My First Gay Bar Experience Pt. 03


This story is from the imagination of the author. All characters are over the age of 18. Enjoy.

The man I met at a gay bar, not more than two months ago, is standing looking down at me, while I am naked and on my knees pleasuring his seven inch cock with my mouth. He is fifteen years older than I am. I only know him as “Pal.” He never told me his first name or even made one up. Nor did I think to ask.

Although he is my “pal”, I am more his cock slut than friend. That is what he expects me to be; his, and only his, personal cock sucker. I fucking love it. Actually, he does more then me; his pleasure comes first and I am expected to see that it does.

Suddenly he commands “Look up at me, cock slut!”

Slowly I look up and gaze upon his six foot four inch. One hundred eighty pound frame.

“Slut, since you became my personal cock sucker, your skills have improved. You can deepthroat my fuck rod and swallow all my cum that spews forth from my jizz slit.”

He pauses. Silence fills the room. I begin to talk but get just one word out before he slaps my cheek lightly with his seven inch cock.

“Quiet! As I was saying, your sucking skills have almanbahis grown better with each blowjob. Therefore I have this for you.”

Pal puts down a box. A shoe box to be precise. I open it and see a black leather collar with two words on it “Cock Slut.”

I stare.

“Give me the collar!”

As I do he says “Get back to sucking your Pal’s cock while I adjust this so it fits snug on your throat.”

Taking his erect cock back into my mouth, my, I hear him fidgeting with my new collar. It says on it what I am to him; is that wrong I think to myself? No. We are both adults just having fun. Plus, I do consider him a friend.

His cock in my mouth, makes the usual gulping noises that one would expect a dick, deep inside a mouth, would create. So to do the slurping noises from my spit on his seven inch member. His precum tastes so good.

His cock pulsates. He is about to unleash a nice three day load in my mouth. When suddenly he says “Stop and look up at your pal.”

As I do, his hands clasp the collar around my neck.

“There. Now anyone who sees this will know exactly what you are. But only those at the gay bar we met at exactly two months almanbahis giriş ago tonight, will ever see you wearing it. Happy anniversary my obedient cock slut.”

Smiling, he pushes my mouth back onto his rod.

“I have another surprise for you. Stand up, get onto my bed on all fours, I am going to breed you, my fucking cock slut.”

As a good submissive, I do as I am told.

“Just let me lube up my cock.”

As he does, my mind wanders back to the night we met. I sucked his cock that night as well as many more nights after that. Now he is going to fuck my tight man pussy.

As he slowly inserts his rod, he slaps my ass hard. *SLAP*

“That was just one of many spankings you will get as I ram your tight man cunt.”

His cock slowly penetrates my tight hole.

The spankings continue.

“Yeah. That’s it, you cock slut. Open up your man cunt for my cock. Push back while I insert my cock.”

As I do, feelings of pleasure begin to fill me. My cock is at full attention.

“Pal, my cock is so fucking hard. Please jerk me off while you fuck my hole.”

*Slap* *Slap* *Slap* *Slap*

“You fucking slut! My pleasure is primary almanbahis yeni giriş here. Your just my slut who gets pleasure when I say you do.”

More spankings. Harder ones.


“There. Perhaps those will teach you.”

Pal is grunting as he rams my hole with his pleasure rod. My moans are overwhelmed by the noise that is emminating from his mouth.

My cock begins to twitch and a familiar feeling follows; I am about to cum. Fuck. It has been at least twenty five days since I last came.

Suddenly, his cock erupts in me. Loads of his warm cum enter my man pussy.

“Fuck. Take my seed.”


“Oh, fuck me, pal. I’m cumming.”

I cannot tell you the relief and pleasure I am feeling as I unload the largest load ever. Waiting for this was worth it.

“You, slut. You cum when I say you can!”


The pain from so many slaps to my firm ass mixes with the pleasure of my cock erupting from an anal pounding done to me. Such pleasure it is.

With his cock still deep in my hole, I begin to “grind” and “rub” it with my man pussy.

“That’s it. slut. Milk it all out of me. Yeah, ride my cock.”

His right hand touches my cock and reaches for all my cum that spewed from my hole.

“Mmmm. You taste good. Perhaps I should allow you to cum more often for me.”

I can only hope so.