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Bad luck had befallen my husband and me. The slowing economy had resulted in both of us losing our jobs. An outsized mortgage, car payments, credit cards, student loans, etc. were sinking us quickly. Decent paying jobs were hard to come by and we were now at risk of default and foreclosure. Our options were few.“We might lose the house,” my husband lamented.“We’ll think of something,” I reassured him.We remained silent for some minutes, thinking. I got an idea.“I know! I’ll hire myself out for escort services.”“Escort services? What do you mean?”“When a man needs a woman to accompany him to an event I would go as his companion.”My idea rankled him. “Ha! Who would hire you?”“Lots of men would.”I stand a bit over one hundred and seventy-two centimeters tall. I’m slim with long blonde hair. I’m blessed with a nice face, long legs, and I am generously endowed. I have been told more than once that I should model.“A gentleman would gladly pay to have a pretty woman on his arm in front of his associates.”“I forbid it.”“Do you have any other ideas?” He remained silent.“Neither do I. It’s worth a try.”“I don’t like it,” he said glumly.I sat next to him and hugged him for reassurance. “Nobody is going to touch me. It’s strictly hands-off. When the evening is over, I come straight home to you.”He still didn’t like the idea, but I placed my personal advertisement anyway. It read:Do you need a female escort for your next event?Slim, attractive woman, twenty-something,available for escort services only.Discretion a must.Call 555-0110.My phone soon rang. It was a gentleman who would be attending the wedding of a business associate’s daughter. He was single and had no girlfriend. We exchanged photos by email and negotiated a price.The day of the wedding, I got my hair and nails done and put on my best dress and jewelry. My husband made sure I wore my rings. I was to meet my client in a nearby hotel lobby and we would be driven by limousine to the wedding venue. I drove to the hotel and parked. I slipped my rings into my purse and entered the lobby. Some men turned and stared. Some women did, too.I spotted him immediately. He sat comfortably on a leather couch, legs crossed. He exuded confidence. He smiled at me and stood.“Ms. Murphy.”“Yes. Pleased to meet you, Mr. Adams.”He offered a warm handshake. “Likewise, Ms. Murphy. Please sit.”It was obvious that Mr. Adams was a cultured gentleman. His vocabulary was erudite and his manners were impeccable. He stood şişli escort over six feet tall. He wore a tuxedo and I got the impression that he was used to wearing one. He was twenty years my senior.We sat and discussed our upcoming evening. “I will introduce you as my acquaintance,” he explained. “For appearances, we will have to display some affection, but it must be tasteful. I will have to hold your hand occasionally and we will slow dance together. I expect our evening will last four hours, after which we will take our leave. We will limousine back to the hotel where we will end our evening. Any questions?”“Yes. What is your first name, Mr. Adams?”“Oh, of course. It’s Paul.”“Mine is Ellen.”“Ellen Murphy. A beautiful name.”“Thank you, Paul.” We smiled.We got in the back of the limousine and Paul slipped me five crisp one hundred dollar bills.The wedding was a posh affair attended by upper-class people. I stayed by Paul’s side the whole time. We portrayed ourselves as more than friends but in an understated manner. We held hands and slow danced. We made a fine-looking couple and people noticed us.After four hours, Paul and I thanked our host for inviting us and bid the bride and groom farewell, congratulating them on their marriage. We got into the limousine and were whisked away.“Thank you for accompanying me, Ellen.”“Thank you for taking me.”“Did you enjoy yourself?”“I did. Your friends are most hospitable.”“They’re alright, I guess,” he joked. “I think I’ll keep them.”“Can I show you where I live?” Paul asked.I trusted Paul and enjoyed his company. I wouldn’t object to knowing more about him.“Sure.”Paul instructed the driver to change destinations. We arrived at the front of a large building in a fashionable neighborhood.“Good evening, Mr. Adams,” the doorman said as he opened the entry door.“Good evening, James,” Paul responded.Paul lived in a luxurious condominium. His furniture was of thick wood and his carpets were wool. Canvases adorned the walls. Paul poured some wine and we sat on his leather sofa. Paul informed me that he was a corporate attorney and an amateur investor. Judging from the ambiance of his place, he was more than an amateur. Then came a pause in the conversation.“Can I kiss you, Ellen?”Paul was handsome and cultured. He had means. He kept company with affluent people. Paul was likable.“I’d like that, Paul.”Paul moved close and took me in his arms. We gently kissed. After a few minutes of cuddling mecidiyeköy escort and kissing, Paul rose and took my hand. He led me to his bedroom. I willingly followed.Paul undressed me with the utmost care. I liked his touch and accommodated his efforts. I was soon naked. His eyes drank me in.“You keep her shaved,” he observed. I had shaved that afternoon.“I prefer her hairless.”“She’s beautiful.”I undressed Paul and we embraced in our nakedness. He sat me on the bed and squeezed my breasts together, giving each a kiss. From there he headed straight to my vagina.Paul had a gentle touch there, too. He spent time tenderly kissing me, then eventually dragged his tongue between my lips. He knew his way around a pussy and easily brought me to orgasm. After lovingly tending to my post-orgasm vagina and sensitive clitoris, he came up, kissed my mouth deeply, and gently entered me.We started in the missionary position. Paul then moved me to doggie position and gently scratched my ass and played with my hair as he entertained my vagina. We disengaged, and I had him lay on his back. As I was moving to mount him, he caught my ankle and spun me around into the sixty-nine position. We indulged each other until I slid up and reverse cowgirled. I leaned forward, holding his ankles, so he could ogle my ass as I rode his shaft. To continue the show, I disengaged and turned to cowgirl position. Paul’s erection lay flat on his stomach and I slid along it a few times. I then backed off.“Hold him straight up for me,” I instructed.Paul grabbed his erection and held it perpendicular. I took the head of his penis between my lips and slowly and sexily moved my hips, massaging him. I paused with him at my opening, looked him in the eye, and gently settled on him. I made Paul continue holding his erection skyward as I slowly rode him. He was enjoying the show. Continuing the spectacle, I drew my feet underneath me and quickened my pace, with my boobs bouncing for his entertainment. Once Paul’s orgasm began, I got back on my knees, moved his hands to my boobs, and pressed my full weight into him, keeping him fully engulfed while he emptied. I could tell it had been a while for Paul; his throbbing seemed interminable.We hugged in the afterglow. After dressing, Paul drove me to the hotel where my car was parked.“I know some people who may desire your services,” he informed me as he drove.“I only intend to provide escort services.”He tossed me an unbelieving glance. “They would pay well.”I thought about our mortgage. “Provide them with my number. They can call on me.”We arrived at the hotel parking lot. We parted with a kiss. Paul slipped me another five crisp one hundred dollar bills.I slipped my rings on before entering the house.“Where were you? Why are you so late?” my husband thundered as I came in.“The wedding lasted longer than I thought it would.”He was still furious, fuming over the thought of me escorting a man. “Never again. I won’t allow it.”I took out the ten one hundred dollar bills. I counted out five of them and put them in his hand.“A thousand dollars? What did you have to do for this?” he asked accusingly.“Sit and look pretty all night.”As he fingered the money his temper cooled.“Don’t squander it,” I admonished. “We have bills to pay. And I don’t know when my next appointment will be,” I added, implying that I intended to do this again.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~My next appointment came the next weekend. During the week my phone had rung. It was an associate of Paul’s. Louis Collette chaired the board of directors at a renowned museum. On Saturday evening there was to be a banquet to dedicate a new exhibit. Mr. Collette needed an escort.“You come highly recommended, Ms. Murphy. You made a fine impression on Paul.”We exchanged photographs and set a price.“I can have a limousine come and pick you up.”“No, we’ll meet somewhere just before the banquet. Then we’ll ride to the museum together.” He agreed.The banquet was a fine affair attended by well-to-do people. There were CEOs, a few debutantes, and a smattering of politicians who never missed an opportunity to mug for a camera. Mr. Collette’s business partner was also in attendance. William Frye was a tall, good-looking man. After the banquet, Mr. Collette invited us both back to his apartment.These fellows were no Paul Adams. Paul was gentle and respectful, and he treated me like a queen. These guys wanted to use a girl like a plaything, and they did. They had me do everything you could imagine: taking turns with their cocks in my mouth; titty fucking me; putting me on my hands and knees with one behind me, the other pressing down my throat; cowboy; cowgirl; any position in which you can imagine two guys putting a girl, they put me in. They worked me over good. I made them both finish multiple times and at the end of our soiree, each of the men gave me a thousand dollars.I came home with my rings back on. I couldn’t justify two thousand dollars to my husband for a simple banquet, so I hid a thousand and showed him only one thousand.