Fun on the Cruise Ship


The day had come. We were finally going on the vacation we had always talked about. We had booked a cruise with unlimited drinks, entertainment, and most importantly: places to fuck. We had been counting down the days, and spicing up the bedroom with conversations about the many fantasies we wanted to fulfill while we were on the boat. We each had our favorite ideas, but the one thing that was guaranteed is that after this trip many of them would no longer be fantasies.

Dave and I had been together since our early twenties and yet the sex had only gotten better over time. Though we had by no means been vanilla in terms of our desires, we had not given ourselves the opportunity to experience many of them. Sure we had treated ourselves the occasional semi-public sex, but the places our seemingly continuous sexting had taken us the past few weeks as this trip approached had taken us far beyond that.

As we were getting ready to go explore the nightlife onboard the first night on the cruise I couldn’t believe how well this trip had already been going. We arrived no problem and boarded the ship to find that they had over booked our room and so we had gotten an upgrade. Our room was much nicer and much bigger than the room we had booked, and best off all, included a large private balcony. The first thing we did before the ship had even left the port was have sex on the balcony.

It was fairly late by the time we decided to find our way back to our room, but there were still a good number of people up taking advantage of the first night of vacation. We were walking around the back of the boat when I stopped to watch the water. As I stood with both hands on the balcony rail, I felt Dave come up behind me and start lifting my skirt up. It instantly made me wet thinking about all the people that could turn the corner at any second and see us. I felt his hand sliding up my leg, gently spreading my legs apart and finding out just how turned on I was.

I glanced around over my shoulder looking to see if anyone was around and realized we were alone. I grabbed onto the railing and bent over, pushing my ass against his crotch and felt his cock poking me. I heard a zipping sound and then felt him pushing inside me. I couldn’t believe how sexy it felt to know we were completely exposed in public like this, just thinking about it made me even more wet. I pushed back against his cock and moaned as he pushed me against the rail, my ass and pussy against him and my tits poking out of the top of my dress as I leaned bursa escort over the rail. I arched my back, pushing my chest out as my hair fell around my face and looked down at the deck below us. There were a few people I could see sitting on chairs, and then I saw a man sitting by himself. Even from up above I could see his muscles through his shirt and watched him as he looked around the boat. I saw him look up and then froze when he caught my eye. I watched him look around to see if anybody else was witnessing me get fucked against the railing and saw him smirk as he looked back up to me. Knowing he was watching was even hotter than anything I had imagined. I smiled down at him and pulled my dress down completely off my breasts to give him a better look. He slid over in his chair to get a better angle as I moaned feeling Dave push deeper inside of me. I turned my head back to Dave and whispered to him that we had an audience on the lower deck.

“Oh fuck”, Dave moaned as he grabbed my hips and pulled me further onto his cock. “Let’s give him a show then”, he growled in my ear as he lifted my hand and moved it to my nipple. I pinched and pulled at my nipple while he fucked me even harder than before, feeling myself on the edge of an intense orgasm knowing that the sexy man below was watching my husband dominate my pussy. I looked back down and noticed he was rubbing his crotch as he watched me, and gave him a knowing wink. At the same time, Dave grabbed my hips pulling all the way out of me, leaving me feeling empty before slamming his cock back inside of me. I closed my eyes and threw my head back, about to cum and looked down to lock eyes with the mystery man again while I came, but I didn’t see him anywhere.

I was disappointed, but realized the fun didn’t have to be over yet. I straightened up and turned around kissing Dave. “That was one of the sexiest things we have ever done. Knowing somebody was watching me get fucked made me feel like such a sexy slut”, I whispered in his ear as I turned him so his back was against the railing. I gently ran my hands down his chest as I dropped to my knees in front of him. I looked up to his eyes and saw his surprise as I took his cock in my mouth and tasted myself. I felt his hand in my hair as I reached up to take his balls in my hand and rubbed them gently, feeling their weight in my hand as he guided my head down further on his cock. He moaned and leaned his head back as I took him all the way in my throat and I felt him pause with his hand holding my head bursa escort bayan in place as he straightened his head again.

His hands were on both sides of my head, guiding me up and down his thick cock, and then he bent down and lifted my skirt up, exposing my ass and dripping pussy to the cool air. I gasped at the new sensation and wiggled my ass as I got comfortable with it, the breeze blowing between my legs, against my throbbing clit. All of a sudden I felt something warm touching me and realized the familiar feeling of fingers spreading my pussy and pushing inside of me. I looked up at Dave, unsure of what to do. We had talked about him sharing me before, but I never imagined that it was something that he would actually go through with, I assumed it was always just talk to turn me on. Dave smiles down at me and nodded as he pushed my head back down on his cock saying nothing as I felt the fingers push deeper inside me, quickly finding my Gspot.

The new experience of having two men inside me, as well as the mystery fingers playing with my pussy so well had me dripping wet. I could feel my juices leaking down my leg and knee it wouldn’t be long before I had an earth shattering orgasm. I swallowed Dave’s cock down my throat until my nose was pushing against him and he held my head there before slowly pulling my mouth off of him completely.

I looked up and started to protest before he moved my head, hand still wrapped in my hair. to turn me around and guide my mouth towards a hard thick cock. He gently guided my mouth to it giving me only an inch at first, and then letting him move deeper and deeper into my mouth. As I was about to feel him hit the back of my throat, I felt Dave’s cock against my tight hole and felt him drive deep into me on the first thrust. I moaned on the strangers cock, opening my mouth and letting him all the way into my throat. He grunts and pulls his cock out, moving his fingers to my mouth. I could smell my pussy on them and eagerly opened my mouth to lick the wetness off of him, knowing how much Dave likes to do that to me and how much it would turn him on. He fucked my mouth with his fingers for a few seconds before grabbing his cock and thrusting back into my mouth. I felt Dave start to fuck me faster and looked around, suddenly realizing that somebody could walk by and find us at any point.

Dave reaches down to pinch my nipples as he continued fucking me, knowing how sensitive they get when I am turned on, and I felt my hot pussy tighten around him. He escort bursa grabbed and slapped my ass, making me moan onto the hard cock in my mouth. I arched my back, feeling myself getting hotter and feeling the orgasm build inside of me. Dave started fucking me harder and faster, recognizing my need as I pushed back against him desperately, sucking the cock in my mouth as well as I knew how to. I felt Dave’s breath on my ear as he bent down to whisper in my ear. He growled “Cum for me. Cum on my cock with this stranger in your mouth where anyone could see you.” The reality of the situation became too much for me as I slipped over the edge and instantly begin to cum. I moaned loudly as both cocks moved in and out of me hard and fast.

The man in front of me started to grunt as I felt his cock twitch in my mouth. He pulled his cock out and began rubbing it against my lips as I opened my mouth for him. He groaned as he began to cum, shooting his load into my mouth and dripping down my lips. As I feel the cum dripping down onto the tops of my breasts I feel Dave pull out of me, his hand back in my hair pulling me towards him. I look up into his eyes, a strangers cum all over my mouth, and he starts cumming for me. His first shot hits me on the cheek, and drips down into the cum already on my face as I open my mouth to try and taste him. The rest of his cum lands on my mouth and tits as well.

Kneeling on the deck of the boat with two men’s cum covering me had me feeling the sluttiest I had ever felt, and I loved it. I stood up and looked at my husband and smiled as I reached up to wipe the cum off my cheek and mouth. Dave’s hand caught me by the wrist as he looked at me and shook his head. He pulled my dress back down to cover my soaked pussy and lifted the top of my dress back up, barely covering my nipples to be sure the massive amounts of cum on my chest was visible still visible. “Leave it be,” he said to me, letting me know that I would be experiencing a walk back to the room letting everyone we passed on the way know what a slut I was.

I looked back and forth between My husband and this complete stranger of a man who had just helped in making me have the most intense orgasm of my life. They zipped their pants and Dave pulled me against me, my ass pressing against his cock, allowing me to feel that he was already beginning to get hard again. I start to speak, about to tell them that I should get back to the room and clean up, when I hear the man talk for the first time. “That was amazing. I’m on this cruise with my wife and if you both are up for it, I’m sure she would love to meet you”. I opened my mouth in shock as I slowly smiled, imagining just how many more fantasies Dave and I would be able to fulfill this week on vacation.