Happy Birthday, Part 2


The party had finally ended and the cleanup has been done. Mom, dad, Sandy and I were sitting in the living room relaxing and watching some TV. Mom and dad were together on the sofa, I was in the recliner and Sandy was on the floor sitting by my legs as we watched a movie on late night. I myself was figuring I should be heading home and said so. Mom stated I should just stay the night since it was already pretty late. “Please Sean, stay here. I haven’t seen you in so long. Come on, hang out tonight.” Sandy almost begged. “OK, why not.” I said, as Sandy jumped up giggling and cheerfully stated she was going to change into her bedtime clothes. When she left, mom and dad both looked at me, then each other, then back to me and at the same time simply said goodnight. My parents were heading up the stairs as I heard Sandy come bouncing down like a typical girl would. She came into the living room and shocked me for the second time in one day. She was wearing one of those skimpy little teddy bear types of nightgown, pretty much a transparent material with a lot of lace trim. I could clearly see her dark nipples were hard as her bra-less tits bounced in the top. Her crotch was covered in a bright pink pair of panties. She walked in and twirled around a few times where I noticed the pink panties were actually a pair of thongs. I suddenly became quite aware of the rapidly hardening cock in my pants as I looked upon my sister in a whole new light. She turned out the lights and the room was aglow with only the light from the TV. She sat back on the floor once istanbul travesti again right at my feet where she could lean against my legs. Thirty minutes had gone by when she says, “My bum is getting sore.” I told her to get off the floor with a comment I thought was innocent enough, “So get up and sit on something more comfortable.” Wow, what she did really surprised me. I was not expecting it. She simply said OK and stood up and turned and sat right on my lap. Her tight little ass was right on my thigh and touching the bulge in my pants. She threw one arm around my neck and the other across her belly and lap, with her hand on my stomach just inches from my growing cock. “Thanks for earlier Sean. I really appreciate you coming to me and making me feel better.” Sandy said. “It’s nothing Sandy; you know I’m always here for you no matter what you need. You know that sweetie. That’s what I am here for.” I looked at her not like a sister, but more like a new found interest of the heart. I couldn’t help myself and didn’t even realize I was doing it. I leaned forward a bit, ran my hand up her back to the back of her head. I pulled her head towards me and I kissed her. Not a brotherly kiss either, I kissed her right on the lips with my mouth slightly open. She responded, not slapping me like I thought she was about to do when I realized what I was doing. No, she kissed me back, hard. She slid her tongue into my mouth and wrapped both her arms around my neck. We broke the kiss and she said, “That was wonderful. You are a much istanbul travestileri better kisser than that prick Mark.” She hugged me close and tight and I started to realize what we just did. “I’m sorry Sandy, really I am. I didn’t mean to do that. I don’t know what came over me.” I was holding my head down in shame. Shame for what I had done and shame for the fact that I know I really wanted to do it, and more. She told me that everything was OK. She told me she enjoyed it and it was fine. “I kissed you as well. I really liked it, and I wanted to do that. To be honest dear brother, I want to do more.” I went to speak but she cut me off saying, “I know we are brother and sister and we shouldn’t but, I want to. I have always loved you. I have always trusted you with everything in my life. You are the only one in my life that has always been there. That has always loved me no matter what happens. I want you, my loving brother, to take my virginity. I am ready to do this. I love you so much and trust you with the most precious thing in my life, me.” I sat in silence for a few seconds pondering what she just told me. I know I should have told her no, made her leave or walked out myself. None of that entered my head though. I just kept looking at her like a beautiful lady of desire. I was thinking of what to say and I decided to answer her the best way I knew how. I kissed her full on the lips and caressed her tongue with my own. We held each other and kissed like lovers for a few minutes. I started to let my hands travesti roam her body. My left arm was running up and down her back and sliding down to her nice little ass and massaging both cheeks and then up her back again. My other hand was busy gently squeezing and massaging her firm, ripe breasts. We broke the kiss for a moment and she said, “This is the furthest I have gone with a boy. You will have to teach me.” “I will sweet sister, I will. I am going to teach you everything. That is if you want to learn it all?” I said.She shocked me with a response of, “Take me to your room, lover.” We went upstairs to my room and shut the door. I sat her on the bed and stepped back. She smiled at me as I started to remove my clothes. I had a pretty nice body I think, I worked out and my job kept me pretty fit as well. I took off my shirt and she saw my chest and stomach were nice and tan and firm. Then, I removed my pants. I slid them down and off my legs and she was staring at my crotch. I looked down and saw a large bulge in my underwear. I looked her in the eyes and smiled as I tugged on the elastic and slowly pulled them down a little then back up teasing her just a bit. She grinned and grunted as I yanked them down and off and my 7 inch prick sprung to life. I am not too big but pretty average. I am on the thicker side, but I knew she could handle it. She stared in awe and reached out for my member. She slowly slid her hand up and down the shaft and moved it all around. She was examining my dick as she had never seen one up close and in person. It was such a thrill knowing I was giving my sister those first experiences. I was starting to leak some pre-cum, and she saw this and licked her lips. She danced her eyes from my oozing member to my eyes and back. I told her to kiss it, taste it, and run her tongue all around the head and shaft.