Kate Kissed Keith


Kate Jordan looked around the room with a sigh. Barely clad bodies were everywhere; dancing, drinking, making out. Every now and then, a couple would slip away. Sometimes it was more, a trio or two couples.With a sigh, Kate made her way to the drink table and grabbed another lime soda. This kind of party was really not her thing. Still, bored and in need of something to do, she had let her roommates Nelly and Lana drag her along.“Hey there, cutie. Wanna dance?” asked a guy in shorts and a mostly unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt.The guy looked a bit old to be a student but maybe he was a grad student. Kate had to concede that he was rather attractive. His bare torso was in good shape, even if not quite a six-pack. And his face was handsome, with a neatly trimmed beard and mustache.“I am not much of a dancer,” Kate responded softly.“Shit, really? With that body, you should be a natural, babe.”Kate was wearing a bodysuit with a long, loose skirt. The bodysuit fit her natural curves like a glove and its plunging neckline showed a bit more cleavage than Kate usually allowed. This guy was not the first one at the party to put the moves on her. He was, however, the first who appealed to her. Still, he needed some attitude correction.“Look, please don’t call me ‘babe’. Or ‘cutie’ for that matter. Okay? If you want to call me something, ‘Kate’ will do. I am a competitive swimmer and a bit of a runner, but I am no dancer.”The guy looked a bit taken aback.“Whoa, sorry. Guess I came off a bit rude there. If, um, dancing is not your thing, maybe we can just join the quiet group out back and chat.”Kate smiled and nodded. His discomfort seemed genuine.“I’m down with that. Let’s go.”“Out back” meant the patio of the house where the party was being held. The hosts had designated it as a quieter spot since having noise out there would likely get trouble from neighbours.“I’m Keith Prentice,” the guy told her once they found a quiet spot, “ I have a Master’s in History and am working on a doctorate.”“Cool. I am just finishing my second year in undergrad English. Katelyn Wells is my full name but I prefer just ‘Kate’.”“Nice to meet you. Look, I am not exactly crazy about this party, either. But a buddy put me up to it. He thinks I am overstressed and need to have more fun. Maybe even get laid.”Kate broke into laughter.“Fuck, that’s exactly like my friends. ‘Take a break, Kate,’ they say, ‘get some action.’ I am just not the type who goes around picking up guys at parties.”Keith sighed.“I’ve never been much for the party scene or picking people up either. I had a girlfriend for a couple of years during my undergrad. Just enough to have lost my virginity and learned a bit about what I do and don’t like in a relationship.”“I have never had a bursa escort boyfriend or even dated much. To be honest, I am still a virgin. Not holding out for marriage or anything, just haven’t been in a hurry.”They chatted quietly for a while, discussing their studies and social activities. Kate found herself surprisingly relaxed and comfortable with Keith. Her attraction to him was increasing quickly, too. She had a growing sense that she would not mind if this brief encounter turned into more.Nelly appeared at the back door of the house and headed for them. From the way she looked and walked, Kate guessed her roommate was a bit drunk.“Hey, Katey, you got a friend,” Nelly said, weaving a little as she reached them.“I do. You have been drinking a bit too much.”Nell giggled.“Well, that’s part of having fun, eh? Look, I am leaving with a guy I know. He’ll, um, bring me home. Eventually.”Nelly grinned and giggled, suggesting “eventually” might be a day or two.“Where’s Lana? I haven’t seen her in a while,” Kate asked.“I saw her fooling around with some guy on the dance floor. They were getting pretty flirty so probably took off for one of the bedrooms. Do you think you can get home yourself?”“I can drive you,” Keith suggested before Kate could answer.She was actually relieved. Riding taxis or transit late at night always made Kate nervous. Then again, shouldn’t riding with a guy she just met make her nervous, too? Strangely, going home with Keith seemed more appealing than scary.“Okay, so I guess I am good, then. Have fun,” she told Nelly.“You, too, Katey. He’s cute,” Nelly said with a wink and giggle.A guy met Nelly at the door, and they disappeared. Kate smiled at Keith.“See, my friend thinks you’re cute,” she told him, “and thanks for the offer. I’ll definitely take you up on it. Can we go soon? The racket is giving me a headache.”“Sure. Home or do you want to find a quiet spot to talk more?”“I’m probably too pumped to sleep right now. Got a place in mind?”“Wilson Park is well-lit and not far. I walk in there after dark often and it seems safe.”“My apartment is near there, actually. Let’s go.”Kate and Keith wandered in the park for a while, chatting idly. Finding a bench by the creek that ran down the park’s East Side, they sat down. Kate collected the feelings that had been dancing in her head since meeting her new friend and decided to let them out.“Keith,” Kate said quietly, “I really, really want to bring you home. I have never felt like this about a guy before, let alone one I just met. But I know that creates expectations and I am not sure that I am ready to go there yet.”“Me, neither. But, yeah, I almost asked you if you wanted to come to my place when you talked about wanting to leave the party.”“I might bursa escort bayan have said ‘yes’.”Kate’s heart was racing and she felt a need to be close to her new friend. Very close. She slid close and put an arm around his neck. Keith turned his face towards her, a smile on his lips. Lips that Kate very much wanted to kiss. So she did.“Wow,” Keith said when she backed away, “Not bad for a first kiss.”“Not strictly my first, but the first where I really felt something.”Keith returned the kiss. They let this one linger for several minutes, moving from closed to open mouth, then to tongues.Kate was becoming aroused. She knew the feeling well from masturbating. This was different from self-stimulation, though.“Are you really ready to give it up to a guy you barely know?” she questioned herself, “He could be gone in the morning for all you know.”The answer, Kate realized, might just be “yes.”“How are you? You’re okay with this?” Keith asked, taking Kate’s hands.“Very.”Then her mouth was on his again. Keith’s hand found one of her tits and kneaded it through the thin, stretchy fabric of the bodysuit. A thumb brushed Kate’s stiff nipple. That sent electric tingles through her body.“We can’t do it here, can we?” she asked at the next break.“Risky for sure. You said your place is near here?”“It is. Let’s go.”They were barely in the door before Kate found herself pinned to the wall. Keith’s tongue was in her mouth and his hand was inside her skirt. The snaps of her bodysuit’s crotch came undone. She had a thong beneath that was now the only thing between her virgin pussy and Keith. His fingers pressed into her, gently massaging her pussy through the fabric as they kissed for what felt like an hour.“Shit, I’m going to have an orgasm,” she said, barely getting the words out before her body shook with a blast of pleasure from her loins.Keith released her and stepped back. He looked a bit stunned.“Whoa. Sorry. Was that okay?”“Oh hell yes. I just wasn’t prepared.”Recovering her composure, Kate shed the skirt. She tossed it onto the couch. Then she slipped the shoulders of the bodysuit down, revealing her soft, heavy tits. Finally, she removed the thong, leaving her with just the bodysuit around her waist.“Your turn, big guy,” she said.Keith grinned. He pulled the shirt off over his head and then undid his shorts. When he slid them, underwear inside, to the floor, Kate feasted her eyes on his long, thick cock.“I want you,” she hissed, caressing it gently, “I want you now.”Keith guided Kate onto her couch and knelt in front of her. Pushing the young woman’s thighs apart, he buried his face between them. She lay back, enjoying the sensation as his tongue went to work, caressing her soft lips and stroking her aroused clitoris. escort bursa A finger entered her, exploring gently within.“Oh fuck yes,” she groaned as her second orgasm of the night soaked the couch with a gush of her juices.Keith pulled Kate’s bodysuit the rest of the way off, then rose and helped her up. He pulled her nude body against his and kissed her. Kate could feel his stiff prick against her belly. She got a hand down and stroked it lightly.“I want this now. I want you to fuck me, Keith.”They kissed again, then Kate led Keith to her bedroom. She pulled back her comforter and lay down, legs spread in invitation. Keith lay atop her and they kissed some more. Then he raised himself up on his arms. With one hand, he guided his cock’s swollen purple head to her opening.“You sure?” he whispered.“Never more so,” Kate answered, a smile on her face.She had second thoughts when he went in. His thick cock was more than Kate expected for her first time. She winced and gasped.Alarmed, Keith eased out.“Are you okay? I’m sorry. I thought after two orgasms, you could take it easily.”Kate’s fear of missing out on this beautiful moment overcame her fear of the pain.“It’s good. Please try again. I still want you in me.”This time Keith took it slower. Once his cock was buried in Kate’s slick interior, he kissed her. Then Keith slowly began moving inside Kate, a slow, gentle back-and-forth movement.Kate felt better this time. She caressed her lover’s body with her hands and moved her hips a little in time with Keith’s thrusts. Having another person inside her suddenly felt like the most beautiful thing ever.When Keith came, he groaned and shuddered. Kate could feel his thick cock throbbing inside her. She smiled and closed her eyes with a satisfied sigh.Kate awoke with the sun the next morning. In the excitement of her first sexual encounter, she had forgotten to pull the curtains. Keith was still asleep, though, so Kate slipped from the bed. She managed to get a robe out of the closet without awakening Keith, then went out to make some coffee.Both of the other bedrooms were open and empty. Kate had expected as much. Lana and Nelly were often absent on weekends.“Doing what I just did for the first time last night,” she thought.As the coffee machine rumbled and gurgled, Kate had a revelation. They had not used any protection and she was not on birth control.“Oh hell,” Kate said aloud, “Please no. I can’t handle a baby right now.”When the coffee was finished, Kate went out on her balcony. She did not really feel like breakfast yet, so she sat on a chair and sipped her coffee in the morning sun.“Good morning, Kate,” Keith said when he came out in his boxer shorts.Kate had barely noticed his underwear when he had shed it with his pants. Now she saw that it had a colourful pattern on it similar to the shirt. The fly was askew, giving her a glimpse of his cock inside. A delicious tension in her lower belly suggested she wanted more than a glimpse.