Fun My House


John and Jake have always been best friends throughout middle school and high school. They played sports together and hung out on weekends together, like normal teenagers. John and Jake both turned 18 within a month of each.

So it was senior year in high school, John and Jake just finished their Friday football practice. John was late going to the locker room and no one was there but Jake.

“What’s up Jake?”

“Nothing much, just getting ready to hit the showers. What are you doing tonight?”

“Nothing my parents are going out if town. Want to come over?”

As Jake dropped his boxers to reveal his 7-inch dick, John didn’t hear a thing Jake said, Until Jake yelled, “Yo, what’s the matter I said yes.”

John quickly looked back up at Jake and acted as if nothing happened. But the bulge growing in his pants was getting bigger. John had never seen a dick that big before and was awed by it. He was never fully gay but wondered what would happen if he had sex with another guy.

John finally said, “Cool, you want to go right after this.”

Jake said, “sure.” And gave John a little devilish grin and walked into the showers.

When John’s hard on finally subsided, he undressed and went to the showers.

The shower room was a large open are with 6 showerheads along the walls. Jake was just starting to soap up when beşiktaş escort John came in. and there it was again, Jakes monster cock staring John right in the face. He quickly looked away in fear of being caught. He took the shower right next to Jake and turned it on. He waited till the water warmed up and jumped in. Jake and john didn’t say anything to each other the entire time, but, each of them secretly snuck peeks at the others penis which were both getting semi hard. Jake looked down and saw Johns tiny little penis at only about 3-inches long, but was getting pretty hard now.

Jake new that John was looking at his cock in the locker room and was going to tease him by soaping up his cock when John was looking at it in the shower. Then to even more tease him, he dropped the soap and stuck his ass in the air so John could get a good look at it. When he did this John picked up on it and got really hot and started to jerk off right then and there. When Jake turned around to see john beating his meat, his cock too stood straight up.

Fully erect, Jakes package was about 10 inches long. Relatively massive to Johns 5 inch erect penis. Jake finally said, “We can leave now if you want and get things started at your house.”

John was once again stunned at this and couldn’t speak. So Jake just said, şişli escort “im taking that as a yes. So lets get going.” They both dried up and went to John’s car still fully erect.

John let Jake drive since he drove really fast. But what john did next surprised Jake. John slid over the seat closer to Jake, unzipped his pants to reveal his massive hard cock. John then leaned in and took jakes cock in his mouth. This caused Jake to drive a little slower and it took a little bit longer to get home. That was ok with John since he wanted this ride to last.

John purposely kept Jake from cumming, stopping just before he could climax. This made Jake even hornier and grabbed John by the head with one hand while trying to concentrate and drive with the other. He started to pump away at John’s head, but pulled off and swerved back on the right side of the rode.

Pulling up to the house Jake put away his large wet serpent and the two walked up the stairs to the house. Once the door was locked and john made sure no one was home, Jake pulled John close to him and put his lips to John’s for a long majestic kiss. John pulled away and started to undress. Jake revealed his nice smooth muscular, shaved body. John did the same but his was less muscular and only his pubic hair was shaven.

John was naked before bahçeşehir escort bayan Jake had his zipper undone, and pounced on the giant bulge and pulled Jake’s pants and boxers down with his mouth. Jake’s monster cock sprung out like a spring. John immediately gobbled the whole 10-inches into his mouth, almost gagging on it.

It wasn’t long before Jake exploded hot sticking cum in the back of john’s throat. John gulped the semen in his mouth, but say there was still some pouring out of the of Jake’s penis down to his balls. John dove into this feast of sperm and licked all of it off Jake’s balls and shaft.

Once all of it was gone, Jake pushed John to the couch and said, “im going to make you my bitch.”

John pleaded, “go slow dude, this is my first time and my ass is really tight.”

Ignoring this, Jake took his spit covered 10-inch cock and drove deep inside of John with one great big lunge.

John screamed in pleasure, “ooooohhhhhh, this feels amazing. Fuck me harder, pleeeaaasssssee.”

Jake started pumping his way deeper and deeper into John’s glorious tight ass. John pleaded for harder but that was as fast as Jake could go. Not too long later Jake filled John’s ass with hot sticky sperm, which poured out of his ass each time Jake lunged in.

Jake knelt down over johns cum filled ass and started to slurp up all that hot sticky gold up. John just said, “ooooooo, that feels nice. Drink up all that cum and make my ass nice and clean.”

Jake did as he was tolled. He sucked and licked all the cum out of John’s ass.

All that John had to say was, “This is going to be one heck of a fucking night.”

And indeed it was.