Madison Dares to Stretch her Boundaries


Madison was working for the caterer to earn money for next semester’s books. She really didn’t mind the work, with her great looks she always was assigned to the wait staff. She found it interesting to mingle with the crowd and pick up bits and pieces of the chatter. Her long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes got her the job, as well as a spot on the university cheer squad, all of which she hoped would pad her resume for when she graduated next spring and had to find a real job. She was 22, and hoped that these nights of physical labor would soon be over. The work wasn’t bad that night, just a relatively small business gathering of about fifty people, mostly older and all well-dressed. The menu was simple enough, featuring butler-delivered heavy hors d’oeuvres and cocktails at the bar. Madison had already been around with the jumbo butterflied shrimp, this trip was with tomato bruschetta on ciabatta, and she was hoping to get the California spring rolls on her next trip back to the kitchen. There was one very intriguing guest, a dark-skinned man who looked to be about 30. He was very well dressed in a double-breasted grey suit, mauve tie, highly polished shoes, and impeccably manicured fingers which she noticed when he took one of the shrimp. While he was reaching for the hors d’oeuvres, she made sure the tray was stable, but then looked up at his 6 foot 2 inch frame and he was looking right into her eyes, and she felt a tingle run through her entire body when he said “Hello, Madison.” She knew he had seen her name tag, but it always struck her that anyone who took the time and interest to look at a person’s name and then use it, was making an effort to elevate the wait staff from the background noise towards parity with the guests, and she liked that. And, the fact that he was so handsome, and exuded an aura of powerful sexuality didn’t hurt either. She looked away quickly, not wanting to blush in front of him, but she knew she would seek him out on her next round, attracted to his dominance. Back in the kitchen, she grabbed the last tray of California rolls, and took that as a good omen that she should go back the tall black man. As she circled the room, she noticed him looking at her, almost beckoning her to him. And she was drawn to him, so she started to move more purposefully toward him. As she approached, and their eyes met again, the tingly feeling returned, and she wondered about him. Was he married, or in a relationship with someone? He looked well off, but was that real or just for show? When she reached him, he thanked her for returning, and she lingered for a moment, hoping they might talk even for just a minute before she had to move on to other guests. He seemed to sense that, and said “Madison, I know this seems forward, but I was wondering gaziantep rus escort if we might have a chance to talk later, perhaps after your shift is over? The party ends in just 15 minutes, and if you’re interested, I’ll be in the lobby bar. I like to unwind a bit after these functions, before heading up to my room.” Madison blushed again. Feeling her face grow warm, she knew he could tell she was interested, but then again, he seemed to know that before she blushed. Maybe that was why he invited her, he just seemed to know she was attracted to him. But that was not like her, at all. She lived with Rick, she had never before done anything so impetuous with a total stranger like what she was now seriously thinking of doing. And, this was a black man! Okay, she had that fantasy, buried deep inside, but now, presented with the chance to live out that fantasy, could she really go through with it? Or should she just do the right thing, and go back to the apartment after work. These thoughts and the resulting inner conflict raged through her head as she cleaned up after the party with the rest of the crew. When they were done, decision time arrived along with leaving time, and finally she rationalized that since the crew sometimes stopped for a quick drink after work, this wasn’t so different. Was it? Madison went into the ladies room and changed out of her uniform tight black slacks and white blouse, into her form fitting pink top, cute little skirt and three inch heels. She looked good, as she always tried to do, and she knew this top showed off her 34D tits to perfection. She brushed her long blonde hair, and decided that yes, she needed to stop in the bar for just a drink and perhaps a little chat with the attractive stranger, if he was even in there. As she walked into the bar, he was indeed sitting by himself, even though there were a few single women there. She started to feel a little unsure of herself, maybe she could turn right around and head home. But just then, he saw her in the reflection of the bar, and turned toward her, and those eyes drew her in again. “Hi Madison, you look awesome.” “Thanks,” she said, nervously laughing, “um….” pulling some blonde strands out of her face… “I really shouldn’t…” “No worries, but hey, you’re here, why not stay for a quick drink, then you can decide what you want to do with the rest of your evening.” “Okay. But maybe just for a little bit.” she said, her good girl side showing. “By the way, I’m Darryl. Glad we get a chance to ah, talk.” “Oh, yes, I’m Madison, but, ah, I guess you know that already,” she nervously replied. “Yes, and by the way, as I watched you walk in here, it struck me that with your looks, you could end up owning Madison Avenue someday. The name really fits you,” he said, flashing a big smile. And so they talked, telling a little bit about each other. Madison did become more comfortable as the time passed, and her drink relaxed her, and the second drink gave her more courage. Before she realized how long they had been there, it was approaching midnight, and she was falling more and more under the spell of his strong personality. When three younger guys came into the bar, talking animatedly, Daryl decided to take the next step. “Madison, I think we should take this somewhere more, ah, private, don’t you? Let’s go up top my room, and continue this lovely chat. Come on,” he said, standing and offering her his big hand. He quickly signed the tab, and with her hand in his, started toward the elevators. It happened so quickly, she was headed toward the elevators before she knew she was moving. As they approached the elevator, Madison knew deep down that every step brought her closer to her fate. Yet, she continued walking, still convinced that she was in control, and could decide at any time to leave and go to the apartment where Rick would be waiting for her. Even as she got on the elevator, and watched Daryl press the button for the 11 th floor, she felt that she had done nothing out of the ordinary, just had a drink with a nice guy she met. “My room is right here, come in. Why don’t you sit over there, fortunately I have this little suite, room to sit out here, the bed is in the other room. The mini bar is a little lame, what can I offer you? Let’s see, wine, beer, or vodka?” “What are you drinking?” she asked, gamely, wanting to follow his lead. As she watches Darryl walk through the room, she marvels at how he holds himself and moves with such power in his gait. She thinks to herself, he really is hot, so tall, muscular, so attractive. “Let’s try one of these wines, I think the pinot noir should work. I’ll pour one for each of us. So Madison, how long have you worked for the caterer?” And so the conversation picked up again, just transplanted to a new location. After a few minutes, Daryl asked “Madison, I hope it is okay with you if I take my tie off, it seems a little stuffy in here.” As Daryl stood and moved over to the other end of the room, he continued . “Madison, I was really struck with your beauty and with how you moved earlier tonight. I hope it wasn’t unsettling to have me stare at you like that.” As Madison was sitting on the cushioned chair, watching him take off his tie, she was the one now staring. And smiling. She liked what she saw, and being more relaxed, was not as afraid as before to let that show. “Oh? I saw you looking at me, but I didn’t think you were staring.” “ Good” he replied. “but, well, I wonder why you agreed to come up here to my room. Did you just want to talk? Or was there perhaps some other thoughts in that gorgeous blonde head of yours?” “I, I uh…” she stammered. She looked down at her lap, then at her wine, and continued “I just, well you seemed nice.” And then she blushed yet again, realizing she was acting like a school girl, with all her stammering and fidgeting. He put his hand on her arm and said “I am sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you Madison but you are so very beautiful, and I sensed a, a what, a spark? Perhaps there is some mutual interest that we might explore?” Madison bit her lip, uncertain how to respond. “You are very sexy,” she finally confessed with a small laugh. “Thanks you, that is a very mutual feeling.” Daryl then let the silence hang there for a few moments, knowing that the silence would make her feel a bit uncomfortable, and maybe anxious. Like before, he was waiting for the right moment to take the next step. Then, as Madison looked into his eyes, he leaned forward, slowly, toward her, until they were less than a foot apart. Madison stared into his eyes, nervous, holding her glass in her hands, her face a picture of nerves. She thought about her boyfriend, waiting for her at their apartment, and somehow knew this was her last chance to escape. But she didn’t move. And so when Daryl moved ever closer, it was inevitable that their lips would meet, in that first kiss that always thrills the participants, the unveiling of the unknown, along with the promise of so much more. The kiss didn’t last too long, it wasn’t that passionate, but it broke the ice, while letting them both know that each meant business. As he pulled back from the kiss, Daryl put his glass down, then reached over for Madison’s glass. Deciding it was time to really take control, Daryl turned his body to hers, looked right in to her big blue eyes, and reached out towards her shoulder, pulling her towards him. He liked to be in control, and this younger gal seemed willing to be controlled, which was fine with him. As she allowed herself to be pulled into him, some blonde hairs fell across her face. She pushed them quickly out of the way, and leaned in towards him. They kissed again, softly at first, like before, but then more urgently. Feeling emboldened, she pushed her tongue into the kiss, to which he quickly reciprocated. Knowing she was now totally into what was going on, but still not certain where this would end up, Daryl moved his hand lower, to her waist, and so they were now locked in a tight embrace, while kissing passionately. The intensity of their embrace and kissing was getting Daryl worked up, and his hand wandered seemingly by its own will, up her tight body, towards her chest, as he wondered if she will come to and stop him, or if she will submit to him. His hand now reached her firm, ripe breast, and he moaned as he reached those lovely tits that first caught his attention a few hours ago.