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I would describe my wife as a strong-willed person who likes to take control. She has a good career in management and at times she can be stubborn in her ways. I wouldn’t say that she is particularly conservative as she can surprise you at times, but she loves to be in control at all times. I had brought up the idea of sharing her several times in the past with other men, but all I got was a lot of flak about it. She didn’t know why I wanted to see her so badly with another man, but as time went on she began to cave in little by little. I kept on with my desires and things began to change for me one day when I chatted with a gentleman named Larry. Larry told me about this group of individuals him and his wife were involved with. They were basically a group of people who loved to swing with others, while calling it something else other than swinging. He told me that his wife was a lot like mine in the beginning, but after joining this group she had turned into a sex-craved wife. She now loves the idea of sexual freedom with another man or woman as it has brought out her inner sexual desires. I was intrigued by all of this as Larry asked me if my wife and I wanted to come to one of their parties. He said to me, “Why don’t you and your wife come by one of our parties. This way you both can see what this is all about. There are people of all ages and you will be very surprised by some of them.” I thought about it for a few days before bringing it up with my wife. She might be a little on the stubborn side at times but if the situation was right she just might go along with the idea. I sat down one night and discussed it with her for a good solid hour. As we had gotten well into our conversation I said, “We don’t have to participate if we don’t want to. How about we go and just look around before deciding.” She finally began to cave in on the idea as she agreed to at least check it out. There was a party right around the corner as I asked Larry for all the particulars on it. It was being held at a home of one of bahçesehir escort the group members and there were about twenty or so invited. That night as we pulled up to the house there were several cars strewn about. It was a very nice home as there had to be over 5000 square feet of living space. As we went up to the front door my wife looked fabulous. She is in her upper forties and a mother of two but she still looked smoking hot for her age. Her tight jeans along with her white buttoned up shirt had my cock hard as we walked up to the front door. Larry quickly greeted us as we walked in, and introduced us to several of the people. In a way I felt like a piece of meat as the women checked me out while the men tried to put their best foot forward toward my wife. We sat for a while with a beverage as we watched the different groups of people mingle about. They weren’t anything like we had thought as they were successful people from all walks of life. We had been there for almost an hour when things began to heat up. Several individuals made their way downstairs into the lower level while some made their ways to empty bedrooms upstairs. My wife and I decided to go downstairs and see what was happening down there. We both were surprised by what we had seen. Two of the women around the age of forty began to undress in front of several men. They weren’t bad looking by any means as they quickly got undressed. My wife was almost polarized as she watch these two married women begin to suck several of the men’s cocks. After several minutes they were placed in the center of the room next to each other as five men crowded around them. None of the men were their actual husbands as they sat off to the side stroking their cocks as they watched their wives get gang banged right there in front of them. My wife was stunned by what she was seeing as each of the women had a cock inside their pussy while another cock was lodged inside each of their mouths. The sound of pounding flesh and the sound of beylikdüzü bayan escort women moaning out had my cock ready to explode. This went on for more than an hour until every last man had fucked each of them before blowing their loads off all over each of the women’s bodies. Their husbands each had come earlier as they watched their wives take on these five guys at one time. We stayed for about another hour or so before leaving. My wife was speechless on the ride home; I couldn’t wait to get home so I could fuck her. We had fucked each other twice that night as she screamed out into a number of orgasms. I knew she was very turned on by all of what she had seen that night even though she would never admit to it. Larry contacted me a few days later and asked how my wife and I liked the other night. I told him that we had a great time and he wanted to know if we wanted to attend their next party. I was very interested in attending the next party and I conveyed that to him. A few months had passed before I heard again from Larry. They now had scheduled their next party at a rented lakehouse about an hour or so away. Larry told me how nice it was there and how they had been going to this place a few times a year. It had a lake and swimming pool on the premises and the sound of nature filled the air. Since they only came here a few times a year it usually brought out a good number of the members. I was all game but I told him I had to talk to my wife first and get back to him. My wife at first wasn’t sure about going but after careful thought she decided to attend. She loved the idea of swimming as she was an avid swimmer along with a day of relaxing out in the wilderness. It was on a Saturday and a day long adventure for us even though some of the members had planned on staying the night. We packed up our gear and headed out. My wife brought along her swimsuit as did I. I had told her on the way out there if she wanted to get friendly with any of the men that I was okay with escort beylikdüzü it. She replied that she was okay without participating and that she was basically going there to relax for the day. Once there we were warmly greeted by Larry and a few others as we got a quick tour of the house and property. It was just as magnificent as Larry had described to me. It was just a short while later and time for lunch. There were around fifteen or so of us milling around as several more were expected to arrive later in the day. My wife in the meantime put on her swimsuit and hung out around the pool most of the afternoon. She looked hot as her black swimsuit was a two piece. The top piece went down just enough to cover her stomach while showing off her beautiful tits. The bottoms were tightly snug around her gorgeous round ass. As the afternoon went on there was a little action between a few of the members but for the most part everyone just hung around getting to know one another. We met several people including a young man named Jake. Jake looked like he was around 18 or 19 and I really didn’t know how he fit into all of this. I did know he had the hots for my wife as he tried several times making small talk with her. When I told my wife that Jake had the hots for her she replied, “Oh’ yeah! I am going to fuck an 18 year old?” It had made me so turned on as Jake had become extremely frustrated with my wife’s attitude toward him. He wanted her to acknowledge him but my wife kept pushing off his advances. That night after dinner things began to pick up. The number of people had almost doubled from that afternoon as several them began to make plans with one another. My wife had several offers but so far she resisted any urge to be with any of them. She decided to have a margarita after dinner as she usually doesn’t drink. She continued to lounge around the pool as the sun began to set. I watched several women get together with partners while their husbands lurked around looking for potential mates. I had a few of the women make their way over toward me but I just froze up each time I was confronted. I was all still new to all of this. Jake was still after my wife as he really wanted to try to hook up with her. He was still smarting from her demeanor toward him earlier as she had brushed him off several times.