Lust on the High Seas Day 05


Please consider the Preamble for Day 1 as an integral part of this episode.

Words: 13,010


Title: Lust on the High Seas: Day 5 — Cadiz.

For reasons that I didn’t manage to figure out immediately, I had a very restless night. I didn’t sleep at all well. I kept waking up in a cold sweat, after the most vivid recurring dream.

It started as I found myself in a dank, dark tunnel and I think I must have been exploring or something – it didn’t make sense at all, but then dreams often don’t, do they. I remember I was pointing a torch to see where I was going, struggling to walk along, as if my feet were clinging to the floor, stuck with some treacle like substance, and I tried to stand up straight but I kept falling to one side and bumping into the tunnel wall as I tried to walk.

Each time I came to a fork in the tunnel I seemed to instinctively know which way to go, but as I progressed along, I had a churning feeling in my stomach that I was becoming more and more lost. I would turn and look behind me and I couldn’t see the turn I had just made, as if the choices I had made along the way were all closing behind me.

I found myself in an opening and as I stepped out into the centre of a massive cavern I could see in the half light there were small lights, like tiny white stars. I called out in the hope that someone would answer, but all was silent apart from a low growling sound. As I looked around, the small lights gradually changed in colour, from white through pale green and blue, to purple, then red. Tiny red lights appearing, slowly becoming more and more distinct from the distant darkness, and as I strained to see I could tell they were in pairs. They were eyes, piercing red eyes watching me.

I looked down and I was horrified to see I was wearing nothing but a flimsy cotton nightdress that only just came down to my legs and hardly covered my bum and — well, you know. I pulled it down to protect my dignity and as my eyes became accustomed to the low light, I looked around in fear. The creatures that were watching me seemed to come closer, moving toward me and I began to see their faces; large hideous looking heads, like dogs or maybe dragons, with horns and knurled noses, and forked tongues that seemed to slip out repeatedly to ‘taste’ the air the way a snake does.

I backed away from the first one I saw, checking behind me only to see others. I looked around in fear and realised I was surrounded by eight or ten of them, slowly approaching on clawed feet, and reaching for me with large, clawed hands. They seemed to be watching me, with large, lust filled eyes, and as I pulled my nightdress down to cover my bare crotch, the low front would pull down to reveal my small, plump little breasts, exciting the evil creatures even more.

I looked around in panic as they came closer and closer; I could see no conceivable escape route. One big creature confronted me and as I backed away I felt another pressed against my back. I put my arms up to cover my face as it raised a vicious looking clawed hand and I cried out, believing it would strike me, ripping through my flesh to tear me apart and eat me. But the claw missed my body, just catching the front of my nightdress, splitting it down the front like a razor through tissue paper.

They stared at me for several seconds, eyes wide and excited, like a group of lustful, lawless men who have just captured a sweet little toy to have some fun with. They licked their drooling mouths and I was terrified, not sure if they intended to use me as food, or perhaps something that might turn out far worse.

In a flash the creatures had converged upon me, their clawed hands grasping me and lifting me, pulling me this way and that, the tongues lapping at me, tasting every inch of my bare flesh as they raised me into the air and sharing me, yet each one seeming eager to take me for itself, reaching into all the most intimate of places as I struggled and writhed – and that’s when I awoke, terrified and panting, soaked in sweat but relieved as I realised that thankfully I was safe in my bunk-bed.

The room was rocking and I could still hear the low growling in my ears. It was my dad snoring, at least I think it was dad; it could have been mam, and my dream had translated the ship’s rocking into my being pulled around by those hideous creatures. It had all seemed so vivid and real.

I peered over to check the clock on my dad’s bedside table. It was about 3am. I lay still for a few moments, trying to decide whether to stay in my comfy bed or get up for a pee. Decisions, decisions (sigh).

I decided I should probably get up and ‘get myself comfortable’. At least I should be able to get back to sleep more easily then. While I was in the loo I got to thinking about what might have caused me to have that horrible dream. Then I realised, if Petra had drugged me, maybe it was still in my system. I wondered what might have happened if I had been given a stronger dose. I was almost afraid to imagine it. The hallucinations that I experienced at the time were bad enough kocaeli escort – with the possible exception of when Seiko was taking me. That had felt so good, and I could hardly wait to see her for real.

I climbed back up into my bunk and snuggled up, tucking my hand between my thighs and my other hand just idly playing anywhere else that felt good, wondering about what the coming afternoon might have in store for me.

The dream floated back a couple of times, but subconsciously I realised what it was this time. Now that I knew it wasn’t reality, but simply my imagination treating me to a glimpse of something terrifyingly erotic, I wondered if I might dare to let it go a little further. I have always been inclined to try something new and exciting, but only if I could be sure I wouldn’t suffer any physical harm. I was excited to learn just where those inquisitive tongues might have gone. Deep down I already knew, but even though it was patently obvious what was coming, I still found it scary, so I managed to wake myself before it all got too horrendous.

You see, I remember from years ago when I was very small, my real dad told me about a way to wake myself from a nightmare. He would say – “You need to have something in your mind that only you know about, like a doll or a toy, or something that you imagine you would like to own. We call it a ‘token’. The important thing is, this thing can’t be real. It has to be something in your imagination, and you must never tell anyone what it is. When you think you’re dreaming and you get scared, you reach for your ‘token’, and if you can find it, you know you’re dreaming. Then you know you have to try and wake yourself.” The trick is, of course, to know when to look for it.


I awoke in the morning to be greeted by the most unholy din from the TV. My dad had already been in the bathroom, and was showered and shaved, and now my mam was in there. “Hello sleepy head,” he greeted me. “You were out like a light. What were you getting up to yesterday to make you so tired?”

“Oh, nothing much,” I lied. “Maybe I had a couple of drinks too many?” I told him, not really thinking before I said it.

“In the afternoon?” he questioned. “A bit early to be drinking, isn’t it?”

“Early… Late… It’s all relative isn’t it? We are on holiday, after all.”

“Hmmm…” he mused. “Well, I know what I like to do on holiday,” he told me, a wicked look in his eye.

“If it’s what I think you mean, I think you were doing that a couple of nights ago, weren’t you?”

“You saw that?”

“Dad, a blind man could have seen it,” I told him.

“Hmmm…” he replied again, looking embarrassed this time. “Well,” he added, lowering his voice, “I’d enjoy it much better with you…” he told me, reaching under the blanket for my leg, “and if I catch you…”

“Well I’ll just have to make sure you don’t catch me then,”

I interrupted him, pulling away, and backing up to the wall away from his reach, but still smiling.

At that moment, my mam opened the bathroom door. Seeing him beside my bed she asked, “Is everything alright?” She sounded more than just a little curious, and I began to wonder if she might have had suspicions about he and I.

“Yes Mam,” I replied, getting him off the hook. “I was just telling Dad about this really weird dream I had last night.”

“Oh really honey? What was that?”

“Oh, it was so scary. I was being chased by a dozen monsters that all wanted to eat me.” I didn’t want to tell her quite ‘how’ I thought they wanted to eat me.

“Oh dear!” she said, sympathetically. “Well I hope you escaped,” she told me.

“I’m still here,” I laughed.

“Did you remember our little trick?” she asked. She didn’t say anything about it being my natural father’s idea; not in front of my step-dad. That would have made things awkward.

“Yes Mam. Thanks. I remembered, and it helped.”

“Maybe it was something you ate?” she suggested.

I could feel my face become flushed, but I think I turned away before she noticed. “I wouldn’t be surprised,” I told her.

“Not been eating cheese before bed, have you?” my dad asked.

My dad is a firm believer in ‘Old Wives Tales’. “Not cheese… No,” I replied, quietly. “Are you looking around Cadiz today?” I asked, changing the subject quickly.

“Yes dear,” my mam replied. “We’re going to have a ride on the open topped bus to scout around, and then decide on somewhere to eat,” she said. “We thought we’d splash out today,” she added with a smile.

“You did,” my dad piped up, begrudgingly.

“Well, Michael. We’re on holiday and I’d like to try some of the local food. We don’t have to do it every day,” she said, smiling to me.

“Good thing too,” he muttered. “Already cost a fortune,” he grumbled to himself.

“That sounds lovely Mam,” I told her. “Maybe I could join you? Then I’d like to go and have a look around a department store near the port.”

“That sounds nice dear.”

“We could come with you,” my dad offered.

“Michael!” kocaeli escort bayan my mam interrupted in a scolding tone. “Perhaps Macey would like some time to look around… ‘on her own’?,” she emphasised, staring at him pointedly.

“Oh… Oh yes. OK then,” he relented, getting the message.

I smiled sweetly at him before turning to my mam and mouthing the words ‘Thank you.’ She gave me a knowing smile.


For today, I wanted to look young, but not ‘too young’ so I donned a fairly loose fitting white tee-shirt which was just tight enough to show my perky little breasts clearly present, but not tight enough to restrict them from wobbling as I walked. I stood in front of the mirror and wiggled my body, admiring the way they moved around, like an aerial view of two little boys fighting in a sack.

The skirt and panties I chose were the red ones I had used for the morning of the previous day, the ones I had worn when I met Danny and teased both him and the drinks waiter, before my sinful afternoon of such extremely intense fun with the ladies in Georgia’s suite.

I also wore another pair of white ankle socks (I love those – they’re so ‘little girl’-ish) – and the red buckle-up shoes that matched the skirt.

I did my hair up in the same way that I’d had it on the day when I first met Seiko; a couple of small buns at each side on the top of my head. I thought it looked cute, and that way she shouldn’t have any trouble recognising me, and I wanted to leave my neck bare. I was hoping to feel her lips all over me, and I didn’t want anything getting in the way; certainty not there anyway – I so loved the feel of kisses on my neck.

As I came out of the bathroom, Dad was outside, finding his jacket in the wardrobe, and his eyes were immediately diverted to my meagre but alluring bust-line.

“Don’t you think you should have a cardigan with that dear?” my mam asked, looking at me, then at him, as he looked away sheepishly.

“I was just going to get it Mam,” I smiled. “I forgot to take it in with me,” I told her, smirking at him.

“Well, I know this is Spain, honey, but it’s still quite cold out,” she added, by way of unnecessary explanation.

“I know Mam. I’ll probably take a coat too. It’s a bit windy according to the weather on TV.”

“I should hope so,” she smiled. “You never know what you might catch,” she said, adding a whispered aside, there are so many lusty foreigners here.

I’d never heard her using an expression like that before, but as I was now an adult, I suppose she felt it was more appropriate.

“It’s us who are the foreigners here Mam…” I laughed, “but I know what you mean,” I added quietly.

We went up to the buffet restaurant and all had ourselves a hearty breakfast. “No point going out hungry,” Dad said, and to be truthful I had to agree. I was as keen to try the local food as my mam was, but I only wanted a taste. I had to sympathise with my dad on that one. He had spent a small fortune on this holiday and there really was no point in spending more on local food when it was all paid for on board.

We spent an hour going round on the open topped bus in Cadiz, getting cold into the bargain. It was Spain and the sun was out, but it was early December and there was a wicked chill in the air. I began to wish I had stayed in my nice warm bed. I could have been having fun with RR instead of risking catching a cold. But there was fun to be had in the town, and I didn’t want to be missing it.

We stopped at a little cafe in the corner of a public square near a very grand looking church, and we all sat down, my mam with a broad smile on her face. “Yes. This will do I think,” she announced looking decidedly pleased.

My dad started looking through the menu. “Are ye sure ye couldn’t find something a tad more expensive?” he muttered, sarcastically.

Mam shot him a fierce looking glare, then instantly mollified when she noticed me watching. “Come now Michael,” she reasoned. “It’s only one day and I would so love to try the local cuisine.”

“I hadn’t noticed they had dictionaries on the menu at breakfast,” I quipped, teasing her.

“Oh, alright,” she said, poking me. “We’re not all on English courses.”

“Well I hope you’re not hungry,” dad muttered. “I only brought a grand with me today.” I had such a struggle not to burst out laughing. I know it would have only made things worse, and the last thing I wanted was for Mam to storm off in a huff.

“Actually, I’m not all that hungry Dad,” I told him, “but I think the pizza looks nice. Do you think we could share one of those Mam?” I asked. I’d had a quick scan through the menu, and that looked to be about the cheapest, and to be truthful I didn’t really fancy much else anyway – such a lot of it was shellfish or paella or other stuff that didn’t seem very appealing.

She smiled at me, then a cursory little glare to him before agreeing, “OK honey. Which one would you like?”

“Any Mam,” I replied, “as long as it doesn’t have prawns or mussels, or any other rubbish izmit escort like that.” I’ve never been one for eating shellfish and even the very thought of it (or watching someone else eat it) makes me feel ill.

We sat and watched the world go by for an hour, while dad had a beer (ales were far too expensive for him to buy on the ship) and mam had her coffee, and I had a vodka and cola. I realised afterwards that I shouldn’t have had the vodka – it tends to cloud your judgement and can make you do things that you would otherwise think twice about, and I was yet to learn that on this occasion the knock-on effect would be catastrophic.

While we were sitting there, my mam struck up a conversation with another couple who had just sat down two tables away. In a foreign country, it doesn’t take long to latch onto a nearby conversation going on in your own language, and it turned out that this couple were also from our ship – not surprising really, given that there were suddenly an extra two thousand people in the town. The woman was dolled-up to the nines, and wearing a low cut dress with a split side that my dad was finding it extremely difficult not to keep a discreet eye on, and her partner (probably her husband but I wouldn’t have sworn to it – not by the way he kept touching her up), looked swathe, tanned and muscular; just my mam’s type.

It didn’t need much in the way of intuition to see that the pair of them seemed as interested in my folks as mam and dad seemed to be in them. Since my mam had smartened herself up, I had noticed she was getting second looks from lots of the guys on board, and one or two of the ladies too.

I was feeling the man’s eyes on me too though, so it wasn’t too soon for me when the time came to think about going.

“How far is it back to the port?” I asked, as we finished up the pizza?

“Well we’re half way around the bus tour,” my dad said, “so it’s about 45 minutes on the bus… but according to this map it’s only a few streets away, so we should be able to walk it in about ten minutes at the most,” he told me.

“We?” I looked at him sideways.

“I think Macey may want to explore on her own,” my mam reminded him.

“Oh. OK,” he shrugged.

“Well it’s 1:20 now, and I’m not sure of where I’m going, so I think I’ll set off now and try to find it.”

“Find what?” my dad asked.

I looked at him for a moment, not really wanting to answer. “I promised to meet someone for a coffee in a department store,” I reluctantly revealed.

“You’re meeting a boy?” he retorted.

“Not a boy Dad,” I said quietly.

“A man?”

“Michael!” my mam interrupted, in a low, stern voice. He just looked. “Macey is my daughter and she’s over 18 now,” she went on, softly, “and she can make friends with whomsoever she chooses.”

I could feel myself colouring up as my face began to tingle. I stood and turned away from them both, feeling my eyes fill with water. “There now honey,” she said, getting up to give me a hug. She handed me a tissue.

“If you want to meet your friend, you go and have your fun,” she whispered. “I don’t mind what you do so long as I know you’re safe,” she told me, kissing my forehead. I wasn’t sure if I understood correctly. She saw me with Danny yesterday, but I had also said it wasn’t a boy I was meeting. Did she think I was meeting a man, or did she know about my preference for girls? She knew I had stayed with Jane on numerous occasions, and she also knew I had stayed over with her work colleague Barbara more than once, while her husband had been away on business.

I couldn’t tell, and I didn’t dare ask her. I just smiled, dabbing the tears away, and she smiled back. “Do you have some money?” she asked.

“A little.”

“How much do you have?”

“Five dollars,” I told her.

“Well that won’t get you anything here,” she laughed. “This is Spain. You’ll need Euros. Here… There’s a fifty.”

“FIFTY!” my dad almost shouted.

She just turned and glared. “You don’t have to spend it all dear,” she said, turning back to me, “but just take it… for ‘In case’.”

“Thank you Mam.”

I turned to my dad, still not completely composed, but feeling a bit more stable. “Dad? Which way is the port from here?”

He gave me a supportive smile, then stood and looked around. “Well, that way is up hill, so I guess the sea won’t be up there,” he laughed. “It must be… that way,” he pointed in the opposite direction.

“Give her the map Michael,” my mam told him.

“Well how do we get back then?” he asked.

“Same way as we got here,” she told him. “We’ll go on the bus.”

I thanked him for the map and we said our farewells as I turned to follow the direction in which he had pointed.

“Be sure to get back on board before 5:30 won’t you honey? Sail-away is at 6pm and if you’re not there you’ll have to work in a Spanish mine for the rest of your life,” she joked.

“I’ll be there Mammy,” I called back.

“Do you have your card to get on board?” my mam called out. I waved it above my head and bid them farewell. As I looked back, the other couple were getting up from their table and moving to sit with Mam and Dad. ‘Well, it’s nice they’ve made some friends to talk to,’ I thought as I walked away.