Lesbian Slave Island Ch. 14

Fat Man

Helen declared she and I should go inside and talk alone, to check in, one on one. While she and I were alone together, Sassa would lead Gabriela, Gloria and Stefania in a discussion and review of the contract and manual.

Helen paused thoughtfuly, seemed to decide on something… then said that before she and I left, the newcomers should see me in a more fully enslaved mode, to help them understand the full reality of my sex slave status before diving into the contract and slave owner’s manual.

Helen warned them we are what some consider “hard core,” (though others might consider us in the middle of the bdsm range, because we won’t do certain things that to us seem too unloving, and we simply are not into some other bdsm things).

Helen told the three new women they are urged and encouraged to come up with their own ideas of enjoying the slave, but anything not already in the manual should be checked with her or Sassa.

Helen bade me walk with her into the house to go through the bdsm gear.

I felt that growing familiar feeling, a combination of thrill, nervousness and embarrassment. Helen picked out a nose ring, ropes, collar, leash, and nipple clamps. I picked the ankle shackles and chain, telling Helen it would be very humiliating to be hobbled, forced to shuffle in tiny steps in front of them.

Helen smiled and looked at me thoughtfully, saying I was amazing. Helen kissed me sweetly on the cheek.

“Your telling me that reminds me how you love this so much, and I’m glad to be able to provide all this for you.”

I smiled. “Thank you so much!”

We kissed on the lips tenderly.

I asked “does this still turn you on too? I want you to live this fantasy-made-real too.”

Helen beamed. “More and more so. Yes,” she nodded, “it’s working for me, you hottie.”

She lightly pinched a nipple.

“In fact, I’m totally getting into this. I’ll explain when we’re alone.”

“Oh! I’m so glad!” I smiled back, lovingly.

“Let’s go back. I think we have enough toys for now. You know, we’re going to place a huge order for more today. Everyone will get to choose more, including you.”

My eyes widened. “Oh wow! I’m so excited. Thank you!”

Helen shook her head in amazement as she said “You’re excited we’re going to buy stuff that will be used to give you pain and humiliation?!”

I nodded with a smile. “It’s what I’m into. What can say l, except that I love it!”

Helen smiled back, but then looked seriously at me for a moment.

“Are you sure you can handle it all, for so long, 24/7, week after week after week?”

I paused. “I intend to. I understand I will suffer, and I want that kind of suffering, because I’ll also be so aroused, and arousing others, and it’s my dream I MUST live out. Thank you so so so so much!”

Helen said “I’ll make sure they don’t go too far. I’ll check in with you on how you’re doing mentally and watch how you’re doing physically. I’ll have a medical worker check in on you, and all of us, actually.”

My voice quavered in gratitude: “You are so good to me, Helen.”

Helen nodded, but then added, “As I just said though, I am getting into this bdsm stuff. I’ll be responsible, but I’m truly getting off on your, um, ‘tests of submission’ and so-called ‘discipline.'”

I nodded kocaeli escort bayan and kissed her again. “That makes me so happy.”

Helen marveled. “You’re one of a kind!”

I nodded and said, It’s unusual, but I’ve found that many others have all kinds of lifestyles. Maybe not truly 24/7 for many months though…”

Helen caressed my face. “You don’t want me to let you get out of this, though, do you?”

“As long as my limits aren’t seriously exceeded, please do not let release me, even if I cry miserably. I’ve got to live this experience or I’ll regret it my entire life! I desperately want to do this.”

My heart raced at my own words and the admission by Helen that she was getting off more and more on my subbiness.

Then as we started walked with the gear back out to the others, my heart raced even more. We were returning to my being the full and utter sex slave. And the newcomers would for the first time see me up close treated like the sex slave I had willingly become, the totally used property. And it was a situation of my own making.

Yes, they had seen me totally nude and shaven the entire very short time they’ve known me, while they were fully clothed.

Yes, they’d seen me kneel and felt me licking and kissing their feet, ankles and shins.

But they’d never seen me up close erotically bound and harnessed, humiliated with a large nose ring, in pain from nipple clamps.

They’d never seen me humiliatingly hobbled, unable to run or even walk fast.

They’d never seen me so dominated and owned, and able to participate in my domination.

I still had that notion they were more like friends than sex partners and slave owners. This notion made me feel humiliated. And that feeling made me even more aroused, even as it made me uncomfortable.

Complicated feelings for a simple situation I had dreamed of for a long time: I the always-naked-totally-owned-sex-slave of lovely and passionate women. Reality is more complicated than fantasy.

Therefore, as we walked I back into the sunshine, I looked at Gabriela, Sophia and Stefania with a small sense of panic as their heads turned toward my full frontal nudity. Sassa stopped speaking and also turned. The silence and the stares doubled my trepidation. I felt shame at the thought they were about to change the way they thought and felt about me. And it was my own doing. Well, not totally my own.

Helena asked Sassa to help her “decorate” me.

I attempted to smile at Stefania, who helped with a return smile, but maybe she sensed my smile was weak from my embarrassment and suddenly increased nervousness, or she was focused on the equipment, or maybe a bit of both. Her smile was slight.

Later, I wondered about my state of mind at that moment. Why was I suddenly so fearful?

I believe it was partially the unknowns of these three people, new to me, though as I kept telling myself, well-known to my owners. How would these three react when they saw clearly that I really was utterly owned property and a slave who was a sex object, bound, submissive, displayed?

And the nose ring seemed threatening to me. I felt so much a sex slave and erotically humiliated when Helen and Sassa put that on me before, and in a few minutes the newcomers would see me wearing the large hoop. kocaeli sınırsız escort To me, it would mark me as clearly as property, to be used, like an animal. And these were people I had just been speaking normally with, even though I had been the only one naked. I hadn’t been bound and erotically decorated.

The other reason was simply social. They would see my submissively accepting being bound and decorated. They might recall I wanted this myself, that I had been the initiator of all this. I felt I was being lowered in status. I worried they would not speak to me as possible friends anymore.

But they were females like me, so I imagined they would remember I was at my core also human – not only sexual animal-like property – I believe females tend to remember that more than males, but there are many exceptions in both genders.

Yet another reason I trembled slightly was the eroticism. To me this was incredibly and utterly arousing. I felt so alive. It was almost as if I could feel every molecule of air on my totally exposed skin. My “loins” were moist, my nipples firming.

I glanced at my girlfriend – and now my owner – Helen with a more genuine smile. She smiled back. She seemed excited for me. And she didn’t seem to feel any pity for me.

Sassa and Helen buckled the harness onto me. I felt all eyes staring in the silence as they then locked my wrists together behind my back.

Stefania’s eyes glowed. Her obvious excitement strengthened and helped me think of erotic times ahead.

Helen ordered me to hold my arms straight for an elbow tie. I immediately felt more aroused. The newcomers would see me helplessly and erotically displayed, arms tightly bound behind, shoulders pulled back, my naked chest arched brazenly forward.

When they tied my elbows more tightly together, and then again more tightly, I saw gratifying reactions: Stefania ever more enthusiastic, Gloria’s cool distance melting into genuine interest, and Gabriela more lustful.

In turn, I felt even more internal sexual stirring from both the bondage position and their clear arousal. I even felt relieved. If even one of them hadn’t been turned on by this, I’d have been disappointed.

Sassa asked Helen if “she could handle another round of tightening.” I think everyone noticed Sassa did not ask the slave herself, and even spoke as if I couldn’t hear.

Sassa felt up my arms and shoulders and must have nodded because my elbows were then cinched even more tightly together, pulling my shoulders back and breasts forward even more.

I made no sound, but my I bent my knees to stay balanced.

Stefania exclaimed, “I love this!”

Gabriela smiled, “Lisa, I can see now you are more lean and muscular than I realized.”

I noted Gabriela didn’t show any concern about any discomfort I might be feeling, only a physical interest in my body.

Helen told them that the slave’s body is displayed more in this bondage. “Notice how the slave’s muscles are tensed and accentuated.”

Sassa added “there are many more bondage positions that display the slave even more.”

Stefania and Gloria looked at each other wide-eyed and grinned in mutual enthusiasm.

Helen continued, “Notice we use words like ‘the slave’ or ‘her’ even though she izmit anal yapan escort is right here. Gabriela, please do not use her former name, when she was free. She is now under contract and our property, and for her and our understanding that this is real, very real, that she is our property, completely owned, do not use that name.”

Gabriela smiled and nodded. Looking into my eyes sympathetically, she said “Slave. Hi slave. I’m so attracted to you right now, seeing you like this. I understand why people get into bondage.”

Her smile broadened as we continued to look into one another’s eyes. Her smile expanded into a grin as her eyes then roamed all over my strained and arched body.

Then I saw the nose ring in Sassa’s hand.

I turned in an almost panic toward the three. For me, the large nose ring represented lowering to the level of an owned farm animal, erotic humiliation, a literally in-your-face undeniable symbol of my status as a really owned sex slave. It communicated that I was here to be used for sex and work as they pleased.

It simultaneously aroused me and humiliated me. My humiliation was so much more in front of these new friends.

I am sure my face turned bright crimson as Sassa carefully closed the huge nose ring. There was a pause as I looked shamefully down to avoid looking into their eyes.

Sassa, always seeking ways to erotically humiliate me, noticing my deep embarrassment, said “Slave, tell us what you are feeling. I saw you flush with shame as soon as the nose ring was clipped on. As our property, you are required to tell.”

I looked at Sassa with a bit of reproach in my eyes, communicating nonverbally that this was cruel of her. She only smiled in triumph.

I looked down and around, seeking the words. I mustered the courage to look at Gabriela.

“The …” I paused because it was difficult to say “nose ring.”

“The nose ring … is erotically humiliating … I’m now like an owned animal…”.

I felt tears spring to my eyes, but I didn’t cry.

“It’s so large and on my face… none of you are wearing one… but I am, making it obvious to everyone I’m an owned slave… your property.”

Sassa prodded me with her finger in my upper back. “Tell us more.”

I looked also at Gloria and Stefania now. Their eyes glowed in excitement. Gloria appeared more serious and Stefania like a child on her birthday.

“Ummm… yes owner, it… it… makes me like an animal. More clearly owned and to be used and enjoyed and ordered around… trained… trainable. And fit to be kept naked and bound and leashed and chained.”

Stefania said “Wow, so hot! I want to train her. Let’s keep the nose ring on her a lot.”

I glanced at her with a mixture of shame and arousal – and shared enthusiasm.

Part of me wanted the nose ring off. Part of me wanted to revel in the feeling of being totally owned, totally submissive and aroused it created in me.

There was silence as all looked at me. All five of them nicely dressed, in contrast to me, the only naked, shaved, exposed, tightly bound and nose-ringed sex slave.

Next the ankle rings and chains.

Helen broke the silence by announcing it was time for the slave and her to spend some alone time, and for them to let Sassa teach them to be my mistresses, using the manual and contract as textbooks.

I felt so much more like a tightly controlled slave as I shuffled slowly (with clanking sounds) beside Helen toward the house, feeling behind me the three pairs of aroused eyes staring at my humiliation and getting aroused by my body.