George Enjoys Lunch….


George woke up. Never needed the alarm since he had taken early retirement – 8.00am every morning he woke, went downstairs, ate some breakfast, waved his wife off to work, did the crossword in the paper, then planned his day.

Not that it needed a lot of planning. Go to the shops. Visit elderly mother. Go to the shops for her. Answer post. Cook tea. Greet wife…………….

George didn’t regret taking early retirement, but somehow early retirement should be something different from this. Surely there was more to it?

Seven across – “between the mango chutney?” Chutney, mixture of something? Anagram of mango? Means between. Among…………………. He was just writing the answer in when the phone rang.

“Hi George, it’s Max here.” George recognised the voice of his former business partner, still a good friend he enjoyed a drink with. “Have a problem. Are you free this lunchtime?”

George thought for a moment. He had said when he retired he would be available, and over a pint with Max had told him he wanted to try everything. And do everything. Retirement was a chance to do……. He ended the conversation with a wink. Max had picked up quickly what George meant. He’d laughed before replying: “Well, you are not going to do everything with me……..” They had laughed, the conversation had moved on.

“What’s the problem?”

Max continued. “Well, Tony was due to see a couple of blokes at lunchtime to sell them the electronic G8 monitor which you and him developed. Tony’s rushed into hospital overnight with appendicitis. Can you come and see them instead – you know the monitor better than the rest of us. There’ll be a few quid in it if you do sell it.”

George thought for a moment. It was the first time he had touched anything to do with work since leaving, but would quite enjoy it, and would quite like the money. “Okay. Where am I seeing them? Who is it?”

Max gave him the address of a hotel, then told him who it was: “It’s those two blokes – Ken and Brian – at Davis’s.”

George paused. It wasn’t such good news. They were good blokes and he respected them. He liked them. They worked hard. But they had a strange reputation. They could be bullying. They could demand odd things. There were odd work relationships in their company. Or at least so everyone said – no-one ever said what the problems and demands were. And on top of that they drove a hard bargain. He had never had problems with them, but ……………….

At last George agreed – he had nothing to lose – if he didn’t like what was happening he would just walk out.

George did his shopping, visited his mother and left a note for his wife apologising that he couldn’t get the tea in case he got back after her – you never knew with these sorts of meetings. At one o-clock he pulled up at the hotel, parked the car, and entered the lobby. Ken was sat waiting and noticed him first. Ken strode over, held out his hand, shook George by the hand and said it was nişantaşı escort good to see him again. Ken was just over six foot, in his mid forties and pretty muscular build – probably worked out a bit. Brian was a bit shorter and slimmer, and followed Ken over to where he was shaking George’s hand. Both dwarfed George by at least three inches.

For a few moments they chatted, talking about retirement, then agreed they should go somewhere more private for their business discussions. Ken and Brian led the way to the room they had reserved for the discussions, for the afternoon.

The three of them went to the room on the 4th floor of the hotel – a bed room with four easy chairs and coffee table. They fixed drinks – Ken and Brian had whisky’s, George was sharp enough to stick with fruit juice – you needed a clear head to deal with as tough negotiators as these were.

George outlined what the G8 monitor could do, as well as its limitations. He outlined the key internal components they had used. He talked about price and bulk orders. Ken and Brian both asked a lot of questions. They haggled on price, particularly as they needed 200 of the monitors initially, with a possible further 800 for the project they might use them for.

It was hard business, but with no rancour – something that George had missed, was enjoying, but wouldn’t want to go back to full-time.

At last Ken spoke. “Okay, on one condition we’ll do a deal at the price you’ve quoted.” George was always wary of conditions – sometimes conditions were mountains.

“One condition?” asked George. “Well, try me. What’s your condition?”

It was Brian who spoke. “That you suck our cocks.”

George wasn’t sure he had heard right. Was it something about fitting stopcocks? “Didn’t catch you, mate………..”

Ken who spoke. “You want the deal, you suck our cocks.”

George sat stunned. Business had never gone down this path before. His mind churned it over. The rumours they had heard about this company. Strange demands from the bosses. Strange company relationships. But for George there was one problem – hiding the instant erection he had. George said nothing as he moved surreptitiously trying to hide what was happening. As he squirmed to accommodate his discomfort. Brian and Ken weren’t fooled. They knew. George knew that they knew.

It was Brian who stood up first, quickly kicked off his shoes, undid his trousers, dropped them to the floor, removed his underpants. He reached down to George, grabbed his hand and pulled him to the bed. Brian lay on the bed, his back on the bed head, put his hand in George’s hair and simply pulled George to his cock.

Brian had never done this before. He was stunned at the size of the cock – 7 inches, quite thick. Of course, experience of people doing it to him, instinct, dreams, he knew what to do. For several seconds he paused, then reached out with his lips and kissed the cock, then pushing his tongue between his own lips to allow it şişli escort to lick the cock just in front of his face. George was terrified. It was everything he ever dreamt of.

At first George was very tentative, then as Brian appeared to enjoy what he was doing, grew in confidence, began letting his tongue rove all over the cock. He even went to the tip, tasting the drop of pre-cum, running his tongue around the circumcised head. All the while Brian kept his hand in George’s hair, moving as George’s head moved.

Suddenly George felt a hand rest on his ass. Begin to run around his ass. George was suddenly aware that as he was kneeling in front of Brian his ass must be sticking in the air. As he made to move he suddenly felt Brian’s grip on his hair tighten, stopping him move away. The grip remained tight as George felt hands reach under him, undoing his belt, undoing his fly, resting for a moment on his cock.

George had stopped, but then let his tongue lick again. He felt the hands pulling his trousers off his waste – his underpants as well. He heard Brian order: “help him!”

George lifted one knee to allow Ken to remove the trouser leg, then the other. He felt very exposed, his ass sticking in the air, his legs apart to keep balance, as he licked this man. He suddenly felt very exposed as he felt a finger tickling his asshole, exploring, caressing. George was so embarrassed, but his cock was throbbing in pain of hardness. George was embarrassed but he continued to allow his tongue to play on the cock his face was being held close to.

After a few moments George was surprised to feel the hands stop playing on his ass, but seconds later he jumped as he felt something cold put onto his asshole – he knew it was gel of some sort. He squirmed as he felt a finger push through the ring of his ass – no-one had ever done that to him. He was ashamed to admit – he liked it. Wanted it.

He continued to lick the cock as the finger probed inside him, using the gel as lubricant. It felt fantastic. His cock was throbbing, twitching, he had never been so turned on, ever. His heart sank as he felt the finger removed, but again he couldn’t protest as the hand wrapped in his hair held his mouth to Brian’s cock.

George felt the bed move, guessed someone was getting onto the bed. He froze when he felt something against his ass – this time clearly not a finger. He felt it pushing against his asshole, then suddenly plunging through the ring. It was so much larger than the finger, it hurt! George did all he could not to scream as the cock penetrated him. Clearly Ken was taking him from behind. Ken paused while George got used to the size, till he began to relax.

As George relaxed he felt Ken slowly begin to push, the cock now sliding more easily into George’s asshole. Soon it was in further than the finger had been. It was so big. So tight. On the edge of excruciating and amazing. George only guessed that 7 inches had penetrated him. At the same moment George mecidiyeköy escort felt Brian force his mouth onto his cock, deep in to the back of the throat.

Suddenly “all hell” broke loose. This was obviously having an effect on Brian and Ken. Suddenly he felt the two cocks begin to pound in and out of him, one in his ass, one in his mouth. It was so hard to take them, but he had to, wanted to. He sucked, squeezed, but it seemed as if Brian and Ken were just using him as their fuck toy. They seemed almost oblivious to him. It was everything George had ever wanted, but had never admitted.

He felt the cock thrusting into his mouth, and wrapped his tongue around it to increase this man’s pleasure. He felt the cock sliding in and out of his ass, invading him, taking him, stretching him as tightly as possible. Within seconds he heard Ken behind him shout out, felt him thrust hard into him, he felt the cock throbbing and filling his asshole with cum.

But he couldn’t take it in too long, suddenly he heard Brian shout out, felt cum pumping into his mouth. Brian held George’s head on his cock, so George had to swallow hard. He wanted to. He did. So much.

It seemed like ages before Brian and Ken let him go, pulling their cocks out of him.

Ken pushed George forwards onto his stomach, his rock hard cock landed in Brian’s hand, who was kneeling beside him. Ken ordered him – “hump off into the hand”.

George did. He needed to cum. Wanted to obey. Wanted this. He realised how obscene he probably looked, fucking this hand, but the hand felt good, and Brian used his fingers to excite George even more.

Within seconds George was emptying his balls into Brian’s hand, cumming seemingly endlessly.

At last he rolled off the hand, having come down from his orgasm. But Brian had the last throw. Before George realised what was happening, he had wiped George’s cum in his hand all over George’s face.

George felt so humiliated – it was the best thing he had ever done.

It was Ken who took control. “Okay George”, he said in a matter of fact voice, “You can use the shower, then come back out here to do business.” With that he handed George his trousers and pants. George scrambled to his feet, made for the shower, came back to the room ten minutes later. He blinked – Brian and Ken were both in their suits, as if nothing had happened.

Brian spoke. “We have signed the contract for a thousand GH monitors. I’m sure there will be a good bonus in there for you.”

Ken continued: “you may be wondering………. Well we always wondered about you, then something Max said, it all came together. We enjoyed. Hope you did.”

George just nodded, speechless.

The meeting became even more absurd. They shook hands and parted as if only business had taken place. Brian said, as they shook hands: “It was good to deal with you today. Hope we can do business again real soon.”

That evening George sat down very carefully for tea – he was sore down there – when his wife asked him: “good day darling?”

George thought for a moment before replying. “Much the same as all the others, darling, although I did enjoy my spit roast at lunchtime. How about you………..?”