Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 24


A flashback to one of Richard’s earliest conquests with his son’s girlfriend at the time.

Martin had just turned 18 and was excited about his new girlfriend. Sophie had been in his class growing up and as she had always been top of the class she was going off to university to study law. They had not slept together but she was a kind sweet girl with tumbling dark blonde hair and an impressive curvy figure with bouncy natural 36 DD tits which stayed locked away from attention in conservative jumpers.

Sophie told her friend Cally that she had been invited to tea at Martin’s house with his parents. She was looking forward to it but in her heart felt she would move on from her shy boyfriend when she hit uni. Cally giggled and said:

“Watch out for his father, he is you know…” and she held her hands a foot apart and laughed.

“Don’t be so stupid,” Sophie snarled, offended by her vulgar friend. “How would you know such a thing anyway.”

“My mum works for his firm and she has heard rumours, it is huge apparently and he can cover you in cum.”

“Your mum should grow up, that is a father and a husband and such gossip could ruin lives.”

Sophie felt proud of herself as she headed home to get ready.


“Sophie is really lovely and kind, she is special. You will like her mum.”

“I know who she is, a very clever girl and a good catch,” Marjorie said smiling.

Martin smiled with pride.

The doorbell rang and Martin answered to see Sophie there, as pretty as ever in a tight jumper and jeans. God she has bouncy big firm tits under there, Martin thought as he hugged her.

“Hello I am Marjorie and this is Richard. Richard this is Sophie.”

“Oh hello sir and…”

“Marjorie and Richard will be fine Sophie,” said Marjorie in a reassuring way. “Well I will finalise the meal if you go and have a drink.”

Richard said nothing but noticed Sophie sneaking a couple of glances at his crotch area. He ignored this.

The evening went well and they had a lovely meal and Sophie thought they were a lovely family. After a few more drinks and some chatting it had reached 10.30 and Marjorie said she would retire early as she was tired. Sophie rose to leave sensing the evening was coming to a natural close.

“A coffee before you go Sophie,” said Richard kindly. Sophie smiled and said that would be nice.

“Martin will make it,” said Richard “and one for me too.”

“Sure dad” said Martin wandering into the kitchen.

Marjorie headed upstairs and Richard allowed himself to stare for the first time at this young woman as a busty sex bomb. Immediately he felt his cock stiffen and lengthen in his trousers. He sat for a minute and had his cock solid and thick and stretching a considerable distance down his leg.

He stood and immediately Sophie noticed some movement in his trousers as he walked across the room. There had been something swinging there before when she has peeked but this was different.

Richard walked in front of Sophie’s chair as if heading for the door but stopped suddenly and turned to face Sophie. Her face was at crotch level and Richard looked above Sophie, as if deep in thought. She could see something moving in his trousers but tried not to look.

Richard stepped forward so that his knees nearly touched Sophie’s as he stood, strong and confident in front of her. His right hand almost absentmindedly cupped his balls in his trousers and his left hand smoothed the trousers to allow the full size of his balls to become visible against the outline of his trousers. Sophie swallowed hard, these things hung way down but looked like 2 tennis balls in his trousers and as he held them tight against his trousers they seemed to swell visibly.

He release them but still did not look at Sophie but stared into the distance. He then traced the outline of his cock all the way slowly down his leg with 2 fingers. He flicked it a couple of times as it throbbed against the material, Sophie heard the solid noise it made but she felt shaky when he held his trousers tight against his big bell end and she struggled to comprehend how big it looked and how far his dick stretched.

Richard called through to Martin:

“Sophie would like a large one, extra large and creamy.” He didn’t even look at her.

“What do you want dad?”

Richard looked at her suddenly and smiled warmly:

“My esenyurt escort office, 10 am tomorrow,” he said to her before calling through that he was heading up to bed too.

“Uhh, Richard?” stumbled Sophie.

“Tomorrow,” he said and walked away.


Sophie did not sleep well that night, the image of those balls, that straining huge monstrosity in his trousers filled her mind.


Sophie was up at 6 am deciding what to wear. She wasn’t a virgin but wasn’t very experience having only slept with 2 ordinary lads, nothing compared to Richard. She had no idea what was going to happen, she felt terrified, used, dirty but at the same time excited, addicted and privileged to be invited to the office. What did he mean by this invitation, should she go? She knew she would.


The intercom buzzed at 9.57. “Sir, a young woman called Sophie is here to see you.”

“Show her in please and ensure we are not disturbed during our meeting.”

The receptionist smiled knowingly at Sophie. “Are you Martin’s new girlfriend?”

“Yes, how did you know?”. Richard listened over the intercom.

The receptionist looked her up and down like a piece of meat. Sophie became self conscious about her thick set legs which were strong yet shapely, she had a solid curvy arse and monumentally bouncy big tits which at her age still bruised her chin when she ran fast without support.

“I will show you in Miss?”

“Miss P…” the intercom button had been released and Richard found himself strangely curious about her name.

Richard got an eyeful as she walked in, she had been practising that walk all morning. He had controlled last night but she wanted control and so she strolled in without any eye contact with him, sensing he was gawping at her big cleavage on full bulging display above a tight white top. A frilly summer skirt ended well above her knees and showed a lot of leg as she walked in and all of her creamy thighs as she sat cross legged on his desk.

“Well you called me?” she said as arrogantly as she could, still without looking at him. The receptionist had misjudged her, she was a match for her boss it appeared. The door closed. And she had seemed so nervous thought the receptionist. Just another slut for his big cock and she sat and looked at Richard’s email:

“Phone Marjorie and make sure she doesn’t come in to the office this morning”. Randy bastard, she thought.


Richard allowed her to play her game, her power trip. She was in control, she was the young sexy one.

After 20 minutes he hadn’t made any move.

“Well thanks for the visit Sophie and good luck at university.”

Sophie looked puzzled and shocked. “You mean that’s it.”

“What’s it? Did you want something else, something more?”

He was deadpan and she realised she was flustered. “No, I’ll be going.”

She turned and headed for the door. She was pissed off, stubborn, confused. She didn’t want to look back, “just walk out on the dickhead,” she thought. Wrong phrase to pop into her head, that huge cock head in his trousers had bored into her memory bank forever.

She turned a stride from the door to see him smiling arrogantly, bastard. He was standing and playing with his toy in his trousers again.

“Beg to be allowed to see it,” he sneered. “Did you sleep last night or were you thinking about me, about impressing me. Do you dress like that for my son?”

“I have been told you are nothing but a womaniser.”

“Does he satisfy you. My son, how good is he? How big?”

“I don’t know yet. We haven’t…” she paused.


He was openly staring at her tits and wanking his huge log hard and grunted quite loudly.

“|You are a pervert, wanking over your son’s girlfriend.”

“Fish it out or get out, Miss P.”

She looked puzzled at the use of name but steeled herself. She wanted to see it.

She walked towards him and he got a great view of her big bouncy pert tits as she bent and wrapped her fingers, next to his, around the rock solid shaft. She was shocked by how big it felt, her fingers could only just touch and that was nowhere near the base of his mighty phallus, she thought to herself.

She grabbed his balls with her other hand and they both moaned. It istanbul escort has been a long 11 hours thinking about these big things, Jesus it was like he had 2 tennis balls in his trousers, it really was and she loved that they got bigger and firmer and fuller as she kneaded them softly.

“Fish it out, little Sophie,” he said patting her head.

“You want these don’t you,” she said pressing her tits up with her elbows, determined to compete with him.”

“Take my cock out,” he ordered her sharply.

She looked hurt that he had ignored her teasing and she worked his long zip down and put her hand inside. God it was warm to touch and solid, how do you get something that big and solid out, his zip seemed to go on down his leg more than just to his crotch, a custom made hidden zip. She pulled at his cock, but it was too big to come out but as he shifted his position she pulled again and it sprung out like a cobra striking her nose. “Oh God!” It had felt big but this thing swayed and yawed in front of her eyes, it was over a foot long, thick and solid. She marvelled at how he still seemed to to be growing now that that it was free to stretch out and dominate.

“Oh my God!”

“You’ve said that. Am I your God Sophie?”

“Fuck you’re so big, massive. I’ve got to touch it.

She played with it, sucked on its head, licked it, wanked it, smothered it in her face and between her cleavage whilst she was still fully dressed. “I love it, fuck I worship it, you’re perfect.”

He just smiled at her and let her play.

She wanked him hard and then she had an idea. She reached into his trousers and cupped his huge full balls. Her eyes widened. “Smooth, fuck their hairless, so big and so smooth.”.

She eased them out and they hung in his huge scrotum. She could only play with them one at a time with one hand as it filled her hand completely but her favourite position was with a ball in each hand and his cock stretching across her face.

“I bet you cum loads. I dreamt about you last night Richard, about this,” she said kissing his cock “and these” she said squeezing his balls. “Please cum for me.”

“I’ll cum when you call him.”


“Call him now, Martin, and I will spunk all over you.”

“I can’t do that, you are joking right?”

Richard stood up and said: “Call him now or I am putting it away.”

She looked panicked but then she said ok and smiled wickedly at him. “I can’t wait to see you cum,” she giggled.

She dialled slowly and chanted “cum,cum” as he wanked his huge rod into her face.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming for you babe, for your big tits and pretty face.” Sophie swelled with pride and saw this huge cock flare in her face. Richard gripped his cock tightly as if holding a solid hose and groaned:

“Here it comes.”

Initially one small spurt dropped on her chin and she giggled, he held his cock with 2 hands and another thick glob dropped on the upper slopes of her tits.

“Ahh, did you like that, fuck I’m drained.”

“What the fuck, is that all?” Sophie asked in shock?

“I don’t cum as much as I used to Sophie, I hope you are not disappointed with me?”

“Umm, well, poor Richard, all cock and no cum. Only half a man but a big half. Lusting after his son’s girl but unable to fill me up with your seed, she giggled, relishing her new found power over him.”

“Call him, I want to see you speak to him with my cum on you.”

“Ah will that make you excited?”

“Yes, very, Sophie.”

“Enough to cum properly?” she laughed at him.

“Hopefully, please.”

She dialled the final number and Martin answered.

“Are you missing me?” She listens.

“Ahh, sweet, missing sneaking glances at my big tits when you think I am not looking?”

Richard whispered:

“Ask him what he is doing today and put him on speakerphone.”

She looked at him, mildly irritated and loving her power over him. She did it and pressed mute: “Happy now honey.”

She turned to face him smiling and felt she had been smacked in the face. She looked at the phone, it had white gooey tuff hanging off it, there was stuff on her face, another strike on her cheek and she felt she was coated in stuff. She looked up just in time to see this huge cock pointing at her and spraying spunk directly into her face. She was too shocked and flustered to think beylikdüzü escort but she heard Martin’s voice droning on the speakerphone and realised she had been tricked. Richard’s huge balls were full of cum and she was being blasted with it from all angles. He pointed it at her tits and sprayed thick cream across them for 5 seconds, then an even longer more powerful burst. Her top was translucent, soaking up the cum but her tits were covered with a thick layer of potent cream hiding her erect nipples. “Oh my God, wow. What a man,” she mumbled.

“Thanks honey, Martin’s asking you a question by the way.”

She undid the mute:

“Sorry honey, what was that?”

“Weren’t you listening, what are you doing Soph?”

“I was just watching something amazing honey,” she said wanking Richard with her free hand and loving the feeling of streaks of cum on her bare arms and then back in her face. She stretched her lips over his big dick and felt him fill her mouth with thick cream. She had never swallowed any man before but his potent cream tasted great and she sucked and swallowed him noisily.

“What is that noise?”

“Just eating something.”

“I have to go babe but I wanted to check you enjoyed last night,” Martin asked.

“Oh yes Martin, I think it was the start of something special.”

Martin cooed “I love you babe” and in response she snapped her phone shut without even saying bye.

She took his dick in both hands and pointed it at the picture of his wife. She increased her pace and said:

“Shoot it, spunk shot across the desk and coat the picture.” He started streaking it 6 feet across the desk as she wanked him vigorously. He could have splattered the picture if it had been 12 feet away and he splattered cum into at some force with Sophie’s relentless hands forcing it out of his balls at ever greater velocity. The heavy wedding picture of his wife was being shifted across the desk by the strength of the cum shots hitting it. A few more would send it shattering to the floor and Sophie had one aim, a thick layer of splatter absolutely obscured the picture but 2 more blasts would have it over the edge.

She sqeezed each ball and he groaned and fired a strong jet, some flew yards past the picture before Sophie corrected the aim so that the picture was shifted so that it was hanging over the desk.

“I’m empty” baby.

“No, no, never,” she moaned gripping his balls firmly and saying:

“Your son’s never been inside me, never even groped my big tits. I’m yours alone.”

“|Tell me you’ll never let him inside you, his tiny dick isn’t worthy of your hot body, promise me babe!”

“Only if you shoot, hit the picture stud,” she said wanking his huge spear.

He thrust himself violently and streamed cum over the desk and feet over the picture. Sophie made a loud “Eeeeeeeeee” noise before groaning, “My man’s not empty.” Another final spurt landed softly on the picture and hung on the corner of the frame.

“I hit it, you promised.”

Sophie smiled at him and lent in to kiss him for the first time. They kissed like eternal lovers and another spurt of cum oozed across her stomach. “Still more baby,” she wanked him and thick cum oozed out of his dick and coated his long shaft, it just kept oozing out of him. More than most men produced in a week released as an afterthought to empty the thick gunk out of his balls. Sophie put her mouth over him and sucked him for a couple of minutes, loving the taste of her man. She felt his cock stiffening under her attention and becoming really hard again as opposed to having become stiff at the end of his huge ejaculation.

“Still hard baby. What a man.”

“I can go and go and go Sophie. My cock will never go soft on you. I can fuck all night.”

“And all day in the office too, my stud, my little boyfriend’s daddy. Well at least I know what makes you cum now,” she said giggling. “Still so big and hard, fuck yes, put it in me. Drill me deep. Richard smiled as she lifted her skirt and slid her thong against his huge knob. “Will it fit?” she said. He spread her across the desk and her hands slid through a patch of spunk and came to rest at the photo. She looked through the spunk and into the eyes of Marjorie, who had befriended her so warmly yesterday. She lifted the picture and spoke to it softly:

“Your husband’s big cock would rather fuck me” she reached out and dropped the wedding picture with a crack into the rubbish bin. “Much rather,” she laughed and groped her big tits. “Fuck me stud and let me know when you need me to telephone your son for a chat, if you know what I mean,” she laughed and her laugh turned to a deep groan of shock as Richard thrust forward and entered her for the first time.