconds later Josh’s cock slipped inside her swollen pussy. This was the first time Josh had ever made love to a woman and was going to be a day he will never forget. “Oh’ god Josh!” Nicole cried out as Josh pushed his cock deep into her. He fucked Nicole slowly at first as it took him some time to get his rhythm. It didn’t take him very long though to figure things out as Nicole cried out, “Fuck me Josh! Omg! It is so good!” Josh knew he was doing everything right as he continued to fuck Nicole in the spare bedroom. She cried out, “Fuck me Josh!” several more times as he fuck her harder a few minutes later. It was not even 10 minutes and Josh was ready to cum. Nicole was also on the verge of a powerful kayaşehir escort orgasm as Josh gave it to her hard. A few seconds later Nicole cried out. “Fuck me harder Josh! You are going to make me cum!” Josh fucked Nicole hard for another minute as he was ready to cum. Nicole already on the brink of cumming screamed out, “Oh’ god Josh! I am cumming!“ Josh followed that up as he started to cum inside Nicole’s pussy. Josh continued to ram his cock into Nicole for another good minute as each of their bodies shook uncontrollably together. Nicole felt guilty as Josh got up and left. She now had done the non thinkable by fucking Josh. This all had started as some kind of game for Nicole, but it now had turn into a very serious situation. Things were about to get more interesting over the next few days. Josh’s adrenalin was very high as he came back the very next day to fuck Nicole again. The ended up in the spare bedroom as Josh got undress he asked Nicole, “I really want to strip your clothes off you?” Nicole stop removing her shirt as Josh took over. He pulled her shirt up over her head and then reached back and undid Nicole’s bra. He tossed her bra onto the floor as he couldn’t resist grabbing each of Nicole’s breasts with his hands. He then moved his lips onto each of her hard nipples as he suck on each one of them. As he sucked on her breasts he reached down with his hand and undid her pants. He slowly worked her pants down until he had them down to her ankles. The only thing left on Nicole was her thong panties. Josh had fantasize on several occasions about the opportunity to remove Nicole’s panties. He gently took his time as he slowly worked her thong down her gorgeous legs. His hands ran down Nicole’s legs at the same time as it sent shivers through Nicoles body. She was very turned on now as she climbed up on the bed on all fours. She wanted Josh to fuck her from behind. Josh climbed up behind her as he pushed his very hard cock into Nicole’s lovely pussy. He grabbed and held tightly onto Nicole’s hips as he rammed his hard cock into her for several minutes. Nicole’s cried out as Josh had made her cum a few minutes into their fucking session. It had been only a little more than 5 minutes as Josh gave Nicole several hard thrust with his cock.