My Wife’s Exploits III (continued)


Well, it’s been a few days; weeks, perhaps, since I last discussed my wife and her exploits with other men when we were separated after only a few years of marriage. I won’t recap much but will remind everyone that her experiences with sex, up until we spearated, were solely with me. That all changed when we separated. She not only had intercourse with another man but she also experienced a man ejaculating into her mouth, which I have to say, shocked me when I heard her tell me about it. And how much she actaully liked it. Fast forward a month or so and she and Ernie were well into having sex everytime they were together. They often got together to do nothing other than have sex. As one might expect, in a vairety of positons and places and he even introduced her to “toys.” Again, a step outside şişli escort the box for her based on our sex life. So, she tells me it’s a weekend evening and she and Ernie are at his apartment and naked in bed but just getting started with what she assumed would be more hot sex. She said they began with the normal kissing and touching; her touching his penis, getting it erect and him sucking on her supple and firm breasts. BTW: I added the “supple” and “firm” comment. Those weren’t her words. LOLShe said, he would then normally move down her body and use his fingers to get her juices really flowing and prepare her for penetration by his above average sized manhood. But this time he didn’t move to climb onto her and begin fucking her. He continued to use his fngers inside of her and she said she became mecidiyeköy escort more and more aroused and “ready” for him to penetrate her. But he didn’t.Finally, she said, “I told him I want it,” and he needed to climb on me and “put it in.” Again, he kept inserting fingers, which by now, had her grinding her hips and craving his cock. She always loved being finger fucked. LOVED IT!!She asked again and again for him to “Put it in!!.” But, he made no move. Finally, she said, he told her he wanted her to do him a favor. He said he had told his roommate about her body and how gorgoeus it is. He told his roomamate what a fantastic sexual partner she is. And, all he wanted her to do is to stand up next to the bed and allow his roommate to come into the room and see her naked body for himself. I looked at her and ask, “What did you tell him?”She said she immediately refused. She told him, “No way,” she was going to allow his roommate to come into the room with her naked. So, she said they went back to hot and erotic foreplay, him using his fingers inside of her and her practically begging him to, “Put it in me!” Every so often he would again make his request and she would refuse. But, he would not complete the act and put it in her. She said this went on for thirty to forty minutes, him continually arousing her and her refusing to grant him his favor; until, she said she was beginning to crumble. She said she wanted it badly by then and he knew it. At some point, she said he stood up and said he was going to go over to the door and if she would just stand up next to the bed he would open the door and let his roommate in to see her naked. If she didn’t stand up it would be a huge disappointment but he would end the stalemate.